Willy “Bobby Joe” Jefferson is a gutless wonder, I BELIEVE.
Every Wednesday morning I have breakfast with Reverend Scippio and Reverend Hutcherson. Willy knows this and last night after the Council Meeting he PROMISED to meet me at Breakfast this morning (Wednesday) to discuss last night’s finding that I am not entitled to Helen Miller’s e-mails.

There we were. Karin and I were waiting for the man to show up. But he didn’t show. Now maybe it was because his work kept him longer than expected. But he PROMISED. He could have called Fat Bellies and said he was running late or not at all. But he didn’t make that call. Instead he was a gutless coward, I believe, because he could NOT bear to hear the truth.

If I were a man of his size I wouldn’t be afraid of anything. Obviously if I were a man of his integrity I wouldn’t show up either.

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