Councilman helps Son get away with thefts

Coretta Udell

We received an anonymous tip after receiving this post…..and  if this tip is authentic it relates what Coretta posted about one of White Springs Councilman who with his son broke into Coretta’s house for the fifth time.  The councilman tried to get the pawn shop owner to get rid of the stolen items his son took to the pawn shop and as a result he could be in trouble himself.

First he doesn’t give a damned about what other’s pay in sewer and water bills and is paid by the citizens to support them.  Now he steals even more from the citizens?   No wonder we need the sheriff’s department, our police department keep protecting those who do these despicable deeds.

This same councilman has done other things to help his friends at the expense of the citizens tax dollars.  I cannot believe how crooked White Springs is.  When it came to Joe, who never stole a dime from anyone, but rather gave to many causes and people along the way, they wanted him in for fraud and me also in prison.  Let me guess, somehow the councilman will get out of this as well because obviously the Town can do anything they wish and the police department of White Springs obviously turns a blind eye because nothing has been done about the drug problem and the subsequent thefts to get drugs.  And they call us bad people.

Merry Christmas White Spring and a Happy New Year ….you should be so very proud of the officials, four of which are a pack of liars in my opinion.  I feel badly for Rhett but I can no longer go to council meetings and listen to the angelic rhetoric which stinks of high heaven.  I’m sure Koberlein and the State’s attorney will get any official and their family members off in the same way they managed to cover up Townsend’s transgressions.


Karin Griffin for the blog


We, the Town, needed to take money out of the Enterprise (read Sewer) account to Prop up the General Fund. This statement was made in Late September when we finalized our budget for the coming (this) year.  The Bogus Budget called for over $59000. to be taken out of your sewer bills to make the General fund (salaries, etc.) viable.

We’re now two months into the new year and no money has been needed to Prop Up the General Fund. What that means is that each of us has paid more than $30.00 into the Sewer Fund for NOTHING.

IT ISN’T NEEDED  AND WE HAVEN’T SPENT IT. Two thoughts: Number 1 is that new town manager Tebo has been doing an excellent job at keeping costs down. Number 2, as I argued in front of the Council and was told to sit down and shut up, the $59,000 plus funds wasn’t needed. Exactly what I said. WE COULD HAVE LOWERED SEWER BILLS FOR OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER BUT WILLY AND TANJA WOULDN’T LET US, wouldn’t hear of it.

Shame on them and on us for allowing these two crooks to steal our money for no good purpose except to follow a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” pattern of budgeting. I tell you, they like Pam, do not have our best interest at heart. They love the status quo because then they don’t have to think about the citizens (especially the Poor) they allegedly represent.  I believe they only represent themselves and the Thirty Pieces of Silver we give them every month for doing nothing.

I say give the money back NOW. Save not the town’s options but our pocketbooks.


Sewer Rates for Four Towns (4,000 gallon figure)
Jennings $19.05 for 4000 gallons of sewer use.
Jasper $10.80 for 4000 gallons of sewer use.
Jacksonville $20.15 for 4000 gallons of sewer use
White Springs $49.58 for 4000 gallons of sewer use.

Why is White Springs $25.00 higher than Jennings, $40.00 higher than Jasper and $25.00 higher than Jacksonville?
Because Willy, Tanja and Rhett want it that way.
Here is the Math.
To lower sewer rates $5.00 per customer per month the town needs to reduce its budget by $20,000.00. $10.00 would be $40,000 reduction. $15.00 per month per customer would need a $60,000 reduction in budget costs.
How is this achievable? It is simple.
Three step process.
1. Take the Police Department to TWO officers working 10 hour shifts of 4 on 3 off and then reversing so that the other one worked 4 on and 3 off.
2. Quit spending sewer revenues on General Account expenditures.
3. Move Andrew to the Town bookkeeper job along with the Sewer and Water guy. Make him an independent contractor but with a higher salary to pay his benefits package.
If we do it right we can reduce our sewer bills by $15.00 per customer per month and Hire a new Town Clerk as required by the Charter.

Raise your voice to these three council members. Tell them to reduce sewer rates NOW, in this budget cycle. No sense waiting another year for Rhett, Tanja and Willy to get their act together. If we don’t do it now we may never do it. Remember Jennings, Jasper and Jacksonville. NOW IS THE TIME….



I’ve lived in White Springs for nigh on 16 and 1/3 years and nothing seems to have changed. The pattern remains the same; hide everything we can from those who would seek to use that information against us, even if we are guilty.

First there was Joe McKire and Ralph Hardwick who were the Mayor and Vice Mayor. They had the pattern down pat. In fact they may have authored the pattern. Hide everything that makes us look bad.

Then the uneducated one, NO MBA or BBA, took over in a coup de tat and by illegal means. What followed was five years of tax and spend, Do it my way, pure dictatorship. The pattern never changed again. Hide everything that makes us look bad.

First there was Marv Ray, then Robert Townsend for the first time, Henry Dunn, Townsend for the second time, then Farley and then Lawrence. The pattern, Hide everything that makes us look bad, continued.

