How Joe Griffin’s Complaints and Lawsuits (18) were handled – Way to go corruption


Do you know how all of Joe Griffin’s Suits (pertaining to violations of laws) were dismissed?  Well here is an example.  Such complaints and lawsuits were never addressed and the council approved motions to dismiss; thereafter he was ridiculed for being a loser.  This shows the harassment by the town even back to 2008.


“August 19, 2008 White Springs Council Meeting


Roll Call:  Present were Mayor McKire, Vice Mayor Hardwick, Councilmen Walter McKenzie, Mike Williams and Richard McNeal.  Also present were Town Manager Robert Townsend, Clerk Shirley Heath, Finance Director Pam Tomlinson, Police Chief Ken Brookins, Officer Tracy Capalia, Town Attorney Todd Kennan, Engineer Frank Daralis, Consultant Dick Edwards and concerned citizens.



Mr. Townsend stated that the complaints are May 29, 2008, May 15, 2008 and June 28, 2008 on date received July 10, 2008, July 11, 2008 and August 6, 2008. Motion made by Councilman Williams and seconded by Vice Mayor Hardwick after diligent review of these complaints, he did not see any further action needed to be taken by the council.

Councilman Williams stated that the complaints are unfounded.

Councilman McKenzie agreed.


ATTORNEY:  Mr. Kennon reported that Joe Griffin has filed a lawsuit Joe E. Griffin vs the Town of White Springs.  Mr. Kennon stated it was not clear just what the suit claims.  Motion made by Councilman Williams and Seconded by Vice Mayor Hardwick to authorize the attorney to file a motion to dismiss and for attorney fees and cost.”


It shows no one ever looked at the complaints and lawsuits but they could entice the Judges that they were frivolous and charge Joe E. Griffin thousands of dollars as a result.  By the way, whose reputation has been ruined for years?  You guessed it!  Joe Griffin.  Corruption remained at the expense of a citizen trying to have the Town follow the laws of the state.

 By the way, when a man whose last name was Griffin passed away, then Town Manager Townsend made the comment that the “wrong Griffin died” and I understand it brought forth great laughter.


Here is the law.


784.048 Stalking; definitions; penalties.—

(1)  As used in this section, the term:

(a)  “Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.

(b)  “Course of conduct” means a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, which evidences a continuity of purpose. The term does not include constitutionally protected activity such as picketing or other organized protests.

(d)  “Cyberstalk” means to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.

(2) A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.


Who is guilty of Harassment? Is it Karin or I or is it the town.

Who has engaged in a course of conduct directed at a SPECIFIC PERSON which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose?

If it is Karin and I then name me the specific person and show the substantial emotional distress to that specific person. And then do our actions serve a legitimate purpose?

More Law….

“The law provides any member of the public access to public records, whether he or she be the most outstanding civic citizen or the most heinous criminal.” Church of Scientology Flag Service Org., Inc. v. Wood, No. 97-688CI-07 (Fla. 6th Cir. Ct. February 27, 1997). “[A]s long as the citizens of this state desire and insist upon ‘open government’ and liberal public records disclosure, as a cost of that freedom public officials have to put up with demanding citizens even when they are obnoxious as long as they violate no laws.” State v. Colby, No. MM96-317A-XX (Fla. Highlands Co. Ct. May 23, 1996). “Even though a public agency may believe that a person or group are fanatics, harassers or are extremely annoying, the public records are available to all of the citizens of the State of Florida.” Salvadore v. City of Stuart, No. 91-812 CA (Fla. 19th Cir. Ct. December 17, 1991). And see Curry v. State, 811 So. 2d 736, 741 (Fla. 4th DCA 2002) (defendant’s conduct in making over 40 public records requests concerning victim constituted a “legitimate purpose,” and thus cannot violate the stalking law “because the right to obtain the records is established by statute and acknowledged in the state constitution”).

Such a qualification means I can’t cyberstalk the town with 119 requests. And that there are no frivilous 119 requests despite what Pam said in her complaint form. Yet don’t let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

Let’s assume that Karin and I are the most heinous criminals for a second. Can I still file 119 requests prompted only by my desire to know public information? The law says I can. And it says I can file as many of them (119 requests) as I choose to get information that is public record. It is in the State Constitution. And as the 4th District Court of Appeals said such requests for documents serves a legitimate purpose and thus cannot violate the stalking law.


