WHITE SPRINGS — Council member Helen Miller has requested a public hearing regarding her seat forfeiture from the White Springs Town Council.

Miller responded via a letter from her attorney Mark Herron on Thursday.

According to Town Manager Stacy Tebo, Miller received the official letter of notice for forfeiture this past Monday and had seven days to respond by letter requesting a hearing.

The purpose of the hearing is for Miller to provide evidence in opposition of the council’s decision to declare her seat forfeited.

In the letter, Herron requested copies of all “notices, pleadings and papers with reference to this matter.”

After a lengthy discussion at the June 13 meeting, the White Springs Town Council passed a motion to declare the seat forfeited with a 3-1 vote, with Walter McKenzie voting against.

The review of Miller came after Tebo read a prepared statement regarding Miller’s actions during manager comments at the May 9 meeting.

According to Tebo, Miller purchased food, drinks, supplies, decoration, plaques and more without consulting her.

Tebo added she did not know about the purchases until she received the credit card bills and invoices the following month.

Tebo called Miller a “rogue council member operating on her own” and urged the council to address the problem.

Prior to the decision at the June meeting, the council members reviewed a packet, which included more than 200 pages of receipts, purchase order request forms, emails, copies of Facebook posts and an affidavit from William Lawrence, former town manager, stating his support of Tebo and examples of Miller’s actions while he was manager.

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