The more we delve into this fiasco that is a huge BLACK EYE for the town of White Springs and a huge WIN for Stacy Tebo we stand in awe of her planning and foresight.

Clearly said, she knew, from June 16, 2016 (IF NOT FROM LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME)  that she had to file a Civil suit by September 15, 2016 (90 days plus EEOC’s mandatory 180 day investigation period) or else lose her right for ever. At anytime in that period she could have told the Council that she had to file the suit. BUT SHE DIDN’T DO IT.

Who else but a Human Resources officer would know these fixed times and dates? What was one of her jobs in DeBary? Why Human Resources Officer.

WHY did she not tell the council, you ask. Because to GET THE SWEETHEART DEAL, SHE NEEDED TO HAVE THE COUNCIL APPROVE THE NEW CONTRACT (THE DEAL).  HER OLD CONTRACT had to almost EXPIRE so that no eyebrows would be raised by her asking for a new contract prior to the proper time..

She knew from the letter above she had 90 days from June 15, 2016 to file the suit. (Date in upper right hand corner, a little small). That took us to September 13th, which just happened to be a council meeting date with her WHITE SPRINGS contract due to expire on September 20TH (prior to the next council meeting). The letter explains that she had 90 days and that was it. SHE KNEW THEN IF NOT BEFORE.


Now depending on how much credit you give her she probably set this up way back when she was being hired. Her new contract, in 2015, began exactly 365 days prior to the date she needed the new contract approved. And she knew that date because the EEOC always takes 180 days to make a determination on a filed complaint. Once Rhett offered the job she originally said she would be here on the following Monday but then put it off 10 days to either get her act together or to set up this scheme to milk the town out of $13750.00 should the Federal Civil Rights suit, that she was planning all along, end early. The $13750 is 90 days of salary, her recently reapproved severance package.

It’s all so simple once you hear whole musical piece. The whole symphony includes a deteriorating job performance starting 270 days from when the new (2016) contract with the severance package was signed and implemented. She wanted and has planned to get fired by White Springs in July or August 2017 to get her severance pay. Lord knows what terrible thing she was going to do but I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that it was a doozy. By then her Federal Suit might be coming to an end and she could claim that White Springs, just like DeBary fired her unjustly. Were we then going to be the defendant in a Civil Rights suit ourselves. UNDOUBTABLY.

AND THE VIOLINS PLAYED AND THE TOWN LOSES MORE MONEY BECAUSE “NO ONE SAW IT COMING” EVEN THOUGH THE WHOLE SYMPHONY AND DANCE WERE THERE FROM THE BEGINNING. If Karin and I had been allowed access to Town Business I believe with all my heart that I would have seen the picture about 3 months ago.

But we’re not allowed to see and have access to the Town, in part cause I believe Ms. Tebo KNEW we would have figured out  her plan once we saw the dates line up. WELL PLAYED MS. TEBO…. YOU HAVE MY RESPECT FOR BEING VERY CRAFTY. I always did like Violin music especially when played by a MASTER, Your talents were wasted on us hicks but you PLAYED US WELL.

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