The Town has gone too far in its favoritism of certain people

The Town has gone too far in its favoritism of certain people; while treating others poorly.

We have found  that Andrew Greene is a paid staff member of the Fire Department, receiving a check each month for around $125-140 whether or not he shows up;  obviously since the facts were spelled out in the “Vote of No Confidence”.   The other firefighters are volunteers and are not paid.  Chief Pittman of course receives a meager salary as Stith did prior but the Town probably cut that down to pay Andrew and Andrew has only made 7  calls total.

Furthermore we have seen Andrew Greene driving a Town Fire vehicle (new SUV) around and understand he takes said vehicle to his home which is around 22-25 miles one way from the Town of White Springs.  Not only is that not Justified and not approved by the council.  This means our Town has had to pay for a Fire Truck’s maintenance, fuel and wear and tear because Andrew is favored over all others.

And not to forget the fact that Andrew Green attended and the Town paid for his schooling so that he could handle Code Enforcement, a job which he never could handle.  Yet, the pay was never deducted from him and he is still being paid for code enforcement.  Stacy Tebo lied to us at the meeting a couple of months back in answer to Joe’s inquiry.  She said we needed to place money on our budget for code enforcement….but here Was Andrew still getting paid and not doing his job.  Then our illustrious Manager decides she wants our Chief Pittman’s resignation when Chief Pittman has worked his tail off for this town.  The entire block of row houses where Franklin Smith had his restaurant could have burned down had Kevin Pittman not been there within 4-5 minutes of a call to fight the fire.   What has Andrew Greene done?

When Andrew Greene did not like that our blog was bringing out the truth about him, not only was our goat poisoned, and fire crackers thrown by his cousin at our vehicles but he would take a fire truck, slow down past our house and flash lights so as to irritate us, I would presume.

It is illegal to use lights unless you are a paid contractor, paving or doing utility work and you are paid for such services.

I do not know what the Town is doing but this shows you the unfair corrupt practices that have been going on facilitated by Rhett Bullard, the former town manager, his cousin, Robert Townsend, as well as Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson.  No wonder we lose so many good people. 

And our hope is that either the Governor’s staff makes an investigation of what is happening here or that the talk among attorneys about the corruption goes to the right places, or that once Helen Miller wins her court case.  The Town cannot survive with these people.

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You may recall that Willie Jefferson gave Walter McKenzie grief over filling out an evaluation of Stacy Tebo’s performance.  After we stated that a performance evaluation is something required annually under Ms. Tebo’s contract, amazingly it all came to fruition.  Here are the results, biased as they are, since Ms. Tebo controls people by fear and has little or no inherent management skills.

The evaluation consists of an evaluation of each of the following:

  1. Strategic Leadership – Able to inspire, influence and enable others to achieve a specific mission, drive for results/initiative.
  2. Organizational and Professional Knowledge – having a solid knowledge of the organization as well as professional expertise.
  3. Decision Making – acts and makes timely decisions with business direction. Delegates decision making authority to level of capacity and information closes to internal/external customer.
  4. Customer Focus – ability to anticipate and meet internal/external customer needs in a timely manner. Ensures customer satisfaction through process of monitoring, developing, improving and delivering excellence in products or services.
  5. Selection and Development of People – competence can be seen by how well self and others are developed.
  6. Teamwork/partnering – builds winning teams. Works effectively with others to accomplish goals/resolve problems.
  7. Accountability – makes aggressive commitment and is willing to be judged against them. Trustworthy with unyielding integrity..
  8. Vision/Direction Setting – ability to provide clear sense of direction for organization/department; Secures relevant information. Identifies key issues and sets priorities.
  9. Drive for Results/Resource Management – identifies new ways to improve quality, productivity, customer service and safety awareness. Maximizes talents and abilities.  Uses available resources efficiency (e.g. time, materials)
  10. Adaptability – ability to be flexible when changes occur. Able to anticipate and bring about change when needed.


Tonja Brown’s Overall Evaluation of Competencies was – GREATLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS ON 1-10.  Ms. Brown stated “This employee has been a big help to the Town of White Springs.  She is very active in the community and show others how much she cares about the Town of White Springs.  In overall, this employee is rated higher on my knowledge (Which isn’t much LOL)

Willie Jefferson Overall Evaluation of Competencies was – Meets Expectations 1-10  (meets and occasionally exceeds)  Willie believes Ms. Tebo displays leadership; gets funding for projects and makes a balanced budget (LMAO)

Rhett Bullard’s Overall Evaluation of Competence was – GREATLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS ON 1-10.  Mr. Bullard had comments.  1.  Has been a tremendous help with our grant administration.  2.  Very involved in our P & A process.  3.  Ms. Tebo works hard and consistently works many hours on evenings and weekends due to our limited staffing budget.  4.  Very hands on with city concerns.  Have received many compliments regarding that.   5.  She is very knowledgeable and able to process. 6.  Helps all departments with their needs.  7. Because of a small size, it is hard to make ends meet as being aggressive as had due to time constraints.  9.  Ms. Tebo is very driven and knowledgeable.  10.  Been pleased with her adaptability.


