Don’t underestimate the vast political reach of Dr. Helen Miller.  

Don’t underestimate the vast political reach of Dr. Helen Miller.


Rhett Bullard may be able to hide behind Stacy Tebo’s skirts because of his being a coward and his fear that he may make the wrong decision.  But this time, he will have to respond as will Ms. Tebo, to  why the charges were made against Helen Miller at her hearing.


Rhett Bullard exudes his charm to seem as though he is innocent of everything which transpires in the Town of White Springs.  After all it is someone else’s fault and certainly not his.  He never reined in Ms. Tebo and certainly did not do anything until recently about her breach in contract.  If a person is not an attorney, he will attack that person like his attack of Joe Griffin with a vengeance.  He told Griffin he needed evidence, even though in the case of Joe’s complaints, the laws were specified and it was Rhett Bullard who  needed to provide evidence as to why he broke the law.


It was not Stacy Tebo’s right or duty to bring up accusations whether or not a council member gave her that right.  It is against the provisions of the Charter and furthermore no one provided Helen Miller with a formal complaint.  Instead it was publicized in a local paper.  Yet, as Ms. Tebo did in DeBary, she watched everyone, took notes on everything, and tried to hang her supervisor with a short rope by playing games with the City Council members. Yet she was so busy being in her supervisor’s business that she was unable to handle her own job.


I am rest assured that Rhett Bullard and his cohorts Brown and Jefferson planned this entire matter with the assistance of Pam Tomlinson.  Tomlinson herself, has had her mistakes covered from the time she started working for White Springs.  Who cares about what receipts came forward when no one told Helen Miller that she was unable as a voted member of the Council to spend funds for activities agreed upon by the council for years.  Apparently the citizens had no complaints about Helen Miller’s performance either since they have voted for her year after year.  It was a fix by  Bullard, Brown and Jefferson to defame Dr. Miller  because they could not afford someone on the council who would dare question them.


Yes Rhett Bullard, this time, you have not only met your match, but your bullying tactics will be exceeded by a credible ethics attorney who follows the law, unlike you.  But I guess since you had Stacy Tebo handle everything including the June 14, 2017 certified letter to Council Member Miller of the intent to declare her seat forfeited, you could always blame Tebo.  I am sure you, Rhett,  will find some excuse other than the fact that the Town has had no internal controls and your bookkeeping has been handled by a person without an education in that field.


On a personal note, I found it interesting that the Mail was sent Certified.  A check we made was never returned but rather, we were told it was sent to us with no copy of a letter for proof nor was a check sent certified since you did not wish to return it to us in person.  By the Way, Certified Mail, Receipt…. should be two spaces under the date of the letter and underscored.  Obviously that is something new to our Town Manager MPA.

Helen Miller’s attorney Mark Herron virtually wrote the books on Ethics.  In every campaign involving the use of public committees, his name comes up.  This Tallahassee lawyer specializes in steering elections through political committees and between many of them.


Mark Herron’s involvement in manipulating elections goes back to the year 2000 when he sought to disqualify many overseas ballots while working for Al Gore’s campaign as reported by the New York Times.  “While Mark Herron’s efforts in the 2000 presidential election failed to help the Gore campaign, electioneering is only one of the many ways in which he has legally gamed the system in order to expand his own powerful empire, and increase his personal wealth.”


This Tallahassee lawyer has a history resisting any type of reform when it comes to toughening ethics laws.

Former chair of the ethics commission Mark Herron, claimed that the Ethic’s commission’s only duty was to act on complaints filed by citizens.  His argument?  “They’re not there to throw you in jail.  They’re not the state attorney.  They’re there to resolve petty political agendas.”

As profitable as his representation of public officials and shady political committees may be for Mark Herron, it’s most likely small change compared to the money he rakes in from one of the largest municipal insurance companies in the State of Florida.


You did excellently in retaining  a person with such a high degree in professional ethics Helen Miller.   It is time the corruption in White Springs stopped.


Karin for the blog


For those of you who did not understand What Martin Luther King was fighting for and for those who are ignorant about slavery, please read the following articles


A greater nation… A finer world.
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial honors a man of conscience; the freedom movement of which he was a beacon; and his message of freedom, equality, justice and love. It is the first on the National Mall devoted, not to a United States President or war hero, but a citizen activist for civil rights and peace. Dr. King, an African-American, brings “the image of America… the melting pot of the world” to the National Mall, but his message was universal. His non-violent philosophy pushed insistently towards the goal of the American Experiment – universal freedom and equality. His principled rhetoric illuminated the Nation’s journey. With his life under constant threat, his last public talk left us this inspiration: “I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land.” ………..(read the entire article)


Joe was told he was hated and is a racist because what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for was not peace and freedom but to get rid of the KKK.

