On 20 April the Mayor, Pam and Anita will sit for an under oath no lying deposition. Can’t wait to hear what a crock of crap she comes up with. This is just in time for the election.

Ms. Karin Hatton sits for her deposition this Thursday, the 2nd of April. I bet the States Attorney Office is on pins and needles.



That the town of White Springs is in a Fiscal Crisis, meaning we got no money Tanja and Rhett, is a well-known fact. With our 250 % higher than normal water and sewer bills that are going to prop-up the General Fund account you ask how is this possible? This blurb will try to answer that question at least in part.

Bill Lawrence is quoted as saying that the town has no more money to prop-up or carry the ecoheritage center for more than a couple of months. “We just can’t do it” he says. “You hired me to look after your money” he is quoted as telling the Council. It has gotten so bad that Bill himself forewent a pay raise that was due him in his contract in order to keep costs down.

The Public Service Commission of the State of Florida has a rule that the Enterprise Account (for us that is the revenue producing sewer and water account) will not be a funding vehicle for the General Fund account (that is our day to day expenses plus savings). But what is good enough for the State is not good enough for White Springs. We, at the behest of Tanja and Rhett plus the rest of the council, STEAL money from the Sewer and Water Account (the Enterprise Account) to give the town money to waste on all of our frivolous projects like the Eco-Heritage fiasco. I say it is Tanja and Rhett’s fault because never once have they voted to keep the Enterprise account funds in the Enterprise account, thus lowering our sewer and water accounts. Instead Tanja and Rhett, being true liberals, just spend and spend other people’s money (the income from the sewer increase) like it was someone else’s money.

Enter “more money” down the toilet scheme. Fredrick Koberlein is our town attorney. He is budgeted for $13,000.00 per year in expenses. The March expenditures are not in yet so we must look at the February expenses. March is anticipated to be much worse. $13000.00 per year works out to just over $1080.00 per month budgeted spending. So what happened in February? It’s simple. He charged, and the dynamic duo of Rhett and Tanja approved without a whimper, a budgeted total of $2,081.80. That’s a thousand dollars extra in just one month or $12,000.00 more per year.

Now why did this happen other than the Council not saying anything? Well it happened for two reasons. First and least was that the Council has “Decided” to spruce up the Land Development Regulations (LDR). The LDR’s are a municipal ordinance, that the town, or Rhett or Tanja, have never enforced. This is costing us $750.00 per month or about a dollar for each man woman and child in town. Each month-every month. And second is that the town doesn’t apparently trust Megan Logan of the Firm Marks and Grey of Jacksonville, the attorney given “free of charge” to the town to defend the Federal Civil Rights suit presently underway. Said another way, if the town chose to accept the League of Cities offer, it wouldn’t have cost the town a penny, not one red cent, to defend the Federal Civil Rights suit. But NO, Rhett, Tanja and their cohorts on the Council, demand local control of the defense and, hold onto you hats, that is costing the town in February approximately $1000.00 per month. It is a joke. It’s bad enough that the town used its power to “get at the Plaintiffs” for speaking their mind and seeking information from the town, both constitutionally protected acts. But then TO WASTE a $1000.00 a month to double up on attorneys is just ludicrous. And either Rhett or Tanja could have stopped this waste of Taxpayer funds but have chosen instead to consider raising Sewer Bills again.

I say, dump both Rhett and Tanja both, although that is a practical impossibility since only three are running for Council. To do so would require a “write in” candidate. But you can put a real voice for the people on the Council, someone who will really “raise Hell” when the people are having their pockets picked. And one is better than none. I say vote for Nicole “Nikki” Williams for council. Stop this flushing of taxpayer funds down the toilet and then having to pay more of your sewer bill for the privilege.


Please Take back our WS government and vote for Nicole Williams on April 28, 2015.

It has come to our attention that possibly the Town and the Mayor’s blog, the Jasper News and Suwannee Democrat had intentionally publicized April 21st as the election date (Rather than April 28th, the actual day to vote) to ward off voters from casting their vote for Nicole (Nikki) Williams.


These games were played in the past two elections Joe ran in; not necessarily the dates, but early voting and then not listing all voters on the sheets so such voters would have to return to cast their votes; some of which did not. 


There should likewise be a separate lock on the voting box held by a third party so that the officials may not open the voting box as they see fit. 


We wish a fair election and believe the candidate we support, Nicole (Nikki) Williams, may have the voice to give our town government back to the people.

We have already heard from one councilman who did not wish for Nicole to win. Please Take back our WS government and vote for Nicole Williams on April 28, 2015.

 Nicole Williams


Government of the People: The Role of the Citizen

“It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”

— Robert H. Jackson, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, American Communications Association v. Douds, 1950

With the drafting of the U.S. Constitution in 1787, the country’s Founding Fathers created a new system of government. The idea behind it appears at first glance to be simple and straightforward. The power to govern comes directly from the people, not through primogeniture or the force of arms, but through free and open elections by the citizens of the United States.




