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Tracy certainly is no law enforcement officer and it appears the only time she appears tough is when going after citizens for no reason at all. Her responses are ridiculous and should be investigated by FDLE.

Tracy Rodriquenz indicated that Anita Rivers assists the police department in some duties when it is appropriate and dependent upon the circumstances.  She respects the Town Manager because that’s her staff.  If the project is a bit more in detail, Tracy gives the town manager the respect due and asks if Anita can do something for her because Tracy doesn’t want to be in conflict.

Tracy has been employed in the police department for 14 years and three years ago she became police chief.

Tracy indicated that her desk is approximately 10 feet from Ms. Rivers’ desk.  It depends on what her position on her desk is because her desk is long.  Some time you can make eye contact, sometimes not.  If Anita comes all of the way to the far end, where her drawers and stuff are that she needs, Tracy can see her.  If she is in the middle, Tracy can’t see her.

She is able to speak to Anita from her desk without getting up and she does not have to raise her voice to do so. She can speak normally.

If Tracy needs to have a conversation with Tebo, she would have to go to her office.  “Of course, if she wasn’t busy, I mean, she said, I can pick up the phone and call her.”  But to sit there and talk to her like I could Ms. Rivers, no, I don’t have that opportunity.  There is no window between Tracy and Tebo’s office just a very thin wall, where sometimes you could hear each other speak.

As to Tomlinson, Tracy cannot speak to her from her office. But sometimes Tracy hears her speaking and she is sure, Tomlinson can hear her.  It depends on the conversation and the time.

There are 11 in the police department. Tracy denied that she works 8:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  When asked what shifts she worked, she said “I have the guys on an 11 and a half rotating shift.  It’s a 28 day calendar, so its five on five off, five on four off, four on five off.  Tracy indicated that from 2:00 am to when she gets in the office, between 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning, there is no coverage.  Some nights they work later until 5:00 am and it depends upon the calls.  YOU WILL NOTE SHE EVADED ANSWERING THAT SHE HAD A SHIFT.  HAS SHE BEEN RELEASED BY HER DOCTOR YET?

Tracy knows that Andrew works and she knows his job but she doesn’t know what his title is.

When asked if Tracy socialized with Anita Rivers, she stated she had with respect to a concert Anita was selling tickets for Little Jimmy Reed, a Blues concert.  Tracy purchased two tickets and went with her husband.   Tracy considers that socializing.

In determining whether there was formal socializing, Tracy indicated she had never been to Anita’s house but her husband and sons came to dinner at Tracy’s house because it was for anybody that wanted to come.  They park their vehicles when on a cruise but everybody does.   It’s just business and Tracy stated there’s a gray area and a black and white but she does not personally hang out with anyone.   YET APPARENTLY GOING OUT TO LUNCH WITH ANITA IS NOT SOCIALIZING? 

Although the council appointed Tracy as police chief, Stacy Tebo is her immediate supervisor in accordance with the charter.  Tracy asked “isn’t she?  Mr. Koberlein nodded his head.

In describing her relationship with Anita, she stated it’s a professional relationship.  I listen.  My relationship with everybody is professional, but yet it’s because of my position.  She stated that people come in to confide, in confidence and she listens to them.

Tracy stated Anita has come in several times in confidence. Anita has come to Tracy more often than the others. And she speaks about issues that are going on in the office that relate to Pam and Tebo.

Tracy considers her relationship with Tebo professional as well as her relationship with Tomlinson..

Tracy has also spoken about the Fire Chief, Kenny Hutcherson, not the new one; the older one in the past, Mr. Stith.  I’m sorry.  Mr. Steve Stith.  I apologize.  I forget we have new people.  Anita has also spoken about council members Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson.

Tracy states that Anita doesn’t have to mention it to her; one knows where she is at while at her desk.  One can hear her and she will say “Well, he’s not answering me again, with respect to Andrew Greene.

When the attorney asked whether Ms. Rivers ever told her what was happening, she responded “I think – and please – I mean, I’m trying – you’re asking me to recall things that are none of my business.  I really wouldn’t pay attention to it, because I’ve got so much going on in my own world.  I believe, if I can recall correctly, she was upset because she tried to get a hold of Mr. Green about whatever it was.  I cannot recall what it is, because like I said, it’s just bits and pieces that I’m hearing and trying to shut out at the same time.”

