The effects of Percocet and the change in Anita Rivers since she no longer works at Town Hall

Not having the information Dr. Miller provided the council, I did some research on my own regarding Percocet, the drug Stacy admits she has taken.


Some of the adverse signs of someone on Percocet can be:

Be aware that on some of these signs one cannot judge if the individual is on the drug.

  • Confusion (At times if one asks a question of Stacy she does seem confused.)
  • Drowsiness or nodding off (She keeps her door closed so no one dares enter and would not know if she nodded off)
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Slowed breathing
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Pinpoint pupils

Behavioral Signs Someone is On Percocet

If you have a suspicion that someone around you is using Percocet, it can be difficult to spot the particular physical signs like the ones listed above. Instead, it can be more apparent when overarching behavioral signs start to show in the person’s life. An individual who is addicted to prescription painkillers like Percocet will often display characteristic behaviors and lifestyle shifts that are visible to the people around them.


Taking the above into consideration, there was a comment made by Stacy Tebo’s previous boss, indicating that she appeared to be fine and handled her job and one day that changed in that Stacy Tebo changed.


The first sign someone is abusing Percocet and may be addicted to it is using more of it than they’re prescribed, even if they do have a legitimate prescription. Often people who are chronic users of Percocet will collect several doses of the drug to take all at one time for a more powerful high.


Signs to Look for

A person who is abusing opiates will have constricted pupils, will appear tired and drowsy. They may actually nod out but continue to try to talk as they don’t realize they have nodded out.  (It is like the day she had her door open to her office but would not handle one of Joe’s requests.  When I said “Why don’t you follow the law”, she became weapy stating that I couldn’t talk to her that way.  But each time I have seen her she seems to be tired or sick.)

A person early in their abuse of these drugs may get itchy and nauseated. As the drug kicks in, he or she may vomit.


While intoxicated on opiates, the person may show these signs:

  • Reduced social interaction (Stacy did not act like a usual Town Manager from the start.  Even at the welcoming party held, she sat on one side and did not greet and meet others in the town.  She has no interest in the Town or its people and does not even visit businesses in the Town.)
  • Drowsiness  (She always looks tired like everything is insurmountable.  When she speaks it is so monotone as if she is weak and tired which almost places everyone else to sleep.)
  • Poor memory and concentration  (At first I thought she had no organizational skills, but her forgetfulness appears to be something else, which only those around her daily would notice.  She admitted she was taught certain things, but could not explain these thing to Anita, but rather had Pam explain).
  • Anxiety  (She certainly has anxiety as well as paranoia which is obvious in the manner in which she speaks and writes)
  • Constipation (may try to acquire remedies)
  • Slowed breathing
  • Slow movement and reactions (She could not handle her Job in Debary and became a constant complainer.  Some items from 1999 were found in her office incomplete.  With the mounds of paperwork in her office, it does not appear she is able to expedite things efficiently in spite of what Mayor Bullard states)
  • Mood swings  (Obviously the employees have seen this because they are fearful of approaching her or interrupting her)
  • Apathy and depression. (She certainly does have the poor me syndrome and blames everyone else for her problems but obviously is depressed because this is not a usual thing for people who do not use drugs)

Once the person becomes dependent on the opiate, there will start to be lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Lifestyle and Behavioral Changes:

  • Whatever money they have will go for drugs so they may not have required items that they would normally be expected to have.
  • Alternately, as some people begin to sell drugs to support their addiction, they may have unexpected money or expensive items.
  • They will begin to be preoccupied with obtaining drugs and maintaining their addiction and so will drop out of touch with family and friends. They may have a whole new set of friends who are drug users.
  • They may commit illegal acts to get money for drugs and may be arrested.
  • They probably will begin to neglect work and school.
  • They may show change in overall attitude and have outbursts of bad temper. (Like those against Anita)
  • The person may talk about partying or drinking more than before.
  • The person may appear jittery and be secretive. (This is something both Joe and I have noticed in spite of rarely seeing her because of her closed door policy)
  • They are likely to allow grooming and physical appearance to deteriorate.(She tends to look more ragged at each meeting)
  • Loans of money may be asked for and items from the homes of family members may go missing.
  • Long sleeved clothes may be worn if the person is an
  • intravenous drug user.



The Town Hall environment must have been terrible for Anita Rivers.  Since she no longer works for White Springs, I see a new radiance and beauty emanating from Anita.  Anita Rivers has always been beautiful and fashionable but each time I picked up paperwork or paid our utility bill you could see she was not her usual happy self.   And how could she be happy?

She had Pam Tomlinson who appeared to be nasty to her most of the time.  You had Pam lying about Anita.  You had Stacy Tebo who would not have the courtesy to allow Anita to excel by the lack of training or the ability to go up the ladder.  One could not bother Stacy Tebo and there was no open door policy nor could an employee discuss problems of the day of which Stacy was responsible for.  Instead, Stacy stayed in her office and e-mailed answers to everyone.  She never showed an interest in her staff. If we ever required information, Stacy took no part in it but asked Tracy, Pam or Anita to handle the matter.

