My comments are in color at the end of each affirmative defense.

Respondent affirmatively alleged that EEOC complaints are not confidential documents, they are documents subject to an exemption. Therefore the City was not prohibited from disclosing such.  An exemption is not a prohibited item, it is not a child rape case or someother heinous crime. It is an exemption. While the City of Debary ignored the exemption they can not be charged for such an ignoring. The courts have consistantly held the “No Harm, No Foul” rules apply. Tebo contends that the disclosure of her EEOC complaint kept her from getting a job. BUT our own Anita Rivers was the public notary for her legal action, that is she had a job while complaining that she couldn’t get a job. What a liar.

Respondent affirmatively alleged that there was no unreasonable delay in the offered production of the records to the Requestor.  The town of White Springs imposes, against state law, a 30 day or longer waiting period to get public documents. In this case she asked for 1200 documents. Certainly the City of Debary is allowed some time to compile the documents. In addition, see next Affirmative defense.

Respondent affirmatively alleged that any delay in the production of the records sought by Ms. Tebo was due to her refusal to comply with fee provision authorized by Florida Statute Section 119.07(4). Just like the town is trying to do to me. Tebo is a fool to think she can dictate State Law, well settled State Law, to a town or a reasonable expert in the Public Records law, ME.


Judging by all that has been said about our short term Town Manager by Debery, us, but mostly herself, Steve Stith’s resignation letter seems all the more appropriate. We reprint it because of what Stacy said about herself, which is just what Steve Stith said about her.


Fire Chief Steven R. Stith
June 29, 2016
Ms. Tebo,
After careful thought and consideration, I have concluded that my core values are not aligned with the dysfunctional organizational culture at the Town of White Springs. It is time to move on to maintain my overall happiness. This letter is to officially inform you that I resign from my position as Fire Chief, effective immediately.
Originally, I believed the biggest challenge of this position would stem from lack of resources and finances. However, since your tenure, I quickly realized that inflated egos, office politics and administrative incompetence would prove to be the biggest obstacle. These dynamics are not conducive to successful operations and growth.
Due to ambiguous policies and procedures and the inconsistent application and enforcement of both, I was deprived of fair and equitable treatment. Although I expressed the need for more communication, the lack of professional, verbal and written communication has continued. This problem was also brought to your attention by others, but you chose to ignore the issue. This has resulted in personal conflict and demoralization of staff.
Fortunately for me, I know my worth and I am very well aware of the value I bring to a team. I refuse to settle for any form of disrespect or maltreatment, particularly from individuals whose only credibility resides in their job title as opposed to demonstrated excellence and leadership.
My goal was to expand the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department. During my time as Fire Chief, our department has secured grants for a new fire truck, a six-wheel all terrain vehicle, an enclosed trailer, and a new fire station. Unfortunately, it has become abundantly clear to me that I would be out of integrity to attempt to attract volunteers to such a dysfunctional work place. The White Springs Volunteer Fire Department shall now be under your direction and control.
My fire equipment and keys will be returned to the fire station.


Steven R. Stith

My Opinions on Stacy Tebo’s so called Credentials and the havoc and vindictiveness she played in DeBary

As having been a manager at Alexander & Alexander (Now AON), I frankly do not know how The City Manager Dan Parrott handled the Stacy Tebo situation for as long as he had. In my opinion, Stacy Tebo was a one person force to disrupt the City of DeBary’s workplace. She was like a bulldog attempting to cause a hostile environment and feeling she was so superior that she could have not only the City Manager, her boss who provided her a substantial raise, but the finance manager terminated from their employment.

The reason for her heavy workload in my opinion was because she was too busy personally keeping dates and times (as evidenced in her affidavit) as well as paperwork to undermine those who worked for the City of DeBary.

I can see why the City Manager removed Stacy Tebo from her human resources position. I am uncertain, whether the City of DeBary is provided Employment Practices Liability or not (An insurer provides a handbook stating the dos and don’ts of the position and restating law), but there must have been some type of instructional manual on the law relating to handling Human Resources that Ms. Tebo could have read.

Obviously by the inconsistencies of Ms. Tebo’s Affidavit, she not only does not know how to organize, have any experience relating to law whatsoever, nor does she understand the basic concepts of the English language which is evidenced in her ridiculous inconsistent Affidavit.

She is delusional feeling that whatever she thinks or states is the only way things should be handled because she has an MPA and other credentials. It does not matter if the IT person has an AS…the fact is that he obviously has more logic and ability to get the job done without all the drama Ms. Tebo used in attempting to have the City Manager and the Finance Manager fired is far superior to her credentials. I now know why former Fire Chief Steve Stith wrote the type comments about her in his resignation letter.


Although Mr. Fletcher denies the comment about the “booby shirt”, it probably may have been stated to show that the young lady did not wear the appropriate attire for an office. There should be rules in the workplace, (as there are SUCH POLICIES in many workplaces) that office attire should not be such that it exposes certain body parts, is too tight or too short. Those are the rules. I even had to explain to one of my staff that she needed to wash her hair more frequently and wear deodorant by reason that her scent was offending the others on my staff.

Maybe woman to woman conversations are easier but one has to address certain things and that is probably what Mr. Fletcher may have meant…dress appropriately. If he really did say so, he had forgotten his comment, because it was a momentary thing, which happened once and certainly did not fall under the definition of harassment, sexual or otherwise. Yet Stacy Tebo wished to have him fired for a single comment. That is totally ridiculous and as far as I am concerned, extremely vindictive. She obviously does not understand the first thing about human relationships and getting along with her superiors.


In fact, she was like a bulldog, checking to see whether Mr. Parrott did something about the complaints she had given him.

First you provide your boss with the paperwork relating to the complaint; then you leave it up to him to determine if the complaint has any credence. If he feels it has he will either handle it himself or he will ask you to keep it in the personnel file for salary review. You don’t harass your manager continually to try and get a person fired.

It just shows what Donald J. Trump said about his great female or male executives that he has hired; he saw something in them that marked eventual success for him and his companies; it did not matter if they had the educational credentials. He looked for vision and logical implementation for success. When I hired people I looked for the same and when I asked those applicants where they saw themselves in a few years, I picked out the achievers, including those who stated they wished my job. I knew they would be an asset to the overall operations of the company in which I was a manager or a Vice President of operations, marketing and sales.


Ms. Tebo will never be that manager because Managers are Born not Made. The Type A personality she has stated she is is not the Type A of a Manager or Executive companies hire.  The Type A companies hire will have everything done successfully and efficiently. Her bragging about being a Type A is purely hogwash (one of her terms) if you are looking for a Manager or executive that is a mover and shaker. The only thing Stacy did as a mover and shaker appears to have caused chaos in the workplace.

One of the characteristics of a Type A is excessive ambition which is not shown in Ms. Tebo’s performance but rather in her ambition to have those around her fired; aggression she has plenty of but for the wrong purposes. The purposes of her aggression lies mainly in disobedience, vindictiveness and a drive to hurt people and their reputations..which takes in “drive”. She does have impatience but only because others would not do her bidding fast enough. She is delusional if she thinks people should take her side without an investigation. Those Type A’s in business have impatience only because they have heavy time management skills and expect everything done post haste not later. She definitely has the need for control but her control stems on making a hostile environment rather than managing a situation because you have the experience and are in control .

In her focus on quantity over quality, it is obvious during her working hours she was copying paperwork for her personal use for a future termination, writing down dates and time, etc. No wonder she was so overworked. Yet it is obvious that her Affidavit was purely not quality and highly inconsistent.  Not only did she alone bring forth a hostile environment but she was using her job to keep certain records that were not conducive to her actual job as HR or City Clerk. Lastly the Type A has a sense of some unrealistic sense of urgency. Her continually harassment of her City Manager shows her as definitely unrealistic,

Most Type A’s basically judge themselves and their own abilities to achieve goals, not like Stacy Tebo who wished everyone else to do her bidding while her goals in the workplace went town the Toilet.

Businesses love executives who are Type A’s because these Type A’s are irkd by anything that slows down their progress and keeps them from getting things done. They hate if their goals or progress toward goals are blocked. A Type A hates waiting for something because it is a waste of time; Most Type A’s are conscientious and perfectionists. Most people cannot keep up with a Type A because of the Type A’s drive and competitiveness. Most type A’s put more into their careers than their relationships. Ms. Tebo apparently was in a reverse universe of the Type A in which she tried ruining reputations, did not worry about the goals of her own job, and did not care about the progress of the City but rather about her own ambitions and agendas for the wrong reasons. Her interest was mainly MONEY.

It may be difficult for Stacy to ultimately find any job. She seems to be more of a busy body than a worker. And she seems to take vindictiveness to a new level of disobedience.

Since our town seems to love dysfunctional people and since our Council in my opinion are greatly dysfunctional and have only their own agendas which do not serve the Citizens of our Community, I believe Stacy Tebo should give up the job search and her homesickness and work for White Springs as a Town Clerk. She is not management material but most of the Managers White Springs has hired were not except for Bill Lawrence.

I am not certain what we are going to do without a Fire Chief and a Fire Department of four or more credentialed firemen so that the Pumper Truck can be utilized, but I am certain about one thing….Steven Stith had every right to express his feelings about his treatment of himself and our volunteers.  He was right on the money after reading the information received on Ms. Tebo from DeBary.


What is sad is that our Town officials are so dysfunctional and delusional that they cannot see what damage is done. We really need the County to take over White Springs and the White Springs Fire Department. The Mismanagement of White Springs has come to a level of chaos and financial despair that I have never seen before. God help our corrupt White Springs.

Karin for the blog


I have just re-read Tebo’s 119 Action against the Town of Debary.

In the earliest days of my filing litigation on 119 cases against the town I did not make as many mistakes as Tebo does in her filing.

You will remember that my mistakes not only lost me the cases but also cost me upwards of $20,000 in court costs and fees.

As an example Tebo alleges that the town of Debary cannot pick and choose who it charges money to get public documents and who it doesn’t. Her case is more likely in a Federal Court for Equal Justice than a State Court for preferential treatment to the media.