Walter McKenzie  overall evaluation of Competencies is DOES NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS 1-10:

Walter McKenzie states:  1.  I don’t see evidence of leadership   2. TRW expertise would have had better results of conflicts.  3.  Don’t see evidence of effectiveness.  4. Ms. Tebo is not responsive to suggestions on how to improve her “customer relationships”.5. Dismissal and litigation are not “Development”.  6.  Perceived problems have not been resolved – only litigation.  7.  Negativity and criticisms are not good commitments.  8.  I see no clear sense of direction.  9.  Talents and abilities have not been maximized.  10.  Not adapting to change. Eventually seeks to litigate rather than to deal with issues in other more productive and less expensive ways.    He further stated that we”never had a workshop to establish goals; never had a public workshop to review performance.  I have never seen the council so divided and in my opinion, office so much in a state of unrest” (Councilor McKenzie is absolutely correct and I commend him on his honesty at the meeting as well as in his evaluation. – Furthermore Mr. McKenzie brought up the fact that there was no workshop on the drug situation regarding Stacy Tebo’s use of Percoset; yet as always the power of three elected to dismiss Mr. McKenzie and go through with approving Ms. Tebo’s contract 3-1, of course.



In my opinion Stacy Tebo has not met any of the expectations.  We have grant writers who assist in grants; the lighting grant was secured by someone other than Ms. Tebo and has been ongoing;   The only leadership Ms. A Tebo has is to use fear so that the ignorant people will follow her.  Those who are not ignorant will secure other jobs eventually….and it is sad what she is doing to the Fire Department and subsequently to police officers and to say she doesn’t even know them.  What a so called manager? Yet if one read her initial resume’ it would note that Ms. Tebo was a grant writer and could do everything.  

Insofar as organization, she knows all the secrets and sins of Andrew Greene, Pam Tomlinson, Rhett Bullard, Willie Jefferson and possibly Tonja Brown and Tracy Rodriquenz.  Her writings and her statements at meetings are not fully detailed and they are not organized making it difficult to know what the heck she is saying.  Take for instance the Christmas parade, the form was ridiculously simple; did not state one needed a toy to go into the park; did not say if there could be art sculptured Santas on the floats or were real Santa’s excluded.  No one lined anyone up at the mixing valve; everybody did their own thing and someone must of told the Jasper news or they inquired, because some of the details were in the paper but definitely not in the meeting which was referred to. Not everyone reads the paper.

Rhett Bullard really is too lazy or ignorant and has allowed Stacy Tebo to run everything and her decision making for only keeping the best of the best is very crucial; yet she keeps Pam who even the accountant and Joe had a laugh about; and of course there is tattletale Greene who is ruining our fire department and I guess gets extra pay all this time for being a code inspector; She was stupid enough to attack Helen Miller and thus there was no coverage for her under the Town’s insurance for her specifically.  We give her an additional $7,500 which turns into $8,700 (Joe has the correct amount in the blog), a benefit not given to any other employee which Tebo should be taxed on in a 1099.  She gets rid of Anita Rivers who was the best and brightest and she thinks she can fire police or firemen without council approval but knows better. but she must have her way.  She is sick and no one but those who have been touched by her illness can realize that.   Maybe she is drug induced; but I believe she is just a poor manager and wants things her way even though others may have better ideas and could make better decisions.

As to Customer Focus, I do not even have to answer this one.  It is not only Joe Griffin she is nasty with and God help us if she is working at the office on her suit against DeBary and one wishes to interrupt her during White Springs Time; that does not matter to her whatsoever.  She shuts her office and will not talk to customers but is available for Rhett and Tonja.

Rhett scored her “excellently” on the selection and development of people.  Stacy tebo does not wish to Select bright individuals or develop their skills.  That was a fact with Anita Rivers for certain.  She does not address problems but thinks they will handle themselves.  She has not reviewed job descriptions; specifically amending the administrative assistant position;   She judges people once and instead of writing them up or just having an adult discussion, she elects to secure their resignation or fire them.  She is a clown but she has hurt so many people, the taxpayers especially.

