For the last several days most of what Karin has been about Is redacting the resumes and applications of all of the people who have applied for Town Manager here in White Springs. It has been one hell of a job. We hope our readers appreciate the time, thought and energy that went into this endeavor.

She then put together a summary of each applicant’s strengths and weakness as she sees them. I can assure you they are fair and unbiased. All you have to do is take a few minutes and read one of them and then you will be “hooked” on trying to figure out which applicant the town is going to extend its job offer to.

There are lots of good choices with those of less experience receiving a lower recommendation than those with higher or more experience.

We even have a couple of applicants who are presently town managers in the mix. And in a show of courage, one of the applicants even is willing to work as an independent contractor. That means no health insurance or FICA tax removed from his paycheck. Of course that applicant is my favorite. Imagine an applicant who is so convinced he can get White Springs on its feet again that he is willing to do so with no safety net. There is little to lose hiring this guy. What’s the worst that can Happen? He tells us to all go to hell and goes full time to his present job and we are looking for a new town manager, AGAIN.

I digress here. We’ve got lots of good applicants, some willing to work for what we can pay them and some with so much experience we may need to pay them a little extra, if the Council decides to offer them the job.

And again, thanks to Karin for all of her hard work.


The following opinions are mine *Karin A. Griffin) solely and have no reflection on the decisions the Town of White Springs Council Members may make when choosing their Town Manager

Before I start assessing each of the final applicants, I have to say that the Council this year has probably more options than they have ever had.   I, personally am impressed with the final two applicants which seem to fit what White Springs may be looking for.


Based on his extensive resume, appears to be a mover and a shaker and I believe he would be someone who would get us out of the red.  No more crisis management but strategic planning and execution.  There are not many who would dare to be an independent contractor in such circumstances especially with the problems White Springs is currently facing, unless one knew that they could handle the position with utmost performance and certainty.   He also has the appropriate Bachelor’s Degree in accordance with the requirements of our charter.

The resume on his Intro reads as follows: (These entries are usual for resumes but he is the only applicant who has used one)


Financial Stewardship/Staff Administration/ Project Controllership

Demonstrated leader with more than 20 years of experience, directing programs and teams to achieve goas and objectives by ensuring organization standards of performance are developed and met.  Expert at leading the day-to-day operations of facilities and programs including budgeting, human resources and organizational planning.  Results-driven professional with a history of driving decision making and process improvements to boost the bottom line or solve issues.  Excel at directing and coaching teams on responsibilities and policies to ensure procedural compliance.  Seek a management role at an organization that values professional with  proven track record of hard-work, results and dedication.  Currently serving as a Florida Licensed C.A.M. as well as a Professional Guardian with the Florida department of Elder Affairs.


  • Financial Transactions
  • Operations Streamlining
  • Process Improvements
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Business Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management
  • Attention to Detail




I hope that the Council will allow Ms. Tebo to complete an application rather than eliminate her because she did not have the appropriate White Springs Application.   Ms. Tebo not only has a Master of Public Administration but a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an Associate of Arts.  She has not had the experience of a Town Manager but this young lady has the determination to become one and she has handled a variety of duties to serving as a Zoning Technician, Code Enforcement/Licensing Manager, Contracts Coordinator and Technician to be familiar with all facets of City Government.   She needs a chance to move up and although I do not know if this would be a perfect fit with the major complexities White Springs is facing per “the Town is broken” comment by McKenzie, but consideration should be made for her in the future.  At least she warrants an interview as does Mr. Day.



Pam Tomlinson may feel we are picking on her but throughout the blog when the City Employees, other than Anita, have complained about 119 requests, I have mentioned that they need to work in the private sector and they would find that they would be fired and out of the door with their performances.

The only energetic person in the office currently is Anita and the only complaints I have heard about her are from people who basically stated she did her job but did not like her?  Why I do not know but White Springs needs a change and I will be honest, Anita worked in the private sector and follows the rules as well as being extremely considerate to customers on the phone and in person. To some of you who complain as if this is the Old South, Shame on you.  It is time to do things in the manner other Cities are handling things without petty discrimination if that is what it is.  And the sad part is no one is willing to train Anita so that she can be promoted within.

What I wish is for the Council to read is what Ms. Tebo has done as a City Clerk.  You will have to agree that she places our employees to shame.

As I offered, Anita and I could straighten up the ordinance mess and we would not need to have an attorney do the work unless it was absolutely necessary.  Ms. Tebo proved that point.  Ms. Tebo not only was responsible for all public record requests but she performed research for inquiries from the public, council and staff.  She also answered questions regarding city processes.

Pam and Shirley prior (as Helen Miller indicated) made the complaints that they could not get their jobs done because of all the public records requests; yet most of these requests were declined, no paperwork, etc to find later there is paperwork.  Joe had some 44 requests answered in 2014 and because of your complaints ladies Helen Miller made the comment that there were some 20,000 requests for the period Joe has lived here.