What, besides the pattern, has not changed in all of those years? Mayor’s change, Council members change but not town staff or Walter McKenzie. Those have been constant since the day I arrived in town. Pam, Shirley and Walter have nurtured the pattern. They have kept it viable as a method of doing business, in our corrupt town. They have led the charge of “Hide it if it makes us look bad.”

And how have they done that you may ask? A wise man, in an MBA program, once told me a “word of wisdom of truth.” Whenever you are at a loss for a reason, “Follow the Money.” For years Pam and Walter have been in cahoots on making sure that accounts, all bills, are paid upon presentation. They have fought accountability at every turn. And why have they done that you may ask?

The money followed means no accountability. Not one time, despite having a $8,000 computer program to do this this, has it been the Town’s desire to know what it was spending money on. Likewise it was never Pam’s intention to question anything. Walter continues to say “Pay the Bills, don’t you dare look at where the money is going.” Pam says “It is not my job to question anything.” Yet we pay both of these alleged public servants money to care, in Pam’s case, a LOT of money. Yet she doesn’t care. “Hide everything that makes us look bad.”

I’m telling you, when this idea struck me it was like a thunderclap. It’s the Pattern which is wrong and the two largest and most consistent supporters of the Pattern are Walter and Pam. Do anything, tell any lie, break any rule of ethics or law as long as we don’t look bad. IN addition to “badmouthing” me every chance she gets she is also telling lies about other staff members. She paints herself as this bastion of ethics but, I believe, she is a snake in the grass. She takes her $50,000.00 salary and supports the Pattern all without ever telling anyone that is what she is doing.

And now that she is Town Clerk in addition to being the Town Bookkeeper, she has all of the tools necessary to play the Hide the Truth game she will ever need. I asked just today why it was when I found out the town was Hiding something and ask for the Paperwork it somehow or other is never provided.

Just so we are clear about my feelings in this subject. Pam and Walter have got to go. Pam especially. Our biggest present problem in town is a lack of liquidity, money. Yet our sewer bills are 250% higher than any other town I know of including Jacksonville. Why you ask?

Because that is what Walter and Pam wanted. I’m the bad guy for pointing it out. In her Deposition Pam called me a Liar for my water/sewer rates chart that I put on the Blog again today. They will do anything to hide the truth if it makes them look bad.

But, as an old Beetles song said “The Tax Man Cometh.” Next Friday is the mediation of the Federal Civil Rights suit. I know most everyone wants this to end next Friday but not me. I want to continue until the Pattern is all wiped out, dead and buried. That means Walter and Pam must go. Now I can’t ask for that in the mediation but I can ask that Pam and Walter obey Florida Statutes 119, 286.011, 112.313 and all Municipal Ordinances.

No it is time the pattern died, time for the rat to die. Good bye Pam and Walter. Your time has come and gone.



The Citizen’s Complaint is Below


Joe Griffin November 19, 2015
Citizen has the right to make this complaint under the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment, which guarantees a Citizen’s Right to redress his government for grievances. Citizen brings this complaint under Part One Section 24 of the Florida Constitution and its subordinated Statute Florida Statute 119. Citizen has the absolute right to both complain and to receive Public documents in the limited reasonable amount of time that it takes to locate the document and exercise it of exempt material.
I believe that Council member Helen Miller and Town Clerk Pam Tomlinson have conspired to deny me public documents in an appropriate time frame. While Tomlinson must be judged by the Town Manager, per the Charter, Helen must be judged by the Town Council, as a whole, per Section 2.06 of the Town Charter. Under section 2.06 I believe Helen is guilty of Malfeasance and must surrender her seat on the Council.

On or before 26 March 2015 I did ask for certain public documents.

A partial turnover of the requested documents occurred in Mid-November 2015, a period of seven months or more.

On 6 April 2015 Attorney Koberlein told Helen and Pam the procedures to follow for a Florida Statute 119 request, e-mail attached. His instructions were to turn over the requested documents for redaction to the Town Clerk. The town clerk was to examine the requested documents for statutory exemptions and to process the request. Neither Helen nor Pam followed Koberlein’s instructions which are in line with the Florida Constitution, Part One Section 24, or its Statute Florida Statute 119. Per Councilman Jefferson “the council relies on Mr. Koberlein’s instructions and follows his recommendations clearly.” Helen and Pam refused to follow Koberlein’s Statement, and the Statements of Florida Statute 119 itself or associated Case Law.

Three prior Citizen Complaints have been filed on this exact matter yet the Council and I were unaware to Koberlein’s instructions on the matter. This cavalier attitude to my Civil Rights has got to stop. This complaint has NOTHING to do with the on-going Civil Rights case. The Council’s failure to act will be clearly and definitively used in a possible future legal action for violations of my right to Petition my Government for a Redress of Grievances.
Joe E. Griffin

E-mail from Koberlein attached to Citizen’s Complaint. Notice the Date of 6 April 2015. Also notice please that Koberlein’s e-mail was addressed to Helen and to Pam as well as the Town Manager.