As information to all of you, the KKK was in the Democratic Party.  It was the Republicans who fought for those in Slavery of which 30% died at the hands of the KKK.  And they were White.  Yet the Majority of Blacks/African-Americans believe that the Republicans are bad people and prefer to be democrats like the KKK.

Read some history in Wikipedia:

America’s Other Original Sin

Europeans didn’t just displace Native Americans—they enslaved them, and encouraged tribes to participate in the slave trade, on a scale historians are only beginning to fathom.

This is some history about the KKK and white republicans:

Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.

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Ignorant Citizens are now blaming Helen Miller for what Rhett Bullard did

The stories about Helen Miller have worsened.  It seems now people not only considered her guilty of that which was in the Newspaper but now are blaming her for the things Rhett has done.  Are you kidding me?

First of all, the Council prior to this time allowed Helen Miller to handle numerous activities and she never had to answer to a Town Manager.   Bill Lawrence’s complaint came after the fact and there was no complaint until Mr. Lawrence had accepted another job.  But even then, the Town Manager is supposed to answer to the Town Council; not the Town Council answering to a non-elected appointed by the council Town Manager.

Let’s face it; Helen Miller brought up what she was doing at Council Meetings, whether the I-75 corridor or other activities.  Each time she was given the blessing of the Council without having to sign paperwork or be micromanaged by a Town ManagerThat is a precedent and one the Council nor the Town Manager may not bring up, except for the current allegations.   Since when does a subordinate have the right to question a council member and to bring up past allegations which are no more than hearsay since Dr. Miller brought up what she was doing at council meetings?…of course there may be no record, since parts of the recordings are deleted or omitted online.

 Yet relating to the council never having told Helen Miller that she was not to spend money without permission of other council membersshe shouldn’t have to get permission from the Town manager alone.  She technically is Stacy Tebo’s boss and Tebo does not have the right to micromanage her.  If events were to be discontinued, this should have been brought up at council meetings and she would never have spent the money.  Yet if an event that is important to the Town transpires each year, someone must handle the event or the Council, not the Town Manager must advise and vote within a meeting to not conduct the activity in question any longer If Helen Miller had not stepped forward to programs such as the Beautiful Dreamer Award  or the HOPE program, the rest of the Town Officials and Town Manager would not have lifted a finger to continue these programs.

Shame on you all since former Mayor McKire received the beautiful dreamer award this year.  I am certain he did not feel good about the fact that Dr. Miller is in trouble as a result.

As I mentioned, other people are now blaming Dr. Miller for some additional items of contention, which actually pertain to actions or inactions by current Mayor Rhett Bullard.  What I find interesting is that even if you explain that these items were the fault of Mayor Bullard, Dr. Helen Miller is being blamed

I think someone needs to look at the corruption of Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson.  However these are the new allegations, some of which we have heard or complained about previously to no avail:

  • The Town is paying for fuel for Police Chief Tracy Rodriquenz and Town Manager Tebo, since they do not live in White Springs. Rhett Bullard found no problem with handling Ms. Rodriquenz’s fuel bill of which she supposedly paid for her personal usage,  But no one believed us.  People are angry about our paying for things they do not agree to..


  • You will recall that originally Rhett Bullard desired a new Town Truck for Andrew Greene for which he was willing to pay fuel costs to and from Gainesville, where Greene’s fiancé lived. Helen Miller vetoed this purchase because we did not need to pay for the cost of a new truck since most towns purchase such vehicles from an auction or other means.  Yes Rhett Bullard was in favor of paying for Andrew Greene’s fuel since Mr. Greene may have to come back to White Springs during the weekends.


  • Chief Rodriquenz just sits in the office if she is there at all. Someone advised us that Ms. Rodriquenz has not yet received a  medical release from her doctor so that she may retain her duties as police chief.    Why have the officials (since they are responsible for the police department) paid Ms. Rodriquenz for all the time she was off because of her accident?  One person said they are tired of all the money stolen and we explained it was not Helen Miller but rather Rhett Bullard who approved any and all such facts or allegations made pertaining to our chief of police, backed up by Brown and Jefferson .  Mayor Bullard doesn’t care if decisions are made in the darkness and the rest of the council would not have known had it not been for the Town Manager to have had to ask for permission to issue the initial down payment.


