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8:25 PM (4 hours ago)

to God4joe
 Mr. Griffin,
Long time reader, first time commenter of your blog, White Springs Journal. I read the posting about forcing Chief Pittman out and saw the comment from “John Smith” and I find it endearing that Andrews father feels the need to speak up, no introductions are  needed. Maybe you(he/joesph) should get your facts straight before you speak ill of people and about things you know nothing of. To the facts! ALL of the firefighters (8 people) are state certified as support personnel, exterior and wildland fire fighting. The oh so fabulous Chief you mention made that happen, including helping Andrew (barely) pass in order for him to “save face” by standing up for him and teaching him. As for the other member you mention, that’s too long of a story. Funny that they somehow have certs that they did not earn. Hmmm… maybe you should rethink who the real liars and frauds are. Chief Pittman made the White Springs Fire Department a real department, something the community can rely on and be proud of. In all of Andrews years in the department he’s never come close to earning the respect that Pittman has. Maybe Andrew is just jealous that a true professional has to do his job for him and a real firefighter called him on his lies. Just a thought. (Oh and personal issues like ex wives and the such have nothing to do with the fire department. Grow up a little and show a little dignity)

Yours Truly,
One that actually cares about this town and not your last name


When reading the comments, I believe that you mixed up Joe Griffin with John Smith, Andrew’s father.  We, Joe and I feel Kevin Pittman has done an excellent job.  We know Mr. Pittman’s wife probably caused all the problems with our motorcycle and now apparently she has treated Kevin badly, but we do not need to grow up  …look at what Andrew’s father said…we did not say anything about his blog.

Joe cares about this town as do I.  We have written various articles on the blog commending the Fire Department which to us is more important than any other division.

Karin for the blog


Interesting blog post tonight. But you may want to get your facts straight. Mr Greene is one of two members who were certified in the last year. Meanwhile the rest of your dept remains uncertified due to your “fabulous chief” Pittman. He’s a liar and a fraud. The town will be better without him. He’s also a chauvinistic pig. You should see the things he has posted about women on google+.

John Smith

PS. Maybe I’ll introduce myself at the next council meeting. It’s been much to long since I’ve attended


  1. No No

    11:57 AM (1 hour ago)

    to me

    I apologize for the confusion with my original comment. The Joseph I am referencing is in fact Andrew’s father, who is the one making the anonymous post as ‘John Smith’. My explanation of ongoing events was directed towards him, not you. In fact, it is believed he is not aware of what is actually happening. So I felt the need to clear a few things up for ‘John’. I am unfamiliar with the blog commenting system, my age has not taught me technology.

    I understand that you both are supporters of the fire department and the job that Chief Pittman has done in his time leading. Your efforts to uncover the truth of the matter have been much appreciated, as this community needs to see what is going on in one of the most vital components of White Springs.

    While I cannot provide any further information at this time, I thank you for always providing the people of this town with the light you bring to the murky waters of corruption.

    Yours truly,
    A local believer in clarity

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