Teamwork/Partnering – There is none of that except when it comes to requests from Rhett and Tonja.  She does not understand that there is no “I” in team.  I rather doubt if she ever set a goal in her life, especially the manner in which she is handling the budget.  Then Rhett Bullard felt Stacy Tebo could negotiate with a new Attorney Karen Hatton, which that is the position of the council.  Has everyone but Walter McKenzie lost their brain?  As Joe yelled out “You better not”.   Rhett is inexperienced in business and in life, and it certainly shows to date.

Accountability is a joke in Stacy Tebo’s world.  She will lie like Rhett Bullard to get what she wants.  I would not trust her word for anything.  In fact what I find weird is that I have noticed if someone poses a question to Tonja Brown or Willie Jefferson or Stacy Tebo, Rhett feels he can lie better than them and give more for instances than anyone else and thus answers for them. 

This is not a council, except for Walter McKenzie and the ousted Helen Miller.  The power of three do not know what to do and they think Stacy Tebo has the best ideas.  Obviously none of them have experienced a real inspirational manager who assists others to excel who makes goals based upon objectives and meets those goals, including balancing the budget and expenses and receivables on a monthly basis.

Stacy has no vision except to be a Town Clerk at DeBary, but that will be a cold day in hell.  She does not identify key issues and if she did, she would bury them, because like Pam, she wishes no more work than she has to do since she is so busy listening to the liars who are her favorite slackers.

Stacy has no drive.  Helen Miller has drive and that is a problem to Stacy.  Also, I am seeing more of Walter McKenzie becoming alive at council meetings with drive and conviction.  The power of three are either ignorant or just lackadaisical.

And don’t get me on adaptability; With Stacy that is not possible.  As were the statements made under oath in the Rivers’ case, “You do not question Stacy Tebo”.  Yikes she is like a bull dog who wants everything her way and if you do not kiss her, she will surely put you under the bus and have her lackies try and find some trivial thing you have done and ultimately fire you for NO CAUSE.

Never, Never have I seen such a Town in dire straits; yet, we can probably hope for bankruptcy and thus be owned by the county and then Stacy will be removed as will the three dunces…oh the power of three.

In my opinion, the reason for all of these lawsuits and removals is the fact that Rhett Bullard does not wish the secrets of his life to come out in the open because he definitely would be disbarred and more.  And that is why he needs to get rid of Walter McKenzie next…so people hang on to your hat, the Power of Three are really bad ignorant people who will squander your every penny and when they can’t increase your utility bill; they will increase your sewer and water bill to pay for all these lawsuits. 

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The Town of White Springs will end up bankrupt because of the Power of Three protecting Tebo and giving her benefits.

Since Stacy Tebo did not start all her suits against DeBary until she undertook a position in White Springs, I wonder how much money of the Town was attributed to her personal suits including the EEOC statement:

You will note that her EEOC complaint entailed everyone in the office and she was more concerned with money and what others were doing so she could try to have them terminated.  The EEOC was an unorganized mess and obviously the Council will protect her even though she is spending thousands of dollars of taxpayers money for her own benefit.   This is all Rhett Bullard’s fault for not taking a stand but allowing the power of three stick up for someone who should have  been terminated long time ago.  I guess the power of three wish to place White Springs in Bankruptcy.  And if they do that will be fine because the county will take over and everyone would be treated fairly, less lawsuits if any and less costs for utilities.   This group consisting of the Manager and the power of three has gone too far and it is affecting everyone.  Instead of increases for police and assistance with the fire department, they continue to pay slackers like Pam Tomlinson who is a laugh even to our new CPA and then there is Andrew Greene, who I initially thought had changed but he is still the lazy slacker who gets favors  from the town.

You don’t need to read the entire EEOC statement to see why they passed her by.

Stacy Tebo should have no right to supervise either the Firefighters or Police Officers with an amendment under the Charter because she is NOT qualified to lead.

When the charter was formulated, in the police department no one could terminate an officer’s employment unless the Council approved.  Unfortunately the charter did not anticipate an unfair manager such as Stacy Tebo, who now under Tonja Brown wishes to give Stacy the full reign of hiring and firing.  This is wrong, and by Ms. Tebo’s statements in the River’s case, she does not even know the officers in the police department.  Although I do not have a lot of faith in our current Chief because of her fear of being terminated by Ms. Tebo if she does not lie on Tebo’s behalf, perhaps she would be better if she had full reign of the Police Department.   It takes a lot of training to be a police officer and it is their livelihood that Stacy Tebo wishes to play with and that is WRONG.

