All one can do is sue White Springs for their gross negligence

The Town of White Springs in accordance to the laws is required to have a fire department.

Stacy Tebo’s  modus operandi  is to place all sorts of dirt much of which is fabricated lies in one memo , at one time, to crucify anyone she does not like, rather than taking interim reviews and working out solutions with the Fire Department or anyone else.  She is so power hungry and paranoid which her use of opioids does not assist in, that she did not notify the council so there could have been interim meetings to discuss what problems the department may have had and come up with solutions so that the Fire Department Chief and Volunteers would  feel like the Town cared and appreciated the services which were provided.

To follow up on Joe’s story, I must admit that the Town has a great liability due to its lack of reasonable care for its citizens by working with the firefighters to secure solutions and to assist in providing the necessary equipment for the safety of the firefighters as well as maintenance to keep its vehicles in perfect order so that people’s property and lives could be saved.  In other words the Town is grossly negligent and is liable to any citizen, who need immediate medical care or the safety of their property from fires and other tragedies.

Gross negligence is defined as conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons, property, or both. It is conduct that is extreme when compared with ordinaryNegligence, which is a mere failure to exercise reasonable care.

Therefore, in the event of an injury or fire during such time as we do not have firefighters because of such gross negligence by Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard, the only suggestion is to sue the Town of White Springs.

It can be shown that there is a total disregard of the laws of White Springs, a disregard for people’s safety, a disregard for volunteers and a total disregard for Chief Kevin Pittman who was forced to resign for reasons which are contrary to what would be required of him.  In fact, what I have heard is that many of these statements made by Ms. Tebo were false and blatant lies.  What the Town needs to do is apologize to Mr. Pittman, beg that he and the volunteers return and some promises that in the future the Firefighters will be allowed the equipment they need as well as allowed to have maintenance on their vehicles, no matter what the cost.

After all, the Town paid $8,700 for an attorney to defend Stacy Tebo who publicized her intent to have Dr. Helen Miller ousted from her council seat, mainly because she did not like Dr. Miller.  No one in their right minds would have determined that for Dr. Miller to ask for help would be considered “Malfeasance” but the idiots who were to be in judgment, John Rhett Joiner Bullard, esq, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson did not even understand the law which rendered Dr. Miller innocent of any such charges.  The reason is that Stacy Tebo and Mayor Bullard did not like Helen Miller.

Anita Rivers likewise was fired for no good grounds especially when favoritism is utilized for certain citizens as well as the advantages taken by Mayor Bullard.

These people are getting rid of the best of the best in employees, councilors and volunteers and they should be found grossly negligent with Malice and actual Misfeasance.

Stacy Tebo should be fired and the three Mayor Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson recalled so that we may again have a Town which is fair and honest and which follows the laws which in essence protects the people of White Springs.


Karin for the blog


P.S. Understand that Kevin Pittman came to White Springs because he wished to assist our Town.   I once overheard a conversation wherein Steven Witt, esq. Mayor of Lake City was praising Mr. Pittman for his work  and told him that he would love to see Mr. Pittman work for Lake City.   In other words, you have hurt a very talented man who would have maintained a great group of fire fighters and who would have added additional services to White Springs.   Instead you stick to your so called friends, who have no talents and are as lazy as one can be.   You all have to be on drugs the manner in which you treat good people.

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