Our fire chief, who has done a marvelous job of resurrection of a all but defunct fire department has obviously run afoul of Stacy and her jaded opinions of what is right and wrong. I have been approached by one member of the VFD who “wants to talk”.

And who else could we get to be fire chief? Who is in Stacy’s “inner circle” of trusted citizens. It must be someone she trusts and will bow down to her will. Someone weak of mind who loves feeding at the trough of White Springs largeness. Who could it be but Stacy’s own pet do nothing water and sewer guy Andrew.

Andrew is not even a certified firefighter. But what the hell, Tracy is not allowed, having failed a physical, to be chief of police. Let’s have the head of two of our departments of public safety manned by ass kissers and incompetent buffoons. Tracy is so weak a police officer that she wouldn’t even come by my float to talk to me, knowing that I would again call her a liar.

I’ve got the feeling again. I’ve had it before and I was wrong. But I’ve got the feeling again. The end is near for White Springs. The fact that we couldn’t get an attorney on an open bid process, no one applied, tells you volumes of White Springs predicament.

Anyway, Andrew is scheduled to be our next Fire Chief if Stacy has her way, and she usually does. As Tracy said in her deposition for the Anita Rivers flap, “You don’t cross Stacy for any reason” And now we get the second coming of the child bride. who kissed Townsend’s arse so long and hard that we were afraid he had become bi sexual.


  1. Karin Griffin
    My understanding is that Andrew Greene is certified to drive the fire truck. We never had as many firefighters as we have under Pittman and there seems to again be a real commoradere with all those on the department.

    When Andrew Greene was previously a fire fighter, before the new rules, he was the last man standing when two of the fire fighters perished in a fire. As the last man standing he had nary a scratch or burn. It makes one wonder.

    As to his favoritism, Andrew Greene is our Town Manager’s pet who spews stories about what everyone is doing, trying to retain such favoritism. It seems like anyone Greene doesn’t like gets fired and I would imagine that if he wished to get rid of someone he would spew lies to do so.

    Kevin Pittman has first Amendment rights and you have previously protected Andrew Greene but someday the truth will come out…but it will take time to end the corruption in this Town.

  2. Even if you are correct in your report that Kevin is a “female verbal abuser” it is not a termination offense. It is his First Amendment right to say what he wants to on Facebook or any where else, including this Blog. As long as he doesn’t threaten anyone directly he’s more than free to do what ever he wants. In a town that has a drug addict as a town manager he can hardly be fired for some verbal or even pictorial statements he made. If there was an ethics code perhaps but there is that pesky drug usage again. If that is the reason they force him to quit, and I encourage him to be forced out, then the town will have ANOTHER lawsuit to defend.
    Ethics, which this town has never had, is a bitch, isn’t it?

  3. We’ve never been a fan of Pittman either since he tried, unsuccessfully, to forge a bill of sale on a motorcycle I owned. But from the outside looking in to the closed system of White Springs he has done a creditable job, unlike the Child Bride who’s chief accomplishment appears to be “riding the clock”.
    Not looking at his other traits and missteps that you so gleefully pointed out you left out the fact that Andrew and his cronies on the Fire Department poisoned my goat. I’ll never sing his praises until he is fired or quits. He is part of the inside click that is White Springs and now not a single single member of town government lives in town

  4. John, don’t tell Pam that Andrew is certified. When I asked for his certification I was told “No Such Document” And who paid for his certification. Bet it was the citizens of White Springs.

  5. Interesting blog post tonight. But you may want to get your facts straight. Mr Greene is one of two members who were certified in the last year. Meanwhile the rest of your dept remains uncertified due to your “fabulous chief” Pittman. He’s a liar and a fraud. The town will be better without him. He’s also a chauvinistic pig. You should see the things he has posted about women on google+.

    John Smith

    PS. Maybe I’ll introduce myself at the next council meeting. It’s been much to long since I’ve attended

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