As a former fire fighter in this town after reading War of The Words Part 5.  I found it hilarious that the only person that responded was only concerned about protecting their nephew Little Joe Andrew Greene.  If what Mr. Griffin publishes in the towns only newspaper is true, then I am glad that he has the courage to expose the corruption by connecting the dots between The Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Green and the Town’s Mayor Rhett Bullard. It’s funny that no other Fire Department in Hamilton County like Jasper, Jennings, Genoa has the problems that WSFD has why is that?  Is it because the town refuses to let anything happen to the manboy child bride Fire Marshall Greene.  The war will never be over until either Andrew resigns or is fired from as Assistant Chief, a job he is not qualified to do because he has black outs and is blind in one eye, everybody knows this.  How did this manboy go from being the Fire Departments secretary where all he ever did was enter in the reports, he never went on any real calls.  Now he is the Assistant Fire Chief, and by the way there’s only 2 positions in the FD that gets paid and that is Stith and Greene.  That’s why Andrew Greene wont quit is because he is still getting paid even if there is nobody on the FD and all that’s left is an empty bldg. Andrew, Stacy, and Rhett don’t care if the whole town burns down as long as their interests are served.

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