In asking Tracy whether she ever witnessed Pam using profanity in the workplace, she said “Yes, heard her”.  She did witness Pam tell Anita “This is your damn job”  Tracy was in her office and said “I just went, oh (demonstrating.) I was like, Oh (demonstrating,) I’m not going out my door.  She didn’t have any knowledge what precipitated that remark but she just heard it.  She believed Anita did say something, but to be honest she said, I pushed it aside.”

When asked if the remark was made back in 2016, Tracy said “I couldn’t tell you.  I couldn’t tell you.  I’m sorry.”

When asked if Tracy recalled Pam making any other remarks like that towards Ms. Rivers, Tracy said “No.  I —I mean, there’s  — there’s tension there”.  She couldn’t explain it but stated “you could just tell, like there’s just tension.  When asked if they don’t get along, Tracy said “I don’t that — I don’t — you’re asking me to guess again.  When asked to define the tension Tracy stated that there are certain times when everything is all right I n the world and everything’s great and business is going and team work is jiving and everybody’s getting along and working together.  And then there’s time where you can feel the tension in the air.  You can just feel   that there’s something not right, that there is an underlying current somewhere, and you just want to go in your office and hide in your hole.”

When asked if the tension is between Pam and Anita, or between anybody else, Tracy said “It depends on the — the day and the circumstances.  She also sensed there’s tension between Ms. Tebo and Anita recently.”

There was tension when Ms. Tebo first started.  Ms. Pam made the statement “Great, another damn woman; that’s all we need.”  That statement was made in general when she was just talking.

Ms. Tebo had asked Tracy whether there was a change in Mr. Green’s attitude once Chief Stith was relieved of his duties. She mentioned where the Fire department put in a purchase order and it wasn’t authorized as it was supposed to be through Ms. Tebo. Tracy advised Tebo that there absolutely was a change,.  Green was more outspoken, more friendly, would say hi, how are you and your day and we was very positive, yeah.  It was like he came out of his shell.

When Tracy was asked whether Pam came to her in confidence and what she talks to her about.  Tracy responded “Well, it wouldn’t be confidence if I told you, now would it?”  But she did admit that the issues she came to her about were not work related.

When asked if Ms. Tebo, in confidence complains about Ms. Rivers or Ms. Tomlinson, . Tracy stated it was not about Ms. Rivers but that once again she was not going to get into the confidence. But when Anita comes to Tracy and speaks to her, she is coming to Tracy about Ms. Tebo or Ms. Tomlinson or other individuals. Anita basically comments about how she feels about work related issues.

When asked whether Anita ever intimated to Tracy that she’s being discriminated against?, Tracy answered “See, now you’re asking me to get into the confidence again.  The attorney then stated “She has made this complaint, and she has identified you as somebody that I should speak to.  If you’re uncomfortable telling me and you want to —that’s fine.  This is not a deposition and I’m not here to force that issue”  Tracy explained she did not wish to break somebody’s confidence.  “When somebody confides in you, it’s because they don’t want you to repeat what they’re telling you.”

Tracy explained she was not trying to be difficult but she is a peace keeper and she likes to keep the peace between everybody, between Ms. Tomlinson, Ms. Tebo and Ms. Rivers, everybody.

Anita has complained about Pam smoking E-cigarettes in the office but Tracy said Pam stopped smoking E-cigarettes in the office but didn’t know whether Tebo spoke to Pam.

Tracy does not have a Facebook page so she didn’t know what post Anita made concerning the May Day celebration.  Anita did talk to Tracy and felt that Tebo did not have the right to tell her what she could put on her social media.  Tracy did not know whether Anita was disciplined. Anita did feel Tebo was discriminating against her because of having to take the webinar or retaliating against her.

Anita did come to Tracy about the cash drawer shortage of OCTOBER 2016 WHEN IT WAS SHORT $512.76.  Tracy said when she bar-tended a long time ago that if she had to share a till with anyone, she refused to operate the cash register at all because she never worked in a place where one had to share a till because you are responsible for the money.  She said she could understand Anita’s angst.  Tracy heard Anita vocalize her concern and she was scared because she thought she would be the one getting blamed when Pam makes mistakes continuously, because of right wrong or indifferent. Anita was having this conversation in the open and anyone could have walked in at the time and could have joined in on the conversation.  Tracy said Anita talks out loud to nobody.

Tracy clarified that it not something that she had first-hand knowledge of regarding Pam’s mistakes but Anita was mentioning it.  Anita was worried that Pam has access to the same cash drawer and Pam is constantly making mistakes which Anita was going to get blamed for.