Public records requests are part of your job ladies but just like you would not like for me to volunteer my time, you would not wish to show Anita anything either because she is a threat because of her ambition.  If the town would be transparent, which Rhett is starting to offer with at least two other members of the council, then we would not require public records requests.  Anyway Ms. Tebo puts your performances to shame and then you complain that we are picking on you and that Joe is such a bad man.  Well Ladies, there is no other way than to say it like it is “You need to get your shit together or move on down the road” because your performance and as slow as you move especially Pam, it may take you hours to make it to the front from your office.   There are others who have commented on this because there is definite lack of efficiency that needs to be addressed. And Pam you need a better disposition when dealing with people.  Perhaps Anita could teach you.


Karin for the blog.


The following opinions are mine *Karin A. Griffin) solely and have no reflection on the decisions the Town of White Springs Council Members may make when choosing their Town Manager


is currently the General Manager/CEO of the Third Taxing District which has 4,000 customers and 12 employees with a three member Board of Commissioners. At a current salary of $151,000 and a desire to return back to the southeastern part of US.

Mr. Smith has been an experienced General Manager and CEO mainly with electric water, wastewater, and overall utility operations.  He would be an excellent fit for a bit larger city; perhaps Ocala or Valdosta or even working for Duke Energy.  I have no doubt he can manage and has an extensive background in utilities; however, we need someone familiar with not only running a utility company.

Mr. Smith has just started the current position in 2012 and his prior General Manager/CEO position at College Park Power for which he worked less than two years ended because of contract issues.  He also worked as the Utility Director, promoted to Interim City Manager from 12/2001 to 7/2010 at a salary of $105,000.

His statement “my background includes extensive experiences in collaborative board/management relationships in a diverse and multicultural environment, developing and implementing short and long range strategic plans, establishing internal and external municipal customer focused communication and outreach programs, developing and implementing utility based sustainability initiatives, established economic development incentive based utility rates, attracting and retaining senior-level management talent and establishing sound fiscal policy  with emphasis on GAAP and GASB/FERC based budgeting and accounting along with short and long term municipal bond financing and grant funding administration”

With his credentials, I believe he would be looking for a position more comparable to what he is currently doing; Why the move so soon after starting in 2012? I really could not gather that but there is no way we could offer the type of salary he is asking.  All utilities represented revenues from $12 million to $100,000 million which would support that type of salary with employees from 12-30.

With his statement” On a personal note, my wife and I are extremely excited about returning back to the South to enjoy all it has to offer.  We have had the pleasure of experiencing southern life for 12+ years and are excited to do it again!”   I am fearful this is just a stepping stone to something better.

He had employees previously to do the actual work but if he wished to do the accounting, and the town manager position, then we could be at least half of his salary requirement.  



wrote “I am writing to convey my heartfelt interest in the position of Town Manager, White Springs, Florida.  I have researched the geography, demographic composition, crime statistics and economic development potential of White Springs and the surrounding area and I’m impressed by the town’s efficient operation of public works and cooperative spirit between departments.  I am equally impressed, however, by White Springs’ investment in improving the quality of life of its citizens.”

Mr. Stanley has also written that he has had meaningful exposure to industrial and residential development, water resource and waste water management and community revitalization including knowledge of alternative sources of funding such as bonding, grant acquisition and Tax Increment Financing.”

He currently lives in IA and is familiar with Midwestern Laws.  His reason for leaving his Chief of Police Position which was only started in 2014 is “Seeking Greater Opportunities”.   FYI he is currently making $59,000 and I am not certain what he has read ab out White Springs other than possibly the articles on Helen Miller for most of which are either pie in the sky or failed programs, in my opinion. Nevertheless his handwriting shows that he is aggressive and has the ability to secure what he seeks…so you be the Judge on this but I would worry about these statements being similar to a salesperson’s fluff.  But, apparently White Springs looks good on line.  If he looked on line, did he really look at the financials and how some of the areas are handled?  I think not.

It may be mentioned that the Job he worked for in WI prior to moving to Iowa had an annual salary of $2,000 less as Chief of police and he lasted one year to move out of the area.  Since he spent 32 years as a California Highway Patrol with an annual salary of $128,000, he is looking for the perfect job to retire in and White Springs looks progressive to him.  How long will he last when he finds out and realizes this area of the south is definitely not as welcoming as the Midwest?

He would have to take not only the Town Manager position but like Townsend handle the Wastewater position to make the salary he wishes.


  1.  is available for interview but asks that he be a serious consideration for the position before a local disruption in Lake Placid is caused by the Town’s investigation. He also understood that his application is a public record.

This man is extremely talented and is famous because his criminal investigations.  He was interviewed and featured in a TV episode “Crime Stories: on the Biography Channel and in 2015 a television show “Twisted” featured one of the cases he was involved with.  With polography, fingerprinting, crime scene and forensics as well as being a Fireman, EMT, and four Masters, One Bachelors and one Associate Degree, I am curious why he is applying for a position here.

He apparently has lived in Lake Placid FL responsible for 42+ in staff members and preparing materials for the Town Council.  He believes in a responsive and accessible Town Hall Government and he has hired Department Heads and disciplined them in the quest for accountability.  He has applied for and received grants, etc.

His resume has all the right perks but again, he started as the Town Administrator in Lake Placid in February 2013.  What makes him want to leave the area when it is obvious he is well liked, probably makes a salary to commiserate with the size of Lake Placid and he is relatively famous.  Is he striving for more money?   This one I am a loss at.






