The Town Council as a whole or as individuals will follow, accept and enforce all provisions of the U.S. Constitution, the Florida Constitution, Florida Statutes especially State Ethics laws and especially the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution on itself with no waivers or acts of evasion. The citizen’s rights are to be protected by government of White Springs.

Town Council meetings will subsequently be known as TOWN MEETINGS. Efficiency of Government is not the goal. The goal is to provide an opportunity for ALL citizens to be able to understand, comment and voice concern or approval of all town council actions.

The town and all subsections of the government of White Springs will follow Town Charter religiously. Any elected or appointed official, upon showing to the Town Council and a majority vote of the Town Council for violations of the Town Charter will be deemed to have committed Malfeasance and is removed from the Council. With Charter or Constitutional provisions there are no “do overs”. Any violation is not allowed under any circumstances. Protecting the public trust in Government is THE Primary Concern.

Will you people quit lying or is Helen at it again!

I found something interesting in Helen Miller’s deposition on the 28th of May.  The people of this town cannot stop lying or fabricating stories.  Helen stated that I said that she had a Fat A..  which I couldn’t have said because I avoid her like the plague.  But I do remember a Caryn that did tell me that she had a fat derriere so perhaps you good friends of Helen merely lied or the Camels lied or Helen lied.  I guess it doesn’t matter but why in the hell would I attack someone personally.  After all I have been called the ugliest woman in White Springs; uglier than a swamp ape, a tranny, a man, a troll and that I have to wear a circus tent for clothing.  So why would I do it to another?  Somebody, get your stories straight.

Another interesting thing is that Helen Miller said that Joe called her a “whore”.  Only the Camels said Joe called her that.  It happened during the bond issue when an underling of the bonding office told Joe that she had had a relationship with someone, Jimmy Villabos.  It could have been years ago.  But Helen has a great ego and feels she is perfect and said that “she doesn’t have to do sexual favors”.  Where did that come from?

Anyway, it is time you quit blaming Joe and I for your own comments.  Our criticisms of the good former mayor lie mainly due to her performance issues for the Town.




In the May 20th minutes we read “Walter McKenzie feels something is broken with the town and needs to be fixed.”

YES Walter the town is broke, literally and figuratively. We got no money and we got no soul. The town has no heartbeat. No one but the die-hard in power residents want to live here or stay here.

And why is this so you may ask. It is because Walter McKenzie has supported a string of unqualified losers for every job opening we have had for the past 16 years. By unqualified losers I mean anyone who would be so grateful for a job, any job, that they will let Walter and his buddies break whatever laws and ordinances they want without fear or consequences.

Let’s look at but a few of them, shall we.

Robert Townsend, pedophile extraordinaire. He was completely unqualified for the post yet Walter, the eternal member of the Council, supported Townsend completely. Ultimately fired for sticking his male parts into prisoners working for the town. FDLE investigated.

Joe Subic Police Chief. American Traitor. Ultimately fired for trying to steal money from the Town’s Insurance fund. FDLE investigated.

Henry Dunn, Town Manager. Lasted six months after he tried to enforce the zoning code on a relative of the Woodards. Cost us $6000.00 to get rid of him.

Robert Farley, Town Manager. Fired from Live Oak. Lasted a year and then quit. Couldn’t take the heat and, it is believed, didn’t have the courage to stand up for the Town Charter against a power hungry (read Walter McKenzie) vice mayor. Gave us the sewer rate increase to 225% of what other municipalities charge because we use the Sewer Fund to prop up the General Fund.

Shirley Heath, interim Town manager. Fired for competence after the new Town manager got into place.

Each of these losers had Walter’s full support and recommendation prior to becoming our Town Manager.

What could we do about this colossal hiring blunders? I say FIRE Walter. He has been the instigator of each of these losers at hiring. Last time, when Bill was hired Walter wanted a defrocked attorney friend of his to become town manager. Another crook.

Walter has been on the Council for way too long. Its time for a fixing, as Walter says BUT THE FIXIN’ has to come from within the council, especially the longest serving member. The stench of White Springs comes from the Top Down, from the Council’s longest standing member. Maybe we need term limits?



We’ve been waiting for Thursday for a long time. True enough it won’t be exactly like we wanted it to be but it is close enough to win the Federal Civil Rights suit.

