This time there will be no election tampering or voter fraud because I or my wife are not running.

The seats up for confirmation are the seats held by Rhett Bullard and Tanja Brown two of the Mayor’s strongest supporters in the believed to be corrupt town council.

If you want to try and make a difference in the town political structure you must fill out an application at Town Hall no later than March 17th. You should fill out an application at least a week before that because you must gather signatures of people who would want you to run.

If you want to vote and are not yet registered you must do so by March 23.

To run you must be a registered voter and must reside in the Town of White Springs for a year prior to qualifying.

Scholarships might be available for those wishing to run but lacking the financial where with all to do so. Contact Karin Griffin at 397 2951 if you are considering running for one of these two seats held presently by the mayor’s sycophants.

It is time for a change and neither Rhett or Tanja have the political courage to stand up and lower your sewer bills.


Stew Liker, Columbia County Observer. Story also in Lake City Reporter.

Columbia County News

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Sues Columbia County School District & Superintendent

Posted February 22, 2015  08:59 am | news–analysis

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Friday afternoon the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) filed a law suit against the Columbia County School District, the Superintendent, and the Custodian of Records. The SCLC claims violations of the Public Records Act; Violations of the Sunshine Law; and failure to follow its own rules, which allows a person to be on the School Board agenda.

On January 13, 2015, SCLC member and Columbia County resident, BFaithful Coker, made a public records request for, among other things, the billing statements of School Board Attorney, Guy Norris. The District’s Record’s Custodian, Mike Null, emailed Ms. Coker telling her that the District would require 200 district man-hours to conduct research and redact the records and estimated the cost to be $6,697.63. The District asked Ms. Coker for a good faith deposit of $6,500.

The Pubic Record Law allows 15 minutes of agency inspection before special charges are ratcheted in for staff time and overhead.

Each billing statement of School Board Attorney Norris is a separate record. Mr. Norris’ contract states that he will bill the District on a monthly basis.

On February 15, Ms. Coker re-filed her request asking and explaining to the District that each request for Mr. Norris’ billing statements should be considered a separate request. In her email, Ms. Coker listed the statements one-by-one. She advised the District that she would email each one separately if that was its wish.

On February 18, Mr. Null responded acknowledging the 60 billing statements. He stated that it would take “an estimated 10 minutes per set (you suggested 15 minutes).” The estimated charge was reduced from $6,697.63 to $412.79.

1991: District Ct. of Appeals Ruled on Charges/Extensive Time

On May 3, 1991, the First District of the Florida Court of Appeals, in a split decision (see: FLORIDA INST. LEGAL SERVICES v. DOC, 579 So.2d 267 (Fla.App. 1 Dist. 1991)) ruled that a Department of Corrections clerk could charge if 15 minutes or more was expended in locating and reviewing documents. (Judge Zehmer’s dissent begins on page 4)

That decision, with the addition of the ability to charge more fees, has held throughout the years since then, allowing an agency responding to public records requests to charge after the first 15 minutes if it chose. Each entity may set its own rules and many have, expanding the 15 minute limit and waiving fees.

The Public Records Law

Florida’s Public Record Law, after years of attack by the FL legislature, is still considered the premier Public Record Law in the country.

The Public Record Law is clear: It is the policy of this state that all state, county, and municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person. Providing access to public records is a duty of each agency.


Ms. Coker has asked to inspect 60 separate records. The District has acknowledged there are 60 separate records.

The records need redaction and the District has advised Ms. Coker in writing that it will take 10 minutes per record to redact the information in each record so that she can inspect them.

The law does not allow an agency to charge for under 15 minutes to prepare a record for inspection.

If the District doesn’t change its mind, the Court, depending on the District’s arguments, will decide if the District can make a persuasive case that the 60 separate billing statements can be considered one record or that the 60 separate requests are really one request.

If the Court decides in favor of the SCLC and Ms. Coker, the cash strapped rural District will be responsible for the SCLC’s continuing costs and legal fees.

The District can minimize its loss by agreeing to turn over the records.


Bill’s Response:

I have answered this. We are not aware of any 119 statue and believe there is none that you broke when you called applicants such as myself.

My Request

From: Joe E. Griffin [mailto:god4joe@windstream.net]
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:59 AM
To: William Lawrence
Subject: Fw: 119 on statute I broke when I called applicants for the town manager’s post.

Second request.

—– Original Message —–
From: Joe E. Griffin
To: William Lawrence
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 4:10 PM

Subject: 119 on statute I broke when I called applicants for the town manager.
Now please.

NEW Request:

My Request
I want the sheet of paper that says that I am limited in the number of 119 requests I can send in. Your words “6-10 a day” and “many”.

Bill’s Response

Hi Joe,
There is no such documents that say you are limited to 6-10 a day and I have never said that.


The Town speaks out of both sides of their mouth, or as the old Western’s said “Speaks with a forked tongue.” Again, no law broken, no chance for a conviction yet that is exactly what the town council, yes all of them, and the town’s police department, yes all of them as well, tried to do to me and my bride. Can you say monetary award for illegal governmental behavior?

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That it is municipal policy not to disclose what the council discusses in its monthly meetings judged by the lack of information forthcoming from you and your staff about those conversations and dirt sweeping.

Where are the minutes??? Citizens want to know about their government but their government apparently doesn’t want people to find out what “goodies” the Council has in store for them.

Roberts Rules of Order say minutes are to be published “in short order” after the conclusion of the meeting. Is it just another rule the Council deems not worth following?
Joe Griffin