Submitted on 2015/04/30 at 10:08 pm

If you don’t subpoena (name withheld upon request) and (name also withheld upon request) from WSPD you are making a big mistake in your case. They know what happend. When you want the right answers you need to ask the right question.

Rhett and Tonja won the White Springs Election!

Congratulations White Springs!   It is obvious those of you who wish the corruption to remain have won again.  I am uncertain what Tonja has ever done other than voting with the mayor.  Nicole Williams would have been a voice for the Citizens of White Springs, but unfortunately she lost by only two votes.   The final vote count, as Anita provided us is as follows:


142 Rhett Bullard

  75 Tonja Brown

  73 Nicole (Nikki) Williams

Our sincere thanks to those who believed in Nikki Williams as we do!


TANJA BROWN.  Who is she and what has she done except draw a paycheck? Not much except to VOTE FOR the increase in Sewer and Water Rates upward to 250% of what they should be. I can’t think of a single time when she voted something other than the Mayor voted on any issue. I beg you, supporters of Tanja Brown for Council to tell me one time she didn’t rubber stamp the Mayor’s wishes.

What has she done for the citizens of White Springs? NOTHING I would contend. I invite you to prove me wrong…..