Let’s say you are the victim of bad management by the town or town manager. Let’s say that you want to raise a legitimate question about town policy and how it is affecting you. Let’s say that your neighbor is being treated better than you are by the town administration.

What can you do?

The answer is simple. You can’t do a thing. Nada, Zilch. Not only that, but your complaints about the situation make, you an enemy of the town and the Council and the management. Negative comments are not allowed in White Springs.

Not only that but if you question the town about a Florida or Federal Law that you feel the Council breaks with impunity you’re are out of luck. The Council doesn’t care if they break a State or Federal Law, they really don’t.

And who is responsible for this situation? Why the answer is you are. Little Bitty old you are for having elected Willie in the first place. Willie has voted with Rhett, voting as Rhett would have him vote, every time. That’s over a thousand votes that Willie has answered to Rhett, “I don’t know if you are right but since I lack the ability to think for myself I’ll trust you.”

Not once, not twice not on the big issues and not on the minor issues but on all issues. Willie is an Uncle Tom to Rhett’s master of the Plantation.

What’s the matter? Can’t Willie think for himself? No he cannot. He looks over to Rhett when a vote is to be taken. If Rhett pulls on his ear Willie votes yes. If Rhett touches his nose Willie votes no. This folks is true democracy in action.

And Tonja is not as smart as Willie, how that is possible I’m unclear about it but Tonja votes as Willie votes, in all cases and at all times. Over a thousand votes. The three of them vote in lockstep no matter what the issue is on how good or bad it is for the town. If Rhett wants it the nose gets touched. If Rhett is opposed the ear gets pulled.

It matters not what law is broken, It matters not what Constitutional provision is ignored. Rhett has a monopoly of ONE because Willie and his side kick Tonja can’t think for themselves. How dumb can two council members be? Pretty damn dumb is the answer. And Rhett rides that horse at all times and for all reasons.

Let’s take an example that has nothing to do with me. At the recent May Day celebration some people were unhappy with the support the May Day committee got from the town.

Time to vote. Rhett’s ear got pulled and Willie voted to not hear the complaint regardless of whether it was signed by 1 person or a 100. Lots of reasons were offered but the vote taken was the end of May Day celebrations in the town. We’ll never attract a crowd the size that we’ve had in past years. Willie and Tonja (waiting to see how Willie votes) are the reason. Two Black Council members are working against the Black Community. And we vote them in every time.

If Willie went blind then the town would cease to function.




Helen Miller doesn’t stand a chance even if the allegations made against her are not true.

Some in the African-American community have contacted me regarding Helen Miller due to the first article in the Jasper news and I have stressed to each that this is a railroad job by Mayor Rhett Bullard , Vice Mayor Tonja Brown and Councilman Willie Jefferson. I have asked for their support of Miller and I hope that they will not be fearful to do so.

Beside the front page allegations of the June 13th meeting in the Jasper News regarding Councilwoman Helen Miller, I would ask that you also read an article “Letter to the Editor – White Springs Council’s actions are embarrassing”.  It is located on the bottom right of Page 4A and written by Madeline Moore of White Springs.

It is obvious by all those attending the meeting that Mayor Bullard controls the Council Vote…meaning in whatever manner Bullard Votes, Vice Mayor Tonja Brown and Councilman Willie Jefferson will vote with him.  This does not give Councilman/Former Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie nor Helen Miller an opportunity.  Even if Helen Miller brought forth all information to prove she was innocent of these allegations to railroad her, she will not stand a chance because of the three voting against her no matter what is said.

Our Town is going downhill and that is the reason I made my plea for one vote only and that was for Tom Moore.  If people would have realized what we have known for some time, they would not have voted for Rhett or Tonja and possibly there would be fairness among the council.   As Madeline More Stated, the council’s actions are embarrassing.

I believe everyone has seen what Joe and I have been complaining about and this one of three votes situation must stop.

Godspeed Helen Miller

Karin for the blog











some of you h

Filmmaker Oliver Ston ripped former CIA Director Brennan

Ben Carson News
Oliver Stone: Still No Evidence Against Trump

Filmmaker Oliver Stone on Thursday ripped former CIA Director John Brennan for his and the intelligence community’s hostility toward Donald Trump during the presidential transition.

Stone, whose interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin are airing on Showtime this week, accused Brennan of “creating a fear and paranoia without evidence at a time and a transition when it’s very important in American democracy that we trust our leaders.”

His comments came in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

“Trump was, in a sense, slapped in the face,” Stone said, adding Brennan was calling Trump “…essentially a Manchurian Candidate. That’s as hostile as it’s ever been during a transition.”

Before taking office Jan. 20, Trump repeatedly attacked the intelligence community, disparaging its findings Russia meddled in the election – even questioning whether Brennan himself was the “leaker of fake news.”