There is no requirement in Florida Statute 119 that an agency must charge for public documents. The public agency MAY charge the actual cost of duplication, up to $.15 per page, and charge for administrative costs in excess of 15 minutes to compile the requested documents.

Ms. Tebo, and I use the term loosely, wants to charge me $130.00 to get approximately 400 records that are primarily stored on computers. Ms. Tebo request of Debary was for 1200 documents. And I don’t want paper documents as Ms. Tebo did. I want mine electronically in accordance with town policy.

But Ms. Tebo, again loosely, thinks the state statute as applied to her is wrong. She owes $180.00 for the copies and whatever time it takes to produce the documents, run them off of a copy machine.

Ms. Tebo even admits that the media asked for and got electronic copies which can be produced within a 15 minute timeframe if the documents are all together on the computer.

But it’s Ms. Tebo who wants it her way both in her suit and now with me. It doesn’t seem to matter that it is the exact same issue in both cases. But since it is her she should get hers for free while she can charge me for mine.

Now as far as I go:

  1. I asked for electronic copies or to view the documents at town hall.
  2. For viewing I would have to pay for Anita’s undivided time to oversee my inspection. She wouldn’t be able to answer the phone or anything else if Tebo is going to charge me Anita’s salary.
  3. If 1200 documents can be copied from a computer to a flash drive in 15 minutes then 400 copies should only take 5 minutes.

Yet Tebo and that complete idiot Tomlinson want to charge me $130 or more to get the documents I am requesting. If the same conditions applied, Tebo would have to pay $520.00 plus the $180 for the copies or $700.00 for the documents she requested and yet believes she should get them free. She doesn’t think I should get mine free but she should get her’s free.

Ms. Tebo is a fraud masquerading as a Town Manager. She is out for one person, Stacy Tebo, and should be fired immediately.




The City of Debary, by its undersigned attorney, hereby responds to the Claimant’s Supplemental Affidavit and Exhibits filed with regard to the above referenced Charge.   As will be discussed below, the Supplemental Affidavit and exhibits provide no support to the Claimant’s contention that she was discriminated against based upon her sex or was discriminatorily discharged.  In fact, the Affidavit and evidence establish beyond a doubt that the termination of Ms. Tebo was well justified.


Ms Tebo has submitted a 20 page Affidavit with hundreds of pages of documents which purportedly support her charge of sex discrimination.  Responding to this Affidavit and exhibits is extraordinarily difficult.  The Affidavit, a 20 page narrative, is filled minutia, is largely irrelevant and frequently internally inconsistent.  The exhibits in support thereof are likewise largely irrelevant, often bewilderingly so, and almost entirely inadmissible.   In an effort to avoid burdening the Agency with a like amount of Affidavits and exhibits, counsel will attempt to address the most telling portions of the charging party’s submission.



Ms. Tebo was employed by the City of DeBary from 2005 until her termination on April 17, 2015.  Dan Parrott was hired as the City Manager in 2010.  Ms Tebo worked as the City Clerk reporting to Mr. Parrott until April of 2015.  During her time as a direct report to the City Manager, Ms. Tebo received significant pay raises and favorable evaluations.  Ms. Tebo never filed any complaints against her supervisor.


Ms. Tebo,  in addition to her duties as the City Clerk also performed as its Human Resources person.  In 2014, Mr. Parrott became dissatisfied with Ms. Tebo’s performance in this position and transferred the job function to Kassandra Blissett, the Assistant City Manager. (Ms. Blissett was subsequently laid off and has filed a charge of discrimination related thereto) Though Ms. Tebo was a direct report, and served at the pleasure of the City Manager, Mr. Parrott came to understand that she was going directly to City Council Members and complaining about him.  Ms. Tebo was directed to stop doing same.  She did not.


Eventually, as a result of multiple complaints, questionable performance and her continued insubordination, Ms. Tebo was notified of her termination by Mr. Parrott on April 17, 2015.


Ms. Tebo filed the instant charge of discrimination on April 23, 2015.




Ms. Tebo desperately wants the Commission to agree with her that she has been victimized by DeBary City Manager Dan Parrott with respect to her salary due to her sex.  Attached as Exhibit A is a chart reflecting hourly pay rates and percentage pay increases of Ms. Tebo, John Fletcher the Director of Parks and Recreation and the City Manager during the period of Mr. Parrott’s employment as City Manager. (The fact that she had the highest percentage salary increase will, the City is certain, mean nothing to the charging party.  She will assert that she deserved her raises and more, while Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Parrott did not)  Ms. Tebo received the largest percentage increase of the three.


Despite all evidence to the contrary, Ms. Tebo continues to argue that she was the victim of salary discrimination.  On page 3 of her Affidavit, where she complains that she “felt underpaid and overworked,” she rather feebly attempts to explain away the fact that the City Manager increased her salary some $5,000 at her request.  She writes that in the “summer of 2012” she asked Mr. Parrott to have a salary survey done.  On “October 31, 2012” she wrote the City Manager and asked for a salary “adjustment for myself…”.  On December 3, 2012, 33 days later, Ms. Tebo writes “he finally gave a salary adjustment because I kept reminding him of my request. (In Ms. Tebo’s world asking for a raise and getting $5,000 raise 33 days later does not merit a “thank you.”   Instead, she sees it as evidence of sex discrimination)


Ms. Tebo contends that City Manager Parrott manipulated the percentage salary increase rates with respect to the pay study.  She asserts that Mr. Parrot changed her evaluation date in October 1 and thus, the 3% salary increase she would have received without the study was included in the 4.1% overall increase she received.  However she was not treated any differently than any other direct reports to the City Manager.   All of them had October 1 evaluation dates and the statistics reflecting their pay increase after the salary study use the same input as for Ms. Tebo.



…on her Affidavit, Ms Tebo writes that “going to an elected official to complain about the manager is taboo”.   Then in the very next sentence apparently unable to recognize the inconsistency, she writes “I complained about Mr. Parrott to current Council Member Chris Carlson and former Vice Mayor Dan Hunt…”


Ms. Tebo who repeatedly asserts that Mr. Parrott is untruthful, sees no inconsistencies in her own Affidavit. One page..of her Affidavit, she writes that she told Mr. Parrott that just because he saw her talking to Council Members “doesn’t mean it had anything to do with him or work.”  Yet ….she writes of complaints about him to Council Members Carlson and Hunt.   …She writes of her complaints regarding Mr. Parrott to former Council Member Koval….she acknowledges speaking with City Mayor Johnson regarding terminating Mr. Parrott.


Ms. Tebo reports chiding Mr. Parrott about being “paranoid” regarding his accusing her of going behind his back to complain to City Council Members about him.  Again, apparently oblivious to the inconsistency, …Ms. Tebo claims that Mr. Parrott’s actions are to “get back at (her) for making him lose his job….”



On page 11 of her Affidavit where she is discussing Kendra Kabbas complaint regarding John Fletcher, she writes that “very emphatically (Mr. Parrott) told me not to contact Kendra in any way.  I took it as a very stern order and I followed it explicitly.”   The next sentence of her Affidavit reads that on February 10, 2014, Kendra came back into my office to pick up paperwork after 5 p.m…..I let her in the side door upstairs next to my office, I took some had written notes of what she said.   (One must wonder which word did Ms. Tebo not understand.  Was it “order”, “follow”, “explicit”, or all of them?)




Ms Tebo was apparently convinced that Mr. Parrott was plotting to fire her as a result of the name “Rebecca Hammock, Acting City Clerk”, instead of her name appearing on the signature line of Resolution in December of 2013.  Despite the attorney who drafted the Resolution calling her and explaining his error, that attorney’s e-mail apologizing for his error, and the subsequent corrected Resolution, Ms. Tebo “ did not buy this one bit.”  (Mr. Conley’s affidavit with supporting documents detailing his inadvertent, and frankly minor error, are attached hereto as Exhibit B.).


It is abundantly clear that Ms. Tebo would rather believe she is the target of a conspiracy, even a faile conspiracy, by a group of people, than accept a simple error by one individual.  The fact that in the face of explanations and apologies, Ms. Tebo still does not “buy this one bit” reveals much about Ms. Tebo’s personality and the reasons why she was ultimately terminated.



Exhibit 35 presumably submitted by Ms. Tebo in support of her claims that Mr. Parrott discriminates against women, is comprised of a number of complaints in which he is named stemming from his prior employment as a City Manager in Oklahoma and Missour.  It appears that Ms. Tebo did not read the complaints she submitted.   The Oklahoma federal complaint is an environmental whistle-blower complaining.  The Hayes Oklahoma complaint is a USERRA complaint.  The Missouri complaints, in the extent they can be understood, appear to have something to do with workers’ compensationThe outcome of these cases is not revealed in her submission, likely because no judgment was ever entered against Mr. Parrott on any of those cases.  Also attached are some documents related to the audit of the City of Mexico, Missouri in 2003.


None of these documents have the slightest relevance in any issue in this lawsuit.  It must be assumed, therefore, that Ms. Tebo submitted these complaints in the hope the Florida Commission will believe that Dan Parrott is a bad person who violates the civil rights of others.



By her submission in Exhibit 10, Ms. Tebo would have the Commission believe that Mr. Parrott allows men who retire to use accumulated personal leave and receive paychecks until the leave is exhausted, at which time formal retirement begins.  Specifically, …..Ms. Tebo complains of Mr. Parrott allowing Jimmie Seebinder and Dave Hocker to continue on the City payroll after retirement, with full benefits, by use of accumulated leave.  She neglects to mention that a female, Barbara Poulton, was allowed to use the same retirement procedures, a fact of which she was well aware.  An e-mail from Ms. Tebo to Kassandra Blissett makes specific reference to the fact that the City Manager is allowing Ms. Poulton to do “what he is going to let Jimmie (Seebinder) do to”.   This omission could certainly be viewed as an attempt by Ms. Tebo to mislead the FCHR.