Frederick Koberlein < >
Monday, April 06, 2015 3:54 PM
‘Dr. Helen B. Miller, Mayor Town of White Springs’; R E: White Springs


You have forwarded the request to Pam, so, that takes care of getting the request to the right person in this instance. You are required to provide all Town business records to the custodian. I have received a similar request from Griffin and my office gathered the items. The items need to be reviewed for exempt or confidential information that may need to be redacted prior to disclosing the records. However, Griffin has not paid the deposit that I quoted for the review of the records prior to disclosure and I do not intend to review the records for free. Therefore, the records have not been disclosed. Nonetheless the law requires us to process the request.
Please call me with questions. Thank you,


Pam responds below. It addresses NONE, REPEAT NONE of the issues I raised in my complaint. For Christ sake she can’t even get the dates right.


To: Stacy Tebo From: Pam Tomlinson Date:
Re: Citizen Complaint dated November 19, 2015

Joe Griffin believed that Helen Miller and I have conspired to deny public documents in an appropriate time frame.

• On 3/26/15 Fred Koberlein forwarded to me a 119 request sent to him and Bill Lawrence from Joe Griffin requesting any 10 emails between Helen Miller and Town Attorney and vice versa at a rate he understood to be $15.00.

• On 3/31/15 Fred Koberlein emailed Joe with questions on his request:

• If he was referring to records request dated 3/2/15?

• Or if he preferred or required 10 emails that had been redacted?

If record request was for 3/2/15, if would require $15.00 payment prior to processing.

• On 4/1/15 Joe Griffin paid $15.00 cash for records request and I notified Fred via email of payment.

• Joe’s request were difficult to follow but sometime in early March, he requested to Fred all emails between he and Helen going back to 2010. On March 20, 2015 Fred Koberlein informed Joe Griffin that his request for emails were in digital form and be ready for his inspection once redacted. Joe would have to pay and advance fee of
$255.00 payable to the town. The fee was never paid.

• In researching, I could find no receipt of email attached to Joe Griffin’s complaint.

• No other 119 request for Helen’s and Fred’s emails were received by me until June 14, 2015. Joe Griffin would reference his subject title “Request for Helen’s e-mails” or “Koberlein’s emails to Helen.” I took it that he wanted Fred’s emails to Helen.

Joe’s records request were never refused as he sometimes stated. I felt both Fred’s and Helen’s emails would provide him the same information. The only reason for inappropriate time frame is Joe did not want to pay the advance fee.

Now here are some of the “PROBLEMS” WITH Pam’s effort to absolve herself from her own ineptitude.


  1.     The Request of 26 March 2015 was for all of Helen’s emails. It was sent by me to Helen directly with a copy to Bill Lawrence and Pam. This is LIE number 1.
  2.    The $15.00 rate had NOTHING to do with the request for Helen’s  e-mails. This is LIE number 2.
  3.      The Questions that Pam said Koberlein ask about had NOTHING to do with the request for Helen’s e-mails but were for the request for Koberlein’s e-mails. This is LIE number 3.
  4.      Record Request of 3-2 had to do with Koberlein’s e-mails not Helen’s. LIE number 4.
  5.      The $255.00 had to do with Koberlein’s e-mails, NOT Helen’s e-mails. LIE number 5.
  6.      Stacy got the e-mail from Fred because it is in the Council member’s packets for the upcoming Council meeting. Pam says she couldn’t find it. This is LIE number 6.
  7.      There were two separate requests. One for Helen’s e-mails and one for Fred’s e-mails. Fred’s request went to him. LIE number 7.
  8.      ” I took it that he wanted Fred’s emails to Helen.” What a pile of Hooey. She had received TWO flash drives from me for the e-mails requests. It is was responsibility to clear up any confusion she had with regard to my TWO requests. I wanted two sets of documents and hopefully they would be identical. (They were not!) Pam knew I wanted Helen’s e-mails, it is that simple. This is LIE 8.

Pam continues to “confuse the issue” in order to make hereself look good. We know that Helen got her request because, as Koberlein said “You have sent the request to Pam and now you must turn over the documents.” This neither Pam asked for or Helen provided. The last sentence in Koberlein’s e-mail of April 6 says it all. “NONETHELESS THE LAW REQUIRES US TO PROCESS THE REQUEST.” WHICH “WE” (Pam Helen or the Town) DIDN’T DO.

The fact that Stacy takes this pile of hooey as gospel is very telling. Pam and Helen both LIED and sixty five requests (65) requests for the information can’t be denied except by Pam. I was asking for Helen’s emails from Pam and Koberlein’s e-mails from Koberlein.


One wonders what the town’s reaction is going to be to our Appeal to the Appellate Court of the recent Trial Court’s ruling in the Federal Civil Rights case. They will always do something to make their “enemies” look bad or to keep them on the defensive.

It might be a court case or filing. It might be more Police Harassment. It might be anything but trying to intimidate us, the Griffin’s, is all they know how to do. They certainly won’t begin to turn over public records in “…the limited reasonable amount of time” required by state statute. They won’t open up their decision-making to public scrutiny. They certainly won’t fix the out of adjustment Water Meters. But I know this as well as I know my name, RETALIATE THEY WILL.