In instances of poor management, there is always an unseen heaviness, not knowing what would hit next.

In any event, I am so happy for Anita.  As Town Hall stands today, I do not know why anyone would like to work there.  It certainly is not a pleasant place.


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I do not believe there is a glass ceiling for women who are empowered

I find the article “The Glass Ceiling:  Women work hard to shatter barriers” somewhat unbelievable.  The Jasper paper has stated that men are treated differently than women.  When reading the article, I thought to myself, are they talking about women in the 60’s?

I have found this interesting in that apparently this area must be quite different than other areas especially in larger metropolitan areas.  Sometimes women are paid less than men but it is simple to break the glass barrier and earn greater amounts if one is smarter and provides services and knowledge that others are not as capable of.  I guess I have always competed with men and the majority of the time I have won.  In those cases I have not won my recognition as an equal, nepotism was the reason.  I have also competed with myself.  If I achieve something one day, I try to achieve more in the next day and on and on.

I agree that if a woman gives an opinion alone without solutions to go with it, they appear to be nagging.  One must believe in one’s self and realize that with the education and talent God has given us, there is no limit nor is there a glass ceiling.

As a woman beginning in the 60’s, I realize what the Jasper News is stipulating is a time well in the past of 2017; so I must believe that perhaps certain areas such as Hamilton and Suwannee Counties are operating in the past.  This doesn’t mean that one does not intimidate others, including men, in one’s progression.

Throughout my life I have continually upgraded my learning skills and gained from many who were considered the Top in their field so that I could assist those just coming into my industry so that they could do whatever they wished with their career with effort and knowledge.  I have always believed in the motto “Knowledge is power”.

I agree that there are many women who are not elected into office  in our area and I have also noticed a difference in the manner in which they perform and make decisions.  That to me is the one point that will keep a woman under the glass ceiling. One has to believe that mentally, there is no difference between men and women, as long as each is an effective producer..

Let’s take for instance our Town Manager, Stacy Tebo.  When she interviewed she rattled on and on  for an hour about what year she did what and what she learned;  The Town of White Springs gave her the best score.  Yet, those males who applied and what I would do as a manager is to stipulate briefly my background and advise the Town what I am capable of doing.  I, like the males, would have reviewed the problems White Springs has had and offered one or more solutions.  I would, as they did, tell them why they should hire me and provide past achievements to prove what I have accomplished against all odds.  That is why, before meeting Joe, I remained single for many years.  I needed someone in my life with the same or better intellect than I so that I could also be mentally stimulated.   Alas, however, I dislike politics, especially what I have seen on the national level as well as in White Springs.

No I do not believe that Women are held back.  If women are held back they have to determine what they need to change; how they can find an area where they can outperform any male or female by education and inherent abilities.  That is how one moves up the ladder to success and to money.

When hiring staff, I had only ten questions and one was “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.  If, and I was told this by two hires, they said “I want your job”, I would hire them.  To hire someone who has abilities to progress, will only assist the team and it did.  I always had faith in myself and my ability to move into various directions and that is something a Woman must learn.

In 1969, I was the only female manager among all management and sales personnel and the only thing that was different for me from the males was the fact that we had dinner meetings at the men’s club, where we were always served prime rib.  Now, I despise Prime Rib so the only thing I could do is almost empty the bowl of horseradish on top of it and eat it.  I was never treated like what women said they were treated like and I was one of the guys where we could discuss anything without realizing there was a difference in our sex.   It was strictly business.

At one time, when the Minneapolis Aquatennial was one of the ten largest parades in the US, we frequently would butt heads with the people from the St. Paul Winter Carnival.   Occasionally we would serve at events such as picking candidates based upon their personal makeup and talent for pageants.  I remember working with one of the elite of the Carnival and amazingly, we were mostly in agreement about our assessments of various individuals..  Later we shared buying drinks during a break and went through our backgrounds and business problems.  Yet, when I attended a German Fest, the female General Events Chairman was mouthing off what a sexual monster the man was.  Knowing I am direct, I asked her what she did to provoke that type of treatment.  And the entire group of vice commodores at the Aquatennial became angered, including my ex-husband.  I stood my ground and explained what a gentleman he was toward me and that I did not see him in the same light as she did.

The point is that Women need to understand what they wish out of life and to not be the typical emotional female.  If one has objections, you do not stipulate those objections unless you have alternate solutions which you may be able to offer.

Dr. Helen Miller was the first Mayor of White Springs but after our Town Manager’s libelous accusations of Miller in the Newspaper, she received no accolades for breaking the glass ceiling.  In seeing how Dr. Miller handled herself at various meetings, as compared to our current Mayor, one can tell, she is the better suited to be Mayor of the two.  She is empowered and has worked hard to achieve results in the Town where no others seem to care.   Women as a whole have additional qualities whereby they may accomplish more things at one time than men and are extremely expedient…that is only if they wish to get ahead.  That sometimes means placing your job first which may be a sacrifice to most….but it is what you decide and your decision may not be one which blames others for your lack of empowerment.


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