Joe Griffin advised the Council has to  re-read all the citizen’s complaints that appertain to laws which have been broken from the time Rhett Bullard became mayor.  This is in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and in accordance with written statements made by Fred Koberlein esq.

When attorney Meagan Standard restated Joe Griffin’s request, Mayor Rhett Bullard stated, “You want us to admit we broke the law” to which Griffin replied “Yup”.

Griffin was asked how long the review would take and unknownst as to the number, Griffin estimated about one and one-half hours.   Griffin also stated that Ms. Tebo as Town manager could review the complaints and take those pertaining to actual laws for review by the Council.

Rhett Bullard then stated that Stacy Tebo was not a lawyer and how could one expect her to determine which pertained to laws.   Griffin responded that in each complaint there were references to the laws which the  Council has broken.

Needless to say although former Mayor Miller voted that we should follow Robert’s Rules of Order and it was seconded by Walter McKenzxie, the nay votes 4/1 won.   In other words the Council will never review complaints especially if the Griffins made the complaints and furthermore, the Council will not admit they are lawless.  They have always been above the  law.

As respects the Stacy Tebo inability to read law or that she is not an attorney, I find Rhett Bullard’s comment humorous, if not sad indeed.   Civil law is less difficult in the long run than Criminal Law or lawyers who are civil court litigators.   One semester of my CPCU appertained strictly to law, principals of civil and common law as well as insurance law.   At the time, our CEO of the agency had an aneurism and was hospitalized.  As a Vice President of the Agency, I took over all of his clients and barely had the time to complete the law course which I self studied.  Yet, if you can read and have over an average IQ, Civil Law becomes easy.  Because of my duties, I took the day before the exam off to read 287 pages that I had not yet had the opportunity to read.  I took the exam which was in the form of a written essay, and passed with flying colors.   This also assisted me in helping construction clients and lessees in providing the best possible solutions to contracts.  And if something seemed ambiguous or out of the realm of specific contractual law, I sent the clients to their respective attorneys for a rewrite before signing a contract.

No I am not an attorney but I became very familiar with Civil Law and especially contractual law.  I knew when it was necessary to contact an attorney and many times I mediated claims on behalf of my clients to their benefit.  So obviously Mr. Bullard must not feel Ms. Tebo has an above average intelligence even though she has a Master’s degree to read the laws cited in Griffin’s complaints.


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