There are many issues which have not been completed by the current Town Administration.  If they have handled these items, it has not been communicated to anyone.

The Fire Department Issue –

1.  Do we have sufficient volunteers to comply with the Insurance Service Office requirements?  When a raffle was conducted through Suwannee Hardware, we were told by the Special Events committee that they received only around $50.00.  We ourselves gave $50 in a form of a check so it appeared many were not concerned with the Fire Department issue. Yet two Wal-Mart gift cards were being raffled. Thereafter, the Special Events Committee offered to pay for two volunteers to attend Fire School.  Since the Town fired John Peeler and elected to take all of the Department’s funds, there should have been some interest on the part of the Town at this time to provide incentives to volunteers as we suggested previously  

2. Are we in compliance with the shelters which were required for the fire trucks?  We apparently have not received the grant and volunteers put up one bay by Town hall.  Yet, the Jasper news speaks of progress but there does not appear to be any.

If we have not complied with the standards required by the Insurance Service Office (and I believe the extended compliance was required by June, 2014) then expect your insurance rates to increase or cancellations by companies who do not or will not write in Class 9 or 10 areas.   When checking with our insurer, the cost was estimated at an additional $200.00 a month.

If the Town Administrators would not be in charge of the Fire Department, I can see where the FD would benefit, just like in the past.  I think there would be less reluctance by the citizens to even donate money if the FD was separated from the town.  Currently all funds are intermingled and the administration robs Peter to pay Paul….like in the case of the PCS check that was to have been used for the H.O.P.E. program.

The Water Tower Issue –

When we visited the town manager he was proud of the fact that upon requesting costs for painting the water tower, he was advised that the actual painting of the water tower would be done at no additional cost because it was part of the contract the town had entered into with the contractor.  It was said this would be a savings of $24-25,000.  Yet it does not appear that has been done. There should be no surprises.  If we have specific contracts with individuals or companies, we should know what is in them rather than being surprised and saying “Look what I found!”

The Swap Meet Issue

For years, the Swap Meet has been successful at the Hardware Store area.  Many of the items sold are not of high value and include even some farm fowl and animals.  Most of these vendors receive only a limited amount of money for their wares.  But the Town decided at the Azalea Festival to Charge each vendor $30.00….and now vendors are no longer showing up because of their fear of another surprise.   Many of our citizens loved to shop there, but the Town changed the situation.

Now it is not uncommon for a Town or organization to charge a fee for Vendors.    It is part of the money which goes to the General Fund.  Yet, the Swap Meet was not part of the Festival and even after talking to Farley about special events coverage, etc., he threw my ideas out stating the League of Cities provides him with all that information.  This is the problem.  You can charge $30.00 for each vendor at the festival, but the Town should have been assured that each vendor carries at least $1,000,000 of premises, operations and products liability insurance and that each vendor holds the Town of White Springs harmless. Special events coverage in itself is reasonable whereas products liability is not.  That is why most food vendors are restaurants who provide food through a trailer or kiosk.  Now products liability may not be a factor for works of art and the like, but the food vendors I am positive did not have products liability and hold the Town harmless.  This means that if anyone was poisoned with contaminated food of any kind, the person injured would have to sue the town or the Special Events committee.

The sad part is that Hamilton County had to fix the road on Jewett Street because our Town did not care about its residents after the road washed out. 

There have been many more projects that the town started and failed or were left dropped by the Town Administrators.  If they were going to charge so much money for sewer, why have they not replaced the asbestos pipes in the older section of the town?  Why is the water not flushed regularly so that our residents’ water is not brown?  Why do we have such large late fees when most cities charge a percentage like one or two percent of the bill.  It is clearly mismanagement and paying for other pet projects which do not help our citizens

Shame on you Town Council

Shame on you Town Council.  We had so much hope for you to help the citizens, but like all things, it is just cheap talk and it was never your intent.

While you are enjoying your prominence of “sticking it to the less fortunate” along with the assistance of previous Town managers there are people who are suffering.  Most have budgeted most of their lives so they could have a roof over their heads and some necessities.  We have many older citizens who have limited incomes…some possibly receiving assistance of only $500 a month or less in social security or welfare.  Yes maybe they have some food stamps but the extra $45.00 minimum additional sewer rate may have been able to provide them with fuel for a vehicle so they could go to a doctor or buy something they really needed.  You don’t frankly care about these people and you dare to call Joe and I racists.  You have done almost everything you can to Joe and I because we believe that all people should be treated equal.  But why hurt citizens who have lived here for most of their lives and look to you to be fair to them?