Karin’s Opinions are not that of the Town of White Springs but here they are on the Town Applicants thus far.

The following opinions are mine *Karin A. Griffin) solely and have no reflection on the decisions the Town of White Springs Council Members may make when choosing their Town Manager.


Firstly, I had provided an applicant Profile for Mr. Charles Douglas Westberry, who not only was a City Manager but a City/County Manager with Water and Wastewater background.  Mr. Westberry has since retracted his application due to his having received another opportunity which based upon his skills set, many could use his expertise.DROPPED



DROPPED  DON AMUNDSMr. Amunds has an amazing resume as you can see for yourself.  His 10 year term as commissioner has ended and we would be very fortunate to have a man of his caliber working in the Town of White Springs as Manager. Prior to that he was part of the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office in a Civilian position working with various law enforcement agencies as well as having been a previous deputy.  Mr. Amunds also owns and manages his own real estate property in Mary Esther FL.

There may be three problems mainly associated with distance  (1) Will his spouse consider moving to White Springs after living in Ft. Walton Beach?  He was uncertain at the time he spoke with Joe    (2) Since he owns and manages property in Mary Esther, could he move to White Springs and still manage the property?  (3)   As a commissioner he made substantially more money than offered; however, he has had three other positions if averaged would be in the range of just under Bill’s previous salary;   I am certain he had benefits for his spouse, which White Springs does not provide.  Personally I would not wish to move so far from friends and family for a level salary based upon average salaries which started in 1988-present.


  1. SCOTT TIFTON – Mr. Tifton has a Master’s in Public Administration (2013) and a Bachelor of Public Administration (2012). Here is a man who spent 30 years as a Florida Highway Patrol, 8 years of which he was a supervisor. He then goes back to school and earns his Master’s Degree in Public Administration so that he may be a successful town manager.  His resume is exemplary and I hope that someone has informed him that in order to be considered, an actual application needs to be completed.

He is honest, a problem solver, enjoys order, planning and learning from others.  He wishes to provide the “best possible” service.  His wife loves crafts and quilting and is a stay at home mom.  White Springs however, will have to face a few road blocks to hire this man.  (1)  Insurance for him, his spouse and son. (2) He believes in a working in an environment without “traditional” performance evaluations preferring previews to reviews.  Although it is rare for a manager to even give traditional reviews in White Springs, there is not a determination ever as to whether raises are warranted.  Some are making salaries well above that which is the norm for the job; one similar or close to Bill’s previous salary but we are uncertain whether any proficiency is shown but anger alone even at co-workers.  (3) A new person with his background will see right through the non-workers but since he has stated he believes a “resonant workplace”.  How will White Springs manage that?   I have no fear that Rhett and Willy would fit into his belief but Walter, Pam and Helen, I certainly am not certain of.  Other than Anita greeting the customers, there is not a lot of harmony in the office.  One dreads going there except for council meetings where Rhett is the star (4)  He has a son that requires two badges to become an Eagle Scout. White Springs does not have a program, although Lake City may.   Also many people state they would never wish to bring their children or grandchildren in White Springs and it is not only because of the Schooling. (5) What can White Springs really offer someone so dynamic with an intelligent family?  (6)  Although his wife quilts and would be great in the quilt trail, will the Camel Club wives turn them off of the town forever.  The Council needs to stop this almost RICO activity and treat all people fairly and equally.  I am not certain such friendships extended to Mrs. Lawrence and we do not wish to scare off a great applicant but the applicant must really decide if we are to be the ones  (7)  Will the Council follow the Law and the Charter so that a new Town manager can do his job?   (8) Although he does not have practical Town Manager experience, he has knowledge of the way towns should be run.  He also is a problem solver so will the Town explain that there are no retained earnings, that the sewer system needs to be replaced, that the sewer and water rates support the general fund, etc. and see whether he thinks he will be able to solve the problem? He currently believes in “green solutions” and smart road technology for which we do not have funds.  (9) He may have school loans.  Will we be able to pay him enough to provide him a standard of living he is used to?  (10)  What is his five year plan?.  Are we a stepping stone for him to leave in one year?


KAREN D. HEYSE – has a Master’s Degree in Management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  Karen has longevity with her respective employers and has been promoted from within.  My concern is that although she has the experience to impact employees raising the bar, she has no Town Manager experience.  Although she was the Section Manager/Environmental Supervisor for Orange County Utilities Water Department, she has not undertaken a Town Manager position and is leaving only because Pinellas County shut down the entire office of business support  (1)  given the problems associated with White Springs, will she consider the position?  (2) What is her plan for a five year period?  Will she leave if she gets another opportunity that pays more money or offers better benefits?  She is excellent at managing staff and projects as well as strategic planning for organizational development but what we need in White Springs is far more!  She has to place together a plan which if accepted by the council, may be workable.  But again, she has to know about the problems.  We have misspent for years and I am uncertain if even our accounting records are correct.  We rob from Peter to pay Paul and screw up grant money for which Karen Heyse is familiar with handling grants.


