Taken from a firefighters facebook which discredits what Stacy Tebo said about the fire truck situation

She knew it all she is playing stupid o idk when in fact she was the one who okayed us with getting the decals made not just for the new truck but for every other truck the department has. She also was the one who said ok go ahead an get the truck looked at an get any problems fix she is a liar and a fraud. Letting the city utility’s person use a marked fire vehicle for city work not fire department business or duties lets just put the facts out there yes did vote in no confidence in AsstChief Greene because he has failed to attend any training he has failed to communicate with any member of the department for months The fire department has received over 60 calls for service from July 1 2017 to present day an he has only responded to 9 calls that is kinda sad for an assistant chief to no show up but yet we are supposed to follow his judgement an orders when we had probationary members who have more experience then he ever will. This towns city officials are a joke expect one. This town needs to fire her an greene before he gets someone killed with lack of training and inability to lead a good leader shows up talks to his men an woman trains with them not just wear the shirt and have the title and say I’m the asst chief.. lol this place is so crooked it aint even funny.

Anita Thomas Rivers That’s what they do is lie. ALL OF THEM! And what is really sad is the newspaper is apparently being paid off by Rhett because they refuse to publish ANYTHING reported to them like the vote of no confidence letter they were given along with other facts. The whole Hamilton County operate under the good ole boy system and not for justice.

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