Stone also bashed the spy agencies, telling Carlson they should be investigated because “the deep state” has its own views.

“I’m shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did,” he said. “It seems like he was very hostile to Trump.”


Why Your Kids Hate Capitalism
Alexander Green
Alexander Green
Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club

Alex is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club and Investment U, and Editor of The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert and The True Value Alert. Alex is also the author of four national best-sellers.

Equity investors rarely stop to think about it, but the stock market is the essence of capitalism: the private ownership of the means of production.

With very little money and a quick phone call – or a click of the mouse – you can own a fractional interest in any of thousands of the nation’s most profitable businesses.

The system is fair too.

You will pay (and receive) no more or less for your shares than the wealthy do. And thanks to technology and market liquidity, commissions and spreads are now negligible.

If you own Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), for instance, your investment returns in the years ahead will be identical to those of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.

(Sure, he may own a few more shares than you do. But your percentage returns will be the same.)

Given the many benefits of capitalism, I was surprised when a survey by the Institute of Politics at Harvard showed that the majority of Americans between 18 and 29 do not support the free-market system that underpins our economy.

A full one-third said they preferred socialism. The question, of course, is “why?”

I began polling friends and colleagues to get their views.

Some insisted that too many young people have not been raised to be responsible, productive adults. They were on the dole from the day they were born. Their helicopter parents did most things for them. And they grew up with a sincere belief that “everyone gets a trophy.”

(For more on this subject, you might read Senator Ben Sasse’s new book The Vanishing American Adult.)

Others said their kids don’t understand that capitalism is a profit and loss system. When companies fail – as many do eventually – it causes economic disruption for employees (not to mention investors).

It’s unsettling to find yourself suddenly out of a job. We all prefer economic security to anxiety and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, that’s not how modern economies work. In our globally competitive world, most workers today will hold not just multiple positions over a lifetime, but also will work in multiple industries.

And sometimes job skills don’t transfer easily.

Others said that anti-capitalist attitudes are all their kids have ever been taught. They graduated from high school without even a basic understanding of compound interest, adjustable-rate mortgages, 401(k)s or why we have a stock market.

Then they enrolled in institutes of higher learning where their professors explained that we live in an unfortunate economic system – based on greed, selfishness and exploitation – that allows a few to benefit at the expense of the many.

It’s not just the anti-business ideology that is hurting them.

The Wall Street Journal just reviewed the latest results at some of the most prestigious universities in the country and found that college kids are graduating without basic critical thinking skills.

At more than half of schools, a third of seniors were unable to interpret data in a table, assess the quality of evidence in a document or make a cohesive argument.

As a result, many companies today are struggling to find qualified workers.

It’s a shock to kids who spent a small fortune getting a degree in bitterness studies to find that what prospective employers really want is analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

They don’t have them. What they do have is tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

That’s not a good way to start off in life…

Capitalism, however, is not the problem.

The free market creates jobs, lifts people out of poverty, and meets virtually all of our wants and needs. (It also creates investment opportunities inside and outside the financial markets.)

Capitalism promises that you can have anything you want if you just provide enough other people with what they want.

Unlike government, business is about freedom and individual choice, not coercion. If you don’t like a particular company or its policies, you don’t have to work for it, sell to it, buy from it or own its shares.

Businesses focused solely on short-term profits don’t last long. If you cut corners on quality, your customers will leave. If you bargain with suppliers too hard, they won’t trade with you. If you undervalue your key employees, they will take their talents elsewhere.

It is in the best interests of business owners to make sure all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers and communities – are satisfied.

Now here’s a newsflash: Businesses are run by fallible human beings.

Sometimes they make mistakes, breach contracts, use poor judgment, harm individuals or damage the environment. When they do, the transgressors should be punished.

But that doesn’t make capitalism wrong any more than democracy is wrong when a congressman is found to have stacks of $100 bills in his refrigerator.

The majority of wealthy Americans achieved their affluence not by inheritance or real estate speculation, but by owning a profitable business.

Most of us don’t have the time, the investment capital or the experience necessary to found and run a successful company, but we can still own a piece of one through the stock market.

And owning a piece of a firm is a whole lot easier than running one. You don’t have to sign personal guarantees, hire or fire employees, grapple with an avalanche of federal mandates and regulations, pay lawyers and accountants, or even show up for work.

How great is that?

Capitalism drives innovation. It creates prosperity. It raises our standard of living. And it improves our quality of life.

If your kids don’t understand this, do them a favor.

Tell them.

Good investing,



Joe Griffin

Jun 14 (2 days ago)

to Willie, Tonja
I’m going to write a story in the White Springs Journal about your stupidity for not knowing what the word “Malfeasance” means. If you care to comment I will publish it word for word.