  • We explained that we asked for Ms. Rodriquenz’s medical release but never received any such documents except a smart remark by Ms. Rodriquenz that she could walk. She states she works 40 hours but the Charter only discusses that someone full-time needs to work five days.  The Town Manager’s contract further requires not only a five day week but attendance at meetings and to be available on weekends if there is a problem.  I hope the people finally understand that this was not Helen Miller’s doing but rather our Town Manager and Rhett Bullard for not handling business appropriately nor in a fiduciary mannerHow much money did Rhett Bullard’s actions cost taxpayers of White Springs; thousands of dollars which I consider Theft (just as it is with the time off allowed the Town Manager for which she is paid $55,000 a year plus benefits).


  • We have also complained in the past several times about Stacy Tebo being in breach of her contract. Now even though Ms. Tebo retains her permanent address, votes and carries a driver’s license for Orange City, the town finally voted to allow Ms. Tebo to live in Lake City.  But what about the fact that Ms. Tebo takes one or two days a week off to stay at her home in Orange City?   The first year, it cost the town some $11,000 and this is on Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson.   Helen Miller attempted to complain originally and she and Walter McKenzie were not successful in handling this with a 3/2 vote which is always the case.


  • We not only complained to the Florida Bar but also the Ethics Commission and both stated that although Rhett Bullard violated certain standards, this was a matter of the Town Council to handled since it related to Management (His poor management I must say). Who is going to keep Rhett Bullard honest and because of our complaints the Town no longer will accept complaints.     Tonja and Willie would stand by his side and do nothing if Rhett Bullard even committed a crime…and in my opinion his mayoral ship has been as corrupt as any I have seen.


  • Then there is the matter of no notices to the citizens of White Springs in the Jasper News or at City Hall relating to what the citizens may require in the Town. Instead Rhett Bullard and his cohorts advertised in the Gainesville Sun and then in the Lake City Reporter.  Helen Miller took a stand against this travesty but to no avail and had dismissed herself from the meeting with no vote.



  • One of the people who were on the original task force stated that people were not really asked what they would desire and that the Town officials, Rhett Bullard and Willie Jefferson predominantly made the decision


  • The Carver School could have been renovated since it is a sturdy building and on the State Registry of Historic Buildings. The State could renovate the building but instead the Town Manager said they could demolish the building because it is owned by the Town; yet, the Citizens are the Town and if the Citizens would wish such a building they certainly were never asked.  That decision is Rhett Bullard’s, Tonja Brown’s and Willie Jefferson.



  • Again Rhett Bullard will spend money relating to securing a table at the Chamber of Commerce Banquet where no money was allocated, but it is okay for Mayor Bullard to spend money on things he wishes to do but let Helen Miller do something that has been done yearly, and she is persecuted.


  • Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson have not followed the Charter and are not familiar with the Charter, including that which relates to the defamation of character of Helen Miller, without prior complaintsThe Charter also requires that Robert’s Rules of Order be complied with and Attorney Koberlein so stated that in writing.  Part of Robert’s Rules of Order pertains to complaints made by Citizens in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.  Yet even though Attorney Koberlein has previously given a plan under which Complaints may be handled, Mayor Bullard does not see fit to follow the Law or to allow complaints.  Instead, any complaints made by Joe Griffin on behalf of the citizens have been dismissed as Joe Griffin wanting attention.  And when Helen Miller agreed to citizen’s having a voice, she also was dismissed.



  • A petition was signed by individuals in the Town relating to the May Day festival and although Walter McKenzie stated various times during the meeting that the Town needed to respond, Mayor Bullard was not conducive to responding to the petition.


What is really sad to me is that no Good Deed Goes Unpunished and that also applies to Helen Miller.  She and Ed have donated to several causes and although we have not always agreed, Dr. Miller cares about the children in White Springs.  Nicole Williams brought the subject up to various friends on facebook and what surprised me is that no one seemed to care what would happen to Dr.Miller.  Furthermore they didn’t seem to care who ran the council or what the council was doing.  They love Willie because he drinks and carouses with the young people of the Town and it doesn’t matter how ignorant he really is and that he doesn’t care for anyone but himself and his own.