HOPE E. HICKA – Hope has a Master’s of Public Administration but no practical experience.  Currently she and siblings live with their Mom and Dad.  Only one brother works outside of the home.  (1) Would she consider the move to White Springs to be on her own; much less interview?  (2) Unlike Karen D. Heyse, Hope E. Hicka has not been promoted from within but seems to have changed jobs frequently; all with new entities.  Will she change jobs the first time a better opportunity comes up?   (3)  Again with Hope, the council must advise her of the problems and ask whether she has an idea of how to resolve these issues?   (4)  What is her five year plan?


We have so many diverse personalities for which the ultimate Town Manager will have to satisfy all..  We have a brilliant young attorney as our Mayor;  We have the longest standing councilmember as our vice mayor who believes what happens thirty years ago is still good today.  We have the former Mayor who doesn’t tell the same story twice and who is on some power trip thus loving telling others what to do.  We have a good councilman, who previously did not do a lot when he was on the council prior but is trying to do what he can for the citizens now and is trying to come up with innovative ideas.  We have a female council person who we are not sure what her agenda is but she obviously does not understand a lot which she hears.   So it will take one helleuva of a Manager to cut costs and take us out of the red while making all the council persons happy but most importantly the Citizens happy.  The council better ask the correct questions this time.




Before I provide Mr. Day’s resume for the position of Town Manager of White Springs, I must advise you of Mr. Day’s Proposal to the Mayor and Town Councilmembers.  This is one of the most innovative proposals I have seen and falls in line with the Council’s consideration of a professional manager prior to hiring Mr. Lawrence.

Currently Mr. Day serves as the Town Manager of Greenville, Florida.  He enjoys the position and has no intention of leaving that position.  However, he still believes that he could be of assistance to the Town of White Springs as the Town Manager.

Mr. Day truly believes Performance is the most important part of this position and not tying the position to hours.   Mr. Day states: “As you all know City/Town Managers are called upon to deal with situations as they arise.  This includes evenings and weekends.  But many of the duties that a Manager is responsible for are taken care of electronically in today’s world.  I would not want you to think by this statement that I would not be in Town Hall on a daily basis because I would.”

Since the issues he faces currently in Greenville are very similar to those which occur in White Springs, Mr. Day has suggested the Town make him an independent contractor for the Town. Under these circumstances he would not have retirement or health benefits that the rest of the Town’s employees enjoy.  “It also gives the Town greater flexibility in removing the Town Manager without any type of personnel actions.”



  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 1988
  • Associate of Science in Administration, Roger Williams University, Bristol RI
  • Florida Licensed Community Association Manager #CAM39746
  • Florida Certified C.J.S.T.C. Instructor
  • Florida Certified Guardian
  • Certified Police Officer in Rhode Island & Florida


  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Flawless Audit 2002,2004, 2006 and 2008
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Award for Outstanding Performance
  • Lions Club Police Officer of the Year
  • American Legion Medal of Valor
  • Providence City Council Certificate
  • Department Commendations (Four)



Boys Head Soccer Coach Oasis Middle School’ Cape Coral Soccer Association Coach; Member of Southwest Florida Police Chiefs Association; Certified Criminal Justice Standards and Training Instructor; Florida Training Center Director Association; Metropolitan Planning Organization; Southwest Florida League of Cities; Cape Coral Transportation Authority Committee; Little League Baseball Coach; Edison College Criminal Justice Advisory Board.

  • Town Manager, Town of Greenville, Greenville, FL responsible for Budget, Personnel, Water, Sewer, Parks, Garbage Removal, Economic Development and Cemetery; grant writing and proposal as well as having made important recommendations in the CDBG application which will prove to be vital. (Currently)
  • Director, SOUTHWEST FLORIDA PUBLIC SERVICE ACADEMY, Fort Myers, FL- managerial, operational and administrative duties as well as establishing standards of performance for all staff members across counties such as Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades; Developed and managed an adopted budget of $4 million-plus; supervised and trained 140 full and part-time staff including law enforcement, firefighter, and corrections officers; achieved numerous perfect financial audits and performance audits; Led all human resource functions including coaching, evaluating, hiring and firing. (2002-2012)
  • City Councilman/ Mayor Pro-Tem CITY OF CAPE CORAL, Cape Coral, FL – established and modified goals and objectives; response to constituent requests for information, assistance with problem resolution; formulated policies, developed programs and sponsored laws to solve current and future issues; Instrumental in leading large-scale land use change to attract businesses to the area   (2000-2009) 163,000 residents and 1,600 full time employees as an official elected to serve two consecutive terms. Total annual budget of more than $500 million as well as set the tax levy.
  • Regional Field Representative FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, Fort Myers, FL – liaison for law enforcement agencies with a focus on implementing administrative and leadership processes to improve operation; created the Marco Island Police Department, drafting policies, procedures and execution schedule; Developed and implemented new programs for collecting, using and verifying criminal justice data; led management studies and surveys of criminal justice program to identify improvement areas; supervised new hire training and certification of more than 5,000 officers and reviewed all records to ensure compliance with federal and state laws (1997-2002)
  • Police Officer CITY OF PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND, Providence RI – served numerous roles including Patrol Office, Organized Crime Division Office and Administrator directly working with the Police Chief to establish policies and procedures – received numerous awards and commendations including Lion’s Club Police officer of the year for saving 16 people in a burning home fire and the American Legion Medal of Valor. (1985-1996)
  • Police Officer STATE OF RHODE ISLAND PARK POLICE, RI – uniform patrol duties across state parks, beaches and campgrounds. (1983-1985)






  • Associate of Arts Seminole Community College Sanford, FL 1991
  • Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, University of FL, Gainesville, FL 1993
  • Masters of Public Administration 1996



International Institute of Municipal Clerks; Florida Association of City Clerks; National Notary Association.