Here again is what the Civil Rights suit is all about. We believe that the TOWN proper, Helen (former Mayor), Pam, Anita and perhaps most of all Tracy (as Chief of Police) used their official positions and authority as the Town and official agents to attempt to get Karin and I arrested for Harassment and to a lesser degree Cyberstalking. Such would be a violation of Florida Statutes. The reason this is such an egregious error is that even the mere mention of these charges to the police authorities and the State’s Attorney cause my Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program on a related but believed to be bogus charge to be terminated.

In addition to all of the other monies the town has raped from me over the years it cost a pretty penny to get the PTI program reinstated and it was terminated (completed) shortly after reinstatement. It is my contention that the Town used, in this case and all of the other cases, false, misleading and outright lies to make me guilty of a crime neither Karin nor I committed. And the TOWN and it Agents used their official positions and authority to tell these lies and false statements.

Such a misuse of official positions and use of the TOWN proper to tell lies and make false statements about citizens are violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Specifically is the right of freedom of political speech, the right to complain about the government, the right to get information and the right to redress the government for grievances. Additionally others, in other places and times, have petitioned the government, their government, for grievances and were not subject to official action by the government. Since they weren’t guilty of anything neither were Karin and I under the Equal Justice provision of the Fourteenth Amendment. And their official actions, using the official positions and power of the Town, is ACTIONABLE under Federal Law.

Since the Entire Council was aware, we believe, in this attempt to cause me and my wife damages PLUS Helen’s Tracy’s Pam’s and Anita’s direct official actions in KNOWING AND WILLFUL violations of the Constitution and Law we filed suit.

Part and Parcel of a legal action is a thing called DISCOVERY. One party of a suit can seek answers to questions about the behaviors of the other parties of the suit. One of those tools is called Depositions. It is where the alleged guilty party sits in a room and answers questions about the alleged misdeeds. HELEN’S, PAM’S AND ANITA’S DEPOSTIONS ARE ON THURSDAY POSSIBLY spilling over to Friday. The TOWN was already deposed with Bill Lawrence answering the questions for the Town. In his answers he clearly said that we, Karin and I, had committed no crime or harassment of the Town.

While Helen is no longer Mayor of the Town hardly lessens the impact of her testimony. Tracy has already given her deposition and apparently she has no problems LYING under oath. Let’s hope the Mayor does the same thing.

We believe Helen is a dirty Lying Dog. She tells a lie, then when caught in that lie, lies again and again until she is trapped by her own web of deceit. We believe she used her official position as Mayor and legal head of the Town of White Springs to coerce Pam and Anita to lie on their witness statements. Being coerced to lie doesn’t mitigate Pam and Anita’s culpability in telling the lie since they were told using their official positions.

We also believe that Tracy violated her oath of office as an FDLE official, (a Police Officer), to make Pam, Anita and Helen to make false statements on a police report. In her (Tracy’s) deposition she said certain things that are provably false making her guilty of the Falsification of a court document, another violation of State and Federal Law in addition to encouraging Pam and Anita and perhaps the Mayor (Helen) to tell the official lies.

Anyway, Thursday is the day. We can’t wait to see who each, Helen, Pam and Anita, throw under the Bus. My money is on Koberlein (the town attorney) and Foreaker (the Deputy Sheriff). Foreaker will be deposed on Friday.

If any public official lies on a court document then they are guilty of a Third Degree Felony and must surrender their official position plus face jail time and a monetary fine.

One last thought. If Helen, Pam and Anita tell the truth (a doubtful occurrence) then the Florida League of Cities could exclude any or all of them from the Town’s Insurance Policy and therefore the town could go after them separately for the costs of the trial. It’s great to have an insurance policy to pay the bill but the insurance company isn’t required to pay for fraudulent and malicious activities of a covered person or organization. I believe that each of the five individuals and organizations (the town, Helen, Pam, Anita and perhaps most of all Tracy) will be found by the Florida League of Cities to be responsible for their own defenses because of knowing and willful malicious violations of the Law by each of them. The town was malicious, a big NO-NO.

I’ve waited a long time to get the town and the Mayor, even an ex-Mayor, under oath.

Oh happy Day.