On ….of her Affidavit, Ms. Tebo asserts, with apparent sincerity, that Mr. Parrott hiring of a female for the open Finance Director position is not evidence of gender neutrality.  This is because, according to Ms. Tebo, he really did not want to hire a woman.  The fact is that when the male Finance Director retired, Mr. Parrott hired a female Finance Director.  Ms Tebo’s view of Mr. Parrott’s motivations are both irrelevant and wrong.



Ms. Tebo complains that the City and Mr. Parrott refused to investigate the claims of harassment against Mr. Fletcher, the Parks and Recreation Director.  In her Affidavit….,she writes “I have heard complaints from all of his assistance about John.  I’ve also heard complaints from males….”  Ms. Tebo goes on to list criticism about Mr. Fletcher about “flaunting his position”, making subordinates “aware that they were beneath him”, and complaints about how “John was running the department”.


These complaints regarding Mr. Fletcher, even if true, are unrelated to any protected class, in that these complaints are from both  men and women and relate to allegations that Mr. Fletcher was a bad manager.  Title VII prohibits discrimination including harassment that discriminates based on a protected category such as sex.  Because a claim of sexual harassment under Title VII is a claim of disparate treatment; in order to prevail, a plaintiff must show that similarly situated persons not of her sex were treated differently and better.  Baldwin v Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama, 480F, 3d 1287, 1301-02 911TH Cir. 2007).  Where a supervisor engages in the same sorts of boorish behavior toward male employees as toward female, the hostile work environment claim fails because the conduct was not because of sex.  Moat v Aaron’s Inc. 2014 WI, 5860574 (N.D. Ala., November 12, 2014).  Complaints that a supervisor is unfair, rude, a bad manager, or violates internal company policy does not constitute complaining of discrimination which constitutes a protected activity. Sanchez v Purina Animal and Nutrition, LLC, 2015 WI 667619*6  (D.I) Or February 13, 2015)


Though for a time Ms. Tebo was in charge of Human Resources, she apparently was unaware of the difference between allegations of poor management and of discriminatory management.  Title VII prohibits discrimination not poor management.  The Courts are not super-personnel departments.  The employer’s business practices regardless of the wisdom of same, is irrelevant as long as they are not made with a discriminatory motivation, Alvarez v Royal AH Developers, Inc. 610 F 3d 1253, 1266 (11th Cir. 2010).  Given this lack of understanding, it should be no surprise that Ms. Tebo’s supervison over Human Resources was eventually removed.


In her efforts to convince Mr. Parrott that Mr. Fletcher needed to be fired, she pressed the complaint of Kendra Kabbas, made after Ms. Kabbas resigned, alleging sexual harassment on the part of Ms. Fletcher.  This complaint involves a single event, an allegation by Ms. Kabbas that Mr. Fletcher thanked her for waring that “booby shirt”.  Although denied by Mr. Fletcher, Ms. Tebo clearly thought it should have merited his termination.  (The suggestion that this complaining was not investigated is false.  It is notable that during his investigation into Ms. Kabbas’s complaint that it became evident to Mr. Parrott that Ms. Tebo was not fit to be the City’s Human Resource Manager.)  This single event was certainly not sufficiently severe or pervasive to constitute a hostile work environment test. Gilliard v Georgia Department of Corrections, 500 Fed. Appx 860.876, (11th Cir. 2012)


John Fletcher’s termination Ms. Tebo asserts, was also justified by e-mails from him from  Within this matter was investigated, it was discovered that many city employees had received e-mails from including Ms. Tebo. (The e-mails to Ms. Tebo are attached hereto as Exhibit E)




Ms. Tebo complains of Mr. Parrott reducing her pay grade, despite simultaneously raising her salary.  Ms. Tebo does not dispute that she had reduced job responsibilities, in that she was no longer performing the Human Resource function, and that she had no supervisory or budgetary responsibilities. (Ms. Tebo does not mention that before Mr. Parrott became Manager, the City Clerk did not report directly to the City Manager.  She reported to the Finance Director.  It was Mr. Parrott who elevated the City Clerk’s position to that of a direct report.  Exhibit F.)  Instead she points to the newly created IT/Records Manage position and argues that IT Manager, Erick Frankton, does not have any subordinates or budgetary responsibilities.  While it is true that he has no subordinates, he does have significant budgetary responsibilities.  Further, the IT Manager position is arguably more difficult to fill and perform than the City Clerk’s job.(Ms. Tebo’s position has not been filled since her termination and is being performed by the City Manager with an Assistant City Clerk, whose salary is some $25,000.00 less per year than Ms. Tebo’s, Exhibit G.)




Ms. Tebo asserts that she complained to the City Manager on multiple occasions regarding his alleged sexist comments.  Mr. Parrott denies this.  Furthermore, she never put her alleged complaints in writing, neither did she raise her complaints to the City Council publically, nor did she file a charge with the EEOC/FCHR, prior to April of 2015 (That Ms. Tebo was aware of the FCHR, and the EEOC is evident by her present filing, if not by the fact that she was the City’s Human Resource person for a number of years.)


As to the filing of her charge of discrimination, on page 15 of her Affidavit, Ms. Tebo claims to have faxed her complaint to the EEOC on March 16, 2015.  This is not accurate.  Her charge of discrimination was signed on April 23, 2015, and stamped as received by the EEOC on April 27, 2015.  Ms. Tebo was advised of her termination April 17, 2015  (Exhibits H and I)



Many of the exhibits have little or no relevance to the charge at issue and therefore merit little or no discussion.


Exhibit 5 is comprised of the City Manager’s Employment Agreement and amendments.  These documents have no bearing on the issues before the FCHR.


Exhibit 5.1 is the 140 page budget of the City for the year ending September 30, 2014.  This document is of no significance to the issues of sex discrimination and retaliation.


Exhibit 9.1 is the City Charter.  Its relevance to this proceeding is limited.  Though it is worth noting that at p.16 & 7.01 the charter provides that “there may be a City Clerk who shall be appointed by the City Manager.  The City Clerk shall serve at the pleasure of the City Manager….”


Exhibit 16 is the City’s policy against sexual harassmentIt is notable that neither Ms. Tebo, nor anyone also mentioned in her supplemental submission, utilized the procedures provided in this policy.


Exhibit 19 appears to be a document related to an investigation conducted by Kassandra Blissett regarding some parking issue.  Presumably these documents relate to Mr. Parrott’s decision to keep Mr. Fletcher’s and lay off Kasandra Blissett.


Exhibit 25.1 and 36 contain newspaper articles, as if somehow they constitute evidence relevant to a discrimination complaint.


Exhibit 31A is made up of various documents including news articles related to Clint Johnson, DeBary’s Mayor.  Presumably these documents are submitted in an effort to establish that Mr. Johnson is not a truthful person.  These documents are not simply inadmissible, they are meaningless, since the evidence in this case offered by Mayor Johnson, that Ms. Tebo was soliciting the termination of Mr. Parrott, is a fact established by her own Affidavit.


Also submitted in support of Ms. Tebo’s Affidavit is a letter from an attorney representing Ms. Blissett.  This letter comments on and encloses a newspaper article regarding the schedule departure date of Dan Parrott, as well as a civil complaint by an individual by the name of Collette Rowley suing Mayor Clint Johnson for assault and slander.  Again, the only purpose for these documents is to blacken the reputation of the individuals involved.  That none of these materials would be admissible in any trial or administrative hearing is obvious.





The Affidavit of Lorraine Koval, Exhibit 30, was apparently submitted to show that Mr. Parrott is a liar.  Of course, through the rules of evidence do not apply to this setting, an Affidavit of this nature should not be considered.  It is based on hearsay and the only way to respond to same would be to file an Affidavit speculate as to the motivations of the Kovals and why they are not credible.  The City will not engage in such practice.


In any event, a fair reading of the Affidavit of Ms Koval boils down to her claim that she spoke to the City Manager regarding putting  on a flu shot clinic.  He purportedly told her that he could waive the costs.  She was subsequently directed to contact the Parks and Recreation Director, John Fletcher, who advised her she needed insurance and had to pay for the use of the hall.  When Ms. Koval contacted the City Manager, he told her she would have to do whatever Mr. Fletcher told her.  From these “facts” Ms. Koval asserts that Mr. Parrott is a liar.  That Mr. Parrott might have changed his mind, learned something else, was wrong when he initially spoke with her, are not considered as alternative explanations.  Instead, she swears under oath that Mr. Parrott is a liar.


The Affidavit Barry McGuire, Exhibit 29, is another example of Ms. Tebo’s indifference to relevance much less admissibility.  Mr. Maguire’s Affidavit is largely a recitation of information provided to him by Ms. Tebo.  He cites to an April 1, 2015, City Council meeting where there was “a lady handing out copies of all lawsuits from OK and MO where Parrott had been sued before for a civil rights discrimination violations.  “Again, like Ms. Tebo, Mr. Maguire fails to distinguish between being sued for, and being found to have committed, civil rights violations.  Further as mentioned heretofore, not one of  these “civil rights violations” have anything to do with any issue even remotely related to this lawsuit.


This Affidavit also goes on to call Mayor Clint Johnson a liar.  Mr. McGuire states that the Mayor was “dishonest about several things while trying to win over my vote.”  The reason for Ms. Tebo’s submission of Affidavits related to Mayor Johnson we assume stems from the submission of his Affidavit where he swears that Ms. Tebo spoke to him soliciting the termination of her supervisor, Dan Parrott.  Though she would have the Commission believe that the Mayor is a liar, the fact that Ms. Tebo was soliciting the termination of her supervisor is established by her own Affidavit.  It is evident that Mr. McGuire’s Affidavit was submitted for the sole and improper purpose of trying to cast aspersions on the reputation of Mr. Parrott and Mayor Johnson.


Ms. Blissett’s Affidavit, Exhibit 18 should be viewed in light of the fact that that she has also filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC alleging discriminatory conduct on the part of Mr. Parrott.  Their charges assert virtually identical reasons and use very similar language.  Ms. Tebo and Ms. Blissett were friends and it is evident that they will be supporting one another in their claims against the City.