I don’t understand any of this because obviously Helen Miller did some very special things for your children and you won’t even support her and you don’t care if all the programs are dropped by the current Mayor, and two councilors.  Stacy Tebo, our Town manager, certainly doesn’t care and certainly will not lift a finger to assist.   Furthermore, forget Movie Night and popcorn at the Community Center; that is a program which will surely drop since Anita River’s firing.


Rhett Bullard follows only the laws that benefit him Brown and Jefferson.  He does not like people who question him because of his insecurities; thus he placed Tonja Brown as his Vice Mayor when she cannot articulate a decent sentence.  Furthermore, he needs to remove Helen Miller and at some point Walter McKenzie because they are not “yes” people and Rhett Bullard cannot handle anyone who does not agree fully with him.


Karin for the blog


P.S.  Although we have made complaints on line about certain things the Councilors have done, remember our blog serves only certain people.  It is not as far reaching as the Jasper News.  When we were in the paper, friends in Live Oak mentioned they read the allegations.  So what you have done to Helen Miller by publicizing complaints she has not yet had a chance to explain is definitely hurting her reputation even though there has been a precedent to handle certain activities.  I did not know we follow English Law in White Springs.  Helen Miller, like we were once, is considered Guilty before proven or given the opportunity to prove she is innocent.


When are we really going to get a proficient accountant for WS

The Town of White Springs has been fortunate to have received so many applicants for the Town Administrative Assistant position.  With Hamilton County being the poorest county in Florida with very little opportunity for economic development, much less jobs, it appears that if one wished to reside in White Springs, a job such as Town Admin may be the only acceptable one.  It does however surprise me especially with younger people who could reap the benefits of their education and abilities in larger more economic areas, that they are not willing to leave the area.

I noticed some of the applicants either were attending school to complete accounting or had earned a certificate.  This is the position we need to hire for.  For years Pam Tomlinson has handled the books and for years our former CPA firm covered up her many errors.  We are certain that General funds were commingled with grant funds and there has been no proficiency through the years, much less there appears to be a lack of accounting education on Pam Tomlinson’s part.

 I do believe that if money was misspent it falls on Pam Tomlinson’s shoulders, not any one of the Council Members such as Helen Miller.

It appears Mayor Rhett Bullard prefers to surround himself with people who are less intellectual or ignorant and Pam fits the bill.  Yet, the Town seems to also like those who will bend the law explaining White Springs is just a small Town and that is where Stacy the MPA fits in.  One similarity between Stacy and Pam, however, is how slowly they plod away at their work while micromanaging others. It’s a wonder anything ever gets done at Taxpayers’ expense.  But then it looks like Mayor Bullard and his two councilors Jefferson and Brown will make certain that no intelligent person remain on the council.  First they will try to force out former Mayor Miller then next it will be former Vice Mayor McKenzie.

I am so sorry that Rhett as an attorney is so insecure.  We already know that Ms. Tebo is not only insecure without Rhett’s backing but believes only her ideas are the best.  If anyone dares to call her out, she becomes emotionally distressed.  Yet calling out others and damaging their reputations she is good at as can be seen currently in what she is doing to Mayor Miller.


Karin for the blog



Yvonne Bryant is new Admin for the Town of White Springs

In my opinion it would be difficult to replace Anita Rivers who was extremely proficient at her job as admin…especially at such a low hourly wage of $10.00.   Fortunately the Town of White Springs was able to hire an experienced person who retired as the Deputy Clerk – Criminal for the Clerk of Courts in 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Janie Evon Bryant of White Springs has been hired as the new Admin.  She has worked for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in the  criminal division for 19 years with not only a large background in criminal cases but with excellent computer skills.

Prior to her position at the Clerk of Courts Ms. Bryant was an administrative assistant for Occidental Chemical Company (now PCS) and An administrative Secretry, Clerk-Typist and Sr. Word Process Operator for Stephen Foster Center in White Springs.

With her familiarity with the citizens of White Springs and the Surrounding areas and her strong background with an AA degree, Ms. Janie Evon Bryant “Yvonne” should make an excellent addition to the Town of White Springs office.

I pray she will be treated well by the Town Manager and Finance/Accounting clerk unlike what was done with Ms. Rivers..


Karin for the blog




Let’s say you are the victim of bad management by the town or town manager. Let’s say that you want to raise a legitimate question about town policy and how it is affecting you. Let’s say that your neighbor is being treated better than you are by the town administration.

What can you do?

The answer is simple. You can’t do a thing. Nada, Zilch. Not only that, but your complaints about the situation make, you an enemy of the town and the Council and the management. Negative comments are not allowed in White Springs.

