Heard an interesting rumor this afternoon about the Council’s business this coming Tuesday. First off lets just say that Tuesday is not, repeat NOT, Helen’s trial, if you want to call it that.

What will the Council decide, if anything, about Helen’s trial? There are three options, as you might well figure. Option One  is  to do nothing, to keep the prior charges in place even though they are against the Town Charter. This is Willie and Tonja deciding, well, they don’t really decide, to let the dog lie there and not do anything and just let the Attorneys battle it out. I see this as the most logical result of Tuesday night’s meeting.

Option two is to drop the charges against Helen for fear that, when Willie gets defeated in the next election, and he will get defeated regardless of what they do about Helen, because he is a toad-oh with no ability to think for himself. the NEW Majority will bring similar charges against Rhett and Tonja. BE still my heart.

Option Three is that they, the Council, decide, to double down on the charges against Helen even though they can’t be proven in a court of law. Her attorney will see to that. In case you missed it Helen’s Attorney is formerly the head of the State Ethics Commission. He won’t put up with the lack of Ethics displayed by Rhett and Tonja and Willie.  If he doesn’t take the three of them to the Circuit Court, which is what the Charter says, then he is for sure to take Willie, Rhett and the bastion of legal thinking, Tonja to the State Ethics Board for violations of Florida Statute 112.313 (6). Wouldn’t that be sweet.

Anyway, what I heard someone say to day is they believed the Council will attempt too drop the matter entirely, Option 2 above. They will do this because of two reasons, so the thinking goes. Number 1 is that their attorney can’t beat Helen’s attorney, even if it is someone from the firm of Marks Grey operating for the Florida League of Cities. If it is not someone from a League of Cities law firm then that leaves Koberlein, who has advised Helen to do the acts she is charged with. And Number 2 is that Koberlein is such a weak lawyer that he can’t possibly beat Helen’s guy in a one on one match up. The thinking goes that Koberlein will recuse himself for a conflict of interest because of his prior conversations with Helen about doing the things she is charged with and approving them, or at least not advising Helen to stop them.

In short, maybe nothing will happen Tuesday night but that would require Willie and Tonja to grow a backbone, a highly unlikely event. Some would say NOT A CHANCE.

Oh yes. If Helen is forced into court and wins on a slander charge, which is what she will allege, Willy, Tonja and Rhett will have to pay for Helen’s Attorney fees out of their own pockets. How sweet that would be.

Ya’ll come Tuesday night. There may not be any fireworks but there may be significant Fireworks. It could look like 9 PM at Disney world.

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