There are, however, a couple points regarding Ms. Blissett’s affidavit that need to be made.  Ms. Blissett’s claim that she was never informed that Mr. Parrott was considering either the Assistant City Manager or Director of Parks and Recreation position for layoff is untrue.  From the day Ms. Blissett was hired, she was aware that the Assistant City Manager position was subject to elimination, if necessary, for budgetary reasons.  Exhibit J.  Furthermore, her affidavit confirms that Ms. Blissett, if not a participant in Ms. Tebo’s efforts to have the Council terminate Mr. Parrott, was certainly aware of themMs. Blissett, through the Assistant to the City Manager, did nothing to dissuade Ms. Tebo from her efforts to solicit City Manager Parrott’s termination, nor did she report Ms. Tebo’s efforts to get him fired to the City Manager.  It can be inferred that Ms. Blissett would not have regretted Mr. Parrott being terminated and one can only speculate that it was with the hope that she would be his replacement.  (A position she had held in an interim basis prior to Mr. Parrott being hire d as City Manager0

The Affidavit of Daniel Hunt, Exhibit 11 to Ms Tebo’s submission, is also interesting.  This Affidavit is merely a report by formal Council Member Hunt of Ms. Tebo’s complaints to him regarding Mr. Parrott (Apparently Ms. Tebo believes that telling someone her accusations, and then having that person swear that she told him the accusations, is somehow evidence that the accusations are true.)  This Affidavit is of no evidentiary value with regard to Ms. Tebo’s complaints.  It is, however, probative with regard to the justification for Ms. Tebo’s termination.  It reflects her continued disobedience to Mr. Parrott’s orders regarding her not going behind his back to Council Members, and her attempts to garner a majority of the Council to vote in favor of terminating Mr. Parrott.


Kendra Kabbas’ Affidavit, Exhibit 16A focuses on the “booby shirt” comment allegedly made by Mr. Fletcher, which she did not raise until after her exit interview.  Presumably, the purpose of this Affidavit is to try to establish that Mr. Parrott should have fired John Fletcher and retained Ms. Tebo’s friend, Kassandra Blissett.


Exhibit 39 is the Affidavit of Barbara Sipler.  Again, this is an Affidavit of no evidentiary value.  Ms. Sipler accuses Mr. Parrot of being a liar because he promised, but failed to deliver, on having trees trimmed along the entrance to a Country Club.  Once again, the sworn explanation is Mr. Parrott lied, left unconsidered is he forgot, changed his mind, had not gotten around to it and so on.


Ms. Sipler also represents that Mr. Parrott was advised during executive session meetings that he was no longer going to be retained as City Manager.  How would Ms. Sipler know what went on at a confidential executive session meeting?


She also alleges that the City Manager had lunch in Mt. Dora, a town 26 miles away from DeBary.  She asks the question “What if the City had a catastrophe in the 3 hours he was out of the City having lunch?”  Though I have not consulted with City personnel, I assume the answer is that he would be contacted on his mobile phone.


This is another exhibit with no purpose other than to impune a reputation.




The City attaches hereto its position statement filed with the FCHR on July 10, 2015.  In that the legal issues raised in her charge are discussed adequately in this document; the City will not restate them herein.  (A copy of the City’s position statement is attached hereto as Exhibit K).  However the law regarding burden shifting merits further discussion.


Under all of the claims made by Ms. Tebo, whether sex discrimination, pay discrimination, hostile work environment or retaliation, if she were to meet the prima facie case requirements of such claim, the burden would shift to the City to articulate a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for her termination.  The City did so explaining that Ms. Tebo was terminated because she failed to provide requested information, inaccurately reported human resource issues, questioned City Council Members regarding confidential communications, involved herself in City Council politics and sought to have the City Manager terminated.  These are all legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for her terminations.  Ms. Tebo was, therefore, required to establish that these reasons, each one of these reasons, was a pretext for discrimination(It is settled that if an employer proffers more than one legitimate non-discriminatory reason, the employee must rebut each of the reasons to maintain her claim. Jest v Archbold Medical Center, Inc. 561 Fed. Appx 887, 890 (11th Cir. 2014)


Furthermore the Affidavit reflects a person who is utterly indifferent to the facts if inconsistent with what she chooses to believeNo rational person can believe that the mistake made by Attorney Collins was a sign of her impending termination, as opposed to a simple inadvertent error.  Nevertheless, despite all the proof to the contrary, Ms. Tebo does not believe it “one bit”.


Ms. Tebo clearly did not believe that the rules associated with the employment of mere mortals applied to her.  She believes that despite disobeying direct orders from her supervisor, going behind his back to complain about him, and seeking his termination of employment, which she claims to have accomplished, her termination was not justified, but was instead discriminatory.  This belief is not merely wrong, it boarders on delusional.


Accordingly, for the reasons set forth, and in the City’s July 14, 2015 position statement, Ms. Tebo’s charge of discrimination should be dismissed.


Dated:  September 24, 2015


Michael H. Bowling, Esquire, Bell & Roper PA









But when we, as a town, decided to hire Ms. Tebo Tanja Brown objected because, using Tanja’s own words “She (Tebo) might sue us just like she did to her prior employer.”

Who would have thought that Tanja would have been right 10 1/2 months ago? Not me, that’s for sure. I rejected her analysis because it was coming from Tanja. I’ll have to listen to her more closely in the future.









Stacy’s 19 page affidavit (some names omitted)


As the HR department for 9 years, I was aware of the need to conduct a city-wide salary survey.  When Mr. Parrott was first hired in 2010, I informed him that it had been 5 years since the City had performed a survey and it was sorely needed; I noted that the survey of 2005 did not include the new positions that had been added, and it was important to bring the City up to date.  At that time, he didn’t feel he had the political support to do the survey.  It was a subject I brought up with him numerous times over the years.  The reason for the survey of 2014 was not solely due to the maintenance workers’ pay as noted by the City……  There was a need to survey all city positions, as it had been 9 years since the previous survey……

Ms. Blissett wrote the sentence about turnovers because Mr. Parrott told her to do so.  It was a fact that the low-level administrative office assistants (which were female) were underpaid.  Mr. Parrott didn’t care to write about that though.  Ms. Blissett was not “in charge of a compensation and classification study” as the City writes; she was the contact person for the consultants.  Mr. Parrott was in charge.  In fact, none of the maintenance workers (both in Public Works and Parks & Recreation) left the City to work in the public sector.  All of them left to work in the private sector…….  The  consultant advised the City that they could not compete with the private sector…………Most of the maintenance workers leaving were in the Parks Dept.  Perhaps some of the reason was due to pay, but there were other reasons.  The director, John Fletcher, was disliked by most of his department……  Mr. Parott was privately lobbying the Council for a change in his salary…….He asked me to use my HR contacts country –wide and provide him with the salaries for all city managers, assistant city managers and city clerks.

On August of 2014, the consultant….met with employees to go over their job analysis questionnaires…..From Mid September Mr. Parrott was changing what the consultant was preparing….

Through a series of meetings the 3 of them, Mr. Parrott created multiple sets of numbers and studies to implement what he wanted to happen…


Mr. Parrott also included himself in this analysis which is wrong.  The city manager position was not included in the salary study.  This slants the percentage by adding the 3% attributed to the annual evaluations of those employees on the October 1st evaluation schedule to the salary survey implementation effective 1/12/15.   My annual evaluation was effective 1/1/14 and I received a 3% increase.  On 1/12/15, I received a 1.08% increase due to the implementation of the salary survey.  The City also inaccurately reports the number of maintenance workers on page 5………The City also fails to mention that 2 of the office assistants…..were not brought up to the market level by Mr. Parrott.  He could have easily given them a little bit of money it would have taken to do that instead of giving some of the men in administrative positions a raise when they were already up to market levels…………………..


…….I felt underpaid and overworked and I didn’t think he was ever going to conduct the city-wide salary survey I had been talking to him about for over 2 years……….Mr. Parrott ignored my memos and I repeatedly reminded him of it.  On 12/3/12, he finally gave me my salary adjustment because I kept leaving him notes reminding him of my request.  Mr. Parrott does not generally respond to emails or memos so it would  become necessary to physically visit his office in person or leave him a post-it notes on his chair……..he would generally do, whatever it required to make that person go away.   Yes he gave me what I asked for (after numerous requests I made for him to address it), but it was because I showed through my research of the other cities in Volusia County that I had been underpaid and was persistent in asking     Mr. Parrott arbitrarily gave Finance Administrator Jimmie….. a raise in March of 2013 and a raise in October 2013 without any sort of survey or research…….Also Accounting Clerk Warren ……… was given a raise of 7.74% at his annual evaluation of 10/1/13, rather than the 3% everyone else received…    I remember going to Mr. Parrott to question that personal action…..and I told Mr. Parrott is was going to create problems with Deanna……(the other accounting clerk).  He kept the action for for about a week and put a note on it that said “Stacy, Process as is Thur.”

……They admit that he lowered my pay grade 2 levels from the department head level, but try to explain it by inaccurately utilizing the 4.1% number.  The professional consultant hired to perform the salary survey categorized me as a department head……..The reorganization of March 2014 in which the HR responsibilities were assigned to the Assistant City Manager have no bearing on the importance of the city clerk function……..

From the time Dan Parrott was hired as the city manager…..I had many conversations with him about my heavy workload serving as the entire HR department and the City Clerk’s office.  Throughout the first four years I worked with him, I continually asked for help.  I told him that one person could not do all the work associated with HR department and a City Clerk department.

