Is that which happened to us really Nuisance?

You really believe what we have done and what has been done to us is NUISANCE?

Nuisance has two definitions: The first is a noun and the second pertains to the law.

  • a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.
synonyms: annoyanceinconvenienceborebotherirritationproblemtroubletrial,burden; More
  • an unlawful interference with the use and enjoyment of a person’s land.


For 16 years Joe has asked that the Town of White Springs follow the laws of the Charter, the State and the Constitution. He believed in transparency and equality to all those who live in White Springs and I share his passion. Yet he said it all when he stated the “Pattern Never Changes”.  The officials do not wish to be shown they are wrong even though a law prevails relating to each request for documents and each complaint.

Prior to Rhett Bullard becoming mayor, we have had police officers intimidate us at meetings, station themselves by us or having a police officer sit by us. They have used every excuse to arrest Joe, even though it prevailed upon lies, falsely made-up paperwork or statements and then the Town used their authority to come after me.

As Helen Miller stated she wished for Joe and I to go to prison for our request for public documents and for our blog which both are our constitutional rights. Prior Mr. Kennon had stated that if Joe Griffin attended meetings he would be arrested and Mr. Koberlein followed Kennon’s statements that it is not right to question the council.  In other words, you have no right to question the council even though they are lawless and spend your money for their own agendas.

This is not “nuisance” but taking away the constitutional rights of citizens and persecuting anyone that would question them whether it be the many arrests for disorderly conduct when Joe was not disorderly or slandering and defaming him with Ed Miller’s famous letters and the Camel Club’s ridicule of both Joe and I.

These officials and their friends totally ruined our reputation.  Some were afraid to talk to us or be associated with us because the officials stated we were bad people; we were called names; we were called racists; yet everyone feared the authority of the town and would not come forward, only when they were in trouble.   This was not “nuisance” on the part of Joe who was fighting for his rights and he demanded his and everyone else’s rights as well.  He was alone in White Springs treated as badly as any person can treat another.  He was wrongly accused of many things and the Town Officials used their authority to do everything in their power to make him move.   This was harassment by the officials and definitely NOT nuisance.

When I came into his life, I too was ridiculed because I had scarring on my face from a prior workers compensation accident.  Yet they continually made fun of me as well as Joe so we began the blog to fight back.   It was obvious that even though the law should have been on our side, it would not be in White Springs.  You cannot question the council or any employees or officials and they would never admit that someone else may be right and they were wrong.

The Town’s attorney even mixed up cases to make us look bad when we wished to refinance for a more favorable interest rate; The attorney and Town Manager also removed Joe’s property after Joe returned from 11.5 months in the hospital fighting for his life.  The Officials and their camel friends laughed and stated he feigned his disability and even though there was a collection agency involved, the attorney told Joe it was his problem.  And it became that when the Town retained various liens against our property.  And further insult to injury is the fact that the Town is the proximate cause of Joe’s disabling injuries.

As soon as Joe was arrested for disorderly conduct because he did not hear the officer tell him to be silent, the Town Manager Townsend called his employer and told him he was in jail.  Joe had worked for this employer for over four years and was provided great benefits for being an operator of a tractor-trailer unit.  He could not find a like permanent job with benefits until he finally was hired by a tanker trailer employer, from which he took an almost fatal fall.  They did not expect him to live nor to walk but fortunately he did for my sake.

The town just laughed and caused further anguish and pain ridiculing him continually and making him feel like he could fight no more.  Fortunately, I moved here just in time for Joe to pay another $15,000 judgment on the McKire Case for which it was stated there were three bankers boxes.  This was also about the lies and deceit of the town which the Attorney made a great case and then would not provide the interest amount so that a lien could remain if they could virtually put Joe in the ground or make him move.

Some at the sheriff’s office understand what Joe has gone through but the Town had venom toward Joe and would not stop persecuting him or I. Unfortunately when I couldn’t take any more and I was tired of the poor treatment by the Town, we contacted the Sheriff’s department about the e-mail harassment but the officer Fouraker  was on duty.  Fouraker dismissed anything we had to say, blaming our blog as he has again. Unfortunately he did not understand the law that e-mails are unwanted harassment whereas if someone goes on the blog it is because they want to.  He has been one-sided and enamored with Tracy, I believe because he would never assist us, is my belief, but will readily take the law against us even if it does not fit. I have great respect for the Sheriff’s office but none unfortunately for this officer, because of his treatment.

When Joe was running a very competitive campaign the officials decided to take criminal charges against him for something which I had copied and placed with his application. We took the easy out and accepted PTI because we could not afford a trial.  And the Millers and the officials knew the true story; Joe did not lie.  It would have cost too much to have secured all information and depositions to prove his innocence.  He is a great man without that information and it was my mistake because I am proud of him….Yet I was threatened as a co-conspirator.  I guess you could not consider this a “nuisance” claim because Joe went to Jail and had the threat of having real jail time if we could not afford a good attorney and secure prior records.  The costs would have been astronomical but the Town would not care because they have always had their insurers or the justice system pay for their injustices and lies.  Of course we were immediate big news in the Jasper News/Suwannee Democrat.

