Heard it from two different sources today that Rhett  is using is gay charms and business connections to find Tebo a new job. Fat Chance. Who is going to hire a self admitted drug user and someone who has litigation spread as a giant swath behind her. She sued her boss for Christ’s sake and tried to run Helen, her boss, off the Council. She can’t do the job of Town Manager by her own admission. I can’t wait to find out who offers her an interview because I will surely file a letter with that firm or Municipal organization.  No when she leaves here her days of work for a legitimate concern or business are done. She has screwed the pooch this time.


Misfeasance – She has voted to spend $7500 to provide a defense for the Town Manager when none was needed or required. Such spending was in violation of Florida Statute 112.313.

She has encouraged and allowed the Town Manager to continue her duties even though the manager is a self admitted user of a narcotic drug. When asked to provide the doctor’s prescription for this drug she oversaw and delayed the production of said doctor’s prescription, a violation of Florida Statute 119.


Incompetence – She is completely clueless on the all sections of the Town Charter and the Town Ordinances. She has given no evidence that she can even read much less understand what is written.


Malfeasance – She has authorized, without a Council vote, the expenditure of $25,950 of taxpayer funds to investigate a terminated town employee. Prior citizen complaints received no funding to adjudicate the charges. Such spending was in violation of Florida Statute 112.313, 119 and 286.011.


Neglect of Duty – She fails to consider any evidence received when making a vote instead preferring to not consider anything except how the Mayor wants her to vote 500 times in a row.


Willie Jefferson should be recalled for misfeasance, malfeasance and neglect of duty.


Misfeasance – He has voted to spend $7500 to provide a defense for the Town Manager when none was needed. Such spending was in violation of Florida Statute 112.313.

He has encouraged and allowed the Town Manager to continue her duties even though she is a self admitted user of a narcotic drug. When asked to provide the doctor’s prescription for this drug he delayed the production of said doctor’s prescription to the public contrary to FS 119.

He is completely clueless on sections of the Town Charter, most Town Ordinances and Roberts Rules of Order.

He allows the Mayor complete discretion on what is best for the citizens.

Malfeasance – He agreed with the decision without a Council vote to allow the expenditure of $25,950 of Taxpayer/Public funds to investigate a terminated town employee’s complaint. He voted to deny this complaint. No complaints are justified. This is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Neglect of Duty – He fails to allow any evidence received from Citizens or the Law when deciding a vote. He prefers to not consider anything except how the Mayor wants the Council to vote. All Council votes are 3-2 with no wavering allowed by Jefferson.


That Rhett had a party for all of his supporters after the Wednesday night power grab by him, Tonja and Willie (the girl). Invited were Mr. Ekland and Stacy Tebo and her boyfriend Don’t Touch Me. Again rumor has it that Mr. Ekland couldn’t make it to the party. Good thing for him.

I wonder what illegal drugs were on the menu. We’ll just have Willie’s (the girl) employer do a drug screen on him and we’ll find out the truth of the rumor about Rhett being a Cocaine user. Also we can report Don’t Touch Me to his Police Officer bosses to see if he is still clean.

We sure live in a screwed up town where an idiot of an attorney can only find friends in the intellectually challenged part of town. Have you ever noticed that Rhett is much more calm when his sister is in the room. Maybe then he doesn’t load up on drugs prior to a meeting. Who knows, it is all rumor.


More of the junk is coming out about the farce that passed for a quasi-judicial hearing this past Wednesday at Town Hall in White Springs. Two things are most important.

Number One is that Stacy Tebo tried to cancel out the Court Recorder in order to “Save the Town some Money”. This after spending $7500.00 of tax payer funds TO the have the hearing.

Number two is that the young gentleman in the back of the audience on the right hand edge was NOT from the Lake City Reporter. My guess is that he was a state investigator brought in to “see” what my wife wrote the Governor about the Corruption here in White Springs


Dr. Miller’s Attorney, Mark Herron, initially requested a continuance due to the fact that the changes in charges against Dr. Miller did not provide sufficient time to secure the appropriate witnesses since the new charges were not received until October 19, 2017.  Attorney Hurman provided this in writing as well as vocally in the meeting.   He advised that he only had two hours to go over the material with Dr. Miller.

Attorney Elkind, the Staff attorney, formerly known as Stacy Tebo’s attorney, said he was against the continuance because all e-mails and paperwork were forwarded to Attorney Herron well prior to the new charges.