As to the Fire Department, Ms. Tebo, by charter does not have any rights to Supervise the firefighters nor the Chief Kevin Pittman.  In the days of John Peeler, now deceased, he formulated a great department which was outside of the reigns of the Town of White Springs.  As a separate entity, they held many money making events and had sufficient fire equipment, unlike today.  Not only that but any money coming in from Hamilton County yearly of $17,000 and other payments for services went directly into the Fire Department’s bank account.

For those who were not here at the time, our prior town manager, Robert Clayton Townsend, like the current manager but not for legal bills, ran out of money.  It was the time when the budget had not changed from the $800,000 per year.  At that time the Town elected to take some $10,000 from the Fire Department Account and when Mr. Peeler fought against the Town doing so, his days as fire chief, was terminated.  Joe Griffin tried to secure a meeting for Mr. Peeler to fight the issue since the Fire Department was a separate entity, but somehow the town placed pressure or fear on him and as a result, he did not wish to pursue the matter.

Since that time the Town took over the Fire Department and it became worse when Stacy Tebo became our Town Manager.  She has no idea of what a firefighter experiences, placing his or her life on the line for the sake of saving people and property.  Police officers likewise place their lives on the line every day and it does not matter that we are a small town because one never knows what will transpire.   I do not believe Ms. Tebo is qualified to know what these wonderful heroes do and instead she believes in a slacker who will do anything including lie and tattle to place himself first.

We are so proud of our firefighters who volunteer their services.  They are not paid to assist the citizens but did so even during hurricane Irma.  One who considers me a friend really irritated me when she said that the fire department assisted her in cutting down the tree that blocked her driveway; then had the audacity to say that they did not move the tree parts so she could get out of her driveway so she said she gave them a piece of her mind until they returned to finish.  Most of us would be out there helping them and gratified for cutting the tree.  I lost confidence in her as a friend as a result.  Here, the firefighters did not have to do anything, but did so with the kindness of their heart.  We have the best group, some of which are police officers as well and even Detective Cecil Brownfield comes back from Mayo to assist our firefighters.  (Last night Detective Brownfield took Mr. Pittman’s place at the council and he was almost forgotten as they tried to ignore him)

They are a family of firefighters who have a dangerous job  but volunteer and are committed to the community.  How many of you would even consider doing their job for free?

It exacerbates me  to know that each does not have adequate breathing equipment to assist in saving their lives and health.  For Andrew Green to consider that to be frivolous, speaks for itself as to how green he is.   Yes the Town is paying $5,000 as one of three payment for a pre-used fire truck, which means they should have $12,000 left out of the $17,000 Hamilton County provides to purchase additional necessary equipment.

Kevin Pittman is considered the glue that holds the family together and to be told to give his resignation is beyond the pale.  He has done so much for this community and deserves better.  Yet as you reviewed former Chief Stith’s letter, you will see that if Stacy does not get her way, she will do anything to anyone that is not in her group.   If Rhett Bullard allows this travesty of removing Kevin Pittman, he will be not doing any favors for this town because he is the one that keeps the firefighter family together; not the Town; not Rhett and definitely not Stacy Tebo who has no understanding of the risks police and firefighters take.

So, whomever is on the committee, please change the supervisory and hiring and firing position to the Council as a whole (similar to Stacy Tebo’s contract ) whereby no one may be removed unless 4 of 5 councilors elect to remove a police officer or a firefighter.   The Town will surely vote for this because most of us with a brain realize what both the Police and Firefighters do for us in this community.


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Hiring an Attorney must be done in the Sunshine.

however, if a staff committee has been delegated decision-making authority as opposed to mere fact-finding or information-gathering, the sunshine law applies to the committee.  See Wood v. Marston, 442 so. 2d 934, 938 (Fla. 1983). it is the nature of the act performed, not the makeup of the committee or the proximity of the act to the final decision, which determines whether a committee composed of staff is subject to the sunshine law. Id. See News-Press Publishing Company, Inc. v. Carlson, 410 so. 2d 546, 548 (Fla. 2d DCa 1982), concluding that it would be “ludicrous” to hold that “a certain committee is governed by the sunshine law when it consists of members of the public, who are presumably acting for the public, but hold that a committee may escape the sunshine law if it consists of individuals who owe their allegiance to, and receive their salaries from, the governing authority;” and Evergreen the Tree Treasurers of Charlotte County, Inc. v. Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners, 810 so. 2d 526, 531-532 (Fla. 2d DCa 2002) (staff committee members delegated decision-making authority from public officials no longer function as staff members but “stand in the shoes of such public officials” insofar as the sunshine law is concerned).