Now let’s assume that the pattern of animosity BY THE TOWN for the last 15 years is harassment, for the sake of argument.

Who has engaged in a course of conduct directed at a SPECIFIC PERSON which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose?

If it is the town was it a course of conduct. I would submit that it was and is. Was it directed to a specific person? Yes to Karin and myself. Did it cause severe emotional distress? Yes even the Town invoked the Baker Act against me three times. Did they, and are they today, harassing me and Karin? I say they are and the very law they say I am breaking is what they are breaking. And I am not being harassed for any legitimate public purpose other than for the Town political establishment to get back at me for some unspecified sins I might have made. And what legitimate public purpose is served by all of these acts toward Karin and myself. I would argue that no legitimate purpose is served by defending (19 lawsuits and 100 citizen complaints) AND FINDING WITHOUT MERIT THOSE HIGHLIGHTED VIOLATIONS OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS LAW, THE SUNSHINE LAW AND THE STATE ETHICS LAWS. And they have done so using your and my tax dollars to shield themselves from any potential costs.

Perhaps it is time we turned the tables on the power structure of the Town and filed a harassment suit against the town. Lord knows we got plenty of examples of events in the pattern of behavior. I would contend that their actions serve no legitimate public or private purpose.

Joe Griffin


Third Request for Admissions   (RIGHT CLICK)

Response toThird Request for Admissions (By Thomas J. Kennon III, Florida Bar No. 0844179, Brannon, Brown, Haley, Robinson & Bullock P.A. By the Circuit Court, Third Judicial Circuit, In and For Hamilton County, Florida; Case No. 2003CA000397.

Respondent:  Municipality of White Springs Florida through council hereby responds to Petitioner:  Third Request for Admisions and says:

31  Denied

32  Denied

33. Denied

34. Denied  Thomas J. Kennon III and Ronald Rudser are acting as the attorneys for the respondent

35. Denied

36. Denied

37. Denied

38. Denied

39. Denied

40. Denied

41. Denied

42. Denied

43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 51 – EACH DENIED.

Obviously the Municipality of White Springs per the attorney’s response is exempt to State Statutes including Florida Statutes 286.011, 286.012, 119, and Municipal Ordinance 98-01

Joe is still a major discussion at Council Meetings…Really? He’s being treated worse than a murderer

One would think there are many more issues at a town meeting to discuss, other than Joe Griffin.  Here is dear Walter who could not handle money, millions, with his cronies in the North Florida Broadband Authority, but he wished an impact statement drafted by the Mayor in the fraud case against Joe.  We have it from a good source that council persons Willy Jefferson, Rhett Bullard and Tanja Brown voted against it.

Talk about biased profiling by Town officials.  It just proves beyond a reasonable doubt that our local government does not wish for transparency among citizens in White Springs.  The only transparency seems to be our blog because so many things are omitted from meeting minutes hard drafts and by the newspaper.  You should be so proud.  This town will not be happy until they put Joe away so there no longer will be a person who fights corruption.  And as of late, they also wish me put away.



By the way the water rate will remain the same because it averages from Pam’s notes, $44.45 per residence….but of course the Sewer rate does not appear to have been addressed.  The Sewer rate is the extra money for the council.   I also thought the facility was paid for but we have a loan on it it appears from the notes.  How have our officials spent all the money in the last decade?

Verification in the Suwannee Democrate of the dismissed lawsuits


March 7, 2013

White Springs Special Council Meeting Roundup

Joyce Marie TaylorSuwannee Democrat

Jasper — At the Feb. 26 meeting of the White Springs town council, comments from the public took up a large portion of the meeting, which only had three items on the agenda; discussion and possible action for H.O.P.E. programs, discussion and possible action regarding Sterling and King contract and legal representation directive. The H.O.P.E. programs are covered in a separate article.

Comments from the public

White Springs resident Joe E. Griffin

1) Griffin advised the board that he and his wife Karin have retained two attorneys; one who specializes in 119 cases and one who specializes in general litigation. He referred back to nine cases having to do with civil court case 2003CA000397 where he had asked for copies of public records from the town of White Springs and was denied. He also indicated the town had falsified records, which he said is a third degree felony.