Because you wished fast money as collateral for your loan and because you cannot live within the means of your general fund and must borrow (steal) from the sewer and water fund, you have damaged the health and welfare of the Citizens of White Springs.  Health Issues due to decrease in water usage or pipes which have required replacement; not regularly flushing the pipes. Financial issues because of the extra money required even if the water is shut down; the high costs to resume service ; etc.

By the way, Mayor Miller and Walter McKenzie…Your campaign material was a joke.  Who gives a damn what and how many meetings you attend if you have not accomplished anything for the White Springs Citizens?.  Who cares about how many programs you started which have gone defunct?  What really fries me is the fact that you attack people who you know will do good for the community.  For instance, Richard Marshall brought up in a meeting the money which you had used for your personal pet projects (which did not assist the people of White Springs).  You turned it around, attacked Marshall and took out the H.O.P.E. Program Food Pantry.  Your reporter from the Jasper News Taylor, only covered the food pantry but would not put anything bad about the Mayor in the paper.  What a crock of poppy crap!  And the town did not even have a 5013C to run a food pantry.  And the Town Attorney had told Marshall he had a choice, report the Mayor to (1) FDLE (2) have the money return to the Town by the Mayor or (3) have the Mayor Step down.

Don’t you think you have done enough damage to the Citizens of White Springs?  In some cases you have even taken away their Civil Rights.  You call some of the citizens “Dumb N….rs” and tell the citizens of Townsend’s sins.  You condemn all those not within your group of cohorts. Yet mayor, if Joe mentioned any of these things, he was chastised for lying.  I guess only Special Folks can condemn the rest of the world.  You go to church regularly and it saddens me that you are such hypocrites.




A good friend asked how Ed Miller could welcome Joe to the Town…especially when Joe was in White Springs far longer than the Mayor and her husband. Joe’s big mistake is that he actually voted for her because of her promises which we now know were lies. She’s here strictly to bleed money from the town”

Helen Baca Dorsey AKA Helen Miller and Ed Miller were in White Springs in 1996 along with Dean Dietrich (Nora Lang’s former squeeze before he dumped her), and other cronies from

Ann Arbor, Michigan, during the United Broadcasting Network “UBN” take over of the Telford Hotel Radio network previously owned by Chuck Harder.

Helen Baca Dorsey purchased the Camp House 7/30/1996 for $215,000.00 and for several years both she and Ed Miller were “snow birds”.

Joe came to WS in 1999


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I am a P.I. investigating financial fraud for a client. Stumbled across the blog looking for info on Robert A Miller who I now know is the Mayor’s husband.If you want ammunition for your fight look up one of his previous companies called DSI Consulting Inc and find the dirt. It gets better when you look into a company called Green Planet Group Inc. stock symbol GNPG. MR. Miller was also a board member of that company and conveniently left right before its owner Robert Freedman was indicted by the SEC. Here’s the link to make life easy. Dig deeper he is a shady character and no one knows. P.S. Your welcome and good luck

A Very Nice Post from Larry Carver in 2012

I have never seen Mr. Griffins blogs.  I can say he’s always been very kind and respectful to my wife and I.  Is he perfect?  Probably not, but neither are you or I.  But we must “all” strive to make our community better!  What ever it takes!


Your newsletter or what ever you call it showed up in my Junk Mail as a bcc, and I did not appreciate it.  I don’t care to see it anymore in the future.  As I said, White Springs use to be a great little town where “everyone” made an extended effort go get along.  It’s sad that it’s not that way with a “few” people that live in the small community.  If the shoe fits, wear it!  If you’re part of the problem.


I was just suggesting that “everyone” try another approach to kindness.  If you got a problem with that, you’re the problem. If you have to hide behind a fictitious name when you write such nonsense, you must be ashamed of what you’re writing and yourself for writing it. If you’re mad about my comments tell me the next time you meet me face to face and we will discuss.


Larry Carver