A Very Nice Post from Larry Carver in 2012

I have never seen Mr. Griffins blogs.  I can say he’s always been very kind and respectful to my wife and I.  Is he perfect?  Probably not, but neither are you or I.  But we must “all” strive to make our community better!  What ever it takes!


Your newsletter or what ever you call it showed up in my Junk Mail as a bcc, and I did not appreciate it.  I don’t care to see it anymore in the future.  As I said, White Springs use to be a great little town where “everyone” made an extended effort go get along.  It’s sad that it’s not that way with a “few” people that live in the small community.  If the shoe fits, wear it!  If you’re part of the problem.


I was just suggesting that “everyone” try another approach to kindness.  If you got a problem with that, you’re the problem. If you have to hide behind a fictitious name when you write such nonsense, you must be ashamed of what you’re writing and yourself for writing it. If you’re mad about my comments tell me the next time you meet me face to face and we will discuss.


Larry Carver