Rhett Bullard went into quack quack rapid antics saying that would not be acceptable in any way.   Councilman Jefferson said we have waited for months and there should have been enough time.

Later in the hearing it was brought forward that not all the e-mails were forwarded to Attorney Herron  An E-mail whereby Stacy Tebo appointed Helen Miller as the TOWS HOPE administrator  was not included but fortunately Helen Miller retrieved copies establishing Stacy Tebo’s request.

As the HOPE administrator through the Hamilton County School Board, Dr. Miller was approved by TOWS and did nothing wrong.  The conditions were set up by the benefactor for the benefit of White Spring youth. If the money had not been received immediately so payroll could be accomplished, why didn’t the Town contact Dr. Miller to secure the money, or the Town Manager, herself could have contacted Hamilton County rather than having Mrs. Tomlinson just refuse to issue a check and blame Dr. Miller for the lack of funds?  It is not as though Stacy Tebo provides monthly financial reports to the Council as her contract requires so how would one know if a check came in or not?

Of course when Pam Tomlinson was asked about the requests she laughed and said she was happy that she did not have to do the payroll because it was less work for her.  That is why she sat on the Jewett Street payment to Hamilton County for two years and made the excuse that she did not have an invoice which in fact she did have one for two yearsShe also mentioned that she thought Hamilton County was doing the job for free.

The money had already been spent and first interim manager Heath and then Tebo had to call in the county to help with the accounting.  Stacy Tebo obviously lied on her resume’.  Then we had to take $55,000 to pay Hamilton County because the money we received from FEMA and another source had been spent up to the $55,000.  Our Financial Director definitely is incompetent.

This shows the lack of efficiency but really the fact that there are no procedures and a Manager who locks herself in her office all day doing what, I don’t know?   Yet I am certain she and Tomlinson do very little work.  When the three clowns and Stacy decided to get rid of Dr. Miller, we were told that they worked on the project for two weeks trying to find something to accuse Dr. Miller for.  And, subsequently, after meeting with Attorney Elkind, they had further charges which probably took them another two weeks and then research as to how they could make certain they could remove Dr. Helen Miller who appreciates efficiency.

Let’s face it, going back to DeBary, Ms. Tebo had paperwork in her office from 1999.  She began with TOWS two years and a month or two ago.  Yet even though Mayor Bullard protects her at every instance, she was not responsible for the lighting and signs which she was accredited for by Bullard. What does she do behind closed doors when she won’t even talk to Citizens, I surely do not know. She mentions some things to the council but barely explains where the money is coming from and the council votes on very little and they should have voted immediately on the pre-used fire truck.

When Tracy Rodriquenz was asked  if she would assist any council member who asked for her assistance, she said of course, she would assist anyone.  However, either she had a memory lapse or did not intend to be truthfully initially, she stated only Helen Miller had requested anything from her.  That led to Walter McKenzie stipulating he had requested something from her relating to the Bike Club and then Tonja Brown admitted something about hot dogs.  It was stated that if a council person may not ask for assistance from the Staff or from the Town Manager, then  everyone should be ousted from the Council.   Well I am certain the three clowns will ask whatever they want and get it and to hell with everyone else.  Soon they will have to try and remove Walter McKenzie because they cannot handle anyone who would question them.   They are followers themselves because it is evident they are not leaders like Dr. Miller so they cannot have intellect of any kind (like Anita Rivers) working as staff or on the council.  They prefer yes men and women.

When Attorney Herron elected to bring forth information from DeBary whereby Ms. Tebo did not provide all the e-mails requested by her Town Manager or she sanitized them.  She also attempted to have her Manager Terminated by discussions with the council.   Rhett Bullard, the laughable Mayor and lawyer who does not understand the law objected to this line of conversation.  As if he knows everything and had the right to comment on Mark Hurman’s defense, Rhett Bullard said that was unnecessary but a “ good legal ploy”.   Yet Attorney Herron was finally allowed to show similarities of what happened in DeBary is now happening in White Springs to councilwoman and former Mayor Helen Miller.  Of course Mark Herron ignored the idiotic comment which was childish in the least.

Attorney Herron also brought forth the prohibitions relating to the Lake City FL Charter and the Tallahassee FL Charter.  The White Springs Charter does not include prohibitions like the following, which allows council members to make requests, as Helen Miller has.   However after two years they end up with four complaints.