First of all you will recall the write-up in the Jasper News and the Suwannee Democrat relating to Joe Griffin’s degrees.  This information was also submitted on the internet and passed around by Helen Miller’s helpers as well as dropping information off at the S & S store.

Tracy Rodriquenz even sent a link to WTXL relating to the television station which the Town contacted.  The TV Station link which interviewed Joe Griffin, and his statements were sent to Karen Hatton.  Obviously the Town did everything they could to dispute every bit of credibility to a former Lt. in the U. S. Navy.

The  Newspaper and internet articles stated “Griffin also claimed on his application that he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Florida Technological University (FTU)”……..Further background checks on Griffin revealed that FTU had no record of Griffin being enrolled at the school, from 1966-1970 and that they do not offer a bachelor of chemistry degree. FTU also advised that the school was not established until 1982, reports state” So we know the Town was the source for the newspaper article and Helen Miller, like her husband’s famous letters she distributed, assisted in this distribution again but yet was worried and had to take photos of our signage.  She was determined to win the election or rather not have Joe Griffin on the Town council.

In my research, what is interesting is other certificate information would have seemed credible to other military people who received awards also within one tour or less than a year, except for the fact that this newspaper article made it look as though Joe Griffin’s education was fabricated.   Well his education was not fabricated and he would not have been a Naval Aviator if he had not taken the required Avionics Master’s degree so he could fly A4 aircraft and Huey, Cobra, and CH46 Helicopters. After his tour he was augmented into the US Navy (no longer being listed as a Naval reservist) and then became a Public Affairs Officer for the Navy, which the town of White Springs said he could only work in the canteen.

The State made a Reciprocal Discovery regarding its conversation with Briar Rogers, UCF (Previously FTU) Registrar in Orlando FL.  The State did not indicate their findings, but I am enclosing herewith the diploma I found in a drawer I never looked in previously, as well as a certificate showing Joe Griffin was an aviator.

FTU CertificateNaval Aviator 2Aviator Cert


The State also made an investigation.  Their investigator went to the VA in Lake City to try and obtain military records (DD-214) on Joe Edward Griffin.  He was told that he could not obtain the defendant’s military records without some form of authorization.  In addition the military records are not maintained at the local VA facility.  “To access official military personnel files (OMPF) the law enforcement agency (White Springs P.D.) needs to submit a letter or Standard Form (SF) 180, request Pertaining to Military Records to National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis MO 63138 or fax it”.

He also said the White Springs PD should have authorization to obtain those records based on the defendant completing the application for employment. He state Griffin was consenting to verification of records and background check.  The only other option, he said was to possibly subpoena the records.

Since there is a law relating to Privacy and even Marco Rubio could not help me without Joe’s permission, let me reiterate the Privacy Act of 1974 on the consent form. Therefore subpoenas and a town signed application would not have worked and this is why:

“In accordance with the provisions of The Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) your written consent is required so that we may contact a Federal Agency on your behalf.  Since e-mails do not contain a valid signature, they do not fulfill the requirements of the law.  If you are inquiring on behalf of another person that is 18 or older, it is necessary that he or she sign this document.  All Information must be written in English.” And Marco Rubio’s office also sent the Standard Consent Form 180 for Joe Griffin to sign in order to secure his records.

Furthermore, since a DD-214 was not within the packet from the State, but was included with the Town’s information, we have made a separate investigation with Op-Nav as to who falsified a request for information on the last DD-214 which would not have confirmed specific information within Joe Griffin’s files.  We could not secure our discovery at the time because of the PTI agreement which only related to the Certificates, which we had secured from another source. Anyway it is obvious that none at the State Level are familiar with Military procedures or what or what may not be divulged.  Not all information may be shown to the public except with Joe Griffin’s consent.

And why the “Witch Hunt” using the authority of the Town and State?  Well Bob Farley’s Victim Impact Statement stated it all:   It asked 1. Were you physically injured or emotionally impaired as a result of this incident?  He answered yes and stated “Emotionally.  Additional Work.  His blog with negative comments, calling candidates about the Town, Stirred up Citizens against Town Staff. Staff was concerned about their jobs if hired; his overall attitude towards government.”   And what did Bob Farley recommend?  He recommended Joe Griffin receive a maximum Prison Sentence of 25 years in prison.   And for what?  For certificates I (Karin) placed in his application because I was proud of his service with the U.S. Military, whether or not they had been expunged in an agreement with his CO and himself.

Further, all certificates were in the application at one time so only one count of fraud not five counts should have been charged.  But with the Town’s complaints, and with the State, having immunity, which the Town knew, the charges were made.  It is the Town obviously who made the push because they could use their authority against a sole citizen, never having to pay a dime personally whether or not much of this was a fabrication by overzealous officials wanting him silenced forever by taking hard time in prison.  Then one wonders or really do you have to if you would be in Joe’s position, wouldn’t you keep requesting information (119’s)when you really did not know what you did to warrant all the charges and then have more placed on you and your wife?