  • City clerk, CITY OF DeBARY – hr Director performing all human resource management, functions and benefit administration from April 2005.’ 2014 Prepared all agendas and related materials for City Council and City Board/Committee meetings; Assisted in the drafting, advertising, presentation, execution and recording of all City ordinances and resolutions; Supervised the codification of ordinances; Responsible for city website maintenance and webcasting of all Council meetings; Supervised Municipal elections and qualifying candidates; Responsible for public records Requests; Performed research for inquiries from the public, Council and Staff; Answered questions regarding city processes, City Charter, Code of Ordinances, Land Development Code and applicable FL Statutes; Served as RMLO for city during entire tenure; developed and implemented records, management procedures, implemented a city wide records management plan last year; Trained city staff on public records law and State retention guidelines; Served as acting City Manager during manager’s absence; Assisted in Development of the City’s budget; Served as staff liaison to the Historic Preservation Advisory Board and the Charter Review Committee (April 2005-May 2015)
  • Zoning Technician, Volusia County, Growth & Resource Management Dept – reviewed building permit application for zoning compliance; maintained variance, rezoning and special exception files and processed applications; provided information to the public regarding the Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Code (October 2004-April 2005).
  • Code Enforcement/Licensing Manager – City of Sanford, Planning & Community Development Dept. – directed daily operations of code enforcement & licensing divisions; prepared annual budget for division; Interviewed and hired for the department; Supervised four officers and one secretary; prepared and presented agenda items to the City Commission and Code Board; Prepared ordinances; Proposed monthly condemnations to the City Commission and coordinated entire process with Building Official; Inspected properties for minimum housing standards; Coordinated community functions and represented the City during special events. Served as acting department director in his absence.  Laid off in January 2004 due to a reduction in force. (July 2000- January 2004)
  • Contracts Coordinator, City of Sanford Planning & Community Development Dept. – Processed applications for various grant programs; Provided client outreach and referrals to other agencies; Prepared monthly reporting to grantee agencies; Prepared work orders for rehabilitation projects and interfaced with contractors (October 1996-March 1998)




BS Boston University Business Administration/Accounting and Certificate for Public Utility Management University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth

  • General Manager/CEO -Third Taxing District Norwalk CT Overall administration and operation of utility generating approximately $12 million in revenue with 4,000 customers and 12 employees. Assumed leadership and management of a $9.million substation sub-station construction project. Left to return to the southeastern part of the U. S.  (Salary $151,000.) July 2012 to the present.


  • General Manager/CEO Frankfort Plant Board, Frankfort KY – responsible for electric, water, wastewater and cable/telecommunications for utility. Overall control with oversight from a 5 member board of Directors.  Utility generates approximately $100. Million in revenues for 10,000 customers and 230 administrative and operational employees.(Salary $135,000 (July 2010 to March 2012)


  • Utility Director and promoted to Interim City Manager, College Park Power, College Park GA – Oversaw municipal electric & water utility which generated approximately $25. Million in revenue with 17,000 customers and 30 employees as Utility Director. As Interim City Manager, based on unanimous vote of City Council took control of overall responsibilities of city with direct supervision of 15 department heads and approximately 475 administrative and operational employees with a total operating budget of approximately $125 million (City Manager January 2008-July 2009)  (Utility Manager  December 2001-January 2008; July 2009 – July 2010)


  • CEO General Manager Middleborough Gas and Electric, Middleborough MA General Manager (1997 to 2001)  Chief Financial Officer (1983-1997)



  • American Public Power Association – Public Power Executive designation (APPA)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award – Civic Contributions to the City ofCollege Park, GA as Interim City Manager
  • Numerous awards received from gas and electric utility organizations for participation in training programs, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Current interests: golfing, reading, gardening, walking and furniture refinishing. Active in local Chamber of Commerce, various Economic Development Organizations, Rotary Club and  various other local charitable organizations.

Professional memberships:

  • Board of Directors – Kentucky Municipal Utility Authority
  • Board of Directors Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Municipal Electric Authority of GA Electric Cities of GA – voting delegate
  • Board of Directors Public Utilities Risk Management Association
  • Board of Directors – Northeast Public Power Association
  • Board of Directors – Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Authority
  • American Water Works Association
  • Presenter/Speaker AWWA –Louisville KY






Bachelor’s Degree University of San Francisco; School of Police Staff and Command Completion Certification Northwestern University Evanston IL; Florida Real Estate License FL Dept. of Business and Professional Regulations; Private Pilot 04 Federal Aviation Administration; continuing education in leadership principles.  He is currently becoming credentialed with the International City/County Management Association.