In 2013, he finally budgeted an office assistant in the Finance Department… assigned the assistant to help me….Mr. Parrot allowed me the one office assistant…..budgeted in the finance department from 10/1/13 to 3/27/14 when he then assigned her to work with the Assistant City Manager…….  I would argue that his refusal to provide me with the staff assistance I requested (except for the 6 months I had…help) does not change the high degree of supervisory responsibility I had serving as the RMLO for the entire city…..Another fact is that the individual currently employed in this position is a male with a fraction of my education which moved into my office the Monday after I was fired. ……

….When I was hired, budgetary duties were part of my job description and remained part of my responsibility for the duration……If having budgetary responsibilities is a requirement of being included in the “department head” grade level, then why does the City classify the Information Technology/Records Manager as such?……..  On March 31, 2015, I noticed that there were several file folders, including the job descriptions folder missing on the shared drive.  …..I went to her desk to ask what had happened to the folders and she told me that Dan Parrott instructed her to move them…….. That prompted me to open the job description file on the City’s shared drive to look at my job description once she “returned” the documents, I put the quotes around “returned” because the contents of job description folder were completely different than the last time I had viewed the folder….It it is unclear exactly what was changed……

On the bottom of page 5 of the City’s statement it says “during the five years of Ms. Tebo’s supervision by Mr. Parrott she flourished.”   I take exception to that statement as my excellent job performance had nothing to do with Dan Parrott and had everything to do with my work ethic.   I am a Type A personality, and I am an overachiever.  Regardless of who is around me, I always strive to do the best I can.  Their note in that same paragraph regarding me not complaining to anyone about Dan Parrott’s offensive sexist comments is inaccurate.  I told Mr. Parrott himself on numerous occasions that I didn’t appreciate his comments.  There were some instances in which I did not verbalize my distain.  Instead, I would give him a dirty look so he would know I was not pleased with his dialogue.  I don’t think he cared that it bothered me as he never apologized for his remarks or showed any signs that he was sorry.  I can’t even count the number of times he told me I was too emotional.   The organization is set up in such a way that there is no one to safely go to with problems regarding the city manager.

…..Going to an elected official to complain about the manager is taboo.   I complained about Mr. Parrott to current Council Member…..and former Vice Mayor…..because I considered both of them friends as I had known them both for many years prior to serving as the City Clerk.  All three of us had grown up in the City of DeBary.   I complained to both of them in early 2013 …….I told them both that Mr. Parrott did not want to hire another woman and I shared his sexist comments with them.  I told them both that he said this type of things a lot and this wasn’t the first time we heard him make such comments  “Mr. Parrott said “there’s too much estrogen upstairs: and “women are too emotional and I’m not hiring another woman.”….He offered Jimmie more money to stay (as there were no suitable male candidates), and so Jimmie didn’t retire until 3/31//14.  I was irritated by this because Mr. Parrott never notified me as the person responsible for HR that Jimmie would be staying on another year.  …I finally asked Jimmie when his previously announced retirement date passed when he was leaving.  This is how I found out after the fact.  Mr. Parrott had processed Jimmie’s personnel action form formalizing the raise himselfIt was then that I finally notified the people that we interviewed that we would not be hiring someone…..

I have an affidavit signed by former Vice Mayor….which states that I did complain to him about Mr. Parrott on numerous occasions…..I said almost all the same things to Council Member….that I said to Vice Mayor….  The only exception is that I did not complain to CM….about Mr. Parrot after May 2014 because of the way he responded to me the last time we spoke about Mr. Parrot….I don’t have an affidavit from CM….because he will not communicate with me………I do have some emails…..I sent to him complaining about Mr. Parrott’s sexism, his refusal to give me help, his ignoring the need to complete a pay study and his reprimand that he emailed to me and copied other employees on.  However, if he I s put under oath, I believe he will tell the truth and validate that I indeed complained verbally about Mr. Parrott’s behavior many times. ……I became frustrated with CM…..though because he seemed willing to let me vent my complaints, but he was unwilling to do anything about them…..During the time I was most upset with Mr. Parrott in May 2014, CM Carson said to me “Well you  know how these city managers are….you know about the problems I had in Winter Springs….they’re all like that, some are just worse than others…sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”.  I felt really let down as I had just told him I’d overheard Mr. Parrott calling……the county whore and heard him refer to her and myself as bitches.  …Mr. Parrott had been very busy for at least a month in his verbal and mental abuse of …..   I had kept quiet about it, but when I heard those things, it was like the last straw.  I had to tell CM and  Vice Mayor…the awful unprofessional and offensive things he was saying.

Ever since I had been asking Mr. Parrott what he was going to do about the sexual harassment complaint made on 1/29/14, he had been avoiding me..  I know that he becomes irritated when confronted with personnel issues because he does not like dealing with them.  I had definitely annoyed him with my questions…..Anyway, I  don’t even recall Mr. Parrott speaking to me during March and April of 2014…….I made notes of some of the outrageous things he was saying to her.  She would immediately tell me things and I wrote the following   On 4/15/14, she told me she felt like she was in an abusive relationship because Mr. Parrot again called her stupid and said she wasn’t doing a good job.  He tried to make her feel threatened by stating that Council Member……thought we didn’t need an Assistant City Manager or a Parks & Recreation Director.  On 4/29/14 she said Mr. Parrott told her all of the Council Members were asking him why she was so mad at him and he accused her of being in cahoots with Candidate…..   He also accused….and myself of running our mouths all the time about him.  He stated we were both disloyal.  In early May, he said all the things VM….put in his affidavit.  He threatened …..job if she didn’t come up with an idea to deal with “the Stacy problem”. He was trying to make her think he was going to assure her place as the next city manager if she helped him get rid of me.  This man is a master manipulator.   ….didn’t talk to him until May 12th and she finally stood up to him.  She told him he had misjudged her and she wasn’t interest in taking his place when he left.  She said she wasn’t going to do anything about his perceived “Stacy problem” because she didn’t think I had done anything wrong.  Mr. Parrott’s response to that was “You bitch!  Now I’m going to have to rethink my strategy.”He tried to persuade her by saying that I was telling everyone she was an alcoholic.  He added that when he tells her or me anything it gets back to him within 3 days.  He told her that she really needed to do something about me because “she is your competition and wants the city manager job.”   He told her that I was continually going behind his back with Council Members….,….Mr. Parrott stated that “Vice Mayor…and Council Member …. Only do what Stacy tells them to do.”  He added that I talk to CM Dwyer all the time and that I told him I would like to be the city manager… This is untrue.  I did not tell them that I wanted to be City Manager.  I hardly ever spoke to CM…. as I didn’t know him personally..   One day when CM ….. was a candidate and was in my office dropping off his campaign report, he told me that he thought we needed new management.  I always got uncomfortable when candidates would broach these types of subjects regarding staff, so I never made any comments to the candidate.  He told me that I would make a good city manager and actually asked me if I wanted to do the job.  Thankfully, someone came to the doorway of my office and interrupted that conversation.   I never discussed that topic again and he never asked the question again.   That day on May 12th, Mr. Parrot also verbally reprimanded her for “documenting too much.”. He expressed displeasure that …. Was always sending emails and putting things into writing that he did not wish others to see.


I have an affidavit signed by former Council Member…..which states that I complained to him about Mr. Parrott.  I didn’t know him personally the way that I knew …. And …. So I never complained to him until December of 2013……  I didn’t feel comfortable doing so until I felt that I had to do it. ………….  The resolution did not have my name at the bottom as it always had to attest the Mayor’s signature.  It had the Planning Administrator’s name where mine should have been..   It said….  …. Acting City Clerk.   I immediately printed  it out and walked into Mr. Parrott’s office to ask what was going on.  I said, “What the heck is this” and tossed the resolution down in front of him.  He acted like he was confused by me being upset with the document.  He nonchalantly said “Oh yeah, I notice that too when I read the email.”  I said, “Well this tells me that I’m not going to be the City Clerk on Wednesday when this thing gets heard by the council.”  He said, “No, no no….Now don’t get paranoid.  That girl over there must’ve messed this up”  I said “What girl are you talking about?”   …., the paralegal, or ….., the secretary?”  He said “Don’t get all excited, it’s just a mistake.  We’ll call over there and get to the bottom of this. “ I did not believe anything he said.  I’ve watch this man lie countless times and he does it with ease.    It simply made no sense for the city attorney’s office to change my name in the signature block.  My name had been there since April of 2005, and there was no plausible reason for them to randomly decide to use the planner’s name in place of mine.   I didn’t wait for him to ccall the city attorney’s office.  I went back to my office and called ……    She understood why I would be upset, but she told me she hadn’t worked on the resolution.  She told me one of their attorneys….had written the resolution and he was in a meeting.  She said she would have him call me back.    A short while later, Mr. (attorney)…… called me and tried to explain that he’d accidentally taken my name out.  He attempted to make up a story by saying he was also working on a resolution for the City of …. At the same time and mixed thing s up.  That did not make sense because I called……and they had no employees named…… working there.   Mr. ..(attorney)…later emailed Mr. Parrott an apology….and copied me with corrected versions of the resolutions.  I did not buy this one bit.  Because I felt my job was in immediate jeopardy I elected to confide in Council Member ….. to tell him what happened.  I also told ….. and ….. I felt like I was about to be fired.  Since I was taking a risk confiding in …., I figured I’d tell him more about what was really going on besides just the resolution issue.  I told him how Mr. Parrott was seixist and he lied to the Council all the time.  I didn’t hold back.  All three of them contacted Parrott and I supposed he decided he couldn’t fire me.  What is very interesting is that after I told CM….. he immediately called the city attorney;s office to ask him why they took my name off the resolution.  CM …..was told that Dan Parrott instructed them to do that.  Then CM ….. called Mr. Parrott to ask him about it.  Mr. Parrott gave him the same lame story as he told me.  But CM ….never never let on that he’d already called…… office.  He allowed Mr. Parrott to lie to him and he never told him that he knew he was lying.  CM ……told me that he had told Mr. Parrott that nothing better ever happen to me because I do a good job.

In Mr. …. Affidavit, he speaks about Mr. Parrott keeping Jimmie….on the payroll for 6 months after he retired with full benefits…..