Then the town went after both of us.  Although his agreement with the State was only that he not discuss his awards, the Town’s people feigned all sorts of lies; Bob Farley was suffering emotional distress from the application submitted; the Town complained about harassment of 119s and about political satire.  We never received any formal paperwork that Joe’s PTI had been taken away until it was in the Jasper News Suwannee Democrat that there would be further CRIMINAL charges against both Joe and I (Karin).


Joe has lost thousands of dollars based upon the Town’s attorney’s motions to dismiss without a Judge hearing any of his claims.  Joe had criminal charges placed against him and was arrested and both Joe and I were told that the town requested a warrant for our arrests.  Mr. Fouraker came to the door and wanted a statement without telling us what the charges were and who was making these charges.

We waited week by week, hoping to turn ourselves (We didn’t wish to be handcuffed by the PD again) in because even though the charges, once reviewed, were within our rights as citizens of the United States, that the officials could and would do anything they could to try and place us both in Jail or Prison as the Millers so desired.  And why?; because of the blog, my satire and the requests for public documents. We waited for five months and it was not until we secured our civil rights attorney that we found the charges for cyberstalking harassment had been dropped.  Helen Miller even bragged that she told Jeff Sigmeister that Joe was a bad- bad boy.

  • Isaiah 54:17No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord

The information we place on the blog is ultimately true, many time substantiated by meeting minutes, town paperwork and the like and if we do not have the full facts we tell you that we believe something is correct because we received information from a good source.  But there again, the “Pattern never changes” because the Town will not admit they are wrong and Helen Miller even laughed when she was shown Ed Miller’s letters.  She thought it was funny that she defamed and ridiculed Joe so that everyone was afraid of a wonderful man who would do anything for others.

Proverbs 19:9 A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.


You may say that we are harsh on what we feel is the lack of performance by certain people.  Yet, it is obvious when you have seen certain things happen year after year, employees who are unable to perform their jobs; employees who spend time doing other things than their work responsibilities.  The officials base their criteria of a good employee based upon their looks, their family life, their ability to cover things up and the fact that they have been there for years.  They do not base their performance on abilities to do the work efficiently and without corruption.

We were recently told that we could not be trusted to not make another suit. Why because Joe made a statement on the blog.  Understand the Town should be requesting these e-mails and not us because these e-mails, especially if Koberlein needed to redact them had town business and the Town should be the custodian.  Barbara Peterson, head of the first amendment foundation so stated these e-mails are Town property. We already paid over $250 for the e-mails from one of the accounts but the other we are certain pertains to the malicious charges made against us.  Why should we pay for something which does not appertain to us or that we want?  We should be able to look at the documents and take only copies of those items we wish.  But of course the Town loves to have Joe pay out monies to them which is evident with the lawsuits.

So if you feel this is Nuisance based upon a police officer coming to our door to tell us about charges, reading us the Miranda rights and asking us for a statement, think again what it did to us for a full five months before we secured our attorney and found that the law finally prevailed because charges could not be made by the State based upon the Town’s allegations.

The Town has brought these charges to force us to move; to take thousands of dollars from us when Joe acted as his own attorney and to cause as much fear, pain and suffering as they could knowing that in their hands, the law would not prevail and the officials could use their police department and their friends to harass, slander and defame us.  We were forced to fight for ourselves because prior to our attorney agreeing to assist us, we felt there was no longer laws to protect citizens.

We have lost friends and some family members have distanced themselves because of these incidents and many have disassociated themselves from us.  We have had people verbally attacking us


I realize that the Town of White Springs under Helen Miller’s helm as mayor was a legal criminal gang seeking to destroy the lives of innocent victims in order to protect their own agendas and their own lies.  I realize that the District Attorney’s Office colluded with the Town and its police department to prosecute the innocent so that they are silenced.  I realize that the prior mayor and city council had no interest in reining in crimes of their own police department because it is a sure loser especially to keep them in office.  I realize that the Town will never admit that they are the ones who are wrong.

Therefore, because the town has used their authority through the attempts of the police to see us wrongly convicted, I know that my view of “liberty” and “justice” in this country will never be the same.  I know that my view of “authority” will forever be one of distrust, and I know that my tax dollars go toward the deliberate destruction of innocent people’s lives if changes are not made for the better. It appears that this society is one that is the opposite of progressive; that it protects the powerful at the expense of the vulnerable.

False accusations and gossip alone can destroy lives even if you are innocent.  If your reputation is under attack, you do what  is necessary to preserve it and fight back.


Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.”

Proverbs 11:9 With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor, but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.

