This is a BIG week coming for the forces of light and hope and a bad week for the forces of doom and darkness.

Early this week the Town should come across with pages out of the Government in the Sunshine Manual that explain what a public record is and why they must turn them over.

Then on Friday the Town is supposed to answer its First Set of Interrogatories in the Federal Civil Rights suit. This will be extremely interesting.

Sometime this week the State’s Attorney is supposed to come across with documents that explain why my Pre-Trial Intervention was cancelled, when it is NOW scheduled to be finished, and what part did the town and its officers and agents play in the termination of the original agreement.

On Friday also Tamara, my daughter in law, is coming to visit. Should be fun.

I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a week more than the upcoming week in years. Wish us luck.
Joe Griffin



1. End the corruption in White Springs’ government. May the officials finally realize that they are the cause of the economic suffering of many of its residents due to mishandling and misappropriations of funds and grant monies. May the Town replace the alleged asbestos pipes in the older neighborhoods which may be the cause of the cancer epidemic among many of the citizens in the affected area. May the Town realize how important the Fire Department is and make certain that the grant provides for a new fire department building instead of misappropriating funds for frivolous activities.

2. End the special strokes for special folk’s method of government in White Springs. Some are persecuted and treated poorly while others misdeeds are ignored by officials. Enforce all Municipal Ordinances equally and fairly on all citizens or eliminate those ordinances that the town instituted to “get at” certain citizens.

3. End the wholesale violations of the State Ethics Laws. May the officials in power finally take the mandated State Ethics Course and finally understand that they have not been ethical and doing anything to hurt certain people and the Griffins have first-hand knowledge. May the longest standing council member stop lying under oath and realize he is the cause of anything which may happen to him at the hands of God because of his falsifications and lack of knowledge and pontificating at how wonderful he is.

4. Clean up the Police Department, no more harassment of honest citizens. Have the Town prohibit the Chief from putting on 130 extra miles a day on a marginaily FUNCTIONAL  town asset.

5. Get an Injunction from the Federal Court for Florida Statute 119 compliance so all the citizens of White Springs may realize they have inalienable rights which have been taken away from them by the White Springs government. May the Citizen’s complaints be acted upon without intimidation, coercion and extortion by the Town officials and the police department. This includes a in-sunshine investigation of each and every complaint brought by any and all citizens.

6. No more meeting in the darkness, especially in legal matters and matters of public interest. Currently there is no transparency and should members of the public not attend meetings because of fear of arrest, fear of persecution or falsely defaming them by officials, the police and the Camel Club members, the town should honestly report all information discussed at the monthly and special meetings. But the town minutes do not reflect all of the goings on at Council meetings and the officials are free to shut off the tape at meetings and report only what they wish the public to know but not the entire truth. Have Attorneys, both paid and elected, follow the law to support Open Government and not use the law to keep people in check.

7. Get the current mayor out of Town Government of White Springs. May the citizens realize that she and her sidekick, the vice-mayor, have caused more havoc to our wonderful town than goodwill.

8. Have Walter McKenzie removed or force him to resign from the Council since he obviously rules in a bed of lies (including under oath) and hate for those he is envious of. May his reign with his Camel friends end the extortion and defamation of the good Citizens of our town who chose not to be corrupt but to live a peaceful life with honesty and acceptance for others rights COME TO AN END.

9. Get a lawful and honest Town Manager who will stand up to the corruption and bring forth real economic development to its people. (Our current manager will do well if he stands up for what is right and takes off his blinders to support Open Government. But it will take courage to stand up to the town officials. Not many will be able to do so unless the Town Government changes and it allows the Citizens to have a voice in government without belittlement or threats of arrest).

10. Enforce the Zoning Code equally on all citizens not just people who are considered Enemies of the Town.

11. A WIN in the current Federal Civil Rights suit including Compensatory and Punitive Damages for all the pain and suffering, costs, and defamation they have caused the Griffins. May the WIN show the Citizens of White Springs that they too have rights under the Constitutions and laws and that they are as important as those the Town considers “Special”.  May there again be peace and tranquility among all who live here because the Town officials finally must obey the laws set forth and allow each citizen to have a voice. May there no longer be special treatment for some while treating certain citizens differently because of their race or creed.

12. May the sewer rates be reduced and may the town not use the sewer and water rates to fund current general expenditures.

13. We know that it is ethically wrong for the Town officials to use their authority to coerce, intimidate, extort or take away the Citizens’ rights under the Federal and State Constitutions, the Laws of the State of Florida and the White Springs Town Charter. What we dream is to have them stop this wholesale violation of all of the people’s civil rights.