…. Mr. Parrot emailed me that …. Resigned and the effective date would be ….   However after repeated requests for the actual letter of resignation, Mr. Parrott never provided me with it.   On 4/12/13, …. Came to me late in the day before 5 pm and mentioned his understanding that he would remain on the payroll until his personal hours were depleted.  I knew nothing of this “understanding” that he had with the Finance Administrator Jimmie…and Mr. Parrot.  Had he not mentioned it, I would have initiated his benefit termination before I left that Friday.   I emailed Mr. Parrot to ask what the arrangement had been and received no answer…. I  emailed again on 4/16/13 without a response.  I had to verbally confront Mr. Parrot for between interviews for the applicants wanting to be hired to fill ….. position to get an answer.  On 4/17/13 I finally received ….. resignation letter from the Finance Administrator.  I have no idea why the Finance Administrator would have had the resignation letter and not me; HR was my responsibility.  It was very frustrating not to receive the proper information to do my job.  I had asked …., the accounting clerk who processed payroll, if he knew anything about the arrangement.  Apparently, he knew about it too.  I felt like I was not a member of the “boy’s clug” and therefore was not privy to this special information.  Four men knew of this important detail……. But the person in charge of HR knew nothing.  During his time at the City, ….. got into trouble a few times.  I had to go to Mr. Parrott a few times about ….. due to serious mistakes he’d made with public records……… Almost every single time I had to go to him, he would call me emotional……….


I,  also, went to Mr. Parrott about Parks and Recreation Director ….. numerous times while I was responsible for HR.   …….He is currently on his 5th office assistant and the current assistant is …..   I have heard complaints from all five of these female assistants about ….   I have also heard complaints from males in his department too.   One story I heard from his maintenance worker is that …. Liked to boast about the fact that he was the boss and therefore could tell everyone else what to do.  He would say “RHIP” to the maintenance guys as he was driving around on the golf cart during the 4th of July city events while the guys were busting their butts.   When this particular employee asked him what he meant, he said “Rank Has Its Privileges” and laughed.   He seemed to take pleasure in flaunting his position in the organization and sought to make subordinate employees aware that they were beneath them….. When one of his maintenance workers left, he filled out an exit interview form; he said a lot of things about the way …. Was running his department and I thought Mr. Parrott needed to see it.  I tried to give Mr. Parrott a copy of it, but he almost yelled at me and said he didn’t care what this particular employee had to say about ….   He flat out refused to take the copy from my hand and read it.   I am not aware of any reprimand ever issued by Mr. Parrott to ….   …….

I complained to Mr. Parrott about ………… signing up for using his city email account in October of 2012 and then again in January of 2013.  During the course of fulfilling a records request, I came across these daily emails coming from the dating website to ….. city email address with his new matches for the ay.  I could not believe he actually signed up for using his city email.  I made copies and provided them to Mr. Parrott.  All he said when I handed him the email was “Wow, I guess I could fire him for this.”   End of discussion.  Mr. Parrott neither fired him nor reprimanded him; no official action was taken at all.


…… 4th assistant, ……….. had hinted around to me that …… was making in appropriate commentsAlthough I asked her to elaborate, she never would.  She told me that when she left the city she would tell me.    ……told me that she had enough problems downstairs in her work area and she didn’t want to make things worse.  I suggested to her that instead of taking to HR, she could go to his supervisor which was …… at the Time.  ……declined to say anything specific.   ……decided she wanted to go to nursing school and gave ample notice she would be leaving the City in January of 2014.   On her last day, Friday 1/10/14, I met ….. and our coworker …… at Chili’s after work.  We were talking outside of the restaurant before leaving and ….. went back inside to use the restroom.    ……relayed the incident she later wrote about on her exit interview form to me along that night while ….. wasn’t there.  She said that one day in early November 2013, she was alone at the front desk.  She said that ……came out and looked around to see if they were alone before speaking.  He then told her “Between you and me, I want to thank you for wearing that booby shirt today.”  When I asked her if any other employees might have heard anything inappropriate at any other time, she told me to talk to ….. and …..    The next week I asked …. And ….. individually if they ever heard anything inappropriate being said downstairs by ….. ; these were not prolonged interviews or questioning periods.  These 2 conversations lasted about one minute each. They both said they had not heard anything inappropriate.  Again, this would not be characterized as an “investigation”.  The city’s personnel manual provides that the city manager is responsible for any investigations of sexual harassment allegations.


On January 29, 2014, ….. brought back her exit interview form and left it face down in my office chair.  I was busy most of the day doing interviews with Mr. Parrott and Ms. Blissett to fill the Administrative Assistant position which is now held by …..    When I read the form, I immediately took it to Mr. Parrott’s office and gave it to him.  However, he didn’t want to do anything about her complaint because of several reasons.  She never specifically wrote ….. name; she used the word supervisor.  He also thought it was too vague and she had not said that anyone else witnessed anything.  He sait it was a “he said/she said” situation.  I told him that I had already asked …… and …. If they ever heard anything and they’d said no.  I asked him if he wanted me to call her or email her to get further information.  Very emphatically he told me not to contact ….. in any way.  I took it as a very stern order and I followed it explicitly.   On 2/10/14, ….. came back to my office to pick up paperwork after 5 p.m. because she didn’t want to run into …..    I let her in the side door upstairs near my office.  I took some handwritten notes of what she said.  She said that she was always afraid of retaliation while she was working there if she broke the “circle of trust: that …. Would always preach to his departmentThey were told to never go outside the department regarding any problems that they had.  She said they even had an impromptu department meeting in November at Gateway Park without her (as the only female in the dept.).  She said that when …..returned he called her in his office for an extended period of time and went over all the discussions he said that the department had been having about her.  Apparently, it seemed as if everyone was unhappy and she was the cause of it.  She asked me what Mr. Parrott had done about …..   When I told her what Mr. Parrott had said to me on 1/29/14, she was quite angry and asked me if I still had her exit interview form.  I said I did and she requested it back from me.  She turned it over and wrote the specific incident that she had told me about that nite at Chili’s on the back page of the formI scanned and emailed what she wrote to Mr. Parrott the next morning… I am sure he was very upset with me for doing that because he really despises email.  He never responded to that email so I sent him another one maybe a week later asking him if he read my email about …..   He had a bad habit of not reading or opening emails and there were many times I had to ask him a few times about emails I had sent him.   His reply was just, “Yes”.  He never asked me any questions or requested ….. personnel file from me.  Over the next month I asked him a couple of times about it and he always blew me off.  He never did anything about the complaint and never contracted …..    …… has confirmed this in her affidavit attached……


On October of 2012 …… allowed a volunteer coach to start without  waiting for his background check to clear first.   Ms. Blissett was supervising him and she gave him a written warning.   …..filed a grievance with Mr. Parrott and nothing was ever done about it.  I’ve included the unsigned copy of his grievance because it literally was sucked into the black hole that was Mr. Parrott’s desk.  If he didn’t want to deal with something, it would stay on the desk for months until it finally disappeared never to be seen again.   There is a possibility that the written warning has disappeared from ….. personnel file.  This is another example of Mr. Parrott’s aversion to dealing with personnel issues……


After I had bothered Mr. Parrott about ….. complaint, the following month he reorganized.  This was the end of March in 2014………Basically he took Kassandra Blissett’s supervisory responsibilities over Grown Management and Parks & Rec away (except for …. Who was previously assigned to me).     He moved HR responsibilities from me to her.  He never gave any reasons for this change and he never spoke to me why he was doing so. ……..    I found out later from Kassandra Blissett that Mr. Parrott had invited her to sit in on some one-on-one discussions he had with ……    ……    ….   And ……    She told me that she was an observer and Mr. Parrott questioned each of them about me.  This happened just prior to his reorganization of 3/27/14.   The main theme of the discussion as Kassandra told me was that I was unapproachable.   ………………………


In August of 2014, …. President of CPPI, complained to Kassandra about some comments made by ….. during the 4th of July post event meeting held on 7/16/14.    ….. wasn’t happy about the way ….. talked about certain Council members in front of a group of people.   ….. also came to my office to complain about the unprofessional way (her words) ….. spoke about the Interim Mayor, ……    Kassandra went to Mr. Parrott with the complaint as she was no longer ….. supervisor.  Mr. Parrott told her she could ask the other participants in the meeting some questions regarding what was said.  She wrote up a draft memo with detailed notes for his review.      Kassandra left it on his desk with the note that said “Can we talk?”.  Mr. Parrott refused to speak about it with her.  When she reminded him about it and pressed him, he told her that he would handle it.  He never did.   …… kept periodically asking Kassandra about it, but all she could say was that it was in Mr. Parrott’shands.


On October 1, 2014, all the department head’s annual evaluations were due, Mr. Parrott handled most of them quickly.  He took a long time doing mine and ……   On Friday November 7th, he came in my office and tossed my evaluation down on my desk and told me he was leaving for the day.  I wasn’t happy with the evaluation and I didn’t think it was fair.  The last page didn’t even have my name on it.  It had ….. name in the comments section and it was obvious that he’d messed things up.  I emailed him about the comments section and it was obvious that he mixed things up.  He emailed back that he’d talk to me in the following week.   …… He didn’t come back to work until Wednesday November 12th.  We finally got to sit down and talk about it on November 20th.  He had Kassandra sit in on the conversation.  I told him exactly what I disagreed with in my evaluation.  I deserved high marks  in everything and I didn’t appreciate some of his comments.  He told me I was really trying his patience, I was continually talking to the Council and he was fed up with it.  I told him that just because he might see me talking to one of them, doesn’t mean it had anything to do with him or work.   …………   I  told Mr. Parrott that he was paranoid and he assumed way too much.  I told him, in fact, I hadn’t even spoken to CM ……in a number of months.   I didn’t know CM….. or CM …. Personally, so I really didn’t understand where Mr. Parrott was coming from.  Mr. Parrott said “I can fire you whenever I want to and I haven’t done that yet.”He kept saying over and over again how I wasn’t to ever speak to any Council members.  H repeatedly asked me to say that I wouldn’t speak to any of them.  It must’ve been at least four times that he said this to me.  I told him I couldn’t keep VM ….from talking to me (as he loves to talk).   Then Mr. Parrott brought up the incident with  the …..resolution not having my name on it in December 2013.  In an accusatory tone he said “Well you certainly talked to Council members then, didn’t you?”  I said “ I certainly did.  I called Council Member….   CM….. and VM…… because I had to”  Mr. Parrot then repeated his same prior excuses for a lie.  We rehashed that for a few minutes which got us nowhere.  Then he said “I don’t know what you want from me.  “  I didn’t want to hire a woman but I did.  ….. is here now so you should both be happy (he was talking about the new Finance Director….who took Jimmie’s place when he retired.   (When he said “both” he meant Kassandra and myself.).  Mr. Parrott also called me emotional again.  He called us both “catty” too which was not the first time he said that word.  I can remember at least 2 occasions when I was standing in Kassandra’s office asking her something and Mr. Parrot would walk by making a comment about us being “catty:.   He had no idea what we were discussing.  He just assumed we were discussing him or other people.  He was always paranoid that others were discussing him or plotting against him.  He would say sometimes “You women are so catty.”.  He talked about his mother-in-law this way too.  Another favorite line of his is “You women are always bitchin’ about something.”.  Mr. Parrott ended up changing my evaluation and removing the comments I didn’t like.  I think he just did this so everyone would be happy and no one would be making waves to mess up the raise he was trying to set up for himself in January.