The Jasper News reported in September and October of 2010 that Griffin had filed 18 lawsuits against the town of White Springs, as well as five ethics complaints against a town official, all without attorney representation. The ethics complaints were dismissed and he lost 17 of those lawsuits. White Springs Police Chief Kenneth Brookins stated at that time that the town seized by court order, computers and other property worth just under $10,000, the amount Griffin owed the town for his lost lawsuits. Shortly thereafter, Griffin paid the amount he owed in full and the town returned his property.
Griffin was then ordered to appear before a judge and show cause as to why he continued to pursue lawsuits without an attorney. Later, according to a judge’s order, “In the exercise of the Court’s inherent power to prevent abuse of court procedure,” Griffin was prohibited from filing, on his own behalf in the Circuit Court of the Third Judicial Circuit and in Hamilton County for any cause, any pleadings, petitions, motions, or other papers, wherein he is the plaintiff or petitioner.

2) Griffin explained the issue of the $10,500 debt he owed the town for three lawsuits from 2001 and 2003. The town of White Springs, he said, had hired a collection agency, Sterling and King, to collect the debt from him.

“Sterling and King made several good faith attempts to collect that debt,” said Griffin.

Then, Griffin said, town attorney Fred Koberlein and former town manager Robert Townsend operating with the town of White Springs ransacked his house and seized several items of furniture, breaking some of them, and took them to Jasper, thereby violating the town’s contract with Sterling and King. Meanwhile, Sterling and King wanted their monies from the town for their services, he said.

Griffin said he and his wife have decided to sue the town of White Springs for breach of contract and for breaking several of his possessions, including an antique grandfather clock, as well as for ruining his credit rating due to the liens he had against his property well after the debt was paid.

Griffin said now that new town manager Bob Farley is onboard, he has been getting his 119 requests in a timely fashion.

“I know this will be difficult for you to believe, but you all continually skirt on the edges of the law and I’m here as always to get you all to obey the law,” Griffin said to the board.

– See more at:

Sterling and King contract

Sterling and King is the collection agency the town hired to collect monies due from Joe Griffin for the lawsuits he lost. Town attorney Fred Koberlein stated he had asked that this item be removed from the agenda because the contract was signed by the manager that day.

“The contract amount of 50 percent of funds collected, although I expressed to the manager I wasn’t sure whether the contract was enforceable or not,” said Koberlen. “The manager decided to honor the contract.”

Koberlein said it should be noted that a total of $23,000 has been recovered from four of Griffin’s lost lawsuits, even though it cost the town over $4,000 for the services of the collection agency.

Legal representation directive

Town manager Bob Farley made a recommendation to continue the services of attorney Fred Koberlein, who is leaving his current firm on Feb. 28 and moving on to another law firm. Councilman Richard Marshall expressed a concern that other options were not explored before having the vote. In the end the board voted 5-0 to retain Koberlein as the town’s attorney.

– See more at:








Under Florida Statute 119 we asked for what happened at last night’s Agency meeting. The town was seeking a quarter of a million dollars, or there about, to provide seed money for a three million dollar revolving loan from the state. We were not awarded the seed money from the HCDA.


The Agency instead “set aside” about $25,000 or about a tenth of what was requested for possible future contract assignment to White Springs. This “grant” is subject to the Town providing the right paperwork including survey reports etc. Imagine going into a “request” situation and not having the right paperwork. And then only getting 1/10th of what you requested.


We don’t know what will happen to the three million dollar loan application without the proper seed money. As one of the members of the Agency said, when requesting the entire $250,000, “You won’t have any skin in the game.” Now we will have skin in the game. or about $225,000 of our own money. Don’t look for a reduction of sewer rates to a more acceptable level anytime soon.


Joe Griffin.


Another Complaint Bit the Dust


The council’s dismissal of the Camel Club is a joke; especially when Mayor Miller’s husband allegedly started the club with his famous letters sent to all the sewer and water recipients and further his wife helped him distribute them.  The blog was started to defend ourselves and to show what these friends of the town were saying about us.  When it got so bad, we had to call Chief Brokins to tell them to stop.  We were told to go to the Sheriff’s department but because we had the blog, the Sheriff’s department may not have done anything further.