Anita felt they were discriminating against her or harassing her because she was Black. Tracy never told anybody about that nor did she encourage Anita to file a complaint.  Instead Tracy encouraged her to speak with her supervisor, Ms. Tebo.

The attorney had a difficult time having Tracy relay information because Tracy said it was not comfortable and even when the attorney said “Okay, but your perception is what I am asking about, she answered in the following way “  “You’re asking me to say how Ms. Pam and Ms. Tebo are treating Ms. Rivers and how Ms. Rivers is taking it.  I mean, she’s taking her treatment that way, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s how she is being treated.”

Tracy did mention that there were times she had been uncomfortable for Anita. She mentioned it is when Pam has yelled at her. She said there have been quite a few instances but she did not have them in writing.

There was one incident in March with Ms. Tebo and Anita.  Tracy was working in her office and heard chatter and then  the talking went from one level to another.  It got her attention so she wanted to come out of the office to see what was going on; but Anita came to the end of her desk and Tracy saw she was visibly shaking so called her into her office.  Tracy told her to breathe and relax.

Anita said she had never been talked to like this in her life and she doesn’t understand why she is being talked to like this and she’s tired of being treated like this and it’s got to stop.  “And I just told her to breathe, calm down, just relax and take it easy.  Tracy got her calmed down in about ten minutes and she composed herself in the restroom and stayed working.  Tracy said she wanted Anita to go home, but that it wasn’t her call nor was she her supervisor.

The attorney asked whether Tracy ever talked to Ms. Tebo and she said “No, no, no, absolutely, I wouldn’t”

Tracy said Officer Meeks was at the copier and he told Tracy that the matter stood him up. Officer Meeks said that he walked and told Anita that he was sorry that she had to put up with that.

Tracy said that Fire Chief Pittman had just walked out of her office when it happened but she didn’t know where he was at, but I know he had just walked out of my office..  They were working on the USDA Grant for vehicles.

Tracy said that Anita would come to her and complain about Pam plus the fact that the e-cigarettes were giving her a headache and making her sick to her stomach.  Tracy just said she had to talk to Stacy.

When the attorney asked Tracy other than the other issue did Ms. Tebo raise her voice to Ms. Rivers in the workplace, Tracy stated it was over Mr. Griffin.  When the attorney asked whether Ms. Tebo was raising her voice about Mr. Griffin towards any employee, or was it in general, Tracy said “Just venting.”

Then the attorney asked whether Ms. Rivers came to Tracy about any issues relating to Mr. Griffin and Ms. Tebo?   Tracy said “Yes”.  She said Anita feels that the way the man is treated, although, he is not liked and he does things that people don’t like, and he’s a pain in the butt and so on and so forth, that he should still have the same respect as any other citizen.  Anita expressed that to Tracy in a conversation.

When the attorney asked whether Tracy witnessed anything that was any type of treatment with Mr. Griffin, that was consistent with what Anita was telling you, Tracy said Yes.  When asked by who by the attorney Tracy stated “I’m going to have to start looking for a job.  Thank you Mr. Larkin”.  The  attorney again asked who Ms. Tebo  or Ms. Tomlinson, where it was witnessed them being critical of Mr. Griffin..    She finally said “Yes.  She stated Ms. Rivers has not come to her about that.  She said “it’s witnessed.  You’re asking me now, you’re asking me what I’ve seen.  So yes, I’ve heard it, the frustration, the venting.  I mean, do I understand it?  Yes.  Do I agree with it?  Sometimes.”

Tracy was asked whether Ms. Tomlinson was either denying her from being permitted to go for training for clerk duties.  Tracy stated “Yes” and said she believed it was when Mr. Lawrence was there.  Since then Anita has just given up because she’s been told No..


Regarding Anita being denied to be a poll worker, Tracy stated she knew that Ms. Tebo was uncomfortable with Pam doing it because Mr. Griffin was alleging, “tainting the process again, “ so she was uncomfortable with Ms. Tomlinson being there.    Tracy said she knew Anita went up, took the training, came back and then she was going to be a pool worker and then didn’t.  She told Tracy that Ms. Tebo wouldn’t let her be a poll worker and believed that it was unfair treatment or discriminatory.?  YET IT WAS INTERESTING PAM AND TEBO WERE AT THE POLLING PLACE DOING WHAT I DO NOT KNOW BUT RHETT’S FACE TURNED RED WHEN I WALKED IN.