LAKE CITY CHARTER PROHIBITIONS  303.(C)  Except for the purpose of inquiries and investigations, the council or its members shall deal with city officers and employees, who are subject to the direction and supervision of the manager, solely through the manager, and neither the council nor its members shall give orders to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately.


Neither the commission nor any member thereof shall give orders to, nor make demands of, any of the subordinates of any appointed city official either publicly or privately.  Any such dictation, orders, demands or other interference upon the part of a member of the city commission with the administration of the city shall constitute grounds for removal of office.

At one time we were told by Attorney Kennon that we could not question council decisions but now certain council members are no longer allowed to speak to staff or to the Town Manager. And furthermore no matter what petitions you sign or what complaints are being made, as a citizen you have no right to complain.

Again, Joe Griffin has listed our Charter prohibitions on the blog and you may see for yourself, there are no such prohibitions.  Lake City requires the council members to deal solely through the manager.  That would not work in White Springs because our manager is not available and especially since she has stated verbally in this hearing and in the under oath statements in Anita River’s investigation that she dislikes Helen Miller and does not listen to anything Helen Miller had to say since advice was given on an employee who is noted to not efficiently perform her job.  They ignore Walter McKenzie.

Insofar as Tallahassee and Lake City; both are larger Towns and the Administrators and appointed City officials do their jobs by providing information to the council members in writing, which is more than Stacy Tebo does even though she is required by contract to provide monthly financials so the  council members are aware of what is happening. 

Yet, what’s the use?  In White Springs, Rhett Bullard does not have the capacity to read financials and certainly Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson probably do not know what is being required.  After all, none knew about the Charter, until Helen Miller explained to Willie Jefferson what it was, after a meeting.  None follow the law which the Charter stipulates, whether it be the US constitution or the FL constitution.   Furthermore, when Joe Griffin has brought up complaints pertaining to the Charter, he was told by Rhett Bullard that he, Griffin, was just looking for attention and obviously had never read the charter.  But when charging Helen with violations, he stated he was following the Charter.   What a joke indeed.

It also may be Dr. Miller’s request to hear all complaints that added to the distain attributed to her of Bullard, Tebo, Brown and Jefferson.  If you are one of the three clowns or the manager, one may not hear complaints or respond to them.

One of the COMPLAINTS, which was thrown out related to Dr. Miller contacting the Town Clerk and instructing her to have the Town Manager come to her home in order to take photographs of Town trees, which had fallen and damage Dr. Miller’s fence.   I guess Helen Miller has no right as a council person nor as a citizen to complain about fallen trees and ask for the Town’s advice.

Our neighbor had called Stacy Tebo to complain about the condition of three houses and Stacy Tebo also told her that she, our neighbor, had to take photos herself because Ms. Tebo stated she had no idea where the houses were located even though they were across from our new park.  Ms. Tebo told our neighbor to get the addresses and take photos.  Ms Tebo refused to assist our neighbor.  At least Bob Farley and Bill Lawrence went out of the office to respond to complaints. Tebo is above that with her MPA. It is too bad that her experience and MPA is not shown in her work performance.

I am glad I am not related to these three incompetents nor the staff at White Springs, because it would embarrass me greatly and it has probably embarrassed Helen Miller who has represented this Town for years as well as in her various capacities with the Florida League of Cities as well as being President of the Suwannee League of Cities.


Karin for the Blog

How May of You have known that it was only because of Dr. Miller’s influences that the HOPE program received funds? BUT THE JASPER NEWS WILL NEVER PUBLISH THIS

The Jasper News appears to be very selective in what they wish to report.  For instance, they will place allegations of Dr. Helen Miller or Joe Griffin on the front page of the newspaper as if they committed murder.  Yet, when it comes to specific White Springs infractions such as the one relating to Stacy Tebo’s opiod abuse, such information, even though admitted under oath, will not be included.

Although the following letter exceeds the 200 word limitation, the fact is that the Newspaper could have included some of the highlights or all as a regular article by a reporter.  After all, they stated Dr. Helen Miller was a rogue council member so at least there could have been a rebuttal or  thanks to Helen Miller for securing a great benefactor throughout the years..

H.B. Calder, Ph.D.

