There is no way that Stacy would get rid of Tracy because Tracy know too much, she’d blow the whistle on all of the corruption at town hall.

A brief recap. It is my belief that Tracy’s days as White Springs Chief of Police are numbered. I say this because of the criminality Tracy is using to keep a job that she can no longer do. Her leg prohibits her from being a true Police Man and even writing a ticket for a busted out tail light. The reason is because she is not physically fit to be driving public vehicle and anyone who gets a ticket can get it “kicked” by Judge Scaff because she is not qualified to write the ticket in the first place.

Who would we get to replace her? It is so simple it is hardly worth mentioning. The requirements of the job is to keep the misbehavior of town employees from seeing the light of day. It matters not whether the replacement is in town a lot or can even write a ticket or could have another job. The New Chief of Police would be someone who owed Tracy some loyalty, a lot of loyalty and would support her reign of terror over the citizens of White Springs.

So who would it be? Why Vernon Higgenbothem that’s who. And who is Vernon Higggenbothem you ask? He is none other than a Sergeant on the High Springs police department and the live in concubine of Stacy Tebo. While they are playing their sex games and smoking pot and helping Stacy take her Percocet and other drugs they have decided to make Vernon the Chief of Police of White Springs.

But wait my loyal reader says “Tracy would spill all of the beans on White Springs corruption if she was terminated.” No I say. Because if she did spill the truth out, she would lose her Law Enforcement certification for covering up all of the misdeeds, most of which Tracy knows about full well. She is just as guilty as Rhett, Stacy, Pam and Andrew and others because she knows about the misdeeds and actively participated in many of them and covered all of them up. Prove to me that this isn’t so. She, Tracy, is a crook just like the other four. Maybe even more so. Simply because she took an oath to obey and enforce the Laws of the State of Florida. To find out which laws have been broken look at the 200 or so Citizen Complaints filed with the town in the last 17 years. Each has a state statute listed as the offending legal reason for filing the Complaints in the first place.

No Vernon Higgenbothem is it and not a moment too soon. A corrupt “I do it for the sex” police office the town can handle. A fence rider like Tracy who has 11 years of watching the dirt unfolds we can no longer afford.

This is my opinion.

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