What is interesting in a Fraud case is that each and every one of the following elements have to be proven.  Understand, the Assistant States Attorney has immunity for her decisions which the Town stated were credible:

  1. There has to be a false statement of fact – Although Joe did not attach the information, the source we went to stated he secured the information for the certificates from St. Louis since the Military no longer provides such certificates.
  2. Knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue. Is that where the falsely sought DD-214 came from which the Town had but did not dare submit to the State? Look on the internet and see how many of those forms do not include all information and to be perfectly clear, some information may be only secured through the military files.   Ed Miller has been waiting a long time at least since 2008 to have Joe arrested.
  3. Intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim, There was no intent on the part of Joe Griffin or me to deceive the alleged victims. It was my pride of Joe’s accomplishments that caused the problem.


  1. Justifiable “Reliance by the alleged victim on the statement; injury to the alleged victim as a result.
  2. Injury as a result which Bob Farley has claimed emotional injury and his staff has claimed fear?

This is a stretch and the last time we saw Bob Farley at a meeting, his body language showed the walk of shame with his shoulders bent forward.  I know, however, that two of the council members pressured him to do this.  But towards the end of his employment with the Town of White Springs, why so much contempt?   And if our statements about certain things were so inaccurate on the blog, even after research, why didn’t these officials require a correction?  I’ll tell you why!  The Town for 16 years has done everything in their power to silence Joe, and finally me, because there is no Transparency nor do they wish the Truth of some of their misgivings shown to the public.

The Town really did a number on us to have all these charges made.  In fact one of Karen Hatton’s memos to Jeff Siegmeister  after filing the 5 counts of uttering a forged document,  stated “Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all of this is that even though he is just a citizen, he is already beginning to make trouble for the city and is calling here…….”

What trouble?.  We were trying to find out why such charges were made when the Legislature does not consider an Employment Application as being a forged document.  Joe did not steal money like some have and have been allowed to live their lives.  He even said he would work for less than offered to assist the Town and then acknowledged there were better applicants, not because of education, but because of their previous Town Police and Management experience.

Although Ms. Hatton threatened us through our attorney that the Feds were very interested in our case, she told Mr. Sigmeister that Tracy Rodriquenz had spoken to the feds to see if they wanted to file against him under the Stolen Valor Act, but they said there were issues with the Act and they couldn’t.  So….I took it.” said Hatton. This was stated in Ms. Hatton’s letter to Jeff Sigmeister.

We would have had a better chance with the Military and the FBI because both have access to all full records of Joe Griffin not just his last DD-214.

Now it is interesting, but with the Mayor blaming Tracy and Tracy blaming Karen Hatton, the tides are turning.  Although Karen is immune from her decisions acting as an attorney, they have stated that Karen Hatton has made all the decisions in the criminal charges of harassment against both Joe and I.  She spoke to the Sheriff’s office and told Tracy, our chief, what she wanted done.  Welcome to our space under the bus, Karen Hatton!


Karin Griffin for the Blog


P.S.  Statement on the SF 180 for your review:


2. Personnel Records/Military Human Resource Records/Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Medical Records/Service
Treatment Records (STR). Personnel records of military members who were discharged, retired, or died in service less than 62 years
ago and medical records are in the legal custody of the military service department and are administered in accordance with rules issued by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, Coast Guard). STR’s of persons on active duty are generally kept at the local servicing clinic, and usually are available from the Department of Veterans Affairs approximately 40 days after the last day of active duty. (See item 3, Archival Records, if the military member was discharged, retired or died in service over 62 years ago.)
a. Release of information: Release of information is subject to restrictions imposed by the military services consistent with
Department of Defense regulations and the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act of 1974. The service member (either past or present) or the member’s legal guardian has access to almost any information contained in that
member’s own record. An authorization signature, of the service member or the member’s legal guardian, is needed in Section III of
the SF180. Others requesting information from military personnel records and/or STR’s must have the release authorization in
Section III of the SF 180 signed by the member or legal guardian. If the appropriate signature cannot be obtained, only limited
types of information can be provided. If the former member is deceased, surviving next of kin may, under certain circumstances, be entitled to greater access to a deceased veteran’s records than a member of the general public. The next of kin may be any of the
following: unremarried surviving spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, or brother. Requesters must provide proof of death, such as a copy of a death certificate, newspaper article (obituary) or death notice, coroner’s report of death; funeral
director’s signed statement of death, or verdict of coroner’s jury.