Anita also complained to Tracy that she had been excluded from the meetings with the auditor and that her duties entailed some of that stuff, that they’re wrapped around what she does.  And Anita felt it was important for her to know what was going on, so she can ask her questions because when the meetings are over and they ask her to do something, they can’t explain it to her.  Anita feels that if she was a part of the meetings she would have the opportunity to ask the questions that she would like to know, instead of trying to learn afterwards, because when she asks, they’re not explained to her.

Tracy didn’t know what Anita was DENIED from and her response was “I believe – I want to say the phone s were one instance, when they changed the phone system.  I want to say the billing system.  I want to say the finance – the bank came there one time; I think she said something about that, payroll.  Both Ms. Tomlinson and Ms. Tebo excluded Anita from these meetings. It has been an ongoing complaint by Anita.

Ms. Tomlinson has also raised her voice at Tracy a couple of times.  The first time was over a grant and the second time was recently over a message that Tracy took by phone for her.  Tracy confirmed to the attorney that Pam yelled at her  The first time Pam said “damn it” but it was over the phone

Keith Brookins was the chief and was doing the grant and they were having issues with the financials.  He called Tracy in because Pam wouldn’t push it through and Tracy didn’t understand why she wouldn’t push it through.  She was making it difficult when she didn’t need it to be.  Tracy said regarding Pam “And I was trying to explain to her that you can go over; you can’t go under; If you go under, you have to be able to do a budget adjustment.  She doesn’t – I do all of the work from A to Z , even the financial portion.  I go in her office, I do her reports, so all she has to do is hit the button, submit.  So I’ trying to explain to her because I’m not there that we can go over; that’s where there’s a clause in the grant that says anything above and beyond, the town will encumber.  So that’s why that clause is there and she was determined that she wanted it to be that thousand and that thousand only.  She didn’t want it to be $1,000.03, $1,000.01 and she wouldn’t approve – she wouldn’t submit the expense report.  Pam was being difficult and she yelled at Tracy.  Then Tracy said “Whoa, you know, who are you talking to like that and she calmed down then.  Tracy then said, “We’ll just go over it when I get to the office because it’s difficult to go over something like that over the phone.

Even though Pam yelled at Tracy a few times, she wouldn’t complain about her.  Tracy advised that since Ms. Tebo’s been Town Manager, Ms. Tomlinson has raised her voice at her.

When asked whether Ms. Tebo has mood swings, she said she’s not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist so she couldn’t tell the attorney how Ms. Tebo is her normal self, her work self or her relaxed self or on-guard self.  She knew there are times that Ms. Tebo’s quiet and doesn’t want to be talked to and wants to be left alone, and it’s obvious.  Then there’s times that Ms. Tebo will talk to you and have a calm , casual conversation.

Joe has already placed the information on the blog pertaining to the oxycodine, Tracy found in the bathrooms where the first she thought maybe one of her officers was using but did nothing about it and then the second one which Stacy said was hers.  And rather than asking if Stacy had a prescription, Tracy asked Stacy’s boyfriend who said it was a prescription.  Yet if it had been an officer, Tracy elected to allow him to perform his duties without any interaction.  What a joke of a police officer.

I also remember when we paid the Town of White Springs with the advice of our attorney, that Stacy Tebo would not see us.  Apparently the check was to be made to the order of the Florida League of Cities with respect to court costs.  Instead she had Anita Rivers issue us a receipt for the check.  This could have caused Anita a problem since Pam in her wisdom with Stacy Tebo’s advice elected to send the check we issued in the amount of over $3,000 back to us without a letter of transmittal, without sending it registered mail and without even a phone call to pick it up and return the receipt.  The check was lost in the mail and we never received it.  In my opinion Stacy either didn’t know what she was doing by one of her drug highs so she couldn’t leave her office or she was trying to get Anita in trouble by telling Anita to issue a receipt which we could have claimed and the Town could have done nothing about it.   The staff, other than Anita, has no idea what do do in certain instances and Stacy certainly could not have an MPA with some of the stupid things she has done along with Pam who should have been fired years ago.  Yet she wrote to Joe and said “You Stupid Man”.


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Despite 3 emails and 3 telephone calls Tracy won’t answer the simple question “What happened to the second pill, the one that was in her desk.” She leaves me no choice but to file a complaint against her with FDLE. The complaint will also stress that Tracy wouldn’t pursue an investigation despite knowing who the perp was, what the pill was, asking whether there was a Doctor’s Prescription and a host of other things.