1159 Little Bird Court

Henderson, Nevada 89011


26 June 2017

Letters to the Editor

The Jasper News

P.O. Box 370

Live Oak, FL 32064

Dear Editor,

I am writing concerning an article entitled “White Springs council votes to declare Miller seat forfeited” which appears in your 22 June edition and subsequently appeared on your website.  Since the actions discussed predominately concern funds which I provided, I believe it appropriate to provide my insights.

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Helen Miller for nearly twenty-five years.  While in Ann Arbor, Michigan she maintained full-time employment; volunteered in the City to plan, fund and implement a wide range of infrastructure projects oriented towards improving public safety, and served as president of the Ann Arbor Huron High School Athletic Booster Club, working throughout the entire public school system to restructure and expand girls and boys athletic programs, implement fund raising programs contributing in excess of $500,000 annually to pay for sports activities, infrastructure shortfalls, awards events and more and to implement a school system-wide alcohol and drug diversion program (which subsequently was deployed State-wide, including the University of Michigan).

When Dr. Miller retired to Florida she recognized the needs of White Springs’ youth and decided to bring her experience and expertise to the challenge.  Working with church groups and community leaders, one of her first activities was to put in place a summer program.  Though I personally have no ties to White Springs, I gladly offered to help fund these efforts through my Charitable Giving Fund because I felt that the programs would impact the lives of young people and because I knew that Dr. Miller would be successful.  Between 2010 and 2015, I contributed $134,500 directly to the city of White Springs for the purpose of supporting the Project HOPE and the summer activities for the youth of White Springs.  In 2016 , I contributed an additional $15,000 to the Hamilton County School District for the exclusive benefit of White Springs youth/Project Hope.  In this regard I provided funds to be spent at the exclusive direction of Dr. Miller for any general expenditure she deemed appropriate to facilitate her summer, or other programs; a provision agreed to by the White Springs Town Council in 2010.  I visited White Springs several times and  observed first-hand the ongoing activities, I was impressed with the activities and continued my funding on an annual basis.

I have known Dr. Helen Miller to provide nothing less than the highest quality work at the highest level of integrity.  The expenditures made with funds provided by my contributions were proper and well within the grant guidelines.  I am proud of the results that Dr. Miller’s tireless efforts have achieved for the White Spring’s community and for its youths.



H.B. Calder, Ph.D.


It is time that many of you understand what Dr. Helen Miller has done for the youth of White Springs.   I once heard a complaint  that Dr. Miller took the children to see the Globe Trotters which was an expense that should have not been done.  Yet, Dr. Calder apparently has entrusted his grant money to Helen Miller so that she could enrich the children’s minds and provide inspiration.  This was not money the Town had to spend even though the Town charges each citizen a ten percent utility fee monthly as well as taxes and utility charges.  Dr. Miller secured her own benefactor who had no interest in the Town of White Springs, for you the people.

The Summer Program began June 13, 2016 and there was a complaint that staff was not paid until July 12,2016 by Hamilton County School District in which name the grant was written in 2016.   The Town agreed that Dr. Miller would be the administrator through Hamilton County.  Yet knowing that Dr. Calder provided the funds timely to the Town of White Springs previously, they should have known the money was coming from the Hamilton County School Board.  The Town Staff complained  when Helen Miller asked the Town to pay the payroll for the three weeks prior to the check being received by Hamilton County, she was denied.   Dr. Miller was questioned why the recipient of the grant had changed from the Town to Hamilton County and it was pointed out Dr. Calder heard things about the town for which he made his decision.  It’s easy to come to that conclusion; one just has to read the paper and it is Dr. Miller who is the trusted friend of Dr. Calder.

Initially Dr. Miller was uncertain who would pay the payroll for the school and apprised Pam Tomlinson our Finance Director.  Pam thought it was great and less work if she didn’t have to do anything with payroll.  Yet when the agreement was finalized and signed by Mayor Rhett Bullard and notarized by Pam Tomlinson, the contract itself made it clear, as it has in the past years under this grant with the Town as the benefactor, “TOWS (Town of White Springs) agrees that all persons TOWS has  involved in HOPE will be employed by TOWS under a written employment agreement”. 

What this means as with any contract or grant stipulations is that the Grantor nor the Hamilton County School Board wishes the liabilities for those employed by the Town and who are within the direct supervision of the Town.  The HOPE program is handled by an endorsement to the General Liability policy as well as the Workers Compensation policy by the Town.  If our Town Manager really has any knowledge of business, she should have read the contract or assisted her incompetent finance manager since she is in charge of staff.