YOU DID WELL WHITE SPRINGS OFFICIALS.  YOU USED YOUR AUTHORITY AS “INNOCENT”(ma) TOWN OFFICIALS WHO HAVE SLANDERED AND DEFAMED A CITIZEN FOR BRINGING FORTH THE TRUTH, TO HAVE THE STATE DO YOUR BIDDING, JUST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT LIKE TRANSPARENCY AND FAIRNESS IN THE LAW.  YOU FRANKLY DON’T CARE IF YOU WOULD BLAME OTHERS, SUCH AS THE ASA or SHERIFF, NOT THINKING WHAT YOU COULD DO TO HIS OR HER REPUTATION OR CREDIBILITY OR LAW LICENSE.  But Why would you?  You have managed so long using your power and the power of the police to discredit whomever you wish….as long as it is not you….and you have a great attorney to protect you…whether or not what you are doing is  non-factual,  and abusive.  You only care about yourselves.


Some of what you would have expected me to ask for via 119 Request was information the town had or processed in regard to my Arrest on the five Counts of Felony Fraud case of last year’s election cycle. And I did ask for this information approximately (to the best of my memory) five times only to be told by the town after consultation with its attorney, Mr. Fredrick Koberlein, that the documents requested either didn’t exist or were seized by the State Attorney office. At least two of the requests with responses happened AFTER 01/22/2015.

Why that date is so important is that on that Date Mr. Koberlein, chief apologist for the town, reviewed and examined the Court Case Chandler v. City of Sanford out of the Fifth District Court of Appeals. This was a 119 case on information of the Trayvon Martin killing by an agent of the Sanford Neighborhood Watch program, one George Zimmerman. Mr. Chandler asked for documents associated with the case and the city of Stanford refused to provide them citing that the State Attorney Office had seized the records or that they were part of an on-going investigation.

Guess what the town told me on multiple occasions? That the State Attorney Office (SAO) had seized the records and/or they were part of an on-going criminal investigation. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
Anyway, the question before the District Court of Appeals was whether an agency (read Sanford or White Springs) could assert an exemption because they were asked to by the SAO. The court came down on the side of the law, denied the City of Sanford’s claims and found them guilty of a 119 violation. White Springs apparently has tried the same trick with me.

And Mr. Koberlein KNEW, because he had researched the issue on January 22, 2015, that the town couldn’t claim such an exemption yet allowed Bill Lawrence and the town to asset the prayed for exemption anyway. What’s worse is that the town PAID Mr. Koberlein for doing the research and then, when the research wasn’t passed along, broke the law. And Mr. Koberlein allowed it to happen.

It matters not that a separate request for the information had been sent to the SAO, White Springs has its own obligations under the Florida Statute and Mr. Koberlein apparently allowed his client to break the law.

In earlier posts we, my wife and I, told you that Mr. Koberlein said he was just a “private attorney” and not a public officer. Sure puts a lie to that statement. I believe Koberlein is knee deep in this effort to “punish me” for my exercising my First Amendment Rights of Free Speech and the Right of Redress of my Government for Grievances. We’ll find out more at HIS deposition.

Here is the problem: 1. Either THE SAO  stretched the truth, which I doubt, to me or Koberlein lied on his bills and then allowed his client to break the law and

I assure you, when the Federal Civil Rights case is finished we WILL get to the bottom of all of these typos.


3 qualify for White Springs council seats-Election is   APRIL 28TH  NOT  Apr. 21


Bulletin - Jasper News

Bulletin – Jasper News

Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 10:00 am

By Joyce Marie Taylor


You will recall, the newspaper listed that the White Springs Elections were on April 21st of 2015.  Not having looked at the charter, we did not question it but rather contacted Pam Tomlinson for the correct date and whether early voting would be done again this year.  Yes the reason is that we support Nikki Williams and assisted her by designing her brochure with the messages and platform she wishes to run under.  IT IS BECAUSE Nikki is a very SINCERE and HONEST candidate and I believe her when she states that she will be the VOICE of the people.


Nevertheless, after the brochure was printed, Nikki received a telephone call from the Town who advised her that the actual voting date is April 28th…..NOT the 21st.    

In looking at the Town Charter, Section 4.01 Elections states “Regular Town elections shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in April of each year.  Special elections for any purpose by the Town Council provided the election is called for a Tuesday.

Although it has messed up the dates on Nikki’s brochure it is still a blessing because it gives Nikki an opportunity to get her message through to the people.  She comes from an amazing family of educators and her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. “Pi” Williams and their family have done much for the community.  At least, maybe for the first time, someone is looking at the Charter

Karin Griffin for the Blog




Three dishonest judges, and an equally dishonest Attorney, intentionally turned theKidwell v Gibson Guitar lawsuit into bad case law taking away the Constitutional Rights of every citizen in Florida that must proceed on their own because they cannot afford an attorney.

In Kidwell v Gibson Attorney Brian Beason, a very powerful attorney with “connections” all over Florida, was allowed by Judge Keith Kyle, a friend of Attorney Beason’s, to engage in Mail Fraud, to suborn a Perjured Affidavit, from a fake Tennessee Attorney, and to use that perjured Affidavit to vacate lawful Defaults that were entered against Gibson Guitar.