I believe when all is said and done she will lose her FDLE certification. Good for us, bad for her.


From the Lake City Reporter

Suit: Cop’s drug use led to botched bust

PUBLICATION: Lake City Reporter (FL)



Page: A1
DATE: August 20, 2017


A former Lake City Police Department officer was under the influence of cocaine and marijuana when he followed up on a stalking complaint in 2014 and wrongfully arrested a local man, according to a lawsuit underway in federal court.
Jason Benoit is suing the City of Lake City and former LCPD officer Gerald L. Ford over the bungled investigation that landed him in jail, court records show.Ford, who worked for the Lake City Fire Department before becoming an officer, arrested Benoit on July 1, 2014 based on claims made by Alison Melissa. Melissa told Ford that Benoit called her 23 times in three days, hacked her Facebook account and sent her emails, all in violation of a permanent restraining order, the lawsuit states. Melissa’s information was “entirely, factually false and fabricated,” according to the lawsuit. She later pleaded guilty to the charge of knowingly making a false report to law enforcement.Ford claimed he viewed all the call logs on Melissa’s cell phone and found 23 calls from Benoit, but phone records show that is not the case, the lawsuit states.Ford also claimed Melissa showed him several emails from Benoit over the three day period, but no such emails existed, according to the lawsuit. A day after his arrest, Benoit relayed a message through his girlfriend asking Third Circuit State Attorney’s Investigator Ryan Nydam to meet with him in Columbia County Detention Facility, the lawsuit states. Nydam agreed and spoke to Benoit in the jail. Benoit gave Nydam access to his cell phone and laptop and provided login information for his Facebook, Verizon, Google and Yahoo accounts. On July 18, 2014, less than three weeks after Benoit’s arrest, Ford tested positive for cocaine and marijuana, according to records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.Ford was under the influence of both cocaine and marijuana when he evaluated Melissa’s report and was “incapable of conducting such an investigation,” according to the lawsuit.Ford resigned from his position July 28, according to LCPD personnel files. That same day, the Third Circuit dropped the charges after it reviewed Benoit’s phone records and online accounts and found “there was no factual support whatsoever for Alison Melissa’s allegations,” according to the lawsuit. Benoit had already spent 10 days in Columbia County Detention Facility for the stalking allegations and another 20 days in Sarasota County Jail for violation of probation by the time of his release. The Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission revoked Ford’s FDLE certification Nov. 5, 2015, according to FDLE records. Benoit in May filed the lawsuit in the Third Circuit, but it was transferred to a federal court in late July.Ford, in his response to the lawsuit, denies he was under the influence of drugs when he evaluated Melissa’s report.Ford admits he resigned from LCPD on July 18, 2014, but denies he tested positive for cocaine and marijuana and therefore quit to avoid being terminated for cause, according to his response. LCPD spokesman Mike Lee said the department could not discuss ongoing litigation.
Gerald Ford was one hell of a guy. A close personal friend of our Mayor, Rhett Bullard, it also appears that Ford, like Bullard it is believed, used drugs together and separately. Maybe this is where Bullard gets his drugs, if at all, and perhaps even Stacy Tebo, our town manager, gets her drugs, Oxycodone.  It all makes sense if you look at the story of these three individuals. One thing is for certain, uses of cocaine, which both Ford and Bullard are believed to have used, can’t be used except to buy it off the street. Bullard, who thinks his fecal material doesn’t stink, is a bust as a Mayor and will certainly get his just rewards when FDLE inspects Tracy Rodequinz, our police chief, for covering up a drug use crime. I can’t wait.


The following are excerpts from the testimony given under oath by Stacy Tebo and Tracy Rodequenz. I stress it was all under oath. Stacy is the Town Manager of our Crooks on the Suwannee and Tracy is the lead cop in town. Anyway here are excerpts of their testimonies Stacy First, as she so frequently demands. The person asking the questions is Attorney Larkin, the Town’s hired gun from Tallahassee.

Q.     Okay, the last issue that I wanted to discuss with you is this. There has been an allegation that there has been some prescriptive medicine found in town hall, two pills, one in a bathroom that is used mainly by women and another that’s used by both men and women, two separate occasions and the police chief (Rodequenz) asked, after finding the second pill, whose pill it was and that you allegedly said it was  yours.  Is that true?

