Walter McKenzie was my hero at the July 11th meeting with Tom Moore a close second

I have to admit it is embarrassing to have Tonja Brown as our vice Mayor.  A vice mayor represents White Springs in the event the Mayor is absent and Walter McKenzie is an excellent representative being active in what transpires in White Springs as well as our history.  He of course writes weekly in the Jasper News and is articulate, something Brown is not.  Brown’s conversations are embarrassing but since White Springs has a bad reputation already, perhaps she is the perfect representative.

Rhett Bullard apparently got elected on some panel for the Florida League of Cities (apparently jealous of Helen Miller who was beloved by the League and who won a prestigious award).   Walter McKenzie, during the time he was Vice Mayor was asked and voted upon to attend the Meeting.  Tonight Tonja Brown made it clear that she was intending to go so Walter McKenzie recused himself stating there was no need for three people to attend.  Knowing how well McKenzie represents White Springs, Rhett Bullard then agreed that he would attend with Tonja Brown but it appeared that McKenzie’s recusal got Bullard so shook up that he barely could remember Brown’s name.   lol

Tom Moore as a representative of the special events committee, made a formal complaint regarding our Town Manager using the funds which have been budgeted for the Special Events committee without advising the committee.  Mr. Moore explained that the Special Events Committee is an extension of the town council and that they need to be advised.   So much for the Tebo Bullard team who complain about Helen Miller handling projects we have handled for years without a requisition….yet it is okay for our Town Manager Tebo to decide about things without council approval.


I can’t wait to see how Ms. Brown represents the Town of White Springs.  Having no business experience and possibly no education to serve her, it should be hilarious.  The humor behind this is that Rhett Bullard shows how ignorant a person he has following in his footsteps.

Way to go McKenzie and Moore.  You have done very well.

By the way, Ms. Tebo who was in such a hurry to place false accusations against Helen Miller in the Jasper News, has not seen fit to respond to Helen Miller’s attorney’s letter or determine a hearing date.  That should have been discussed by the Council but I believe Rhett Bullard may be scared shitless (sorry for the profanity).  This Helen Miller situation has been malicious and possibly the General Liability policy may not cover it because that would be an exclusion. I guess Jefferson, Brown and Bullard may have to fork out some of their own money for their slander and defamation of another council member by stating guilt before innocence.


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.  Some of these exclusions under the General Liability policy include but are not limited to:  

  • Willful violation of any federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation committed by or with the knowledge or consent of any member or violation of public trust.


  • to any claim, demand or action seeking injunctive, declaratory, writ of mandamus or any other non-monetary relief against a designated member or any of its agents;


  • to any injury arising out of any act committed by the member with actual malice;   Brown, Jefferson and Bullard fit the crime.



These types of exclusions may constitute a lack of coverage on the part of the “Trust” even though defense may be provided.  Unfortunately if Members individually are found to have caused such torts or criminal acts, they may have to find their own respective attorneys and be subject to punitive or exemplary damages.


Karin for the blog

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