For those of you who have inquired why Chief of Police Tracy Rodriquenz does not seem to be in the office more than four days a week, her response to Joe Griffin is shown below.
Most of you are aware that Joe Griffin prepared a budget two years ago that would save the Town $100,000 in Taxpayer money.  The budget included an additional Town Clerk position and removed one officer so that our Town would have three police officers instead of four.   His purpose was to lower your sewer bill but anything he or I have to offer, the Council dismisses which is pure discrimination. 
The council complained that the people of White Springs required more protection and that we at least needed four police officers even though towns our size have one or two officers.
Now Tracy Rodriquenz has been out on medical leave and working in the office for a net total of approximately 14 months  because she apparently has not been released by her doctor to continue being a police officer.  My question to you is, was the fourth officer missed during Ms. Rodriquenz’s absence?   I have not seen a difference because our Lieutenant and the other two officers have done an exemplary job in her absence.  It is so nice that the Town takes care of their employees whether or not the situation makes financial sense.  But let’s face it, the Town of White Springs is typically democratic and Democrats do like spending other people’s money.
A case in fact pertains to my husband Joe, who was expected to die after a fall.  He had a shattered pelvis and his hips are placed together with a bicycle type chain.  Now Joe was never expected to walk but he refused to be handicapped and in a wheelchair every moment of the day.  Although Joe can only walk about a block at a time and cannot go up steps without extreme pain, he was out of the hospital in 11.5 months.  Here we have Ms. Rodriquenz whose injuries were not that extreme and she is not able to work as a police Chief for the last 14 months and it appears then her doctor has not yet released her to perform her job.  As I said previously, make Ms. Rodriquenz the Town Manager and get rid of the corruption we currently have with our present Town Manager, and three of five council persons.   Who knows when she will be released because it seems as though it is an extraordinary long time for a Doctor to not release her.   My sister-in law had to have pins in her back from a serious motorcycle accident as well as various broken bones.  She was out of work for only  six or seven months.
Something here does not sound right.
 Karin for the blog
Mr. Griffin
I hope this email finds both you and Karen doing well.
Recovering from any broken bone is a lengthy process.  Currently I am walking on my own, and getting better with every passing day.
As far as my actual work schedule.  In order to receive full benefits of employment from the town, any employee has to fulfill a forty hour work week.  Rest assured that I always meet or exceed this requirement.
My work schedule is not static Monday through Friday, but instead is more dynamic and constantly changing.  The reason for this is the demands of my job.  Criminal matters rarely keep to what are considered normal working hours, and are definitely not considered “solved” in an 8 hour work day.  I also attend meetings,
both in White Springs and the surrounding towns and cities, as well as fulfill the administrative duties that come with running a department.
I agree that a dynamic work schedule can seem to be a bit secretive, but operating in a set pattern allows a criminal element to have an advantage.  You being a former helicopter pilot and veteran, I’m sure you never provided your flight plans or tactics
to your adversary, and can appreciate and understand the logic behind my thinking.
As always, if you have any questions about anything we do here at the police department, my door is always open, or feel free to call or email.
Chief Tracy Rodriquenz

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