A.     Yes

Q.     Are you taking any prescriptive medications while at work?

A.     Yes

Q.     And the prescriptive medicine that you’re taking, what is that?

A.     The one she found?

Q.     Yes, ma’am.

A.     That was a generic Percocet.

Q.     Do you know whether these medications impair your judgment?

A.     No.

Q.     Or your ability to communicate or anything of that nature?

A.     No, they don’t.

Q.     Why do you say that?

A.     Because I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 17. So I have taken a lot of medications for years. So I can pretty much take anything  , and it doesn’t affect me.

End of Excerpt.

Several things to consider when we hear this omission from the drug addict Stacy.  After 25 years on drugs can we count on her to know anything but the high she gets when taking the drugs. She didn’t say it was prescribed by a doctor, only that she has been taking it for years. Percocet is a combination of Tylenol and Oxycodine, a very very bad drug. Oxycodone is an Opioid and people die from taking it. Yet Stacy has been taking it for years. I want to know her doctor’s name so that I can report him to the American Medical Association.

Two stories of misuse of drugs. When I was in the hospital for 11 1/2 months the Doctor took me off of Oxy as soon as I was awake from a doctor’s induced coma. He said the three weeks I had been taking Oxy was two weeks too long. My daughter blew out her arm in an accident and had to have major surgery on her shoulder. Her doctor gave her Oxy, for the pain, but would only give her one week of the stuff because it is so addictive.

Is Stacy the only human being who is not addicted to OXY after 3 weeks if not years of use? Or is she like thousands if not millions of drug addicts who claim they can handle the drug. How many times have you talked to a drunk and he said he could stop tomorrow, but not tonight.

No doctor, no prescription, no anything but two pills found in two separate places in town hall. Oxy is an expensive drug. If she had a prescription she would have taken care not to lose them in such a cavalier manner. I believe she is buying her Oxy off of the street. I also believe Rhett knows full well about it and perhaps even recommended a “pusher”.

Now Tracy’s Under oath testimony.

Q.     You found two pills total?

A.      Yes, Sir.

Q.     Same Pill at two different times.

A.    Same pill, yes

Q.     Okay, When after you’ve discovered the first pill, do you recall when that was.

A.    NO

Q.     You thought is was one of your officers

A.    Yes

Q.     Who was in possession of it?

A.     I thought that maybe he’s he’s just having some issues, and there have been some things going on with his behavior.

Q     So you

A.     red flags with one of my officers and I was like, Okay, this might be the underlying issue here, and I held onto it and…

Private discussion about who it was or might be.

A.     I held onto it in my office because I thought it was one of my guys.

Q.     What then, did you,  how long did you hold it for?

A.    I’d say a couple of weeks.

Q.     Did you ever confront this particular person about it?

A.     My officer?

Q.    Yes

A. No I was waiting

Q.     All right, so what happened after a couple of weeks.

A.    I found another one.

Q.     And what bathroom was that. ?

A.     The front bathroom

Q.     Okay, again on the floor?

A.     Yes

Q.    And how long after the first pill did you find the second pill?

A.    It was a couple of weeks.

Discussion about which bathroom is which and procedures sfor law enforcement officers and drug testing.

Q.    Right

A.     I need to find out who the owner is of this pill. So I just walked out and I said I found a pill in the bathroom. has anybody lost a pill?

A. continued And Ms. Tebo said, what does it look like and I said it iis white and and she said Let me see and I took it to her.

Q.    And that was the exact same pill

A.    Yes

Q.     As the first pill

A.     Yes.

Q.     So what did you ever  what did you do the it when she said it was hers?

A.     No I didn’t do anything with it. She just took it out of my hand.

Q.     Did you ask her about the pill?

A.     No

Q.     Whether she had a prescription for it?

A.    No

Q.     Did you ever indicate that you had found another one prior?

A.     No

Q.     Did you ever ask her using pills while she was working?

A.     No.

Q.    Why not?

A.     Ms. Tebo is not one you question

Q.    What do you mean by that?

A.     She’s just not someone you question?

Q.     Okay because she because what will she do?

A.     Her  You just don’t question her authority.  You don’t question what she does. You don’t question her.

Q.     All right

End of excerpt of testimony.

First off Tracy kept control of evidence of a crime, possession of Oxy, from legal authorities such as the Sheriff’s office.

Second She was intimidated by her perp, her admitted perp.

While she was waiting to confront her officer she left him on the street all the while being the lead suspect in taking narcotics. What police chief does that and how much trouble would White Springs be in if a cop were taking narcotics and the Chief did nothing.