As stated priory Depositions of Pam, Anita and Helen (perpetrator in chief) will be held this coming Thursday. Pam First for about 2 hours, then Anita and finally the real guilty party Helen. Anita could be before lunch and Pam afterwards. Don’t know for certain.

The BIG news is that we have offered to go to Mediation on the lawsuit on July 3rd. We have certain demands of the town (not the least of which is $$$$). The town would  have to agree on ALL of these items for the mediation to be successful. But the whole mess could be ended on 3 July unless Helen, Tracy and Rhett want to go to trial, which we are happy to do.

White Springs may again be a wonderful place to live with Rhett Bullard as Mayor

White Springs again will be a beautiful place to live and enjoy ever since Rhett Bullard became the Mayor.


Mayor Rhett is already a legal professional, an attorney with his own prosperous business who does not require the power plays Helen Miller used.   Rhett is respected by the community and the only reason we at one time gave him a bad time on the blog is because the then Mayor Helen Miller did things to Joe and I which were not even lawful just to ruin Joes reputation as well as mine further.  She used her authority as an official of White Springs to persecute us and no one dared to step up to the plate and say, this is wrong.


But in all fairness, Rhett, Willy and Tanja did object to the letter Helen Miller wrote and wished to send to the Assistant State’s Attorney stating that both Joe and Karin should be in prison.   And if it had not been for our Federal Civil Rights attorney and a new Assistant State’s Attorney and his supervisor as well as the States Attorney realizing what the town was doing was actually a political ploy to silence the blog and Joe’s ability to redress grievances and order public documents, we still would have a noose around our necks.


What Helen Miller did with the assistance of the police chief Tracy Rodriquenz was totally wrong.  And what is ridiculous is that Tracy committed various acts of purjury under oath stating she did nothing and did not do anything and could not remember anything.  Like Helen Miller, Tracy loves to blame others like the Sheriff’s department when all documents requesting Karin and Joe’s arrests were in Tracy’s handwriting and signed by her.


With Helen Miller’s deposition on Thursday it should be interesting because what I have learned about Helen is that it is virtually impossible for her to tell the truth.  She constantly has blamed others for her many failures and probably feels she can still control everyone.  Helen Miller only assisted her friends and obviously has not followed the requirements of grant money from recent publications.  She has spent money as she has seen fit and now has left the Council and whatever Town Manager they may hire with a real mess which may take a couple of years or more to correct since our town is on the verge of bankruptcy.


Helen Miller despised our blog because it brought forth her and Walter McKenzie’s failures.  Before anything was placed on the blog we made certain the information was from a good source.  Helen Miller cannot be wrong and must have everyone, like Joyce Taylor of the Jasper News, write wonderful articles about her because she must look perfect to the public and in my opinion, she will cut her nose to spite her face to go after those who find fault in her dealings. And what is hilarious is that mainly those in government and those nasty camels are mainly the ones who read our blog.




With Rhett Bullard at the helm, as mayor, with at least two council persons sticking with him on issues of importance, there is an opportunity to finally have the White Springs residents have less corruption. Helen and her husband Ed (Robert) made certain people would dislike or be afraid of Joe by use of the Camels and Ed (Robert) Miller’s famous letters which were sent to all the sewer and water recipients of White Springs, along with deliveries to restaurants and S and S stores.  It wasn’t enough for her to make certain Joe was arrested at the last election but she also had to rig the election further and even took photos of our political advertisements and sent someone to disrupt our lunch on the lawn.  Tanja followed suit when Nicole Williams was running by saying what a “bad” man Joe was and she doesn’t even know us.  Joe sent her flowers when she was ill and up to her recent nastiness regarding us, all we could say was what the Black community told us and that is she has done nothing for the citizens of White Springs.



Joe’s reputation as told to the citizens by Tanja, subsequently imputed to Nicole, a very fine intelligent woman, who has along with her family done much for the residents of White Springs. Nicole even started the HOPE program for which Helen Miller took credit.


I look to a bright future of White Springs for all citizens. Mayor Rhett Bullard does not believe there is a need for people to be on power trips and hide things from the citizens.  He feels we should all know what is going on and have an input on it even if we don’t always agree which is heathy for a productive society.