 In the beginning of 2015, I noticed the Parks & Recreation office assistant …..seemed to be stressed out.  While I was in the workroom getting a Council agenda packet ready, ….. confided in me about having  problems with …..    She asked me not to tell anyone.  I told her she could report these types of things to either Mr. Parrott or Kassandra as HR. …….    …… has been going to ….. a lot and confiding in her.   The first week of March 2015, Kassandra and  …. Went to Mr. Parrott for a closed door meeting to discuss the …./….. issue.   While they were in his office Mr. Parrot’s assistant …..overheard …… name and wnt downstairs to tell …..    ….. and …. Had become fast friends, after ….. starting working at the city the previous March.  I know this because ….. immediately went to …. And she was stressing out about this.   ….. interrogating her and asking her why they would be talking about him.  ….. lied to …. And said she didn’t know.    Kassandra and …. both told me that Mr. Parrott dismissed their concerns about ….    Kassandra told me everything that was said during the meeting and she put it in her affidavit.  Near the end of the meeting, Kassandra became really frustrated and told Mr. Parrott his different treatment of males and females was evident in the salary study implementation.  She said that she hadn’t done the math but knew the approximate averages and stated them to him.   His response was, “can you prove that?”.  Right after the meeting, ….. went back to her office and made a spreadsheet with the actual percentages of males and females.  That week Kassandra started really documenting everything that had gone on during that meeting which mad Mr. Parrott very angry.  As I said before, he hates memos and emails…….

That Friday, March 6, 2015, Kassandra was out on intermittent FMLA to take her mom to chemotheraphy.   …. Was also out that day.  Mr. Parrott came in my office around 9 a.m. and told me he was calling ……upstairs.  I asked why.  He told me that she had complained about …… to … and then … and Kassandra had met with him about it earlier in the week.  He said he needed to talk to ……….. about it and wanted me to sit in on the discussion.  After it was over and ….. left, he told me that he couldn’t have ….. around saying those types of things to his employees.  He said he would be laying off ….. on Monday, March 9th.  But he didn’t do what he said.  Later that afternoon around 4 p.m. Kassandra faxed her complaint to the EEOC and also sent it to City Hall.  She told ….. to walk it in to Dan Parrott’s office and hand it to him.  She did.  When Monday morning rolled around, Mr. Parrott terminated Kassandra and not …..    …. Was in his office at the same time.  I saw both of them right after that and … was visibly shaken.  There were tears in her eyes.  We helped Kassandra gather up her personal belongings and carry them to her car.

Word of Kassandra’s termination spread very quickly and I began receiving a lot of questions about it.   Kassandra was well known in the community, and liked very much.  A few residents were outraged.  Some of them must have notified the media because reporters began calling.  I received multiple public records requests.   On 3/13/15, Mr. Parrott met in his office for a very long time with ….. and Parks Superintendent ….    They were behind closed doors for well over an hour.  Mr. Parrott apparently asked both of them to write some kind of memo bashing Kassandra.  He must have explained in great detail exactly what he wanted written.  ….wrote a memo dated March 13, 2015 addressed “To Who It May Concern” and …. Wrote a memo dated March 14, 2015 addressed “To who it may concern”  Both of these memos appeared in Kassandra’s personnel file the following week and were provided to Mark Harper of the News Journal.  This was a deliberate attempt on Mr. Parrott’s part to direct the newspaper’s story in the direction he wanted it to go and away from him.   Mark Harper emailed questions about Kassandra on March 11th and Mr. Parrot told Mark he would have someone get her personnel file together.  It’s apparent that Mr. Parrott would have someone get her personnel file together.  It’s apparent that Mr. Parrott also used the Barracuda email message archiver.  As the city clerk and person in charge of fulfilling record requests, Mr. Parrott never asked me to get her file ready for Mark.  He had ….. do it as he did not want me to see the memos he was having …. And …. Prepare for her file.  When Mark checked back on 3/13/15, Mr. Parrott said he was getting the file ready for him and it wasn’t quite ready.  He also provided Mark with Mr. Burris’ final report summary on the salary study the following Monday.   Mr. Parrott emailed the Council on 3/13/15 to inform them of Kassandra’s EEOC complaint along with a skewed version of what actually transpired.  He misrepresented what had happened and what was said in the meeting he had with ….. on 3/6/15 about …..   He didn’t tell them I was present.  He also lied to Council Member ….. on 3/10/15 and said that Kassandra was telling people she was taking time off to be with her mother.  She was obviously mad and upset that she had been “laid off “ and told people the truth when they asked her.  I saw these emails I discuss in this paragraph that day as I was fulfilling a request from DeBary citizen Barry Maguire.  It was then that I  decided I’d had enough of this nonsense and Mr. Parrott’s continual manipulation and lies.


I wrote my own complaint to the EEOC that weekend and faxed it to their Miami office on 3/16/15.  I thought I was supposed to give Mr. Parrott a copy of it so I did.  In retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t have.  That’s what the EEOC investigator who called me few weeks later said.  However, I didn’t know as I’ve never filed one before.  This is when things started really going downhill.  Mr. Parrott sent me an email the evening of 3/19/15 accusing me of accessing the Council’s email and his email inappropriatelyHe stripped me of my 2 of my essential functions which are responding to public records and serving as the RMLOI responded back the morning of 3/21/15 telling him that I was basically doing my job and responding to record requests.  This email he sent me really rattled me.  I felt like he was lashing out at me and I was being set up for termination.   ….. In the meantime he was also having the contractual out-sourced IT guy….dig through old emails to supply Mark Harper with dirt on KassandraThis was done in an effort to deflect the attention from the fact that he had 2 EEOC complaints lodged against him and an online petition calling for his removal.  I assume he was having …..dig through my old emails too.  Mr. Parrott paid Computer Wizards $1,720 over the normal monthly amount in March for his efforts.


Apparently Mr. Parrott also gave my EEOC complaint to reporter Mark Harper.  Harper then began asking questions about ……. And her sexual harassment complaintAll of a sudden Mr. Parrott was sending me emails and copying Harper in which he was trying to imply that it was me that had done an investigation.   As I stated in my rebuttal, I was not allowed to do such a task.  That was Mr. Parrott’s job.  Had Harper not read my reference to it in the EEOC complaint, Mr. Parrott would have never ever spoken of it.  Of all the things this man wrongly accused me of, this offended me most.  …….told me she would do an affidavit for me backing up what I said about the situation.  She was very angry when she saw the story in the News Journal about it.  I did everything I could to get him to finally do something, but to no avail.  I believe this is the true reason he assigned HR to Kassandra.  He hated my persistence and didn’t want to hear me keep reminding him of it.  This also appeared in Harper’s story in the link I posted in the above paragraph.

“Parrott disputes that he did nothing about the complaint and released a memo dated March 19, 2014 showing he interviewed several employees whose offices were located near Fletcher’s.  No one said they had ever seen or heard Fletcher say anything inappropriate or exhibit any behavior that could be categorized as sexual harassment, the notes show.  The notes weren’t in Fletcher’s personnel file and were given to the News-Journal after a separate public records request:

I submit that Mr. Parrott just created this memo and backdated it to3/19/14 after being questioned by a reporter.  I know this because Mark Harper sent me an email on 3/26/14 telling me that he had been given this memo from Parrott in which he said he  took away HR duties from me last year because of how I handled the complaint.  This is complete hogwash.  There was never a memo dated 3/1914.  I never saw such a memo, I was never allowed to handle the Fletcher matter and there was absolutely no investigation.

This email thread also includes the email request Mr. Parrott made to me for the emails I sent to Barry Maguire.  As I explained in the rebuttal of my termination, Barry never got the batch I tried to send on 3/13/15 directly from the Barracuda message archiver because AT & T blocked them…………………………….   Mr. Parrott nor Eric have a full understanding of the Barracuda message archiver, as I was the only person that used it (rather infrequently in fact) up until this March.   I won’t repeat everything I said in the rebuttal of that section of my termination letter, because what Mr. Parrot is saying simply is not trueHe is grasping at straws to come up with reasons for getting back at me for making him lose his job too.  His assertions and arguments have holes in them everywhere………………..


On March 24th I came into work to find that the locks had been changed on my records storage room, which was not good since I was going to be having our records consultant returning shortly and I needed to ready some things for him.   Mr. Parrott had changed locks throughout the building.  I never received a key to the room until very late in the day.  Mr. Parrott was also ignoring the letter of agreement I had left for him to sign from the FL Institute of Government for continued engagement of the records management consultant.   I asked Linda to assist me in finding it.  Neither Linda nor Mr. Parrott ever gave it back to me.  On March 31st, I discovered several file folders missing on the shared drive.  Mr. Parrott had instructed Linda to do this, she told me this verbally when I went to her desk to ask.  He also instructed Linda to take boxes out of my records storage room on Friday 3/27/15.  I was trying to get the 4/1/15 Council agenda ready and she appeared in my doorway demanding that I open the storage room to retrieve old boxes of applications and terminated employees.  Linda had also been providing copies of everything Mr. Parrott wanted to give Mark Harper.  She would take the large manila envelopes downstairs to Mark whenever she saw Mark Harper come through the front doors.  This began with Mark’s request for Kassandra Blissett’s personnel file the week she was terminated.  This handing off of documents went on for weeks.  The last time I saw Mark Harper coming to pick up documents was on 4/14/15 when he came to pick up all the resumes submitted for the TOD manager.