But guess what? When the Moores had Walter McKenzie as their witness in Judge Scaff’s court, the Judge asked him “Who is the Camel Club?” and Mr. McKenzie knew them and the number of the writers.  I doubt if he had advised them to delete his name off the mailing list.   In fact the Town received all of the copies which they included as public documents.  However, after a 119 was sent asking for all the copies, they apparently had an evening trashing of all such paperwork so it did not show on the premises.  Why else was Town Hall lit up like a Christmas Tree the night after our request.

This is what the Jasper reporter had written

March 21, 2013 

Complaints against White Springs officials tossed out

Joyce Marie Taylo rSuwannee Democrat

Jasper — At the March 12 meeting of the White Springs Town Council, Attorney Fred Koberlein addressed four different complaints from resident Joe Griffin.

Three of the complaints were received on Jan. 4. They were directed toward Town Manager Bob Farley, Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie and Councilman Dennis Price. The fourth complaint was received on Feb. 19, and was against Attorney Koberlein.

Koberlein advised the council they had three options: Review the complaints and take no action;  Review the complaints and launch an investigation; Refer the matter to the Commission on Ethics.

“I believe Mr. Griffin did mention that he would like time to present his side,” said Koberlein. “You can even have a special meeting to allow Mr. Griffin to go past the five-minute allotted time or you can hold the individual to that allotted time.”

The complaints against Farley and McKenzie have to do with a so called secretive “Camel Club” which is supposedly made up of town officials. Whether this secret Camel Club exists or not, is up to interpretation, but there is a sign in the center of town documenting it. Griffin’s Internet blog began in May, 2012 and his first mention of the Camel Club was May 29, 2012, although it seems the Camel Club News e-mails had been circulating at least six months prior.

Griffin stated in his complaints that the Camel Club’s sole purpose is to drive him out of town according to their individual writings.

The complaint against Farley states that he is “Super Camel” and has “violated Section VIII sub A of the town’s standard operating guidelines. Mr. Farley has not denied being a member of the Camel Club and Mr. Farley has used profanity and obscene language in dealing with this citizen and his bride.”

Farley had no response.

Griffin’s complaint against McKenzie also states that McKenzie has never denied being a member of the Camel Club.

“The Camel Club and all of its members have used profanity and obscene language in dealing with this citizen and his bride,” Griffin stated in the complaint against McKenzie.

In Griffin’s complaint against Councilman Price, he states that Price “in an e-mail, called me mean,” and that it was a violation of the town’s standard operating guidelines.

The complaint against Koberlein states that he “undertook the negotiation with Sterling King Collection Agency and is doing the negotiation in the darkness.” Griffin then referenced a section in the Sunshine Law manual about how to conduct public business. Griffin further stated on his complaint that a lawsuit is planned if the activity isn’t stopped immediately and that he wanted access to all negotiations between Koberlein and Sterling King.

Koberlein said the matter went back to 2006 when the town was trying to collect a past due debt owed by Griffin. He said he believed Griffin was referring to a conversation he had with the collection agency as to whether or not they would accept 50 percent of the amount due.

Koberlein went on to say that Griffin cited certain cases in his complaints and that he only copies certain portions of the Sunshine Laws as reference. Koberlein said the town, in their negotiations with Sterling King, committed no wrongdoing.

After Koberlein listed all the complaints, McKenzie said he didn’t want to feed the frenzy, but, “I do wish to state in front of the press and the public that I am not a member of the Camel Club. I have never been a member of the Camel Club. I do receive e-mails from the Camel Club. I have asked them in the past to take me off of their e-mail list. I’ve never contributed anything to the organization. I don’t know who’s in the organization, although that might be the subject of much conjecture. So, there’s your public denial.”

McKenzie said Griffin stated in his complaint that he and his wife Karin welcomed the opportunity to present their case to the council as a whole, sans McKenzie and Price, at any meeting so directed.