The transcript of the hearing makes it clear that Judge Keith Kyle, and Attorney Brian Beason, had conspired together to fix the lawsuit for Gibson Guitar, and create case law where an Attorney could create fake evidence, suborn perjury, not allow the victim to address, present evidence, or contest the perjury, if the victim was proceeding on their own, without an attorney.

Simply put, Attorney Brian Beason, and Judge Keith Kyle, created case law in Kidwell v.Gibson where an attorney could commit any dishonest, or criminal, act to win, and any person without an attorney could not complain, and had no rights.

Attorney Beason, and Judge Kyle, declaired open season on the whole working class, most retirees, the disabled, and every person unable to afford to hire an attorney.

Kidwell v. Gibson will be quoted as case law to justify every time some dishonest attorney wants to use his friendship with a judge to fix a case, or to suborn perjury, or falsify evidence, to deny some poor victim, unable to afford an attorney, a fair, or honest Court process.

 it is impossible for a regular citizen to win in Court, without an Attorney. Even if you are in the right, and a victim. Whoever has the attorneys wins.

The Florida Legal System is rigged, and rotten, because Florida Judges HATE the United States Constitution, Individual Rights, and Liberties. And Attorneys OWN the Courts.

Florida Judges SELL their decisions to fellow judges, and attorneys, in return for political “donations” and the average citizen has no chance of receiving impartical, honest, or fair treatment, unless they are rich enough to pay an Attorney for their rights. [Click here for proof].

Florida Judges, and Attorneys, are part of an elite “clique“, or group,that is above the law.

They belong to special clubs, such as their local, and State, Bar Association(s), and attend Social Events, mostly within their “class“, and they PAY to keep each other in power, and assure that Florida’s Judicial System is OWNED, and CONTROLLED, by Attorneys.

If a Judge, or Attorney, commits Perjury, Suborns Perjury, or commits any other crime, State Prosecutors won’t prosecute, and “Fellow” Judges, and Attorneys, will lie, scheme, and cover-up the criminal conduct. This is proven by the Example Case of Kidwell v. Gibson Guitar described herein.

If you are a working-person, or retired, and trying to live on your fixed income, or you are a returning Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Disabled War Veteran, or any other citizen unable to afford to hire an Attorney,


In the Kidwell v. GibsonLawsuit THREE DIFFERENT JUDGES allowed Attorney Brian Beason to freely use Perjury, and freely violate the “Rules“, while the Florida’s State Attorney REFUSED to prosecute Attorney Beason’s Felony Conduct.

Meanwhile, the Victim was Threatened, Retaliated Against, and Harassed BY THE THREE JUDGESfor merely being a Disabled Veteran, on a fixed VA Disability Income, unable to afford to hire counsel.

The United States Constitution has no meaning in Florida’s Corrupt Courts. 

It’s time citizens stood up and took our country back.

Please visit the F.B.I. Public Corruption Page to learn about how Public Corruption affects us all by clicking here.



What We Investigate

Spies. Terrorists. Hackers. Pedophiles. Mobsters. Gang leaders and serial killers. We investigate them all, and many more besides.

It’s our top priority among criminal investigations—and for good reason.

Public corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life. It impacts everything from how well our borders are secured and our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts handed down in courts…to the quality of our roads, schools, and other government services. And it takes a significant toll on our pocketbooks, wasting billions in tax dollars every year.

The FBI is singularly situated to combat this corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex undercover operations and surveillance.


What YOU Can Do AND this is why we have our blog to bring transparency to White Springs

What YOU Can Do

YOU can help protect both America’s Veterans, and the General Public, from being victims of Gibson Guitar’s Scheme to defraud us with their junk, their con games, illegal tactics, and shyster lawyers.

The one thing all crooks cannot stand is being exposed. Each, and every one of us, are part of the largest printing network on earth in that just about every one of us with a computer, also have a printer.

We can print up flyers and pass them out all over every town in America. We can send e-mails to our families, and friends. With our computers, the internet, and our printers America’s Consumers have more power then they have had at any other time in history.

We can EXPOSE the crooks cheating us and have a very substantial impack on the sales of their products by “getting the word out”.

Help us spread the word about our “Thinking about buying a Gibson Guitar Product? THINK AGAIN !!!” Campaign.

Remember, YOU can make a difference. If YOU can change just one person’s mind about purchasing a Gibson Guitar, that just might be the “Straw that broke the Camel’s Back” that will get Gibson Guitar to start being honest.

The few minutes you spend e-mailing others or handing out flyers you printed can really help protect future consumers from being cheated.

Tax exemptions considered for agritourism

Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce

9:29 AM (5 hours ago)


Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce

Working Together for a Better Hamilton County

P.O. Box 366

Jasper, FL 32052


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Subject: Tax exemptions considered for agritourism
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 10:22 AM

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Tax exemptions considered for agritourism
The Bismarck Tribune
Once a farm house, the Grand Lodge on the Black Leg Ranch near McKenzie, North Dakota, has been renovated and boasts such amenities as refurbished pine board walls and floors, four private rooms and bathrooms, a bar, commercial kitchen, a meeting area and a large deck. Though it’s billed as a luxury guest lodge by North Dakota Tourism rather than a rancher’s home, legislation being considered would equate it to a farm building and take it permanently off the tax rolls.