I pray that Rhett will succeed and find a Town Manager who loves White Springs as much as he does.  Helen Miller certainly, in my opinion, has bled the Town and has caused much of the financial chaos, including from what I am told the loss of $40,000 from a prior grant, for which I am certain Sewer and water money had to cover it since this year’s budget showed a $40,000 deficit in the Sewer and Water account.  Way to go Helen, you have used everyone to cover your tracks because you can do no wrong in your mind and that of your husband’s!


Anyway, Life is much brighter knowing Rhett is the Mayor of White Springs as he should have been last year.  And, Bill Lawrence has been an astounding Town Manager and I am certain until he leaves for Maine, he will do what he can to assist the Town and leave organization for the new Town Manager.  He has been honest, law abiding, with not only financial and management abilities but a mind which can assess a variety of personalities and work with everyone.

Does Miller or McKenzie really know right from wrong?

White Springs town manager questions use of grant funds


Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2015 8:18 am

By Joyce Marie Taylor joycemarie.taylor@gaflnews.com



If you haven’t been on the internet or subscribe or pick up the Thursday Jasper News, the aforementioned article is something you should read in its entirety.  For once, or possibly for the second time in years, an honest unbiased story unfolds.  Joe for years has stated the grant money we have received has never been used for its intended purpose and now, Bill Lawrence, has questioned the council and is right.

 The $40,000 in missing grant money, which was probably spent, also showed up as a deficit in the Sewer and Water account in this year’s budget when the Former Mayor, Miller, stated because of the increase they had the money for the revolving loan.  I am beginning to feel that they have been doing what they see fit, not worrying as to where they take money from and they don’t even realize they are doing things illegally but would rather blame Joe and I for their misdeeds and stipulate we are “idiots”.

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2015 8:18 am

By Joyce Marie Taylor joycemarie.taylor@gaflnews.com

(Editor’s note: The White Springs Town Council met Wednesday night and prior to our deadline to discuss the hiring of a new town manager following Manager Bill Lawrence’s resignation earlier this week. See a complete story on this next week.)



“A few items were added to the agenda, including a request from Councilwoman Helen Miller, who stated Town Manager Bill Lawrence wanted to add to old business a discussion on the completion of a VisitFlorida grant.



“After brief department head reports, the focus turned to old business and the VisitFlorida grant, which took up a good portion of the meeting. The grant is titled White Springs Nature and Heritage Center-USPS Pictorial Postmark Program, Miller noted.”

“This was the U.S. Pictorial Postmark program, which also provided the funding for the Florida Quilt Trail and the White Springs Florida Quilt Trail activities,” said Miller. “The grant is for $5,000 and it does list the activities that need to be funded. This is a grant where the town pays for the expenses and when it’s complete, it gets reimbursed by VisitFlorida.”


Miller said what was left to do on the grant program was to use $1,000 for marketing, as listed in the Project Budget Detail, which she said is provided on page 3 of the grant application. She asked that $1,000 be allocated to the Nature & Heritage Tourism Center account.


Lawrence noted earlier that PotashCorp-White Springs had donated $1,000 to keep the tourism center open for the month of May to accommodate the Florida Folk Festival.


Another item that needed to be completed on the VisitFlorida grant, Miller noted, was to produce designs for postcards, T-shirts and shopping bags based on the YoYo Quilt pictorial postmark, and that there was enough money in the grant budget to fund it.



“To get the funds released or reimbursed to us, we have to complete the entire project, so I have asked Mr. Lawrence to provide the authorization to complete the project, so that all funds that have been expended can be reimbursed,” Miller told the council.


Councilman Willie Jefferson asked where the upfront money was coming from to do the project and Miller told him it would come from the economic development account.


“These are the funds that were generated for the town by performing the work for year one of the DEO Competitive Florida project,” Miller explained. “These are not revenue funds and these are not Enterprise funds.”


Jefferson conferred to Lawrence, who said he had concerns and wanted to speak with VisitFlorida Grant Administrator Susan Gale to see if the $1,000 for operating costs at the tourism center was appropriate use of the funds.


“I kinda disagree with that,” said Lawrence.


Lawrence said he was concerned about taking money out of the economic development account because it was down to $15,536.“The UF pavilion cost us $4,837… $1,475 was raised in donations, which meant we took $3,362 from that account to pay off the bill so these kids could graduate,” Lawrence said.