Mr. Parrott also cites a conversation I had with the Mayor after the Council workshop on 3/18/15; however, he does not accurately reflect the real discussion the Mayor and I had.  I didn’t solicit the termination of the city manager.  Mayor Johnson had already discussed that idea months ago with former Council Member Koval.  This appears in both Mr. and Mrs. Koval’s affidavits….. Mayor Johnson is not being truthful in the affidavit he submitted and he should not be believed.  When he was a candidate, he represented himself as a Stetson graduate; he was not.  He even filled out a city volunteer application to that effect.  He also did not disclose to the public that he had worked for the Orange City Police Department previously and was fired.  In his candidate paperwork, he listed ……as his address, which is a vacant lot.  He actually lived next door on his parent’s property.  It is significant to note that Mayor Johnson has been accused of (and has apologized for) verbally assaulting a female resident who had raised some concerns about a City development issue.


As to Mr. Parrott’s assertion that my calling Council Member Dwyer to ask a question is a violation of the personnel manual, that is ridiculous.  I called Council Member Dwyer at 2:04 p.m. on April 2nd to ask him why he made the motion the previous evening to appoint the manager as the clerk.  I was perplexed that he had made such a motion because I was under the impression that he thought I did my job well.  He informed me that he couldn’t tell me because that was part of the executive session held prior to the regular meeting.  He asked me if I had asked Mr. Parrott about it and I said  I had not.  He suggested we get a third person to talk with us such as the city attorney.  I said no, as the attorney would just bill the city.  Not once during this very brief conversation did I ask him about what was discussed in the executive session.  I had no way of knowing that the motion was the substance of the executive session until he told me so.  Once told, I knew that I wouldn’t be learning the answer to the question.  I decided to email Mr. Parrott and the city attorney when I returned to the office to question my status.   The question of asking a simple question is not a violation of Policy 502.6(s).


The last supposed violation Mr. Parrott cites is my creating a City Google account so that I could use Google drive for large public record request.  As I stated in the rebuttal, Mr. Parrott was fully aware of this fact and decided after he really wanted to fire me that he could try to twist this into something he could call a violation.  If you look back at the job analysis questionnaire I provided in ….. you will see that I referenced Google Drive when I was explaining the manner in which I responded to public record requests.  Mr. Parrott reviewed that questionnaire last fall and knew it was utilized.  His fabrication of this “additional grounds for termination” is yet another lie.


At the City Council meeting on 4/1/15 the Council held 4 executive sessions prior to the meeting.  Two of the sessions were pertaining to the EEOC complaints………   Once the regular meeting began the City Council voted to appoint City Manager Dan Parrott as City Clerk.   I was so confused; it felt like I got fired infront of 100 people…….. However, I work for the manager and not the council so I went to work on Thursday 4/2/15.  I finally emailed Mr. Parrott and the City attorney after 2 p.m. because no one had spoken to me about what my job duties were going to be.  Mr. Parrott emailed me back at 4:48 p.m….and answered my questions partially and telling me we would discuss it in the following week.  Of course that discussion never happened.


Mr. Parrott also tried to debunk my account of the …..complaint that week by getting …… write a somewhat different account of the night at Chili’s over a year prior.  She wrote that email to him at his request on 3/31/15.   …..also put in her notice that she was going to work at Seminole County in early April.  Mr. Parrot rewarded….for the email dated 3/31/15 by creating a position for her called the TOD Administrative assistant and gave her a raise to stay employed with the City of DeBary.  He also rewarded…..allegiance by changing her job title and giving her a raise as well.


Apparently, Mr. Parrott does this kind of thing frequently.  In his last jobe in Ardmore, OK he was ousted.  I’ve included an article from their local paper…that describes the things Mr. Parott did that made citizens start a petition to get rid of him.  One of these things is keeping an employee who left on the payroll for 6 months with full benefits.  Another coincidence is that Mr. Parrott got in trouble for civil rights violations in OK too.  In fact there were several federal lawsuits against Dan Parrott in OK and MO.  One of these involved retaliation in response to someone filing a whistleblower complaint against the city……I was there when the City Council was interviewing him and he said that he’d already retired but was getting sick of it and his wife wanted him out of the house.  He never mentioned that they threw him out of his last job in his resume.  He was too young for retirement.  He just didn’t want to say why he really left his last job and unfortunately DeBary’s city attorney did not do the proper background check.   If he had, he would have found all of these Federal lawsuits and realized that this was not a good person to bring on.   There are articles easily found online in the Daily Ardmoreite which would have clued them in to his lawsuits and his characterThe DeBary city attorney should have also have found a very negative audit report on the City of Mexico Missouri that would have given them serious pause before hiring him.  Although the audit report is dated 6/10/04 for the fiscal year ending 9/30/03 there are several very comment threads.  The auditor Clair McCaskill (now a senator) doesn’t hold back in her assessment.  In the report he’s referred to as the former city manager.  I bring all of these pieces of his past to your attention because it speaks volumes about his character.  He didn’t just decide a few years ago that he was going to cut corners, be sexist, violate someone’s civil rights, etc.  He has been this way for many years and possibly his entire life.


I‘d also like to point out that all the new employees he has hired since I was let go are males.  As I stated earlier in the letter, he created the new IT/Records manager position and hired Eric Frankton on 4/20/15.  On 4/27/15 he hired Roger Van Aucker for the DOD Manager.  Then he created another position called the Assistant to theCity Clerk and promoted Warren Graham from his Accounting Cleri II position into the new position.  He replaced Warren with a male employee, Mike Jones.  When he promoted Annette Hatch (previously neighborhood improvement officer) to the newly created TOD Administrative assistant, he  replaced her with a male, Luis Albelo.  …..


You have affidavits from several people referenced earlier in this letter about Mr. Parrott’s lying to them.  There is also one from a citizen Barbara Sipler speaking of another instance where he lied in front of the Council on April 1st at the meeting.  Please take all of these into account when you are looking at Mr. Parrotts word against mine.


Thank you for your consideration and time.




Stacy Tebo


(August 10, 2015)







“Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Stacy Tebo.  …………I wish to file a charge against my supervisor, DeBary City Manager Dan Parrott……………………………….We both work for the City of DeBary…………………………..   My position is City Clerk and I have held the position since 4/11/05.  There are 28 employees.  I believe that I have been discriminated against based on my sex.

On November 20 2014, Dan Parrott made offensive comments to me about women in general; this is one of many instances in which he engaged in sex discrimination harassment; he said this in front of Assistant City Manager Kassandra Blissett during a meeting in the office.  He has made offensive comments about females on numerous occasions in the past five years I have worked with him.  He discriminates against women in the workplace and has stated his preference for working with men.  He threatened to fire me on this date, as we went over the evaluation he had given me, which I was challenging him on.  He said “I can fire you whenever I want to and I haven’t done that yet.”  He had given me low marks in 3 areas and I was asking him for specific details to back up his scores.  On this particular Day and many others, Mr. Parrott attempted to bully, threaten and intimidate me.

Dan Parrott also perpetuates unequal pay and employment practices.  In the fall of 2014, the City contracted with an outside consultant to perform a pay and classification study.  On 1/12/15, Mr. Parrott was responsible for creating a compensation sudy/implementation plan, using only some of the data provided by the consultant.  Mr. Parrott lowered my pay grade from the rest of the department head level positions in the city.  The plan that Mr. Parrott created provided an average pay increase of 2.13% for all female employees and 12.54% for all male employees.

Dan Parrott also engaged in retaliation against my co-worker Kassandra Blissett on 3/9/15.  Ms. Blissett filed an EEOC complaint against Mr. Parrott on Friday, March 6th.  He was hand delivered a copy of this complaint at approximately PM.  Earlier that same day at about 11:30 AM, he had informed me that he would be laying off Parks and Recreation Director John Fletcher, following a meeting he had me sit in on with Parks Officer Assistant Melanie Martinez.  On Monday March 9th at 9 AM, he laid off Kassandra Blissett, Assistant City Manager.  Ms Blissett listed me as a witness on her EEOC complaint and I am also worried about retaliation.  His behavior has already shown that he is comfortable retaliating, despite the fact that it is clearly illegal.

Dan Parrott has treated male employees more favorably than female employees for the 5 years I have known him.  At the meeting he and I had with Melanie Martinez, the morning of March 6, 2015, Melanie told him that John Fletcher had made her feel scared and insecure in her position; that he would often yell at her or make her feel stupid if she made an error; that he recently came in one day and asked her, “Does your ass hurt today?”; that he asked her about “her ass” because he had “previously chewed it the day before”; that he belittled her if she asked questions; that he regularly had her complete work such as the CDBG contract that went before Council 3/4/15; that she felt was his responsibility as the director; and that she did not want Mr. Fletcher to know she had complained because she was afraid of retaliation.  After Mr. Parrott dismissed Melanie from the meeting, he asked me to stay.  He asked me what I thought about Melanie’s comments.  I responded that she was the 5th female office assistant that had complained about John Fletcher, and I felt she was being truthful.  I added that she made the same comments as the previous 4 office assistants.  The only difference was the 4th office assistant made allegations of sexual harassment on her exit interview form, which were never investigated by Mr. Parrott.  Mr Parrot has dismissed all my previous concerns regarding John Fletcher and has never reprimanded him. (I was previously in charge of HR until 3/27/14 when he transferred HR duties to the Assistant City Manager.  However Mr. Parrot has reprimanded me several times, sometimes publicly, by copying other employees causing my humiliation.    “