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‘Agritourism’ is value-added agriculture, and county, state have a great deal of it
The Greenville Sun
Are you interested in learning more about your food and how it is produced? Many people are. They want to meet farmers and processors and talk with them about what goes into food production. For many who visit farms, especially children, the visit marks the first time they see the source of their food.

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AgritourismWorld Summit
Group Travel Family
Farms and Markets are invited to register to attend The AgritourismWorld Summit on Oct. 23-25, 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They will network with 250 delegates including travel groups that are looking for agritourism destinations. Registration for farms is only $95 and includes 2 free nights at the Radisson Hotel. Call (800) 628-0993 or register online


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Agritourism needs lawsuit protection
The Bulletin
If you own a riding stable, show horses, sponsor a horse 4-H club or do any number of things that brings the public and horses together, Oregon law gives you protection from some lawsuits when people get hurt. Now the Legislature wants to extend that protection to those involved in agritourism, a logical step that will be a boon to the relatively young and growing business.

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Cranberry agritourism offers treats and tours
Wisconsin is No. 1 in cranberry production in the country, with 58 percent of the nation’s total — more than twice that of the next highest-producing state of Massachusetts. The name “cranberry” began as “craneberry,” first named by early European settlers in America who thought the expanding flower, stem, calyx and petals resembled the neck, head and bill of a crane. The Cranberry Discovery Center in Monroe County invites visitors to learn more about the native fruit.

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Moo with cows, oink with pigs at Indiana farm
Sauk Valley
Wonder what life is like on the farm? Want to see someone else doing the farm chores? Then Fair Oaks Farms should be moved to the top of your travel wish list. Fair Oaks gets right to the basics with Pig and Dairy Adventures. During the dairy tour, visitors can watch calves being born, play in the activity center, and find out about dairy farming and milk production.

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Seniors discover agritourism
Senior Citizen Travel
Agritourism or agrotourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Senior travelers are discovering that agritourism has different definitions in different parts of the world. Sometimes it refers specifically to farm stays; sometimes it encompasses the practice of touring agricultural areas to see farms and often to participate in farm activities.

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6 fantastic farm tours where you can spring into the new season
Sactown Magazine
Warming weather, flowers abloom, fresh produce and cute baby animals are telltale signs that spring is almost here. And to kick off the new season, many of our region’s farms are offering public tours of their picturesque grounds — here are six of them taking place around the Sacramento, California, area.

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Oahu, Hawaii, farm tour gives taste of island’s exotic fruit
Los Angeles Daily News
Farm-to-table is one of the most enduring foodie trends in recent years. What better place to taste the fare than on the farm? A tour of Kahuku Farms on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, will take visitors beyond the typical tourist favorites of pineapple and coconut and introduce them to pomelo, lilikoi, dragon fruit and papaya.

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Breweries hopeful new law will help WV craft beer industry
Ryan Heastings produces about 60 kegs of beer a week at Charleston Brewing Company in Charleston, West Virginia. He says the craft beer industry in the state has been gaining traction and with the help of a new law, more people will be able to taste his concoctions from home. “We chase complexity, and we try to chase our passion and try to deliver the best and most consistent product that we can,” Heastings said.

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San Antonio, Texas, hotel putting bees to work on roof
Texas Public Radio
There’s a lot of buzz about a project hovering above the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade. Enter the Omni lobby and look up. About three floors above you, outside the window you’ll see tell-tale white, stacked boxes sitting in an unusual rooftop garden. “On the roof here we have ten beehives,” explained Walter Schumacher with pride.

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Here is the full information on what was discussed with Attorney Koberlein – not just the parts he wished to answer

Initially I had decided that I would just show Mr. Koberlein’s answers to (1) of my complaint as his win.  After all it is time that the Council Members took control of their operations and allowed Bill Lawrence to run the town will full council approval.  So if the attorney can sway the council along with the Mayor and Walter, so be it.  When they go broke, we will be run by the County.However, today, Joe came across some very interesting information relating to Mr. Koberlein.  Mr. Koberlein allegedly reviews specific laws but in my opinion assists the Town to ascertain that the Town may not follow the law.  You will see Joe’s information shortly.  Let’s face it we have no right to question the council and there is no redress of grievances.  And by the way Joe had under 10 State Ethics complaints to which the Town got out of them surprise, surprise.