“If that should ever happen, I just want the public record (to say) that I have copies of all the e-mails that Joe has sent personally to my e-mail address,” McKenzie said. “I also have copies of Joe’s blog in which he has said things that I’m not going to characterize, but I will just read a couple to you and let Joe’s words speak for themselves.”

McKenzie read aloud some of Griffin’s e-mails, several of which contained profanity. One e-mail stated that Griffin’s purpose is to harangue the town and that he is good at it. Other statements were made against McKenzie’s character and that he was a pig farmer.

“How long do we have to sit back and listen to this kind of stuff, and the sending of this stuff to multiple citizens of White Springs, and then have a guy come up and tell us we’re the bad guys?” Mckenzie asked. “I’ll tell you that I’ve never said or done anything ugly or profane to Mr. Griffin or his wife and I never will, but his words can speak for themselves. If you sit in judgment of any of my actions, just use that evidence to consider the source of the complaint.”

McKenzie said Griffin reported him to the Florida Ethics Committee in the past for running a business without a license because he liked to listen to folk music at the Telford Hotel. A second time he reported him stating that he had the town’s amphitheater built so that he could realize personal gain by hosting concerts there.

“Well, the amphitheater was built when I was not on the council,” said McKenzie. “The activities that went on at the Telford were just a group of people that got together and liked to listen to music. The fellow that investigated it quickly saw that there was no substance for these allegations, just as there’s no substance in the allegations that are brought up here tonight.”

Councilman Price said he had no desire to have a meeting with Griffin.

“He attacked me personally and I’ve already e-mailed back to him and maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh,” said Price.

Councilwoman Tonja Brown stated that when she first came on board as a council member, Griffin sent her flowers. She said she had them sent back and has not had any trouble from him since.

Mayor Helen Miller told the council that the complaints didn’t warrant any further investigation since everyone refuted the allegations. McKenzie made a motion that the council take no action on the complaints and Price seconded the motion. Brown also agreed that no action needed to be taken. Councilman Richard Marshall was absent.

– See more at:


Today all such mailings to us come from “Anonymous, White Springs Satirist or other names.   But you have the writings of Super Camel at the back of our Journal for your pleasure.  Tell me if anyone deserves this type of treatment, myself included.





Teina Cason Frontczak is still missed not only by her family but by her friends both here and on the internet.  She always found the time to message me on Facebook  and I so miss her comments.  I was looking forward to meeting her and Mike some day.  Alas it was not meant to be.

I am adding one of  her message sent to me.  It is obvious she was a woman who made her own opinions of people and her message came at a wonderful moment when the Town officials were again harassing Joe and I.

“I used to think Joe was a little on the nuts side but after a while, I realized Joe was more right than the people I had listened to previously. Unfortunately, I was looking at things in a small town way. Things look quite different to me now. I really wish he could have gotten a place on the council. I think people must be scared of Joe since he has been the only person that I’ve ever known to be honest when he tells it like it is. I’m curious to hear how this new management will work out. Ya’ll keep me posted. I don’t think Joe has been treated fairly either……small town people are just small town. I don’t miss it except for a few people.”

She certainly knew about the people here.  Joe has been threatened with his life by Ed Miller, and ridiculed by town officials, with police officers, camels, anonymous people and some attorneys assisting to take him over the edge…and why?  Because they do not wish someone who does not like corruption and special treatment only for special folks the officials like.



When they, the Council, hired Farley they hired him in large part because he knew all of the players. He knew the people in charge and people who functioned as the overseers for all of the Government organizations that the town regularly dealt with. And it was a laudable goal, one that the other two candidates couldn’t touch.
Now they have hired his successor who doesn’t know any of the players much less Florida State Laws and its Constitution. Mr. Lawrence is a fine man, excluding the 60% of the writers to the Bangor Daily News who didn’t like him, and an excellent administrator, I am sure. I am sure of one more thing. We are going to have Bill Lawrence from Maine as our town manager right up until the time he asserts himself as a leader. That will be his Achilles heel. For him to be effective he must take risks of alienating members (read Mayor and Walter) of the Town Council.

Mr. Lawrence will have paid too big a price, moving jobs, taking a much lower salary, etc. not to keep his new job. I sure hope it doesn’t work out that way but I believe that is exactly the way it will work out. The council will “force him” to obey their will and not follow the law.