Although the Contract is reviewed by our attorney, Pam Tomlinson, our Finance Director nor the Town Manager whose job this should be, ever reviewed the contracts and did so admit this to Dr. Miller’s attorney.

If you are a manager; or if you handle finances for the grant and receive monies as a result, one surely should know what the contract involves such as providing for up to three certified teachers for two hours a day for six weeks; internet access; educational materials for Arts and Crafts at the Board’s discretion, Contracted High Touch/High Tech STE program hours, Programs and activities that include family Literacy Workshops, Parental Involvement Workshops Training for Staff and transportation.  The Finance manager should be in charge of all purchase orders or payrolls which are utilized under the program.   The Grantor may have chosen a new administrator and Grantee, but the program still remained for the benefit of the Children of the Town of White Springs.

With the three councilors Bullard, Brown and Jefferson, and the fact that Dr. Miller was ousted, there will no longer be funds from this Benefactor.  And the Town,  as long as Mayor Bullard and Stacy Tebo are in charge with the councilors Brown and Jefferson, will not consider anything which benefits the youth of White Springs unless they receive grants for the ball field and play equipment where independent contractors may partake.   They wish no responsibility nor do they wish to take any responsibility for others or for their actions as well.  These councilors do not wish to be bothered with your children or enrich your children’s minds as to new learning experiences.

Karin for the blog


P.S.  As you will recall, our new Superintendent of Schools Rex Mitchell also refused access to the rooms prior Superintendent Moffses completed the remodeling only for the HOPE program…the area designated in the grant…. and Dr. Miller had to do the legwork to find another facility.  Nevertheless unlike the Town fathers, we the citizens thank Dr. Miller for the successful program she has provided.  She is far too intelligent for the rest of the clowns and she actually cares about others.

The only thing Willie Jefferson could offer is how to keep your children out of prison even though their vocation is felony theft.

Unfortunately Bullard is not really good with the law nor does he understand the law, but we understand or are told he has other talents like his cousin former manager.

Tonja Brown would be able to teach your children by inspiration of how to remain uninformed, bossy, and ignorant.

Stacy Tebo  probably tell you how important her MPA is and how your can manipulate others into believing you have the power by making frivolous suits against employers or threatening to do so; how to not follow the law and get away with it; how to lie to get your way and possibly how to evade people asking for the results of your drug test.

Do not worry about the Police of White Springs.   The Chief because of her concern for her job will keep all secrets and fabricate things or say she can’t remember things to protect these officials.



Last Night’s Kangaroo Court ousted Dr. Helen Miller without adherence to the laws

For all of you who did not attend the hearing last night, the council of three, Mayor Bullard and Councilors Brown and Jefferson, voted 3-1 to have Dr. Helen B. Miller removed from the council for malfeasance..

Although John Rhett Joiner Bullard as an attorney and the other two councilors should have known that Dr. Helen B. Miller was innocent of the specific charges made against her by our Town Manager Stacy Tebo, they found Dr. Miller guilty of all charges,  Yet,what Dr. Helen Miller did was ASK and in each case, she was denied and accused by Bullard for having some sinister reasoning like knowing money would not be received from other benefactors, which is his opinion solely.

Unlike the days when Attorney Kennon stated “you have no right to question the council”; today’s motto is that “You have no right to ask the staff or Town Manager for anything” even though the Councilors technically are the elected officials of the community who were voted to serve the citizens;  Whereas Staff and the Town Manager are hired by the council.

Let me begin by providing you with the charge of “Malfeasance”.   Attorney Koberlein who moderated and explained the facts of law specifically emphasized each of the points of law.   In order to have completed a wrongful act, one would have to have done so willingly.  A willful (or wanton) injury must have been intentional or the act must have been committed under circumstances exhibiting a reckless disregard for the safety of others,


The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.

Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person.

Malfeasance is an affirmative act that is illegal or wrongful. In tort law (not criminal law) it is distinct from misfeasance, which is an act that is not illegal but is improperly performed. It is also distinct from Nonfeasance which is a failure to act which results in injury.