In my opinion, the Mayor and Walter McKenzie were extremely afraid that Joe would be elected into the Council and they had to do everything they could to ascertain that did not happen. The more raw evidence we find makes me absolutely ill that people are so vindictive and jealous that they will do anything in their power to make certain we are silenced, including, but not limited to charging Joe and with fraud and then trying to have someone prosecute me and Joe again.  They knew when we did not wish to go through the cost of a trial that Joe would plead guilty, even knowing it was only an application and that I placed the paperwork with the application.  There was no opportunity for a statement and the Town and I am certain with allegedly Mr. Koberlein’s assistance since the Mayor sends every letter to him They placed together some really great charges against us which the PTI agreement stated we could not discuss even with the Military.  The reporter at the TV station they contacted wanted Joe’s side.  He told the truth about what transpired and they made the TV Station remove the material but not before other sites picked it up. And of course the town utilizes the Jasper News for front page coverage of the Griffins as if we are serial killers but I guess they are calling 119’s abusive.

It is funny how the Town somehow received Joe’s last DD-214  .  Since Joe did not provide such nor did he give his consent in accordance with the charges made by the Town, it makes one question just how the paperwork showed up in the charges.  And Mr. Klug stated he had gone to OpNav.  Since there is a law relating to Privacy and even Marco Rubio could not help me without Joe’s permission, let me reiterate the Privacy Act of 1974 on the consent form.

“In accordance with the provisions of The Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) your written consent is required so that we may contact a Federal Agency on your behalf.  Since e do not contain a valid signature, they do not fulfill the requirements of the law.  If you are inquiring on behalf of another person that is 18 or older, it is necessary that he or she sign this document.  All Information must be written in English.”


So now, here shown below is my correspondence with Mr. Koberlein.





Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin 





















































Mar 25 (1 day ago)

to Frederick, William


Dear Mr. Koberlein:


I acknowledge your invitation to provide information at the next meeting regarding (1) relating to the Mayor utilizing your services whether or not the business at hand warrants your legal expertise.

First let me state that because of the threats and actual attempted arrests when Joe has attended meetings and the intimidation I received from an officer when I attended alone, I am uncomfortable to even be in the council meeting room.  It frankly raises my blood pressure because I do not believe half of the items which are expressed by specifically the Mayor and by Walter McKenzie.  For instance, and this was at the last meeting we (Joe and I) attended together, the Mayor proudly stated that because of the increased Sewer rate, there was sufficient seed money for the $3,000,000 loan.  As you may be aware, that statement was never in the meeting minutes and subsequently, we found the statement to be untrue when the Town attempted to secure money through the HCDA.


As was explained in the depositions by Ms. Megan Logan, supposedly everyone has a different perception (outside of the law) but in answering (1), I have read through the 1200 plus or minus personal e-mails of the Mayor, some of which have been given to another source.  I understand such things as proclamations require your legal expertise, but since when are the Griffins the topic of “Town Business”, especially outside of the Civil Suit.  You will recall that you and I previously had a conversation about Tim Day and the Mayor’s prior discussion with you.  That discussion was brought after the fact to council members and the Town Manager and should have been a decision by the council since he was only an applicant.


The Newest item on the list is sending information of which you are involved to the Florida League of Cities relating to our Chapter 119 requests.  The Mayor is hoping to secure additional legislation taking away further transparency but our situation is not the same as the suits for 119’s which are transpiring with the legislature.  Those suits are bait and switch suits. There would never have to be suits or requests for 119’s if there was transparency and fairness under the law in the White Springs government and now the meeting minutes are not available, per your request, I have been told.


As you are aware, I cannot prove phone calls between you and the mayor except for e-mails and comments made thereafter in her personal e-mails.   In fact, most of the 119 requests we have made had multiple subsequent requests; some denied, to find that the paperwork finally showed up.   I of course would have no objection if this was the intent of the full council but I object to the Mayor making decisions and utilizing your services as a result.


You are an excellent attorney and defend the Town thick and thin, regardless of whether they are following what a prudent man would expect within the law. Yet our Town has a financial problem because of many factors which we have found from information we received from a formal council member.  That information, likewise, is with our attorney.   All I am asking is that all council members be involved in any decision making regarding your legal expertise, not just the Mayor.

I am quite aware that you have been extremely involved with the Mayor in both of our cases and you again may have to be involved when we receive information from the Military as to who violated the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579).  It is apparent from the minutes, that there was a lack of fairness in Joe’s treatment throughout the years because of the Town’s discriminatory acts toward him when all he wanted was less corruption, meaning “Special Strokes for Special Folks”.  In other words, Mr. Koberlein, it is noted by such e-mails that the Mayor, in a weak mayor form of government, should not be contacting you, but rather Mr. Lawrence, after council decision.  Now, perhaps you have a friendship with the Mayor, whereby, you do not charge for the minutes of time spent reading her e-mails or possible telephone calls. If that is the case, please advise the council and that is not a problem.  But the way I see it, the Town of White Springs has used their authority as officials of the Town to persecute not only the Griffins but any recommendations they may have.  And that I do not believe is “Town Business” which requires Legal expertise, especially when only documentation is provided to another counsel.


I am copying Mr. William Lawrence so that he may be aware of our correspondence this date and I am certain that you may answer the other items on the list so that the balance of the council may be aware of my concerns, especially when the state of affairs as printed in the newspaper seem extremely dim.