The Griffins


Saturday, December 20, 2014
Dana Brady-Giddens
Chief Assistant State Attorney
State Attorney Office
100 S.E. Court Street
Live Oak, Florida 32064

Re: HA14-58CF
Thank you for your response to my Public Records Request of 8 December 2014.
Here are my personal preferences in order. I do not desire to make this event any more adversarial than it already is.
• We just abandon the whole event, a nolle prosqui.
• Completion of the PTI on 1 January 2015. I have kept to all of the terms of my original PTI agreement since 30 April 2014, a period of 8 months. OR
Barring either of these two events happening I do desire additional research of the following items that apparently must be in your files. Enclosed is my check for $40.00 to cover such costs according to your letter of 19 December 2014 and the enclosed bill for services.
I desire a copy of:
1. All e-mails, notes or any other documentation that sheds light, no matter how dim, on how Ken Botbyl’s Notice of Violation came into being. How did he find out I had reportedly harassed the witnesses? Was it a note from Karin Hatton or some other communication? How did Karin Hatton find out that I continued to submit 119’s and continued to write on my Blog?
2. What state “LAW” did I break to cause the termination of my original PTI agreement as Mr. Botbyl says in his document of 19 June 2014. I assume I broke a “LAW”. I want to know what Law that was and where in the PTI agreement did it say I couldn’t file 119 requests or write on my Blog. It seems to me that Ms. Hatton, for some reason, wanted me on a very short leash and was willing to violate my constitutionally affirmed rights to place me there.
3. I want any e-mails or notes of any telephone calls or any other form of communications between Ms. Hatton and any and all citizens or employees of White Springs that concern me from 15 May 2014 to the present.
4. Karin Hatton said in an e-mail to my attorney, Ray Curtis, on 23 June 2014 that the PTI was revoked for “the Blog and other things.” What law was broken? How did my actions break any law? I want any e-mails, notes etc. that simply because I continued to seek 119’s and continued to write on the Blog that I, using Botbyl’s words on his Violation report of my PTI agreement, “The Defendant has continued to maintain contact and harass the witnesses in this case.” I want the piece of paper that says “The Blog and other things (no matter what they were) was a violation of the PTI agreement.
5. Any sheet of paper that would show that I or my Attorney was contacted Vis a vie the Termination of the PTI agreement as was required by your memo to staff of 29 August 2014 item number 5 (b).
In short, I want to know why my PTI was cut short with some piece of paper that makes no sense to me. I repeat, I want any sheet of paper which would tell me who, what, where, when, and most importantly WHY my PTI was terminated.
Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter. Have a safe and joyous Christmas.

Joe E. Griffin

One wonders how long it will be before the State Attorney staff comes clean and tell me how the town interfered with my PTI.



Can’t wait, bring it on.

This is the e-mail from the Town Manager. He seems really pissed off and threatens legal action. He fails to say what the legal action is for or what law I apparently have run amuck of but he is welcome to spend the town’s money any way he desires.

From: William Lawrence
To: ‘Joe E. Griffin’
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 9:03 AM
Subject: RE: Non-fulfilled 119 Requests.
I have been away on vacation and just return today. I will get to your request when I get the time. See you in court!


His words alone prove the town is “out to get me” which is exactly what the Federal Civil Rights suit is all about. Bring it on Bill and Helen. I welcome your input.


As it pertains to Florida Statute 119 Requests.


It is not the function of the town manager to look up legal statues’ and supply them to you.

William R. Lawrence

Town Manager

10363 Bridge St.

White Springs, Florida 32096

Phone: 386-397-2310



From: Joe E. Griffin []
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2014 4:13 PM
To: William Lawrence
Subject: 119 Request on State Statutes

Third Request, Still no documents.

Thanks for your response. Not that you are correct but please give me the pages out of your Government in the Sunshine Manual that say you are not required to provide State Statutes citations upon request. I am absolutely sure it is not in the GISM but you are free to look. I want a copy of the pages out of the GISM that say State Statutes are exempt material.

Additionally I want the citation out of the GISM that says that you do NOT have to provide a statutory citation when you refuse to hand over a lawfully requested document.

Thanks for your attention. These are not state statutes but only pages out of your GISM which clearly are not exempt material.

Joe Griffin

Article to do with Fire Station in White Springs.

To Editor of White Springs Journal,

I noticed the unauthorized positing of the article regarding the fire station on your website, “White Springs gets $600K grant for new fire station.” That content in the Jasper News and its associated publications is copyrighted, and you need to remove the story immediately or pay a licensing rights reuse fee of $50 to the newspaper.
I will bill the White Springs Journal at that rate for any future content from the Jasper News or its associated publications that appears on your website without authorization.
Please act accordingly.

Jeff Waters
Group Editor
Live Oak Publications
Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News
Mayo Free Press, Scene Magazine
386-362-1734 x 131
386-364-5578 Fax


Read about it in the Jasper News since I am apparently not allowed to publish the article with attribution. What Children the Jasper News and the Suwannee Democrat are. Thanks Jeff Walters for being so much a lightweight. By the way, thank you Walter for following the Blog so closely.