The only internal control the Town of White Springs has to my knowledge is the fact that the Town Manager is allowed to issue a check for up to $2,500; thereafter, as is in the case of DOT requiring $14,000 for the lighting and water repairs, Ms. Tebo requested she be authorized to make a check by addressing the council.

Although the Town after payment is to be reimbursed by the contractor for some $11,000 (details are not final yet) Mayor Bullard thought he could pay the net amount.

Nevertheless, it is obvious Ms. Tebo was highly inappropriate for citing allegations in the May Meeting as well as placing such information in the Jasper News because she is not the BOSS of the councilors.

The Council should address the fact that Ms. Tebo had no rights to go after Helen Miller for events which have held a precedent every year.  Ms. Tebo has no right to Micromanage the council but to only present ideas for which the council is the only authority to make such decisions.

Again it is obvious that the council will not address Ms. Tebo’s wrongful and malicious acts by reason that Rhett Bullard has the majority of votes, whether such decisions by him, Brown and Jefferson damage a councilman’s reputation or that these decisions hurt the citizens as a whole.


Karin for the blog

More on our Unethical Rogue Mayor

At the May 19th meeting, Rhett Bullard made a snarky comment showing his displeasure of Joe Griffin filing an Ethics complaint as well as a complaint to the State Bar.  He stated that the State Bar rejected Joe Griffin’s complaint before the Bar sent the complaint to him.

Yes the Bar rejected the complaint on the basis that it was a matter of the Ethics Commission even though it appeared there were violations.   Yet the Bar keeps any such complaints for a period of one year.

Understand, Joe Griffin had already made a complaint before the Ethics Commission and the Commission’s response was this:

It may not be an Ethics Complaint but it certainly is, by the Ethics Commission, a violation of Local Good Government.

  1. Here, even accepting as valid the allegation that the Town Manager was not abiding by the terms of her employment contract,and even accepting that the Respondent was aware of her actions,  the complaint still does not substantively indicate any private capacity nexus between the Respondent and the Town Manager, as would be supportive of the “corruption” required under the statute. Moreover, even assuming in argument that the complaint indicates possible violation of Section 112.313(6), Florida Statutes, nevertheless, under the Rudd Amendment, we find that the public interest would not be served by our proceeding further. We decline to proceed further because the allegations of the complaint concern internal managerial employment issues of the Town better suited to be addressed by the Town Council or forums other than the Commission on Ethics.

In other words, both the State Bar and the Ethics commission stipulate the complaints related to internal management control issues which should be addressed by the Town of White Springs.

But tell me please, how the Town of White Springs would address these complaints against Rhett Bullard when he controls the majority of votes.  Walter McKenzie and Helen Miller would not stand a chance and the accusations would be dismissed by a 3/2 vote.

Understanding how the two council members Brown and Jefferson and the mayor manipulates any complaints, you can understand why it was so easy to railroad Helen Miller.    The three will never answer or be brought forth for their unlawful and deceitful acts.

As an example, Rhett Bullard feels that he does not have to  listen to any complaints.  After all, only one Town had any procedures for complaints.  Yet each complaint Joe Griffin has made includes violations of the charter or the law.

Frederick L. Koberlein, Jr., esquire, provided the Town council with the Required use of Roberts Rules of Order which in itself has provisions for complaints or grievances.

Mr. Koberlein stipulates that Section 2.05 (a) (2) of the Town Charter requires that “Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the procedure of meetings.”

Mr. Koberlein further states “Whether liability is created by the Town Council’s failure to follow proper procedural rules (Roberts Rules of Order) is a question that cannot be predicted.  The unpredictability is due to the inability of knowing the situation or circumstances that may arise.  For example, if the Town Council were to use improper procedures but no substantive right of an individual or entity was affected, then nominal liability would be created.  Conversely, if improper procedures were used when denying a petitioner’s request for relief through the land development regulations and the denial cost the petitioner substantial time and money then substantial liability is created.  Hence, the question of what liability is created by a failure to follow procedural rules, by the Town Council, is answered by determining the rights of the individual or entity that are violated.  ”

He further states the Town Council should ensure that councilors have a basic understanding of the procedural rules.   As such Joe Griffin purchased three easy guides and an official manual which was presented to the council.  Yet, Mayor Bullard feels our town is not large enough to comply with the laws in spite of what the Charter stipulates.

It is obvious Rhett Bullard is not ethical and is railroading Helen Miller out of office because she is aware of the laws and Robert’s Rules of Order.  Yet Rhett Bullard and his coup will always evade any actions against them because Rhett has the majority of the votes.  This means Miller and McKenzie may object but have no rights.