Again Thank you for your invitation which I must sincerely decline, especially when my last speech was used as evidence in the “Fraud” case since the Town apparently needed an “utterance” but did not realize Utterance means something entirely different.


Sincerely yours,


Karin Ann Griffin





Dear Mr. Koberlein:


Thank you for your response.  I have viewed the majority of Joe’s complaints and similar to that which you claim accusatory due to the lack of paperwork, the Town has the paperwork.  And you very well know what the Mayor has sent you, without information to the Town Manager or other council members..


I wish to refer specifically to one of which you have addressed regarding the FL League of Cities.which actually was sent to the Manager and City Hall:


The Mayor’s e-mail dated February 4, 2015 11:54AM addressed to you, the Town Manager and City Hall stated her attendance at the Florida League of Mayors’ legislative events and entitled it abuse of 119’s.  It was initiated by the Mayor; You responded that you would add it to the agenda and the mayor clarified FLC will proceed with the abuse of 119’s whether White Springs takes a position or not due to the impact on municipalities throughout the state.  You then responded, I am clear now that we’re just providing data rather than helping add language.


In my opinion, the Mayor takes on these projects as she sees fit. She will do anything, in my opinion, to “Get the Griffins”. And again if there had been transparency and if at times it did not take 18 requests to secure something like my complaints and minutes, there would not be the bulk of 119’s.  You would think that 119’s were the worst thing on the planet and obviously the mayor feels it is criminal;.  Thus, our suit for our Civil Rights.


The Town is to serve the people but obviously, it is my belief that the Mayor will do anything in her power to silence the Griffins.  It is apparent 119’s are a service the Town does not wish to handle.


Insofar as the 100 or so Citizen’s Complaints made by my husband, not a single one was answered nor was he asked to provide additional paperwork or to request such paperwork from the town in a 119 so that the Complaint could be answered.  Instead all were ignored and when he was instructed by the sunshine manual to finally take suit, there was no mediation as was provided to others; nor was there an answer; instead there was a motion to dismiss each of the 18 of 19 suits and he was charged for attorney costs and fees. Unfortunately he handled pro see.  Maybe some may find this to be fair but I do not.  All he ever wished was transparency but we have been hounded by the Camel Club of which Walter McKenzie is part of and has information on by his statement under oath to Judge Scaff and treated with the utmost of disrespect by the Town Officials including Ed Miller’s famous letters.


Plus when Mrs. Miller wrote all those personal e-mails which she did not initially copy the Town on, obviously she was violating the Sunshine Law by working in the darkness without Council approval.


You are familiar with the Law and surely must understand that some things which were done to silence and punish us are not within the Law. And knowing a bit more about you, I cannot believe that you would have recommended her to follow through with such actions.


Insofar as some of the other complaints of Joe’s such as transparency; inability to address or receive an answer from the council, paperwork should not be required.  Such paperwork is within resolutions, I would assume.


You say that the Mayor is 20% the client and that any and all of the Council members have your personal attention.  I have worked in corporations all of my life and only certain individuals are allowed to work with the attorneys, not all, even if you are an officer. This very same thing happened to me when the son of one of the owners of my catch and release fishing ranch kept calling our attorney for which he did not have permission.  I ended up with an $11,000 bill that month.  That is why not all members should contact you but rather the Town Manager who has the position to handle money and day to day business.



Although you have vowed to handle the law, do you really believe that the Mayor had the right to do what she has to the two of us, regarding our civil rights? The following relating to the letter she also attached.   I don’t expect you to answer because it relates to the current case; yet I ask that you consider the matter:



From: Dr. Helen B. Miller, Mayor Town of White Springs

To: Frederick Koberlein

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 12:40 PM

Subject: Re: White Springs


The Griffins are alarmed by the prospect of Karin Griffin being charged with a felony, of Joe Griffin determined to be in violation of his Deferred Prosecution Agreement, and additional charges being filed against them.


Apparently the Griffins are saying (perhaps through their attorney) that they will do anything we want to stay out of prison.


I’d like to get this letter to ASA Hatton asap.





From: Frederick Koberlein

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 12:41 PM

To: ‘Dr. Helen B. Miller, Mayor Town of White Springs’

Subject: RE: White Springs


I have not received an attachment.  Please retry.




From: Dr. Helen B. Miller, Mayor Town of White Springs []
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 11:11 AM
To: Frederick Koberlein
Subject: White Springs




Would you kindly review the attached letter and provide any suggestions for revisions.







Mr. Koberlein, is this really what you are required to legally handle?  This doesn’t even make sense and I do not know where she received this information from.



Again, Thank you for your response and although I am certain we agree to disagree because we are each of a different opinion, I do appreciate your reply. It was a pleasant surprise to even receive a response.

Sincerely yours,


Karin A. Griffin

Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin <>
11:42 AM (10 hours ago)
to joe
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