When Stacy Admitted it was her pill the questioning stopped. Tracy asks more questions of me when I drive my Wheel Chair on the street. But no Stacy gets off scot free.

There were two incidents, one in the unisex bathroom and one in the ladies only bathroom. Even a blind hog could have determined that the perp was a female. But not Chief Tracy. I believe Tracy knew it was Stacy’s pill along but refused to take action, refused to confront her because of what she (Stacy) might do.

ALL OF THIS CONVERSATION UNDER OATH IS HEADED TO FDLE TO GET RODEQUENZ’S TICKET TO BE A POLICE OFFICER PULLED.  Imagine being so afraid for your job that you can’t do the right thing which anyone can tell you what it was. The right thing would have been to question the “owner” of the pill and ask if she had a prescription for it? Then ask to see the prescription. That’s what Tracy would have done if it had been any body else, including one of her officers.

If FDLE reads this blog I beg you to get rid of Tracy and investigate Stacy.

We sure live in a crooked town where even the police are intimidated by perpetrators. Cry me a river. And of course there is Willie and Tonja just sitting there waiting for Rhett to make up his mind so they can vote with him. Well, this time Willie has a problem. If he refuses to take an affirmative step against Rodequenz and Tebo, he will have to deal with Sheriff Reid, who is a law and order type of sheriff and Willie is a deputy sheriff. Perhaps not for long.


The rule of holes is that when you find yourself in a hole, the best thing you can do is to stop digging.

First they cancelled the mandatory two workshops for the budget. Every town and city in the state has at least two workshops for the new budget, including the infamous DeBary. But not us, it is assumed by Rhett and Tebo that the citizens either don’t care about the budget or care too much. I fit squarely in the “care too much”  category. But now I can’t have a say in what our budget will look like. A complete violation of due process.

But then the Hurricane hit and caused the cancellation of the Council meeting last night. Here is the problem. It takes seven days to hold a budget meeting. What I mean by that is that the notice must be NOTICED in the LOCAL paper a minimum of seven days prior to the meeting date. The Jasper News gets printed on Wednesday and  distributed on Thursday. Said another way it is just too late to have a meeting announcement in for next week. No notice and we can stop the meeting with a court order for failure to follow the law. Now Stacy and Rhett know the law from the flap over the Carver School and the supposed New Community Center at the  old Carver school site. They published in the Gainesville Sun for goodness sake. This too was a complete violation of state law.

In other words the budget meeting(s) can’t be held until the week of the 25th and then we have to have two meetings in the same week. As incompetent as Stacy and Rhett are it is amazing that they can’t get their and thus our act together. They, Stacy and Rhett, keep finding themselves in a hole but can’t seem to quit digging. I tell you it is amazing to me that two supposed intelligent people can’t figure out to quit digging.  In addition to  violating several state laws and our  own standard operating procedures, the Citizens can’t figure out where they are stealing money from. Want to bet the sewer rates are going to go up again? Holes, holes, holes.

And there are Willie and Tonja cheerleading as deeper the hole goes. What idiots.

Some  Thoughts on Income Inequality

Some  Thoughts on Income Inequality
Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club
“Our sense of happiness tends to be based on positional and relative rankings compared to what others have.” – Michael Shermer
Politicians and the media pour fuel on the fire by continually insisting that we live in an era of “grotesque economic inequality.”
Of all our weaknesses, surely none is more menial than envy. It denies us contentment. It wastes our time.
Editor’s Note: Monday is Labor Day, a public holiday that not only marks the unofficial end of summer but also honors the American laborer.

We often forget that the labor movement gave us much to be thankful for: child labor laws, the eight-hour workday, workplace safety standards, weekends without work, paid vacation, unemployment insurance, overtime pay, employer healthcare, military leave and wrongful termination laws.

That’s why Alex is mystified that the modern labor movement is so focused on the abstract issue of income inequality. Below is a classic essay from his Beyond Wealth series. It’s worth pondering on this important holiday.

Alexander Green

A few years ago, economists Sara Solnick and David Hemenway conducted a survey where they asked participants if they would rather earn $50,000 a year while other people made $25,000, or earn $100,000 a year while other people got $250,000.

Sit down for this one.

The majority of folks selected the first option. They would rather make twice as much as others – even if that meant earning half as much as they could have.

This is completely nuts, of course. Yet other findings in the study confirmed the envious nature of contemporary culture.