Miller noted after the meeting that she had allocated $1,225 of her mayor salary and raised another $1,000 in donations for a total of $2,225 for the pavilion project, and that Lawrence’s figures were wrong.


“We also have a UF subcontract for DEO in the second year of deliverables, one for the I-75/CR 136 site plan that is estimated at $10,000, and another one for the White Springs Eco-lodge planning and development at $15,000,” Lawrence advised the councilors. “Now, these deliverables we will get reimbursed, but by the same token, we signed a contract with UF to pay these when the invoices come in and I was going to pay that out of the economic development account.”


Lawrence continued, saying, “Obviously, if we’re on the hook for $25,000, we only have $15,000 in the account before we start getting reimbursed. I feel like we have more debt out there than we can pay and I’m just not real comfortable with that, but I have no problems doing what this council is asking me to do.”


Lawrence said if after speaking with VisitFlorida and being advised that it is appropriate to use $1,000 of the grant funds for the tourism center in order to keep it open for another month, then he would be okay with it.

Lawrence and Miller both noted that the deliverables for DEO’s Competitive Florida Partnership Program had to be completed by June 15, in order to seek reimbursement for funds in the amount of up to $40,000. Lawrence said he wasn’t sure how quickly they would get the reimbursement monies.


Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie asked Lawrence if there was any concern that the town would not get reimbursed from VisitFlorida and Lawrence said, “No, not to date.” McKenzie then asked Miller whose idea it was to use some of the VisitFlorida grant funds for the tourism center.


“That’s what we submitted it for,” Miller replied.


“And they agreed to it?” McKenzie asked.


“Well, yeah, they provided the funds for the project,” said Miller.

Miller said she gave Lawrence a copy of the project budget and details that morning and asked why he did not contact VisitFlorida if he had questions about the use of funds. Lawrence said he tried calling Susan Gale at VisitFlorida, but could not reach her, so he left her a phone message.


Miller noted that the grant is named after the tourism center. McKenzie said he remembered discussing the matter when the grant was originally applied for and that VisitFlorida was agreeable to the use of the funds. Miller added that they were looking for ways to generate funds to keep the tourism center open.


“That’s why it wound up in the budget to begin with,” said Miller.


“I don’t want us to say we’re worried we won’t get paid back because we will get paid,” McKenzie told Lawrence. “Those statements will come back to haunt you the next time you go to apply for a grant. If we already basically agreed what the grant was and what the expenditures were, and where they were to be spent, and we go to question that or try to change it, I’m concerned that people are going to look at that kind of behavior when we apply for future grants.”

Bullard suggested tabling the matter until their next meeting, so that they could get an answer from VisitFlorida.

When asked by Miller, Lawrence said he had no issue with the other items in the grant.


“I just want to be sure we’re playing by the rules,” he said.

“Absolutely,” Miller told him. “That’s why I presented the memo and attachments to you earlier today.”


Miller said if the council chose to do nothing, they would not be reimbursed by VisitFlorida for any of the funds that have already been expended.


After some heated discussion, where Lawrence said he disagreed with statements being made, he clarified that he was uncomfortable taking funds from the VisitFlorida grant that were earmarked for marketing and using them for operational costs of the tourism center. Brown then made a motion to table the matter until Lawrence heard back from VisitFlorida. Jefferson seconded the motion and it passed by a vote of 3-2 with McKenzie and Miller voting against.


On Monday, May 18, Lawrence advised that he received an e-mail response from the grants team at VisitFlorida regarding use of the $1,000 for operational costs at the tourism center. It stated: “William, be advised that you are correct, in that, the memo is referring to costs that are not an allowable expenditure for the grant program. The allowable costs must be specific to executing marketing programs to publicize the tourism advantages of the state of Florida.”






Citizens of White Springs, you have never believed Joe or I when we discussed the council’s misspending of funds outside of assisting the White Springs Residents.  Here is proof positive from an unbiased source, a Town Manager who is honest and forthright and who the council has not allowed to stick to the budget by reason of the Former Mayor Miller’s spending habits with the assistance of Walter McKenzie to place us in this dire financial situation.  There are two rules in
White Springs, Miller/Mckenzies rules and other government rules.



Karin for the blog