Is that what the Voters expected of Rhett Bullard?   We warned you to only vote for Tom Moore because Tom is an honest man and will serve the public ahead of serving himself.   Your Bad!


Karin for the blog




I remember going to a meeting prior to the Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  Mayor Rhett Bullard told the council members that White Springs should have their own table at the banquet.  Then Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie questioned the Mayor’s decision because the cost for each of the six people who would attend increased dramatically to some $60 per person.  Mayor Bullard dismissed Walter McKenzie’s concern and solely made this decision on his own.

We know such an expenditure of a separate White Springs table at the Banquet was not within the budget and I wonder if Mayor Bullard signed a requisition of such expenditures for the Town Manager’s approval.  I would think not because after all, the mayor and all council members do not answer to the Town Manager but the Town Manager should answer to the council members. FURTHERMORE I AM CERTAIN HE DID NOT CONSULT WITH OUR TOWN MANAGER WHETHER THE MONEY WAS IN THE BUDGET.  SO WHY DO DIFFERENT RULES APPLY TO HELEN MILLER?

Blaming Council member Helen Miller for not consulting Ms. Tebo for the supplies relating to a “Beautiful Dreamer’s Award Banquet” in February is frankly a joke.   Mayor Bullard decides upon hot dogs and other benefits and my question is did Rhett Bullard sign a requisition. And he also directs town staff to assist him  but the Jasper News states that Council Woman Miller violated Section 3.02 )b) of the town charter by directing the Town staff.   If Ms. Tebo knew Council Woman Miller directed the staff then she must have known that Miller was given a Credit Cart to purchase the supplies for the Award Banquet.  How ridiculous is that statement.

Since Public Work staff is responsible for tables and chairs, it would be right that they bring the chairs and tables to the Tourism Center for the banquet.  Public Works has assisted citizens who wished to use chairs and tables for events, so what is the problem?

To say that Police Chief Tracy Rodriquenz was to be available by phone for a meeting with the Department of Juvenile Justice regarding the invest in Children Program is not a crime or a violation.   Council Woman Miller like the entire council has full control of the Police Department, Not the Town Manager.  This was a complaint made by Stacy Tebo when she applied for the job and she was told in no uncertain terms that Ms. Tebo does not control police staffing.


So what if Council Woman Miller directed the Town Manager to pay the HOPE Program employees that had not been paid by Hamilton County School Program.   As you can see, the Town Manager does not care about programs for your children but instead would hang Helen Miller out to dry for accomplishing a program for which the Citizen Taxpayers are grateful for.   What Ms. Tebo forgets is that the Citizens of White Springs are the ones who are served first not only by the elected Council Members but by the Town Manager who should ask permission of the council not vice versa.  Also Ms. Tebo was not elected to office to begin with but was hired by the Council.

As you can see this is a railroad job but unfortunately some who are not involved in White Springs politics read the article and I have heard comments relating to Helen Miller’s guilt.  Yes, in  White Springs, English law applies.  You are guilty before being proven innocent.  What a joke by a bunch of gutless “yes” people to Rhett Bullard.  And if this ruins Miller’s reputation because of ignorance of what happens in White Springs, Miller certainly has a claim of defamation.


Helen Miller’s lack of communication to Ms. Tebo relating to the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park to hold the summer HOPE program this year is also a joke.  Helen Miller works very hard to provide the children of White Springs programs and as I stated previously, we were denied the School facilities where the program previously has been held because our new Superintendent of Schools, unlike Tom Moffsees, our former Superintendent who would do anything for the kids,  Rex Mitchell does not feel White Springs has a right to the SHE facilities.   Instead he made excuses why the building could not be used.  Until Miller has a plan, I can’t imagine that Stacy Tebo has a right to micromanage every step Miller has taken, until there is a formal plan in motion.  What right does this manager have to micromanage Council Members….but remember she did that in DeBary and guess what happened.  She was fired.


Who made the decision to demolish the Carver School and build a community center on the site?  Who decided that the Citizens did not need to see the advertisements or public notices about these decisions so that they were placed in the Gainesville Sun and Lake City reporter respectively?  Well, as you may have already decided it was Tebo, Bullard, Brown and Jefferson.  The other council persons were not aware nor were the citizens.   Fortunately we knew in advance that the Governor was going to veto Bill Nelson’s request for the community center and it was confirmed in the June 13th meeting.


These allegations in the Jasper News are ridiculous and most individuals who can see through the facts, know that Bullard, Brown and Jefferson are trying to railroad Helen Miller of her position on the council.  Bullard can only handle “yes” people who will follow his every whim and next will try to remove McKenzie

What is good for the goose is not good for the Gander.  Bullard (The Rogue Pot) calls Miller (the kettle) Black.  YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.


Karin for the blog