The rule of holes is that when you find yourself in a hole, the best thing you can do is to stop digging.

First they cancelled the mandatory two workshops for the budget. Every town and city in the state has at least two workshops for the new budget, including the infamous DeBary. But not us, it is assumed by Rhett and Tebo that the citizens either don’t care about the budget or care too much. I fit squarely in the “care too much”  category. But now I can’t have a say in what our budget will look like. A complete violation of due process.

But then the Hurricane hit and caused the cancellation of the Council meeting last night. Here is the problem. It takes seven days to hold a budget meeting. What I mean by that is that the notice must be NOTICED in the LOCAL paper a minimum of seven days prior to the meeting date. The Jasper News gets printed on Wednesday and  distributed on Thursday. Said another way it is just too late to have a meeting announcement in for next week. No notice and we can stop the meeting with a court order for failure to follow the law. Now Stacy and Rhett know the law from the flap over the Carver School and the supposed New Community Center at the  old Carver school site. They published in the Gainesville Sun for goodness sake. This too was a complete violation of state law.

In other words the budget meeting(s) can’t be held until the week of the 25th and then we have to have two meetings in the same week. As incompetent as Stacy and Rhett are it is amazing that they can’t get their and thus our act together. They, Stacy and Rhett, keep finding themselves in a hole but can’t seem to quit digging. I tell you it is amazing to me that two supposed intelligent people can’t figure out to quit digging.  In addition to  violating several state laws and our  own standard operating procedures, the Citizens can’t figure out where they are stealing money from. Want to bet the sewer rates are going to go up again? Holes, holes, holes.

And there are Willie and Tonja cheerleading as deeper the hole goes. What idiots.

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