The distinctions between malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance have little effect on tort law. Whether a claim of injury is for one or the other, the plaintiff (The Staff and Town of White Springs) must prove that the defendant (Helen B. Miller) owed a duty of care, that the duty was breached in some way, and that the breach caused injury to the plaintiff.


There was no injury to the Town of White Springs, to the Staff nor to the Town Manager.   Dr. Miller has been in charge of the Hope Program and has only ASKED that the Town either pay an individual for working for the HOPE program (The Town said they had no funds nor were funds budgeted. yet today we are carrying legal fees in the Anita Rivers case of $26,000 which were not approved by the full council in the Sunshine, nor is it common to pay up to $7,500 for a Town Manager’s Legal expense to make allegations against her “boss” and to remove her boss from the council) ;   

One must question WHY is there no money for the HOPE program budgeted yearly, but there is money for legal expense to protect those who do not follow the law?   Why should we keep incurring and paying for  legal expenses because an attorney and councilor cannot follow the law?  Remember the statement Rhett Bullard made to Joe Griffin regarding not following “Robert’s Rules of Order”?  Bullard blatantly asked “You want us to admit that we are not following the law?”

Wherefore Dr. Miller ASKED that the Police Chief assist her with the Department of Juvenile Justice Grant Program and what the police department could do in furtherance of the grant program.

Whereas, Dr. Miller requested the Police Chief to attend the meeting at the Hamilton County School Board regarding the grant program.  The Police Chief was unavailable that day and gave permission that she could be reached by phone.  And by e-mail, Dr. Miller sent a message to the administrative assistant requesting the Town Manager attend a meeting regarding the grant program.

Dr.  Helen Miller’s attorney brought up the fact that Stacy Tebo’s response to Lieutenant Musgrove’s e-mail regarding the program stated “That’s great news.  Thanks so much for the e-mail” dated May 12, 2016.   It was brought up that Dr. Miller should have contacted the Town Manager directly in lieu of the administrative assistant.


Chief Tracy was originally asked if any other council members asked her for things.  She only recalled Helen Miller asking.  Then Walter McKenzie reminded her that he had requested the Chief directly to assist him with bikes from the Bike Club; then Tanja Brown said apparently Tracy helped her with hot dogs.

The manner in which the three councilors voted each person ASKING  for assistance from their staff or the Town Manager should be removed from the Council.  Any Judge or Jury would laugh their posteriors off while rolling on the floor.  Yet the Staff’s attorney elected to then bring in interference as it related to staff always wanting to assist if a councilor asks.  New rules in White Springs, the Councilors if you are not Bullard, Brown or Jefferson have no right to ASK the Town Manager or Staff for any assistance whatsoever.

Let’s for the record look at the substance of Unreasonable interference, as was imputed to Dr. Miller by the Plaintiff (Town Staff) Attorney:

“Unreasonable interference” is defined as “including those acts that significantly interfere with public health, safety, peace, comfort, or convenience, conduct that is contrary to a statute, ordinance, or regulation, or conduct that is of a continuing nature or one which has produced a permanent or long-lasting effect upon the public right, an effect of which the actor is aware or should be aware.” 

I believe that with respect to our Town Manager’s admitted opiod drug abuse, she is overly sensitive to any one bothering her.  She does not answer phones; she stays within a closed office; she e-mails only her employees; and neither a councilor outside of Bullard, Brown or Jefferson will receive an answer from Stacy Tebo.  An overly sensitive person who is disturbed very easily would not be awarded damages for a nuisance that does not substantially interfere   Asking once is not “SUBSTANTIAL

It was established again at the hearing that Ms. Tebo does not like Dr. Helen Miller and will not listen to anything Dr. Miller states or asks for.  This was in writing and under oath in the Anita Rivers investigation as was the case at the Hearing.

Anyway as to our Finance Manager, any work or additional work that Pam Tomlinson incurs is Substantial only to her because not only is she uneducated but is purely lazy which is the case for most of the Staff who wish to be paid and do nothing. However, it would be only in her mind because a court would throw these complaints out; They are ridiculous.

The interference must also be unreasonable. The courts will weigh the interests of the defendant against those of the plaintiff to determine what is unreasonable. The interference with the plaintiff’s comfort must be greater than the benefits of the defendant’s conduct.