Not only that but if you question the town about a Florida or Federal Law that you feel the Council breaks with impunity you’re are out of luck. The Council doesn’t care if they break a State or Federal Law, they really don’t.

And who is responsible for this situation? Why the answer is you are. Little Bitty old you are for having elected Willie in the first place. Willie has voted with Rhett, voting as Rhett would have him vote, every time. That’s over a thousand votes that Willie has answered to Rhett, “I don’t know if you are right but since I lack the ability to think for myself I’ll trust you.”

Not once, not twice not on the big issues and not on the minor issues but on all issues. Willie is an Uncle Tom to Rhett’s master of the Plantation.

What’s the matter? Can’t Willie think for himself? No he cannot. He looks over to Rhett when a vote is to be taken. If Rhett pulls on his ear Willie votes yes. If Rhett touches his nose Willie votes no. This folks is true democracy in action.

And Tonja is not as smart as Willie, how that is possible I’m unclear about it but Tonja votes as Willie votes, in all cases and at all times. Over a thousand votes. The three of them vote in lockstep no matter what the issue is on how good or bad it is for the town. If Rhett wants it the nose gets touched. If Rhett is opposed the ear gets pulled.

It matters not what law is broken, It matters not what Constitutional provision is ignored. Rhett has a monopoly of ONE because Willie and his side kick Tonja can’t think for themselves. How dumb can two council members be? Pretty damn dumb is the answer. And Rhett rides that horse at all times and for all reasons.

Let’s take an example that has nothing to do with me. At the recent May Day celebration some people were unhappy with the support the May Day committee got from the town.

Time to vote. Rhett’s ear got pulled and Willie voted to not hear the complaint regardless of whether it was signed by 1 person or a 100. Lots of reasons were offered but the vote taken was the end of May Day celebrations in the town. We’ll never attract a crowd the size that we’ve had in past years. Willie and Tonja (waiting to see how Willie votes) are the reason. Two Black Council members are working against the Black Community. And we vote them in every time.

If Willie went blind then the town would cease to function.




Helen Miller doesn’t stand a chance even if the allegations made against her are not true.

Some in the African-American community have contacted me regarding Helen Miller due to the first article in the Jasper news and I have stressed to each that this is a railroad job by Mayor Rhett Bullard , Vice Mayor Tonja Brown and Councilman Willie Jefferson. I have asked for their support of Miller and I hope that they will not be fearful to do so.

Beside the front page allegations of the June 13th meeting in the Jasper News regarding Councilwoman Helen Miller, I would ask that you also read an article “Letter to the Editor – White Springs Council’s actions are embarrassing”.  It is located on the bottom right of Page 4A and written by Madeline Moore of White Springs.

It is obvious by all those attending the meeting that Mayor Bullard controls the Council Vote…meaning in whatever manner Bullard Votes, Vice Mayor Tonja Brown and Councilman Willie Jefferson will vote with him.  This does not give Councilman/Former Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie nor Helen Miller an opportunity.  Even if Helen Miller brought forth all information to prove she was innocent of these allegations to railroad her, she will not stand a chance because of the three voting against her no matter what is said.

Our Town is going downhill and that is the reason I made my plea for one vote only and that was for Tom Moore.  If people would have realized what we have known for some time, they would not have voted for Rhett or Tonja and possibly there would be fairness among the council.   As Madeline More Stated, the council’s actions are embarrassing.

I believe everyone has seen what Joe and I have been complaining about and this one of three votes situation must stop.

Godspeed Helen Miller

Karin for the blog











some of you h

Filmmaker Oliver Ston ripped former CIA Director Brennan

Ben Carson News
Oliver Stone: Still No Evidence Against Trump

Filmmaker Oliver Stone on Thursday ripped former CIA Director John Brennan for his and the intelligence community’s hostility toward Donald Trump during the presidential transition.

Stone, whose interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin are airing on Showtime this week, accused Brennan of “creating a fear and paranoia without evidence at a time and a transition when it’s very important in American democracy that we trust our leaders.”

His comments came in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

“Trump was, in a sense, slapped in the face,” Stone said, adding Brennan was calling Trump “…essentially a Manchurian Candidate. That’s as hostile as it’s ever been during a transition.”

Before taking office Jan. 20, Trump repeatedly attacked the intelligence community, disparaging its findings Russia meddled in the election – even questioning whether Brennan himself was the “leaker of fake news.”

Stone also bashed the spy agencies, telling Carlson they should be investigated because “the deep state” has its own views.