People said, for instance, they would rather be average-looking in a community where no one is considered attractive than merely good-looking in the company of stunners.

When it came to education, parents said they would rather have an average child in a crowd of dunces than a smart child in a class full of brilliant students.

What is going on here?

In his book The Mind of the MarketScientific American columnist Michael Shermer argues, “Our sense of happiness tends to be based on positional and relative rankings compared to what others have.”

The problem is this doesn’t make anyone happier.

Yet politicians and the media pour fuel on the fire by continually insisting that we live in an era of “grotesque economic inequality.”

If you are envious that the top 1% earn such a large percentage of total income, perhaps you should get angry… with the face in the mirror.

According to the Global Rich List, you need wages of just $32,400 a year to make it into the top 1% globally. (According to the World Bank, more than 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 a day.)

That means the average U.S. schoolteacher, accountant, registered nurse or police officer is a global one-percenter.

Even the poor today are rich by historical standards. Most Americans living under the poverty line live in larger accommodations than the average European.

Historically, being poor meant having to struggle to get enough calories to survive. But today, we have the opposite problem. Obesity – indeed, morbid obesity – has created a healthcare crisis among the poor.

The average person living below the poverty line in the U.S. today has a phone, a car, a TV, indoor plumbing, and central heat and air. A century and a half ago, the richest robber barons could never have dreamed of such wealth.

Yet we still manage to make ourselves unhappy by comparing our lot to the richest 1%. Or, better still, the richest one-tenth of 1%.

Yes, Bill Gates has a 66,000-square-foot mansion that overlooks Lake Washington. Warren Buffett flies around the country in his Bombardier Challenger 6000. Oracle founder Larry Ellison recently traded his 453-foot, 82-room yacht for ownership of Hawaii’s sixth-largest island.

But so what?

Of all our weaknesses, surely none is more menial than envy. It denies us contentment. It wastes our time. And it is an insult to our own sense of dignity.

Worst of all, it is completely self-imposed.

“Envy is the most stupid of vices,” wrote the novelist Honoré de Balzac, “for there is no single advantage to be gained from it.”

We all know people who are smarter, fitter, richer, funnier, more talented or better-looking. But what of it?

Thinking this way only keeps you from appreciating your own uniqueness and self-worth: things that, not incidentally, do lead to greater happiness – especially when combined with a strong sense of purpose.

Shermer notes that there are four means by which we can bootstrap ourselves away from envy and toward happiness through purposeful action. These include…

  1. Deep love and family commitment
  2. Meaningful work and career
  3. Social and political involvement
  4. Transcendence and spirituality.

Note that psychologists have yet to discover the route to happiness by comparing ourselves to others. (Although it doesn’t hurt to occasionally measure yourself against your own ideals.)

Concentrating on your own fortunes – and improving those of others – is guaranteed to generate more satisfaction than sizing up the Joneses next door.

Besides, if you knew what the other guy was dealing with, you might prefer your own circumstances.

Recall Richard Cory from E.A. Robinson’s famous poem:

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
“Good-morning,” and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich – yes, richer than a king –
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.

It’s easy to begrudge the other guy his blessings. But does it not make more sense to count your own instead?

Good investing,


You Created us

(Mr. Paul Genova has been President and Chief Operating Officer of Wireless Telecom Group Inc. since June 30, 2016. 

I haven’t said too much about this election since the start….but this is how I feel….

I’m noticing that a lot of people aren’t graciously accepting the fact that their candidate lost.

In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those who voted for Trump.

Some are apparently “triggered” because they are posting how “sick” you feel about the results.

How did this happen you ask? Well here is how it happened!

You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.

You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms.

You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs.

You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.

You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.


You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.


You created “us” when you attacked our flag

You created “us” when you took God out of our schools.

You created “us” when you confused women’s rights with feminism.

You created “us” when you began to emasculate men.

You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft.


You created “us” when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.

You created “us” when you attacked our way of life.


You created “us” when you decided to let our government get out of control.

You created “us” the silent majority

You created “us” when you began murdering innocent law enforcement officers.

You created “us” when you lied and said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors.

You created “us” when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.


You created “us” when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn’t remove your hat during our National Anthem.


You created “us” when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.



And we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up.

And we did it with ballots, not bullets.
With ballots, not riots.
With ballots, not looting.
With ballots, not blocking traffic.
With ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of “us”

“YOU” created “US”.

It really is just that simple.

Everyone needs to see this.