  • Chief of Police City of University Heights Iowa – Direct, coordinate and oversee all departmental procedures, practices and activities; develop annual budget, long range plans, objectives and policies; evaluate employee performance; monitor and evaluate effectiveness and responsiveness of Police Department (October 2014 to Present – $59,000 annual salary – seeking greater opportunities)


  • Chief of Police; valuate employee performance. (Oct 2013-Oct 2014)


  • Sergeant – California Highway Patrol (06/1981-09/2013 $128,000 annually))Supervised, responsible for providing patrol, traffic, investigations, community regulations, training and special duty activities and evaluate employee performance. Retired



  1. 1981 Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, Indian River Community College, Ft. Pierce, FL (Major Law Enforcement; 1993 Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies, Barry University, Miami FL  (Major Psychology); 1995 Southern Police Institute Administrative Officer’s Course 93rd A.O.C. University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; 1997 Master of Science Degree in Business Management, Florida Institute of Technology; 1999 Completed three additional Masters’ Degree level public administration courses at Florida Atlantic University in Palm Beach in Public Personnel Management, Budgeting and Administrative Law to round off Master’s Degree Education in Business.
  • Town Administrative Lake Placid. FL – leadership of 42+ town staff members with responsibilities in Town Administration (Town Clerk, Finance, Legal and Planning) Police Services, Recreation Services, Utility Services (Water and Wastewater) and Public Works Services. Further responsibilities have included development of a responsive and accessible Town Hall Government; preparation of Town Council materials; maintain accountable work relation with each Town Council members in a potentially volatile political environment. Has worked as a Risk Manager by working closely with the Town without the insurance company, guiding the town through at least four lawsuits.  Hired Department heads and disciplined Department heads in the quest for accountability. (February 2013 to present)


  • Police Chief Lake Placid FL – The position included leadership of a town police department within city containing approximately 2,200 residents and a daytime population of around 8,000 due to three public schools, three private schools, a community college and 300 businesses. The Police Department  was responsible for Code Enforcement and the School Crossing Guard Program in addition to law enforcement.    Williams was a “hands-on” Police Chief and helped out in several ways that larger city Chiefs would not be able to do (i.e. certified as a Crime Scene Tech and recognized as an expert in fingerprints); Still serve as the Town’s representative for Emergency Management and facilitate event planning; NIMS compliance in other areas; He is a certified Emergency Medical Technician and attended basic Firefighter training and became certified to better understand how the police could work with and help the Fire Department. (January 2001 to February 2013)


  • Lieutenant/Captain in Professional Standards and Community Relations Division, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. The department employed 450 employees for a population of more than 100,000 in Indian River County.  He supervised eight person unit which accomplished Professional Service Supervision and Community Services Supervision (three person crime prevention unit).   (1992-December 2000)


  • Criminal Investigations, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office – conducted criminal investigations which included the full range of crime from burglaries and thefts to drug investigations and at least ten murders as the leading investigator. Two books were written about  murder investigations he conducted and was involved one by Ann Rule entitled “You Belong tome”.  He has been interviewed and featured in a TV episode “Crime Stories” on the Biography Channel; Also trained in polygraphy, fingerprint science, crime scene and forensics.  He prepared and wrote and executed numerous legal documents such as search warrants.  He has trained others how to investigate crime.(1981-1992)


  • 1974-1981 Uniform Patrol









B.A. Major:  Criminal Justice; Minor:  Business, Troy University   – Law Enforcement Academy for State Standards 1988, Northwest Florida College as well as continuing education.

  • Commissioner Okaloosa County FL (setting county budgets; created managed policies procedures; communications with public and media; served as chairman three years and vice chair two years- 11/2004 to 11/2014
  • Florida Special Olympics – created partnerships with other non-profit organizations and business; restructured program; organized regional and county games – part time position 08/2011-10/2013 – asked to work full time but did not have the time.
  • Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office – civilian position (intel and identities/ data share program) worked with other agencies and the IT department; compared identities; combining data from the law enforcement agency 12/2006-03/2009
  • Deputy/Investigator Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office – Dispatch; patrol; report writing; investigations; created fugitive task force; worked task force with U.S. Marshal’s Office and FBI; court services; warrants; testified in court cases; All other duties associated with law enforcement 01/1988 – 11/2014
  • Owner/President of the Eagle’s Nest of NWF; Developed, built and now manage rental units which are owned and managed by the applicant personally. Began managing rentals in 1990 and are still managing them today.
  • US Army, Ft. Benning, GA; Airborne Infantry


  • Relocated and built $50 million Waste Water Facility Plant while creating a county park in the old location
  • Created Airport Police Department saving county $500,000 yearly
  • Completed $13 Million Beach Restoration
  • Planned, approved, designed and built new $25,332,583 Courthouse
  • Planned, approved design and built new $754,152 County Extension Buildding
  • Worked with numerous state and federal agencies through local TPO for overpass at Hurlburt Field and the North and South end of State Road 123
  • Worked on expanding the industrial park at the Crestview Airport
  • Worked with BP and the federal government for oil spill recovery, financially and environmentally
  • Initiated Gulfcoast Marine Life Center on Okaloosa Island
  • Worked on over $145,000 in Capital projects borrowing money both commercially and using the bond process
  • Kept tax millage rate one of the lowest in the State
  • Kept county debt ratio; one of the lowest in the State