“I’m shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did,” he said. “It seems like he was very hostile to Trump.”


Why Your Kids Hate Capitalism
Alexander Green
Alexander Green
Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club

Alex is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club and Investment U, and Editor of The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert and The True Value Alert. Alex is also the author of four national best-sellers.

Equity investors rarely stop to think about it, but the stock market is the essence of capitalism: the private ownership of the means of production.

With very little money and a quick phone call – or a click of the mouse – you can own a fractional interest in any of thousands of the nation’s most profitable businesses.

The system is fair too.

You will pay (and receive) no more or less for your shares than the wealthy do. And thanks to technology and market liquidity, commissions and spreads are now negligible.

If you own Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), for instance, your investment returns in the years ahead will be identical to those of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.

(Sure, he may own a few more shares than you do. But your percentage returns will be the same.)

Given the many benefits of capitalism, I was surprised when a survey by the Institute of Politics at Harvard showed that the majority of Americans between 18 and 29 do not support the free-market system that underpins our economy.

A full one-third said they preferred socialism. The question, of course, is “why?”

I began polling friends and colleagues to get their views.

Some insisted that too many young people have not been raised to be responsible, productive adults. They were on the dole from the day they were born. Their helicopter parents did most things for them. And they grew up with a sincere belief that “everyone gets a trophy.”

(For more on this subject, you might read Senator Ben Sasse’s new book The Vanishing American Adult.)

Others said their kids don’t understand that capitalism is a profit and loss system. When companies fail – as many do eventually – it causes economic disruption for employees (not to mention investors).

It’s unsettling to find yourself suddenly out of a job. We all prefer economic security to anxiety and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, that’s not how modern economies work. In our globally competitive world, most workers today will hold not just multiple positions over a lifetime, but also will work in multiple industries.

And sometimes job skills don’t transfer easily.

Others said that anti-capitalist attitudes are all their kids have ever been taught. They graduated from high school without even a basic understanding of compound interest, adjustable-rate mortgages, 401(k)s or why we have a stock market.

Then they enrolled in institutes of higher learning where their professors explained that we live in an unfortunate economic system – based on greed, selfishness and exploitation – that allows a few to benefit at the expense of the many.

It’s not just the anti-business ideology that is hurting them.

The Wall Street Journal just reviewed the latest results at some of the most prestigious universities in the country and found that college kids are graduating without basic critical thinking skills.

At more than half of schools, a third of seniors were unable to interpret data in a table, assess the quality of evidence in a document or make a cohesive argument.

As a result, many companies today are struggling to find qualified workers.

It’s a shock to kids who spent a small fortune getting a degree in bitterness studies to find that what prospective employers really want is analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

They don’t have them. What they do have is tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

That’s not a good way to start off in life…

Capitalism, however, is not the problem.

The free market creates jobs, lifts people out of poverty, and meets virtually all of our wants and needs. (It also creates investment opportunities inside and outside the financial markets.)

Capitalism promises that you can have anything you want if you just provide enough other people with what they want.

Unlike government, business is about freedom and individual choice, not coercion. If you don’t like a particular company or its policies, you don’t have to work for it, sell to it, buy from it or own its shares.

Businesses focused solely on short-term profits don’t last long. If you cut corners on quality, your customers will leave. If you bargain with suppliers too hard, they won’t trade with you. If you undervalue your key employees, they will take their talents elsewhere.

It is in the best interests of business owners to make sure all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers and communities – are satisfied.

Now here’s a newsflash: Businesses are run by fallible human beings.

Sometimes they make mistakes, breach contracts, use poor judgment, harm individuals or damage the environment. When they do, the transgressors should be punished.

But that doesn’t make capitalism wrong any more than democracy is wrong when a congressman is found to have stacks of $100 bills in his refrigerator.

The majority of wealthy Americans achieved their affluence not by inheritance or real estate speculation, but by owning a profitable business.

Most of us don’t have the time, the investment capital or the experience necessary to found and run a successful company, but we can still own a piece of one through the stock market.

And owning a piece of a firm is a whole lot easier than running one. You don’t have to sign personal guarantees, hire or fire employees, grapple with an avalanche of federal mandates and regulations, pay lawyers and accountants, or even show up for work.

How great is that?

Capitalism drives innovation. It creates prosperity. It raises our standard of living. And it improves our quality of life.

If your kids don’t understand this, do them a favor.

Tell them.

Good investing,