Thus, in Silver Express Company v. District Board of Lower Tribunal Trustees, 691 so. 2d 1099 (Fla. 3d DCa 1997), the district court determined that a committee composed primarily of staff that was created by a college purchasing director to assist and advise her in evaluating contract  proposals was subject to the sunshine law. The committee’s job to “weed through the various proposals, to determine which were acceptable and to rank them accordingly” was sufficient to bring the committee within the scope of the sunshine law.  See also Roscow v. Abreu, no. 03-Ca-1833 (Fla. 2d Cir. Ct. august 6, 2004) (committee created by the state department of transportation and composed of officials from state, local, and federal agencies was subject to the sunshine law because the committee was responsible for screening and evaluating potential corridors and alignments for a possible expansion of the suncoast Parkway); ago 05-06 (city development review committee, composed of several city officials and representatives of various city departments to review and approve development applications, is subject to the sunshine law); and ago 86-51 (land selection committee appointed by water management district and delegated decision-making authority to consider projects for inclusion on a list of proposed acquisition  projects must comply with sunshine law “even  though such  committee may be composed entirely of district staff and its decisions and recommendations are subject to further action by the district’s governing board”).

similarly, in Dascott v. Palm Beach County, 877 so. 2d 8 (Fla. 4th DCa 2004), the court held that a meeting of a pre-termination conference panel established pursuant to a county ordinance and composed of a department head, personnel director, and equal opportunity director should have been held in the sunshine. even though the county administrator had the sole authority to discipline employees, that authority had been delegated to the department head who in turn chose to share that authority with the other members of the panel.



So far he has spent $8738, a $1250 overage all without being hired in the Sunshine. He’s a nice man but he and his supporters on the Council and Staff should be a better steward of the Citizen’s money. If I was to file a lawsuit against the Town and Mr. Elkind for violations of the Sunshine Law I feel certain the Citizens would win.


You made a comment tonight about wanting the code enforcement to actually be enforced. They informed you that John Davis had just taken classes, and had begun starting on it. Before I say anything, I would like my name specifically to not be brought up, due to who I’m married to…..but…. Andrew Greene has been receiving a monthly check for quite awhile now specifically for code enforcement. It wasclearly stated tonight, that nothing had been going on for code enforcement, but that it was beginning to start because of John. So why? Why has Andrew been getting a paycheck from something he hasn’t been doing? Actually, why has he been receiving a paycheck from a fire department he hasn’t been doing anything for either? So 2 jobs he isn’t doing, he , he is getting money for. This is public record, and you can request it.



Judging by all that has been said about our short term Town Manager by Debery, us, but mostly herself, Steve Stith’s resignation letter seems all the more appropriate. We reprint it because of what Stacy said about herself, which is just what Steve Stith said about her.


Fire Chief Steven R. Stith
June 29, 2016
Ms. Tebo,
After careful thought and consideration, I have concluded that my core values are not aligned with the dysfunctional organizational culture at the Town of White Springs. It is time to move on to maintain my overall happiness. This letter is to officially inform you that I resign from my position as Fire Chief, effective immediately.
Originally, I believed the biggest challenge of this position would stem from lack of resources and finances. However, since your tenure, I quickly realized that inflated egos, office politics and administrative incompetence would prove to be the biggest obstacle. These dynamics are not conducive to successful operations and growth.
Due to ambiguous policies and procedures and the inconsistent application and enforcement of both, I was deprived of fair and equitable treatment. Although I expressed the need for more communication, the lack of professional, verbal and written communication has continued. This problem was also brought to your attention by others, but you chose to ignore the issue. This has resulted in personal conflict and demoralization of staff.
Fortunately for me, I know my worth and I am very well aware of the value I bring to a team. I refuse to settle for any form of disrespect or maltreatment, particularly from individuals whose only credibility resides in their job title as opposed to demonstrated excellence and leadership.
My goal was to expand the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department. During my time as Fire Chief, our department has secured grants for a new fire truck, a six-wheel all terrain vehicle, an enclosed trailer, and a new fire station. Unfortunately, it has become abundantly clear to me that I would be out of integrity to attempt to attract volunteers to such a dysfunctional work place. The White Springs Volunteer Fire Department shall now be under your direction and control.
My fire equipment and keys will be returned to the fire station.


Steven R. Stith

The Power of Three and our Town Manager all took this oath, but have never followed the law