  1. Masters of Public Administration (2013); Graduated Summa Com Laude, Barry University, South Miami, FL; Bachelor of Public Administration (2012) Graduated Cum Laude; Flagler College, Saint Augustine, FL; Associate of Arts (General) Brevard Community College, Cocoa, FL

  • Florida Highway Patrol, Tallahassee/Miami/Titusville/Cocoa/Palatka/St. Augustine, FL – Master State Trooper/Corporal/Sergeant 8 years of supervisory experience   09/05/1983-12/31/2013
  • United States Army, Fort Bragg, NC – served as military policeman and enforced military laws on military bases – Earned numerous awards including but not limited to Expert Marksmanship Medal; Humanitarian Service Medal; Good Conduct Medal and Honorably Discharged



  • SME IN Emergency Management Procedures
  • SME in Florida State Statutes and enabling legislation
  • Over 30 years of experience in FL as Law Enforcement Officer
  • Outgoing communicator, with a vision for local government success
  • Skilled in media/public relations
  • Attentive to detail


  • Productivity Improvement/Public Sector
  • Public Planning/Growth Management
  • Leadership/Public Purpose Organizations
  • Public Law Administration
  • Public Financial Administration
  • Emergency Management
  • Accounting for Public Administrators
  • Grant Writing and Finance Development
  • Public HR Administration
  • Public Policy Evaluation and Administration
  • Theories, Principles and Practices in Administration
  • Research Methods/ Applied Research Methodologies
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Program Evaluation
  • Politics in the United States
  • Principles of Public Relations

Mrs. Tipton holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration and enjoys sewing, quilting and crafty things as well as taking care of her boys.  She will be a perfect member to join the Quilt Trail. His son Andrey is two badges away from Eagle Scout.




Master’s Degree, Management, University of Phoenix, Tucson, AZ; Bachelor’s Degree, Business Management, University of Phoenix, Orlando, FL; Toastmasters International, ACS


  • Manager of Office of Business Support – Department of Environment and Infrastructure, Pinellas County Government, Clearwater, FL, Pinellas County shutdown the entire office of Business Support (a department of 23 employees). ; Manager of staff; Information Management for technology support and data management; Organizational Development; Organizational Performance Management; Emergency Preparedness; Human Resources Support; Safety Training and Accounts Payable; Represented BCC on the Technology Steering Cooperate; HP Grievance Panel Committee; RFP Selection Committee for FMLA; Short/Long Term Disability contact and other committees; 2013- 6/27/2015
  • Manager/Director of Training, HR and Organizational Development – Human Resources; Tucson Electric Power, Tucson, AZ – Standardized the learning and development procedure of the organization; Designer and implementer of various instructional leadership and employee development programs (including materials, handouts, workbooks, survey/evaluations, etc.} 2005-2012
  • University of Phoenix – Online Program – Faculty/Instructor for online college courses in Business and Organizational Ethics 2008-Current
  • President and Managing Member – Definitive Management Solutions, LLC, Orlando FL – Directed and managed software engineer consulting company; Developed communication programs to enhance business development. Developed and managed budget, payroll, contracts and employees. 2001-2005
  • Section Manager/Environmental Supervisor, Utilities Water Department 2003-2005; Orange County Board of County Commissioners, Orlando FL   1985-2005


  • Managed safety, human resources, customer service, training and procurement
  • Extensive knowledge of internal and external communication strategies
  • Planned and implemented seminars/workshops for the community & water industry (curriculum development)
  • Served as Public information Coordinator working in close collaboration with local media in routine matters and during hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne on special Assignment to the Debris Removal Task
  • Provided divisional reports, records management, division newsletter, crises/emergency plan, public communication program, human resource management; administrative support and customer service;
  • Developed the section’s policies and procedures, justified and administered the section’s budget;
  • Coordinated the promotion of debris removal activities by citizens as formulated by government leaders
  • Collaborated with local media in developing and delivering Public Service Announcements and on air interviews
  • Directed the delivery of emergency notifications to the public and employees prepared logical needs assessment and delivery plans before and during actual emergencies.
  • Guided staffing efforts from recruitment to training and development
  • Developed training for staff to enhance customer service improvements


*Utilities Supervision/Public Information Officer, Utilities Department 2001-2003

* Project Administrator, Utilities Water Department  1992-2001

* Customer Service Supervisor, Utilities Water Department   1989-1992

* Accounting Clerk II, Comptroller Department  1985-1989



  • Possesses over 25 year in professional management positions of both people and projects
  • Adept in all aspects of planning and managing the needs of customer service, information technology, process improvement, organizational performance management, leadership training and numerous others.
  • Key player recognized for effective collaboration with leadership both in the public and private sectors
  • Successful in developing mentorship programs, employee development plans and succession planning
  • Excellent team player and ability to perform tasks effectively under pressure
  • Proficient in the assessing, developing and implementing of technology improvements, customer service programs, media relationships, performance management, leadership development and others
  • Received numerous awards at the local, state, and national levels for recognition of various projects.