Dr. Miller surely was not unreasonable but from what I can see, the alleged cocaine use by our Mayor since he was a teen has always made him believe he is above the law.  One can tell when Bullard is under the influence, he speaks with his gay quaky voice at a rapid pace, blaming others for his own inabilities, while refusing to listen to our own Town Attorney.  He makes accusations which are not factual nor is there evidence such as his stipulating that “Helen probably knew there was no money but did this anyway” or something similar to that comment which was vocalized last night.  No wonder his piers rated his abilities as an attorney two out of five.

In any event it would not have mattered what attorney would have defended Dr. Miller, the votes were decided prior to the meeting whether or not the law was followed.  I apprised Dr. Miller’s trial attorney at an 8:15 p.m. break and all he said is “so that is the way it is?”

The complaint regarding Dr. Miller’s request  for assistance so that our Town would host the Suwannee River League of Cities’ dinner was also ridiculous.

 The complaint stated that “Council Member Miller instructed the Town Clerk to have the Town Manager move tables and chairs from the community center to the tourism center because Council Member Miller had agreed on behalf of the Town to host the Suwannee River League of Cities dinner.   The act of requesting the Town Manager to arrange for hosting, the aforesaid dinner constitutes a violation of Section 3.02(1) of the Charter”.

First of all, Dr. Miller did not ask the Town Manager to “host” the Suwannee River League of Cities dinner.

Secondly she only needed assistance to secure tables and chairs.  There was no request for money just chairs.  Our Town is a Member of the Suwannee League of Cities and Dr. Miller is its president.

Thirdly, each Town takes its turn in hosting these dinners.

Fourthly, One can never reach our Town Manager and as the Chief stated, one may not bother our Town Manager so, Dr. Miller did what she could by providing her request through the administrative assistant.  Ms. Tebo would never listen to her either per her statements of dislike for Dr. Miller.

Fifthly, she was denied assistance by the Town Manager because of the following day’s veterans event where table and chairs were being set up.  And there was a further complaint that it was not scheduled.

I just cannot understand why the table and chairs could not be used one night, and be delivered the following morning to the Veteran’s event.  And since invitations were to be sent, Ms. Tebo apparently called to assure that the Suwannee League of Cities found another site…whether or not she really did that.  This entire situation does not make Helen Miller look bad but it certainly does not state favorable things about our Town.

There was also another situation in which the Town Staff considered the matter to be a big travesty or violation.   Council Member Miller had prepared a purchase order in which she listed herself as the Town representative.  The form itself only had a space to sign which stated “Town Staff or Representative” and since Dr. Miller was making the request she signed it as the person making the request. 

Furthermore it again had to do with wood for the HOPE program which was something done yearly.  Understand the Town however with its three councilors and the town manager will not assist the citizens or taxpayers but will only provide money not budgeted for legal suits and attorney fees.

You the citizens are not important enough and the only person, Dr. Miller, who has ever cared about your children and the benefits we have always provided to the citizens, has been ousted because the Town Manager, Mayor Bullard, and councilors Brown and Jefferson do not like her.   It is okay for Willie Jefferson to allow his friend to use one of the town’s facilities as his temporary home without asking the council, but it is not okay for  Dr. Helen Miller .to ASK for anything.

Furthermore, with experience and some 160  complaints to the Council for not following the law, Mayor Bullard has made it clear that no complaints will be listened to.  Therefore, the Citizens have no right to file grievances which is allowed by the Constitutions of the U.S. and Florida for which our charter makes reference to.  Dr. Miller tried to intervene on behalf of Joe Griffin which caused further disdain against her by the Manager, Mayor and two councilors.

This is your Town in the nutshell “You have no right as a citizen to ASK for anything.  You have no right to ASK a councilor to intervene on your behalf because unless that councilor is Bullard, Brown or Jefferson, your request will go unanswered.   This is an embarrassment and totally against the law.  But this chapter has not ended.  Once Dr. Miller goes to court whether circuit or Federal, no judge would believe that these accusations would be valid against Dr. Miller.  

Those who attended who were not ignorant of the law stipulated that what transpired last night was a Kangaroo court and made comments that stated that any administrative board would have thrown these complaints out because they were laughable had they not been such a travesty for the Citizens of this Town and Dr. Miller.

Remember that Dr. Miller is incurring legal expenses on your behalf to allow you your rights as we have in the past.  It is time that you come aboard the Miller Train and assist in getting your rights back.  For those of you who were bribed, it is time to make amends and get aboard.


Karin for the blog