In summary what the Officials and their police officers had done to us is not “Nuisance” but rather one of the most horrible experiences of our lives where they have not only threatened our constitutional rights but have slandered us, defamed us and used the Newspaper and TV stations as libel.  They have also been the proximate cause, in my opinion, of Joe’s disability since he could not find a permanent position for a long time.  They have done everything in their power to not answer public requests or complaints so that suit would have to be made and they would use their powers not to mediate but use a motion to dismiss so that one would not even be able to show the Judge that you were in the right.  But perhaps Citizens do not have rights within districts because they know each other and cannot “shit where they eat” as our criminal attorney stated. One has to sue Federally or find an attorney outside of the district.  Anyway, place yourselves in our shoes; how would you feel?  Were the incidents which happened to us something which is laughable and considered nuisance?  I think not.


Attached is an Affidavit signed by Shirley Heath in case 2009-CA-000219. In it she promises to do certain things with 119 Requests.



JOE E. GRIFFIN, CASE NO. 09-219-dq

As a settlement in the above styled-cause, Defendant, Shirley Heath, Public Records Custodian, for the Town of White Springs, Florida and Plaintiff agrees that future Chapter 119 Florida Statute requests will be responded to in a general statement which includes any one or more of the following responses: (1) No such record exists (2) the record requested contains exempt material (3) The record(s) requested require advance payment in the amount of $_____ (4) More information is needed to process your request.
This settlement of the above styled-cause shall not be construed as an admission, in any manner, of liability toward the claims alleged in this cause. The parties have compromised in good faith and have concluded, shown by signing below that this compromise is in the best interests of Plaintiff and Defendant, Shirley Heath, Public Records Custodian, for the Town of White Springs, Florida

The parties, Shirley Heath ONLY by respective counsel, agree to continue the above styled action after the hearing date of 3 September 2009

Joe’s Comments:  Again the town lies even to the court. To this very day Shirley is not responding to 119 Requests as she promised the Court.

16 Years Ago….. Mayor McKire said….

“It will take us time to change, to follow the laws completely.” He said so in response to his question of me “What do I want.” and my response to him “I want you (the town) to follow the law and treat everyone equally.”

As Willy said at Friday’s candidate interviews, “We’ve been waiting for 30 years for some of these things to come to pass and they haven’t yet.”

As you might expect, I’ve got a solution which won’t cost us a dime. DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING. We’ve wasted too much time getting ready to get something accomplished. Yet when we add up the accomplishments, especially of the Helen Miller tenure as Mayor, we come up with a big fat goose egg. She did nothing but waste time and money doing her best to become a member of the legislature. And then there is Wally Windbag who has his nose so far up Miller’s arse that when he sneezes she sneezes. Add in Tanja Bown who hasn’t had an original thought in her life time and you get our council. Willy is trying and Rhett is a fine young man trying very hard to do the right thing.

But for Willy, Tanja, and Rhett, the Honeymoon is over, it is time to get married to the Law. You will see how easy things will get if you just follow the law. Give up on Helen or Wally following the law, they, in their minds, are the law. Thank goodness they are up for re-election this next election cycle in March and April. I intend to bury them in their own lies and deceit.

Now for the New Town Manager, whom ever you are. You must concentrate not only on following the law but on following the Charter religiously. Then you must focus on making the town more efficient, that is terminate Pam and any other employee who can’t cut the mustard, including the Police Department.

Those are my suggestions. Get a goal, hire a manager who can achieve that goal and follow his or her lead. But we don’t have a goal except to GET GRIFFIN. It is a terrible municipal  goal and one the citizens haven’t approved of.

If the Federal Civil Rights lawsuit works out as our attorney says it will then it will cease to be to Get Griffin and will become Follow the Law. Wouldn’t it just be easier to Follow the Law before the Federal Civil Rights Judge mandates such?

No one chosen for Town Manager Yet

iT IS SUCH A PLEASURE ATTENDING TOWN MEETINGS WITH MAYOR RHETT BULLARD AT THE HELM.  Not only are the meetings informative but Rhett always provides some comical relief as his cousin Johnny does. We are so fortunate to have Rhett as mayor and I look forward to the positive changes he will be implementing with our future town manager.

As to the candidates, the Council has not yet made a decision and will do so once all candidates are interviewed.  They have reopened interviews to assure they have the best possible candidate with staying power, experience and knowledge .

Both candidates interviewed were excellent candidates and one or both may be re-interviewed.

Karin Griffin for the blog

Candidate speaks on the blog

R. Scott Tipton
Awaiting spam check

I wish I could say that I agree with you Mr. Griffin. As for me, a person with a BPA/MPA is the only choice; although I must say that I am biased. Is there any chance that you might re-read my cover letter? I am certain, if you do, you will understand my motivations. Truly. I appreciate your blog; it provides an uncensored view of the town’s activities and I believe you sincerely care about its future. I am wondering which of the other candidates read your blog. I guess we shall see.


“I’m not positive what you’re asking with respect to Koberlein. It is very unlikely that the insurance company will pay his fee. They already secured competent counsel for the Town and Koberlein has added no value to the case as far as the insurance company is concerned. I am sure this is just an out-of-pocket cost for the Town and pure waste as far as the townspeople are concerned.”

We paid this near $9000.00 for nothing. If we, as a town, had the money the Civil Rights suit in all likelihood would have ended on Friday. We got close, folks.