At least one of the people giving evidence (depositions) in the Anita Rivers case gave enough information to prove that Stacy Tebo is a likely drug addict on OXYCODINE. Pills were found in town hall and claimed by Ms. Tebo as being hers. This can, according to her witness, effect mood swings among other things. Talk about mood swings, TEBO has them. I have mood swings because of my bi-polar condition. But not like Stacy’s if you  believe the under oath depositions.

More as we read more of the depositions more of this stuff will appear on the Blog.

If you want to read the “Deposition”, sworn under oath. please contact me or get it out of Pam at town hall. Lots of good stuff which we’ll put the juicy on the Blog. Should only take a month or so. It will really improve readership.

You won’t believe the stuff Stacy Tebo said about FDLE and our POOR rating because of Tracy’s neglect.

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