Masters of Public Administration (December 2009) University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL; Master of Science, Criminal Justice University of Central FL; (August 2006); Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (December 2004, University of Central Florida (December 2004). Certified Public Manager Florida State University (August 2014; Certificate in Supervisory Management, Florida State University (August 2013)

  • Osceola County Department of CorrectionsPublic Information Officer/Spokesperson – Acts as a liaison between the Department and the media to provide the public with timely and accurate information  (August 2014-Present)
  • POLK County Sheriff’s Office – Senior Research Analyst – collecting and analyzing data and statistics relevant to the law enforcement community. (October 2011-August 2014)
  • Epic Worldwide, Inc. – Paralegal – brokerage firm compiled due diligence to deposit stock certificates; legal research for lead lawyer; customer service (June 2010-October 2011)
  • Protocol Translation and International Services Account Supervisor arranging interpretation and translation services for individuals requiring them for legal and medical appointments. Answered inquiries from clients and patients via phone or in person.  (May 2009-June 2010)
  • University of Central Florida – Graduate Research Assistant – College of Public Administration – assisted professors in reviewing academic literature for their use in original research; Developed Surveys; Coded and entered survey data into statistical analysis software for research purposes. (August 2007-May 2008)


  • Honor Society Member for Phi Kappa Phi Academic and PI Alpha Alpha Public Administration; Delta Epsilon IOTA Academic; Merit Fellowship Recipient- twice- University of Central Florida ; Florida Bright Futures Merit Scholarship Recipient; Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation – Four Year Scholar.
  • Dean’s Graduate Student Leadership Council – University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs – Criminal Justice Graduate Representative – chosen by the faculty to be the sole representative for their graduate program. Provides Dean with regular briefings regarding student concerns and program updates.



FTU Certificate


You may ask why it is so important to find out whether Helen B. Miller actually has a PhD.  You can see there is no consistency as to what her doctorate is in, but most importantly, I believe what is good for the gander is good for the goose.


The April 21, 2014 edition of the Jasper News and the Internet Article which proceeded it stated:  “Further background checks on Griffin revealed that FTU had no record of Griffin being enrolled in the school from 1966-1970 and that they do not offer a bachelor of chemistry degree.  FTU also advised that the school was not established until 1982, reports state”


Joe’s statement given to a TV Station which the Town called went on another internet site and servicemen stated such things as they earned all their awards in one year; some as little as eight months.  Others stated that all information on the DD-214’s do not include everything; that is why Joe said, he didn’t have the right DD-214 and he always admitted that his record was expunged and the circumstances thereof,  so many in the Town already knew that but attacked him for it anyway. 

But most importantly, military veterans have had the same types of problems with their information and the reason the veterans chose to not believe Joe was because THEY SAID JOE LIED ABOUT HIS SCHOOLING WITH FTU.

A further comment stated that a Lieutenant/Aviator in the US Navy (Not the reserve) and being a Public Affairs officer was a great career in itself without adding awards.  Not everyone that does not attend the academy gets augmented into the US Navy.   But of course the Mayor’s blog known as the Jasper News/Suwannee Democrat would never make a retraction about FTU because the Town, specifically Helen Miller, wanted to get the Griffins to silence the blog once and for all and place both Griffins in Prison.


As it is, while I have been writing this article for the Blog, Joe contacted the Alumni Affairs Office for the University of TX and they stated she completed her Bachelors, Masters and Phd in Technologies Management in 1980.  So there you have it.  Also, there was no mention of any minor coursework which she claimed in economic development associated with her degree.

Karin for the Blog




Dr. Helen B. Miller

Dr. Helen B. Miller is Mayor of the historic Town of White Springs – Florida’s Original Tourist Destination during the early 1900’s.  Dr. Miller is the first woman elected mayor in the 125 year history of White Springs.   Prior to being elected mayor in April 2000, Dr. Miller’s work experience included both the public and private sectors.  While completing her graduate work at UT-Austin, she was an instructor in Management and Business Communications at St. Edward’s University in Austin TX. Following graduate school, Dr. Miller worked for Exxon USA and Exxon Production Research  Co in Houston, TX.  She became the first Advanced Technology Coordinator for the Texas Economic Development Commission (Austin, TX) and served as the Director of the Technology Business Development Division of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A & M University System (College Station TX).  Dr. Miller was recruited by the National Center for Manufacturing Systems (Ann Arbor, MI) where she served as Director of the State and Institutional Relations and later was Director of Development for the society of Manufacturing Engineers (Dearborn MI).

Dr. Miller was awarded her PhD by the University of Texas at Austin, her major field of study – Management of Technology, additional concentration in Organization Theory and Behavior and Regional Economics.  (DOES SHE REALLY HAVE A PhD ?  THERE ARE NO MINORS IN DOCTORATE STUDIES)

Dr. Miller is a Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute, The University of Texas at Austin.  She was a Founding Director and first elected President of the Texas Technology Transfer Association and the Founding Director of the Texas Innovation Network System.

Having retired with her husband Edward A. Miller to White Springs several years ago, Dr. Miller became involved in her community as a volunteer after local juveniles broke into their home while they were on vacation.  Recognizing the far-ranging needs of the community, Dr. Miller and her husband decided to apply their time and experience to developing and implementing a master plan for the revitalization of the historic Town of White Springs.